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Sketches is the most realistic, versatile and user-friendly sketching app designed for a mobile device. This exhaustive artist’s toolbox helps users create dazzling sketches, cheerful paintings and smashing illustrations on the go.


Cloud Technologies – anything, anywhere.  Some food for thought:

  • live streaming broadcast-quality video over commodity internet networks
  • dynamic lifecycle management of a Data Corpus across multiple cloud storage services
  • future of storage in IP/Cloud-Based broadcast workflows
  • lightweight distributed media processing system fur UDH services
  • cloud storage fits into media workflows, not just eveyrwhere
  • SaaS based video production


New releases, incompatibilities, firmware upgrades, technical traps and pitfalls … You’ll find them all listed here in Digistor’s Tech Alerts website section.  As our experienced engineers encounter technical information that is useful for customers to remain productive and stay up-to-date, we’ll post it here.

12 technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these dozen disruptive technologies and trends will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year.

Rapidly evolving technology and the convergence of once distinct fields of media, entertainment and technology is redefining media content production, management and distribution. New opportunities are emerging and organisations need to adapt to take advantage of developments in tools and technologies and how they integrate.  See how technology, integration and connectivity is enabling new content models while delivering new experiences to audiences across, Advertising, Film and Television, Gaming, Immersive, Live Events, Video, and Social Media.

Deep Video Portraits, a break down of how deep video portraits work from SIGGRAPH 2018.

5G Technology: It’s Not Just Fun and Games for Consumers

The WIG TALKS Brilliant or Bust crew takes up all the available bandwidth as we discuss the kind of effects 5G technology will have on the media industry. Host Christy King welcomes Jonathan Morgan of Object Matrix, Steve Sharman of Hackthorne Innovation, Ben Davenport of Vidispine, and Eric Bolten of Zixi, as they explore the possibilities and opportunities of the changes coming to the media industry today, and in years to come. 

The best types of hard drives for all stages of video production

One of the major risks in the world of video content is The Great Fear: Losing all your work. If it’s not backed up properly, an entire shoot can be a total wash. The good thing is, we now have tons of tech options and practices that can duplicate and save valuable work.  We reached out to Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, of storage solutions powerhouse company OWC, to help us gather the right hardware for every type of video situation. Read on for Larry’s best practices for storage and his recommendations for keeping your project safe every step of the way.

5 Modern Approaches to Entertainment Data Management

New cameras, bigger files and an increased number of delivery formats create a challenge for entertainment data management.  How do you keep all files safe with minimum effort while keeping costs low?  With fast disk storage becoming cheaper, it became easier to store and work with big file sets. Keeping all files safe also profits from this development.  A complete and efficient strategy needs more. Let’s take a closer look.

5 Phone safety tips to avoid scams

Smartphones don’t come cheap! These days, even the most basic of models will set you back at least a few hundred dollars. Naturally, you want to keep your phone safe – you probably have a protective case or screen cover on it, especially if your phone is top-of-the-line. However, your phone also has another kind of value – it stores an absolute hoard of your personal information, ranging from basic details, files and photos all the way up to passwords and financial information!

More Resources for Starting Your Journey to Virtualization

Today’s post provides a starting point for those new to virtualized computing and the Teradici PCoIP protocol by gathering essential resources and answering common FAQs.  As of late, we have seen a flood of exciting developments spark interest in these topics – like the debut of the Wacom Cintiq Pro Pen Display connected to a Windows virtual workstation on Google Cloud Platform, or post-production in the cloud with applications such as Avid Media Composer. But despite the news, some of you may still have questions on how Teradici PCoIP technology and Cloud Access Software fit in.  If this is you, here is a shortcut to key resources that help answer that and some of our most frequently asked questions from events we attend.

Understanding IP Video: How The Internet Is Changing Video Production

Video Production and Post is heading off another cliff, instead of propriety cabling and embedded signals, we move to the future by shedding legacy connectivity and embracing IP (internet protocol) connectivity more commonly found in video security systems.

IP Video has the potential to change everything, native IP video is common in security systems and broadcast environs, where Sony, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Canon, Ikegami and others already have IP enabled camera systems today. Join Gary Adcock while he demystifies IP video and explains the best and worst parts of the IP Video revolution.


It’s 2020 and the beginning of a new year.  For some, it is the beginning of a new decade.  With that, we look ahead at some of the technologies that will impact business and those that will impact the consumer.  Not attending CES 2020 this week has not stopped us from thinking about what the show will be like.  Many years ago, in our work with noted futurist Alvin Toffler, he spoke about the virtual trade show that we would “attend” in the “future.”  We are there.  Here are our expectations for CES this year and 2020 and beyond as we look to the future.

See How cineXtools Insert-Edit Changes Delivery

These great short videos with guests from TV production companies outlines real examples of how cineXtools insert-edit is used to for significant time-saving. These examples from the field really help to understand the practical application.


Display devices are acquiring the ability to show an increased range of brights, darks, and colour leading to an increased realism. New standards for distribution of high- dynamic range (HDR) video have also been developed to try and take advantage of new display capabilities with the most common encoding being HDR10.

We have had customers who were attacked by ransomware recently, so Digistor engineer, Edward Shen, shares some facts and tips regarding ransomware attacks to discuss preventing intrusion, limiting the affecting scope and isolating the affected systems.

5G Means More Challenges, More Opportunities for M&E

While it’s true that 5G is only available in a few isolated spots around the globe. From the attention the technology got at IBC, it’s already won the content production/delivery race and is totally reshaping the M&E industry.

Facebook Is Launching a Portal TV Device: Here’s What We Know

Facebook is getting ready to launch a TV streaming device in time for the holiday season, Variety has been able to confirm with multiple sources familiar with the company’s plans. The new streaming hardware will be part of the company’s Portal family of devices, featuring a camera, and combining video chatting with TV viewing and augmented reality.

Backup vs. Archive in Professional Media Production

The value of a single clip can run into the six figures and might even be invaluable due to its uniqueness. To lose such a clip can be disastrous for production. Protect your assets with Backup and Archive data storage.

What the dawn of the 5G era means for immersive technologies

The dawn of the 5G era will see a step-change in mobile network speed, reliability, and capacity.  Many technologies will see performance enhancements as a result, but perhaps none will be so transformative as those set to shape VR and AR.  In this article, we look at how 5G will change the game for immersive technologies, allowing us to do things which are impossible today.

The NBN™ rollout so far

The NBN™ build started in 2010; addresses in Tasmanian towns Scottsdale, Smithton and Midway Point among the first in the country to complete the transition to the NBN™ in October 2014. Fast forward to just over half way through 2019 and a lot has changed in the world of NBN™.

How to boost your WiFi signal

Do your devices struggle to get the job done when they’re connected to your home WiFi? Does the WiFi work better in some rooms compared to others? If you notice the WiFi signal bar on your smartphone, tablet or computer seems to be pretty low, your devices or home layout may be interfering with the WiFi signal coming from your route

This is why VFX studios can’t afford to ignore 8K

CES brought 8K to the world’s attention in January, as some of the biggest players on both the capture and display fronts showcased what they had up their sleeves.  The reception was mixed, and the general consensus within the industry has now become common knowledge: it’ll be a while before 8K TVs become a mass-market proposition.

1080p Does Matter – Here’s When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution)

I’ve read various articles debating the importance of the 1080p. I want to set the record straight once and for all: if you are serious about properly setting up your viewing room, you will definitely benefit from 1080p (and even 1440p.) Why? Because the 1080p resolution is the first to deliver enough detail to your eyeball when you are seated at the proper distance from the screen. But don’t just take my word for it: read on for the proof.

Make sense of these tech terms

Modern life is chock-full of acronyms from lol (laugh out loud) and brb (be right back) to IDK (I don’t know) and TBH (to be honest). While you may have a lot of chat-speak under your belt, how’s your tech talk? The telco sector is jam-packed with plenty of technical terms that can be confusing to the everyday Aussie.

Top 5 Trends at IBC2018

Attending the IBC2018 conference at the RAI in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to join sessions led by business leaders, global game changers, and disruptors in the media, entertainment, and broadcast technology industries. From the sessions I attended, and ideas shared, there were five trends that stood out.


The cloud provides an environment that can enhance and accelerate almost every aspect of the media supply chain, allowing Media Enterprises to focus on the business of creating and monetizing great content.  This White Paper will help you understand and plan for migrating your media workflows to the cloud.

AC WiFi: What you need to know

There’s a lot of talk about AC WiFi these days; what was a new-fangled WiFi technology back in 2012 is now pretty commonplace but if you don’t know what it means, you may not know that a better type of WiFi is right under your nose!


Adimex is an Australian distributor/wholesaler synonymous with seamless access to the world’s leading digital media technology and software brands. We are committed to bringing the very best products to industry across Australia and New Zealand and to ensuring maximum market penetration and sales for the manufacturers we represent.

BulletProof Products   BulletProof FTP Server

Choose from a wide range of fast and powerful software that are both affordable and easy-to-use. From file-transfer and sharing software to creating and using MP3-Audio Files. You’ll find everything you need to take control of your computer and utilize the power of the internet.

Get the best suggestions on your streaming service

Streaming suggestions that just don’t make sense: it can happen to anyone. Perhaps your kids selected your Netflix profile by accident and spent a few hours watching every cartoon under the sun. You might have a housemate with a passion for watching old school BBC shows on your Stan subscription. You may have gone through a phase of listening to glam metal on Spotify or Google Music and now you never want to hear another hairspray-fueled scream again.

DATA | Kaggle is the place to do data science projects.

DRASTC TECHNOLOGIES LTD Drastic also provides many of these technologies on an OEM basis to qualified partners.DV CREATORS If you ever need to watch a series of video clips and take notes, or if you need to get dailies or raw footage to clients or collaborators for comments, you know what a huge hassle it can be- doing window burns, waiting hours for renders, making DVDs, spending hours encoding, and then there’s the hassle of the review process- having to continually hit pause on a DVD remote and write down the timecode you see on the screen.

Digital Transformation Solutions to Accelerate Your Organization  Equilibrium (EQ) currently powers some of the largest B2B portals and websites in the world. Equilibrium’s core application is MediaRich for the automation, transformation, and delivery of high definition video, audio, image and text media — in use at hundreds of entertainment, media, consumer product, and marketing companies.

FTTC: The new NBN technology.  The NBN™ landscape continues to see exciting changes with a brand new technology joining the mix: Fibre to the Curb (FTTC). Why is it spelled that way, you ask? Here’s the answer straight from NBN Co’s blog:             “If you’re wondering why we went with “FTTC”, instead of adopting the Australian spelling of “Kerb”, this is because the term “FTTC” (US spelling of “Curb”) is already a globally-understood acronym with its own definition.


FFMPEG  A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video


Future Reality is a supplier of creative technology and services to the local film, broadcast television and post production industry.  We supply production systems for editing, content creation, digital intermediate workflow, and film resolution shared storage solutions.  Our services include system design, supply of hardware, software and peripheral equipment, installation and systems integrations, on-site training and full operational and technical support.

ImageMagick software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. 

Highest Quality Workflow for Canon Raw video

How to Edit Your Amazing Magic Lantern 14-Bit RAW Video on the Worst Computer Ever

Next Generation Monitors for HDR Editing Workflows

Key Factors for Success with Remote Workflows

RAW “Video” on Canon DSLRs with Magic Lantern

GUIDE (Simplified): RAW on 5D mark III with Magic Lantern (Updated May 12th ’15)

Dejero streamlines creative collaboration process for cinematographic productions across Brazil

Tips for Remote Workflow Operations

Following  VirtualQ | NAB 2020 with Quantum, we were confronted with a number of questions about working remotely in these times of home isolation. We’ve been gathering information from around the globe on this topic since the start of “stay at home” recommendations began. In the Media & Entertainment industry, this caused a flurry of activity to accelerate the remote users’ desktops for high performance applications to provide editing, color correction, VFX, and Animation to a vast number of users, now all located in their homes or some other remote site.

Technical Showcase: Smart Blending Technolog – DEJERO

As the world continues to become more interconnected and mobile, many organisations are embracing the cloud. They are also becoming reliant on cloud services for collaboration, productivity, and communication–taking advantage of cloud storage, compute, and AI.

Missed it? Introducing EnGo 260 Webinar Playback – DEJERO

This webinar introduced Dejero’s new durable and versatile mobile transmitter. The EnGo 260 is 30% lighter, has an 85% larger screen, and offers a variety of upgrades to the already well-loved EnGo to keep reliably connected almost anywhere.

MEET UP  Kagglers Pragmatik Data Science Community

The primary focus of this Meetup is to build a community and learn from each other in practice. We will enable data scientists to find like-minded peers, form a team and participate in the data science and machine learning competitions on http://www.kaggle.com. We share knowledge, we build models, we grow our professional network and above all we have fun!


Leaders in Mathematically Precise 3D CAD & DCC Data Translations Soulutions

Okino has long been a primary innovator and provider of 3D data translation software, pioneering the concept of universal, bidirectional and robust conversion of 3D asset data between all the main MCAD, DCC and VisSim file formats and programs. Okino’s PolyTrans was the first to provide bidirectional animation conversion amongst all 3D animation programs & related file formats (3ds Max, CINEMA 4D, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, DirectX, U3D, Collada, FBX, BVH, VRML2/X3D, XAML-3D and more), the first to bring cost effective and fully robust CAD converters to the masses, the first to provide dedicated & native 3D converter systems for 3ds Max & Maya (well before they became popular), the first to provide complete scene content conversions with ‘Load & Render’ capabilities, the first to provide accurate, working & guaranteed skinning + skeleton conversions (now amongst 3ds Max, CINEMA 4D, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, DirectX, FBX, U3D, Collada, etc), the first to provide support for all major 3D file formats in their native forms, and the list goes on. PolyTrans, and its elder NuGraf, have affected the lives and work of a significant number of people and companies in the 3D graphics world, reducing their workload considerably (no need to recreate 3D assets from scratch), allowing companies to keep fewer but more specialized 3D artists on staff (no need to retrain them for another 3D animation package), creating bidirectional 3D pipelines where no such capability existed before, and by having Okino staff provide very personal and hands-on tech support.


To offer the highest possible capability with our product knowledge, application of both hardware and software in fulfilling the needs of clients as it relates to the digital creative fields of 3D design, rendering, animation, video production, video compositing and movement design.


The data storage inspection tool


NAB 2020






SCANNING 3D INFINITE REALITIES  Scanning is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, patience for what you are trying to capture

VERTHEIM:  Welcome to the exxential resource for all things 3DS Max, Photoshop and more for CGI students everywhere.


3DCoat is the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. Today 3DCoat is available to learn at 240 Universities, colleges and schools worldwide.


Toolfarm, since 1999, is the leading third-party reseller of After Effects Plugins and visual effects tools. Known as the one-stop shop for the best professional visual effects, motion graphics and plugin tools.

On October 18, 2004, Toolfarm acquired AEFreemart.com – an online resource and portal for users of Adobe After Effects and Motion Graphics Tools. Toolfarm now provides downloadable projects and user group listings.

On February 19th, 2009, Toolfarm acquired the assets of Pluginz.com – an online e-commerce resource for information about digital content creation, including it’s network which includes bedagi.comeditingutopia.compost601.com3dplugins.com, and vfxplugins.com.


Animation From Every Angle is a forward-facing project from Toon Boom, with the goal of interviewing creators who widen the scope of animation. We seek to go in-depth on productions that boldly reach new audiences, broaden horizons and use storytelling to shine a light on underrepresented experiences.  Makers of the industry’s premier storyboarding and animation software, we set the standard for excellence and our software plays a role in the development of the world’s finest animated productions.



Visual Storytelling.  Where Your Story Begins.  Storyboard software that combines drawing and animation tools with camera controls. Develop the story with total artistic control.Storyboard Pro gives you everything you need to storyboard your episodic, advertising, film, explainer videos and other creative projects.



Model your world in true 3D using your phone



trueSpace, despite its age, is a fully functionnal program, with its known strenghs and weaknesses. In good hands, it can produce stunning images and animations. It is also the most complete free 3D creation tool to create models for 3D printing. This is probably the reason why it is still catching the attention of a new generation of 3D artists.

In 2009, Caligari made all its Master Serie courses free for all, and some weeks later the website was closing and this valuable content was lost.
Today, as new 3d hobbyists are joining the community of trueSpace historical users, these tutorials become even more valuable. This page will gather both videos and articles from this time, plus some new content relative to the new tools and plugins being developped. It will try to cover all the aspects of 3D creations with trueSpace7.6

Every software has a lifecycle, and the industry is filled with products that stopped development before they came to achievement.  Includes Layers, Scene Editor, Unwrapper, NURBS, Facial Animator, Texture Baking, Physics Module.


TVPaint Animation (also known as TVPaintTVPBauhaus Mirage or NewTek Aura) is a 2D paint and digital animation software package developed by TVPaint Developpement SARL based in Lorraine (France). Originally released for Amiga in 1991, version 3.0 (1994) introduced support for other platforms.  In 1999, the last Amiga version 3.59 was released as free download.


CB CREATIVE BLOG:  Typography rules and terms that every designer must know

CANVA’S ultimate guide to font pairing

The anatomy of typography.  Before we get started on the list of 30 font pairings, there are two resources you should have on hand.  The first is a super helpful infographic showing the important features of typographic anatomy.


Now you can create beautifully custom text layouts that would normally take minutes – or even hours – with just a tap.



Create 3D titles and animated motion graphics for intros, interstitials, lower-thirds or as subject matter in your video and multimedia productions. Use ready-made shapes or create your own. Drag and drop hundreds of customizable effects from the EasyPalette for fast results.


Ulead MediaStudio Pro was an advanced video editing software suitable for professional editors. The first known version was released in 1999 for windows platform by its developer Ulead Systems. Video Capture, Video Paint, CG Infinity, Audio Editor and Video Editor, these 5 different applications formed MediaStudio Pro. With varied features of these applications, MediaStudio Pro became very popular among video content creators. CG Infinity and Video Paint were excluded from MediaStudio Pro when the version 8.0 released in 2005. The last stable version, MediaStudio 8.10 was released in 2006. Corel acquired MediaStudio Pro that year and since then Ulead MediaStudio Pro was discontinued. VideoStudio is currently the best alternative to Corel MediaStudio. The latest version of VideoStudiovides flexible and intuitive editing features with more powerful effects than ever.


Here we have a new image editor which will allow us to power up our creations.  Ulead Photo Impact includes a lot of features, what make it a very good choice when trying to get the best editor. We can personalize it including in the interface the toolbars we think fit us better.  It includes a lot of templates, so we will have ideas the first time we run it, we can mix the different images, add filters,…

Without any doubt, Ulead has offered us a great software with which we will be able to create fantastic masterpieces and design all kind of images for all kind of purposes, no matter if we want a picture for a web or for printing it at high quality.



Pixar’s Universal Scene Description for Unity out in Preview

The U.S. Army showed off its Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS, which is a modified version of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset.  Microsoft received a $480 million contract last November to equip soldiers with its HoloLens technology, which the Army said would “increase lethality by enhancing the ability to detect, decide, and engage before the enemy.” It was also suggested that the Army would likely use the HoloLens 2 as a training tool.

FREE Maxon Cineware plug-in for Unity announced

Creating animations in Cinema 4D for use in anything from real-time 3D to VR and AR experiences in Unity is now easier, thanks to the new and FREE Cineware plug-in from Maxon for Unity.  Maxon, the developers of professional 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software solutions, today announced that it is now a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner and is distributing a plug-in for Unity, called Cineware by Maxon.


The Next-Gen Gaming Revolution  |  The Pulse  |  Unreal Engine

In this episode of The Pulse, we look at next-gen technology and what it means for the future of game development and gameplay. Games journalist Brian Crecente, Zak Parrish from Epic Games, and developers Gwen Frey from Chump Squad and Mike Grier of Ember Lab share their insights on what next-gen means to the industry. Want to discover more interactive technology trends? Check out The Pulse hub

Building an Interior for Unreal Engine

Since my early teens, I have always been very creative and fascinated by the power of art. As a hobby I begin taking a lot of photography and filming using my camera. As many others I did not know what kind of job or industry I would like to work in. Until I discovered the world and power of Computer generated images “CGI”.  I soon figured out that it is constantly developing and there is always something new to discover.

Hi, my name is Adam Karlsson – a student from The Game Assembly currently doing my internship at IKEA Communications as a 3D Artist.

The Unreal Engine is a source-available game engine developed by Epic Games, first showcased in the 1998 first-person shooter gameUnreal.  Unreal_Engine Although primarily developed for first-person shooters, it has been successfully used in a variety of other genres, including stealth, fighting games, MMORPGs, and other RPGs. With its code written in C++, the Unreal Engine features a high degree of portability and is a tool used by many game developers today.

We give you everything so you can build anything. You get all tools, all features, all platforms, all source code, complete projects, sample content, regular updates and bug fixes.

100+ tutorials from Ashif Ali

Ashif Ali has been hard at work on over 100 VFX tutorials  from breakdowns to reverse walkthroughs featuring the power UE4 .  Keep an eye on his work the tutorials seem to be getting better each time, Keep it up Ashif!

Unlimited Unreal Potential!

Two companies changing the entire industry and rate or production, giving every artists the ability to create incredible imagery. With Unreal and Quixel artist will not only be able to populate scenes with ease but in a fraction of the time or previous reach of realism. What a great move for All of US.  We cannont wait to see what comes next as this year has been full of what has been great moves from Epic! Thanks to the talent at Epic and Quixel.  Quixel Megascans free for all use with Unreal Engine.  Quixel, creator of the world’s largest photogrammetry 2D and 3D asset library, has joined the Epic Games family, and we’re making the entire Quixel Megascans library of more than 10,000 high-quality, production-ready assets free for all use with Unreal Engine!

Using Unreal Engine to Solve Real Problems

Ever wondered what it would be like to dive into a video game?  We interview artist and designer Mahmoud Ageena as he tells us all about how he used Unreal Engine to craft a super fun TV spot that races through a slew of gaming environments without missing a beat. Ready to dive in?

How One Animator Is Making His Own CG Series With Unreal Engine

UNREAL STUDIO – Accelerate real-time workflows for digital design with Unreal Studio.  Is a comprehensive new suite of tools, assets, support, and learning solutions that simplify the process of importing CAD data into Unreal Engine for architectural visualization and product design.

Unreal Studio Features

  • Datasmith—After five months in beta, Datasmith has been production-proven by thousands of customers using it to efficiently transfer CAD data from over 20 CAD sources, including Autodesk 3ds Max, into Unreal Engine.
  • Learning Tools—Extensive tutorials include Unreal Engine fundamentals and industry-focused training materials, with updated content released on an ongoing basis.
  • Assets—Includes 100 Substances from Allegorithmic for common architecture and design materials, and industry-specific templates to quickly create experiences.
  • Support—The beta features a knowledge base and one-to-one ticketed support.


On-demand tutorials, Epic results.



UE4 Characters for purchase


UV PLUG IN  Nightshade UV Editor.  Nightshade UV Editor 2.1.2 (maya script).  Nightshade UV Editor extends the Maya’s UV Texture Editor with tools, scripts and a UI that greatly speed up the time it takes doing UV work.

Nightshade UV Editor


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