AEAF  Animation Effects Awards Festival is an international competition and screening and speaker program, now in its 20th year with entries from around the world.  The awards are given for creative and technical excellence in the use of visual effects and animation in the creation of screened work. The judging criteria include the technical skill, artistry and quality of the visual effects and animation, their appropriateness within the project as a whole, and their contribution to storytelling.




The EXPOSÉ 11: Awards




THE 21 FILM PROJECT It is with great gratitude that we thank our filmmakers, viewers, fans, staff and volunteers for all their time and efforts during the last nine years of the 21 Film Project.  While each year became better than the last, and while we were able to witness firsthand the talents of thousands of creative individuals, we have decided to not continue with the 21 Film Project festival for 2017 and beyond.  Filmmakers, please continue to express your creativity and keep making those remarkable videos. We wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors. Again, thank you for making our festival successful since 2007. – 21 Film Project staff


ACM SIGGRAPH is a nonprofit international membership organization made up of thousands of people who share a passion for computer graphics and interactive techniques. Members are involved in a wide variety of fields, including computer graphics research, software development, digital art, scientific visualization, interactive technology, game design, visual effects, computer science, education, engineering, graphic design, film and television production, scientific research and more.

AEAF:  is an international competition and screening, now in its 18th year with entries from around the world.  The awards are given for creative a technical excellence in the use of visual effects and animation in the creation of screened work.


AR Experiments is a site that features work by coders who are experimenting with augmented reality in exciting ways. These experiments use various tools like ARCore, an SDK that lets Android developers create awesome AR experiences. We’re featuring some of our favorite projects here to help inspire more coders to imagine what could be made with AR.




AUSTRALIAN DOCUMENTARY FORUM  OzDox – The Australian Documentary Forum is a joint initiative from documentary filmmakers, academics and industry bodies to discuss and foster documentary culture and community through monthly forums and events. We stream and podcast many of our events, which are available on the YouTube Ozdox Forum and on this site under ‘Videos’.

AUSTRALIAN DIRECTORS’ GUILD  (ADG) is a registered industry association representing the interests of film, television and digital media directors, documentary makers and animators throughout Australia.

Australians in Film:  The Industry Association for Australian Filmmakers and Performers in the U.S.


Australian Production Design Guild  established in 2009 as a non profit organisation committed to:

  • raising the profile of stage and screen design.
  • highlighting the creative contribution made by the mise en scène.
  • drawing attention to professional standards.
  • encouraging young designers and associated professionals in the industry.
  • recognising excellence and outstanding achievements through annual awards.
  • granting APDG accreditation to outstanding Australian designers.



CARTOON  is an international non-profit association based in Brussels. CARTOON’s remit is to support the animation industry by organising several types of events through the year dedicated to animation professionals.

CG Society


Digital Labourers Federation  is a non-profit social group which acts as a contact point for people in the digital arts industry.  Most members work in the television or film industries. However anyone involved in the creation of digital media is welcome.

MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT & ARTS ALLIANCE (MEAA)  was formed in 1992 as the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance from the merger of three organisations: the Australian Journalists Association, Actors Equity of Australia, and the Australian Theatrical & Amusement Employees Association.  Our members include people working in TV, radio, theatre & film, entertainment venues, recreation grounds, journalists, actors, dancers, sportspeople, cartoonists, photographers, orchestral and opera performers as well as people working in public relations, advertising, book publishing and website production… in fact everyone who works in the industries that inform or entertain.

METRO  SCREEN 1981 – 1015

METRO Media NSW  On December 23, when Metro Screen closes, their mailing list will become permanently inaccessible, and their Facebook group will shut down.  For privacy reasons, Metro Screen can’t give these contacts to anyone else, but they support our creating a new list in order to maintain, involve, and inform the Metro community.  The email list you can join here will be used exclusively for that purpose – it will never be sold or distributed.  Metro Screen brought together a strong, diverse, and vibrant group of artists; if we lose the ability to stay in contact with each other, any conversations about where to go from here will be much more difficult.  So please sign up the list, join our Facebook group (METRO Media NSW), and invite your friends to do the same!

MPDAA Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia

The MPDAA is a non-profit organisation which undertakes the collection of film exhibition information relating to box-office, admissions and admission prices, theatres, release details, censorship classifications, and so forth, in order to provide meaningful statistics on the film industry in Australia to the Members and associated persons, the media and trade publications.

NATIONAL  FILM  and  SOUND  ARCHIVEThe National Film and Sound Archive of Australia is the nation’s living archive – collecting, preserving and sharing our rich audiovisual heritage.

THE  PRODUCTION  BOOK  on film, on tv, on set, on location, online


SCREEN AUSTRALIA is the Federal Government’s primary agency for supporting Australian screen production. In partnership with filmmakers, Screen Australia aims to create an Australian industry that is innovative, culturally important and commercially sustainabl

SCREEN NSW  Established to foster and facilitate excellence and growth in the film and television industry in New South Wales.

SCREEN  PRODUCERS AUSTRALIA  we strengthen partnerships that create and take great Australian stories to the world. We unite screen businesses to campaign for a healthy commercial environment, supported by a representative council and a full-time secretariat.

SYNDEY ANIMATION PRODUCTION GROUP Most animators have, in some part, a dream of creating their own production. Sitting down with a bunch of like minded creatives and coming up with an idea for an animated series or feature. The cherry on top would be that it can generate enough income to allow the production of more. Maybe you’re inspired by children’s TV like Pepper Pig or Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom? Or potentially you’d like to create something more along the lines of Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman or South Park? Or, are animated feature films your thing?

VFX Forum Everyone that works in the UK VFX industry is welcome to join us, regardless of company, or job, or nationality. Whether you’re a runner, an artist, a producer or a TD, we’d love to have you with us! If you want to see positive change in how the VFX industry treats its people, then that’s all that matters.

WOMEN in FILM and TELEVISION Australia is committed to improving the status of women, both on and off the screen, by supporting and advancing women working in the film, television and related screen industries. We are a membership based non-profit organisation.


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