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SIGGRAPH Vancouver

The Foundry SIGGRAPH 2015

SIGGRAPH Videos for 3D Animation Pipeline, Mobile Gaming and OpenGL

SIGGRAPH University features recorded versions of four popular Courses from SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, California. Each Course is presented by experts in the field who also happen to be dynamic, energetic speakers. It ranges from 3D Animation Pipeline, Mobile Gaming and OpenGL.

Day 2 of Siggraph. We talk with companies such as Autodesk, Maxon,The Foudry and more.

Day 3 Coverage from Siggraph:  We talk with companies such as Redshift, Fabric Engine, Digital Domain, and more.

Day 4 Coverage from Siggraph: We visit the SideFX booth and talk with two Houdini artists about the importance of learning Houdini in today’s industry. We also talk with the curator of the Art Gallery as he walks us through several of the installations.

Introducing Realtime Cinematography | Hellblade | Siggraph 2016| Award Winner

SIGGRAPH 2015 Keynote Speaker, Joichi (Joi) Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, explores how radical new approaches to science and technology can transform society in substantial and positive ways.




Thousands of plugins and integrations are here to help



Long Form and Episodic Workflow Guide

GENERATION CREATE Unleash your creativity. Shape your future.

Get engaged with 400+ sessions, labs, and creativity workshops

Kurt Tilse on the Power of Planning Ahead




START 3D: An introduction to key 3D concepts

Adobe gets serious about 3D Design

Free abstract gradient illustrations


Creative Cloud for Chrome: Capture inspiration from the web for your own designs

Why is color accessibility important?


Adobe 99U Conference now available on demand



Welcome to the W is for Whack Coloring Book.

Get social with free vertical videos


Get started with Aaron’s playlist for design

Polish your skills with learning playlists from the pros

Polish your skills with learning playlists from the pros

Polish your skills with learning playlists from the pros

Polish your skills with learning playlists from the pros

Why is color accessibility important?

Get started with Alex’s playlist for filmmaking

How to turn your videos into GIFs in Vimeo, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more

Creative selfie filmmaking

Try your hand at pencil sketching

Using Motion Graphics templates for titles  Learn how to use and customize Motion Graphics templates in your Premiere Pro projects.

NISHAT AKHTAR:  Look Around You

Like all of us, Nishat Akhtar, a practicing artist and creative director at instrument, is surrounded by algorithms that seem to have an intimate knowledge of our likes, dislikes, and personal patterns, reflecting back an image of ourselves every time we engage online. But how often are we taking the time to interrogate our assumptions and preferences? In this master class, Nishat points out the responsibility we have to push ourselves past these imagined boundaries, engage with our community, and take the time to truly examine what we like and why.

This talk was recorded remotely on May 23, 2020.


With a specialty in corporate video, they soon pivoted to commercial and travel based content. Some of their clients include Corona, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Northface, and The Scotland Tourism Board. Their growing expertise in viral videos for their Know Hau Media clients, soon influenced them to grow their own social media channels.  Lizzie is now a sought after social media influencer with a specialty in educational photography and video content. With a combined audience of over 160,000 followers/subscribers, she travels all over the world sharing her adventures with her audience.

Learn in 350+ sessions, labs, and creativity workshops.

Search by speaker name, keywords, or filter for on-demand sessions. Labs and workshops are presented in English only.  Celebrity sessions were only available during the live event.

What Adobe is working on: Have machines finally learned how to rotoscope?

Adobe has been bringing performance improvements thick and fast of late, with new GPU hardware acceleration for Windows in May, faster launch times for Premiere Pro on macOS in June, and now significant optimization for Intel Quick Sync. But the most exciting thing for me was the June announcement of a public beta of Roto Brush 2, the automatic rotoscoping tool powered by Adobe Sensei machine learning technology. Let’s take a look at the July announcement and then do a deeper dive on Roto Brush 2 in After Effects.

Adobe Character Animator: new Beta gets new features

Speech-Aware animation is one of the key features of Adobe Character Animator, which now also included head and eyebrow movements corresponding to a voice recording.  Adobe announced a version of Character Animator with new features that is entering public Beta and will be available in Creative Cloud later this year. Notably, says the company, “one of these beta features is Speech-Aware animation powered by Adobe Sensei that automatically generates  animation from recorded speech and now adds head and eyebrow movements corresponding to a voice recording. You may remember this from the sneaks at Adobe MAX in 2019 as Project Sweet Talk. Other new public Beta features include Improved Lip Synch, Limb IK, timeline organization tools, and much more.”

Adobe Creative Cloud deployment on Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

Best practices for Creative Cloud deployment on VDI.  Adobe has collaborated with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Teradici, and NVIDIA to provide best practices for Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise customers who deploy on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (“VDI”) on remote cloud environments.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects, including Adobe Media Encoder and After Effects Render Engine are constantly being tested by Adobe in cooperation with each cloud vendor, enabling technology partners, third-party plug-in developers, and hardware peripheral providers. These Best Practices Guides will be regularly updated as VDI technology advances.

Adobe Video Partners Support Collaboration for Teams Working Remotely

Adobe’s video partners provide a range of integrated technologies—from workstations, virtual systems, and asset management solutions to collaboration software, streaming solutions, and storage—that work with our Adobe Creative Cloud apps to enhance video production workflows. Adobe’s Video, Audio Partner Finder showcases many of these solutions that help companies maximize efficiency, creativity, and quality.

Your 2020 Creative Resolutions

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties… Part II: Double the Roar! A century ago, creativity and culture were alight and stirring up some pretty cool stuff. New types of music, dance and art sprung into being and fueled creatives across all mediums. A century before that saw the advent of a little thing known as photography! Now, the 1820s and 1920s were a great time for creativity, but we think you can top them this century.

Adobe releases Creative Suite 2 for free

If you have an older Mac or Windows system and wish to do some image editing, you’ll be glad to hear Adobe’s CS2 software is now available for free.


Watch Live, Chat and Get Inspired.


The Discover tab lists all of your applications. Under each app you will be prompted to identify your goals and skill level so we can serve up the most relevant content for you.



A brand new way to access curated learning resources.Introducing a new way to access tutorials, livestreams and community projects through the Creative Cloud Desktop App.Customise these resources by both interest and product to curate them according to your goals.


Watch Adobe Symposium 2019 content on-demand.


Catch the Adobe Live team behind the scenes at Symposium 2019! Over the course of two days Matt Leach, Olivia King and Jeremy Lord chatted with industry pioneers and amazing creative


and online chat systems for support.

ADOBE CREATE MAGAZINE  –  GIVING VIDEOS A MOTION-BLUR LOOK  I went to New Zealand with the idea of making one video inspired by what I saw and experienced. In that film, I decided to use a frame-blending effect that simulates what a long-exposure still photo looks like: Anything that moves blurs, anything stationary stays crisp. Normally, you can’t do that with video. To get the effect, I shoot regular video, then blend some frames afterward in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Adobe Live Episode 43: Lettering Workshop with Dale Bigeni


Meaningful composition helps guide your viewer’s eye to land on a certain part of your artwork. Our eyes are naturally drawn to high contrast so it’s a great effect to use to guide your viewers without making them feel controlled.  Katrina’s a creative influencer on Instagram, focused on creating realities she wants to live in. She shares amazing insights and quick tutorials for crafting stellar compositions so you can turn your photos into picture-perfect poetry.  Scene planning/composition is one of the most important parts of my process. Layer masks give me the assurance that I can get back that certain pixel of the image when I need some adjustments later on.


We searched Behance for the most original and exciting examples of packaging design. Then we asked the designers for their tips on making a product stand out.

The Constraints of Stationery — An Opportunity To Be Unique

Imagine getting a letter from your lawyer, accountant, or doctor. The information it contains is important, but the logo is pixelated or too small. In trying to create something quickly, the firm you’re working with ended up with a poorly executed design. The presentation of their brand makes you wonder whether this is the right group to trust with your business, your money, or your health.

Customize our handy template to create a modern business card

Create a fresh and modern business card in six steps.  Learn how to easily customize a professionally-designed business card sample file.

Customize our handy templates to create unique letterhead and envelope designs

Create a modern identity in no time. Customize professionally-designed sample files to create unique letterhead and envelope designs.  If you’d like to learn how to create a complete identiry set, see Create a business card.

Check out inspiring identities on Behance

Scroll through Behance co‑founder Matias Corea’s collection of attention‑getting stationery designs.


Ginger HDR is a plugin for doing HDR Tonemapping inside Adobe After Effects (CS 3.0 and higher) and Premiere (5.0 and higher) on Macintosh and Windows. You can download the 30 day trial below and if you like it you can purchase a serial number $199 USD. However, Ginger HDR is currently on sale for $149 USD. If you want to get more familiar with the HDR workflow for Ginger HDR in After Effects, you can check a previous post here

Build expert infographics for your next presentation

An image can be worth a thousand data points, but not all images are effective in communicating the story you want your data to tell. In a world where we are seemingly bombarded with imagery that competes for our attention, it is now more important than ever to use the best design resources to connect and communicate with your audience.

Content Aware Eraser for Video –  “Cloak.”

“Fix it in post” could become a  less work with this project that Adobe’s research team are working on called “Cloak.” Much the same as “content-aware fill” for Photoshop, you select and delete unwanted elements, with the software intelligently filling in the background.

Glamorous show-reels from shows like Game of Thrones get all the fame, but a lot of VFX work is mundane stuff like removing cars, power lines and people from shots. Adobe’s research team is working on making all of that easier for anyone, regardless of budget, thanks to a project called “Cloak.” It’s much the same as “content-aware fill” for Photoshop, letting you select and then delete unwanted elements, with the software intelligently filling in the background. Cloak does the same thing to moving video, though, which is a significantly bigger challenge.

Capture the inner beauty of your furry friends

A portrait isn’t simply a visual depiction of a subject– great portraits go beyond the skin for a closer look, revealing something meaningful about their inner nature. And who is more deserving of a closer look than vulnerable animals in need of loving and supportive families?  The Adobe Pawtrait Project is partnering with Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and portrait photographer, James Dore, to expose the inner beauty of some of their most overlooked lodgers, with the help of the immensely talented creatives like you!

Adobe debuts Project Rush, its new all-in-one video editor

Adobe today announced the launch of Project Rush, a new video editor that takes the core features of its pro tools like Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition and combines them into a single, more accessible tool. Don’t get too excited yet, though, the new tool will only be available later this year (and my guess would be a launch at the company’s Max conference in October).

MAKE IT online Asia-Pacific’s premier creativity event of the year, returned to Sydney on August 2-3, 2017 with a lineup of local and international industry pioneers, seasoned creative professionals and community leaders. Watch the talks from the main stage speakers as well as the pre-conference Sessions on demand.

Film studio RocketJump brings its unique style of action movie comedy and cool visual effects to video with the help of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder.

Capture inspiring color themes with Adobe Capture CC on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then apply the production-ready assets to projects in a wide variety of desktop and mobile apps

Adobe Pro Video Apps Now Support ProRes Export on Windows

We are pleased to announce new support for exporting Apple ProRes on the Windows platform with today’s updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud video apps, including:  Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC

The updates are available via the Creative Cloud desktop application.  Apple ProRes is a codec technology developed by Apple for high-quality, high-performance editing. It is one of the most popular codecs in professional post-production and is widely used for acquisition, production, delivery, and archive. Adobe has worked with Apple to provide ProRes export to post-production professionals using Premiere Pro and After Effects. Support for ProRes on macOS and Windows helps streamline video production and simplifies final output, including server-based remote rendering with Adobe Media Encoder.

Binyan Studios – bringing architectural imagination to life through photorealistic 3D renderings and full-blown immersive experiences. Adobe reports…



Adobe MAKE IT, CONFERENCE, Asia-Pacific’s premier creativity event of the year, returned to Sydney on August 2-3, 2017 with a lineup of local and international industry pioneers, seasoned creative professionals and community leaders. Watch the talks from the main stage speakers as well as the pre-conference Sessions on demand, now.  Get your fill of thought-

provoking talks from local and international speakers. Recorded on the MAKE IT main stage on August 3, 2017.



Acrobat DC tutorials  Unleash the power of PDF.  Edit, create, sign and share PDFs from anywhere.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.

Holding it all together: Balance with artist Adam J. Kurtz

Take the hassle out of tax prep with Adobe Acrobat

Unlock Adobe Acrobat Pro today.

The complete PDF productivity solution. Edit, convert, share and sign documents anywhere, anytime.

Combine all your project materials — including Microsoft Office files, images, and emails — into a single, searchable PDF. With Acrobat Pro DC, you can quickly organise every page just the way you’d like, and then share your document from any device.  Acrobat Pro DC makes it easy to reuse valuable content in PDF files and convert it into editable Word or Excel documents. No need to retype information. Simply use the Export PDF tool so you can get right to work.

With an Acrobat Pro DC subscription you decide who can print, edit, or copy text from PDFs. Add permissions for users to be able to view and change information in your PDFs to keep your files protected, and to help keep confidential information secure.

Work flows with Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Scan, and Adobe Sign, to capture inspiration, collaborate with your team, and close deals on the go.

Work Doesn’t Take Vacations (But You Can)  With Acrobat DC you can vacation like a boss, without ever missing a professional beat.

Going from Idea to Ink with Adobe Acrobat DC and Dr. Woo

Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo goes from consult to creative genius with Document Cloud solutions.  What do Drake, Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, and Frank Ocean have in common?  Two words: Dr. Woo.  For 10 years, the Dr. has been tattooing his jaw-dropping designs on the world’s most famous bodies. The Los Angeles-based ink artist and Instagram celebrity is one of the most sought-after and influential minds in his field.  With his designs and ideas in high demand, Dr. Woo is constantly on the go — and his clients are too. How does he keep projects moving quickly without sacrificing creativity? Simple. He’s a total boss when it comes to scanning, sharing, and getting his creative (or work) reviewed.


Design interactive immersive experiences by bringing your design skills into the world of Augmented Reality. No coding or 3D design experience necessary.

See your content in Augmented Reality by easily bringing in 3D models, photos, layered files and other 2D from Photoshop and Illustrator, or images from phone or desktop or Creative Cloud files. You can also bring in assets from other 3rd party applications like Maya and C4D and place assets in the real world environment around you, already optimized to look great in your AR experience. Placing assets is easy with familiar gestures to rotate, scale and move.

Create interactive experiences without needing to rely on a developer. Apply behaviors to your content to build combinations of triggers and actions that draw viewers of your experience to drive the narrative and engage with the story. Add motion to your objects by using your mobile device to draw the path of motion you want the object to take.

Whether you’ve completed your design, or still want feedback from other collaborators, Aero gives you the power to share your files in multiple formats for easy viewing. Send a link so others can interact with your creation in Aero on their own device in viewer mode. Export a file that can be embedded in a 3rd party app. Or, share your project as a recorded video on social media using #AdobeAero.Switch to Preview mode for fast feedback on how the edits you make will look and feel for viewers of your experience. Easily test how interactions and placement of your assets will enhance your scene and record quick videos or take snapshots of your work in progress so you share and get input for rapid iteration.



  • render out the keyed footage with an alpha channel
  • get good or bad footage > make good mates (core matte+edge detail -footage+color fix = master plate) 
  • import that AE comp file into premier or use dnxhd or prores 444 etc 

OpenSesame opens up the After Effects project format with a fully editable, human readable text file format. Create backwards compatible projects that open in any version back to CS3, or export parts of a project for spreadsheet editing, such as text, footage, property values and render queue items. Send text to clients for approval then easily incorporate revisions, or use for version automation.

After Effects Roundup of February 2023

Free After Effects Script for Instant Organization

How to choose the best hardware for Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects

How to make a prism lens effect in Adobe After Effects

Global Creator: James Tran

Compositing a 3D Motorbike Model in After Effects with the Boris FX Suite

Add flair to typography with masks and animation

Bring your text to life with elements from Adobe Stock and animation styles from After Effects.

Animation #ForYou: How to Add Doodles To Your TikTok Videos

Animate on top of your TikTok video to bring it to the next level! This tutorial will teach you how to draw frame-by-frame animations using Adobe After Effects’ brush tool.

How to Make Animated Lower Thirds

“Lower thirds” is the word editors use to describe the text in a video, often represented in a graphic shape and placed in the bottom 30% of the screen (as the name implies). You might recognize a lower third as the name below an interview subject on a reality TV show, the title of a story on a news broadcast, or the social media handle that appears beside a guest on a YouTube video.


I use many different effects for my videos, but the hyperzoom is one of my favorites. I’ve made a tutorial on how to achieve the effect.

MTLB Make the logo bigger (MTLB) is the first ever plug-in for After Effects that looks for any layer containing the word “logo” and makes them slightly bigger.


Free grid generator for AE.

Thoughts on AE: What’s after After Effects?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen an increasing number of After Effects users talk about switching to a different app for motion graphics design.  But is it really feasible?  What are the options – and what would it take for the After Effects user base to start jumping ship?


How to create your own textures from photographs and Photoshop brushes, and how to animate and apply to your animations. We’ll also explore the different methods of applying texture and how this fits into a professional workflow. Tune in LIVe and send in your questions!

Motion Graphics Efficiency and VR Features at the Core of What’s New in After Effects CC

The new release of After Effects improves the efficiency of motion graphics creation by streamlining the ability to create data-driven graphics and deliver high-quality VR and 3D results. And it does it all faster with GPU performance enhancements.

Basic Clone Effect Interaction – After Effects Tutorial

Want to take your CLONE EFFECT to the next level? Want to know how to make your clones INTERACT? In this tutorial I will show you a simple way to interact with your clones!

Free After Effects Workflow Plugin: FX Console

I wanted to give a quick plug to one of my favorite After Effects additions called FX Console, by Videocopilot. It’s totally free too! I’m usually not into workflow plugins because I don’t take the time to install and re-learn a workflow but this is one time I regret not doing it a long time ago. This is a huge time saver. Install this plugin if you use AE, and just hit Command and Space Bar and start typing the effect you want. It will pop up, you just click or hit enter and the effect is added. It’s super fast and intuitive and will save you so much time digging through menus.

Quick side note, a similar feature is included in C4D, and is also a massive time saver. If you didn’t know, you can just hit Shift+C and a little window will pop up where you can type in any effect, command, tag or object and if you hit enter it will add it. Super fast way to add things to your scene. Get in the habit of using it, even for things like adding cubes or nulls etc. to your scene. Once it becomes a habit it will save you a lot of time and effort remembering where things are located in menus!

After Effects Tutorial: Free Fast Bokeh for Epic Lens Blurs

In this After Effects tutorial I’ll show you the absolute best and fastest way to add depth of field in post. It’s FREE too! This is the brand new Rowbyte plugin called Fast Bokeh and I’m pretty blown away by it honestly. Get it here: https://www.rowbyte.com/fast-bokeh  The free helmet model can be found here.  And please, if you enjoy what we’re doing, subscribe to our Youtube channel. It would mean the world to me! https://www.youtube.com/user/thepixellab2011


After Effects Help  / Basics of rendering and exporting

There are also some resources under Maxon for Cinema 4D that relate to After Effects.



DATACLAY It takes a mix of creativity, technical know-how, project management, and sometimes a few extra hands to craft beautiful, personalized video experiences that grab attention and call your audience to action. Dataclay’s team of professionals and network of production talent can help guide your project from concept to delivery.

BATCH SEARCH-N-REPLACE PATHS  Batch process folders of After Effects project and search and replace file paths. This can come in handy if you are moving a project to a different folder structure like a new server. You can also use it to batch replace files in many projects at once.

EXTENDSCRIPT  Adobe provides an extended implementation of JavaScript, called ExtendScript, that is used by many Adobe applications that provide a scripting interface. In addition to implementing the JavaScript language according to the ECMA JavaScript specification, ExtendScript provides certain additional features and utilities.





Design with More Control and Performance Improvements in After Effects CC  After Effects CC artists get more creative control and performance improvements to help meet ever-tighter deadlines. And if you’ve always wanted to get into After Effects but didn’t know where to start, friendly new Home and Learn panels give you the guidance you need to be successful.


Rendering locally in After Effects uses a single render instance and is done in the foreground, meaning you need to wait for the render to complete before continuing to work.

After Effects 10 Lifesaving  Shortcuts  that you’ll be glad to have in your back pocket.

MotionScript:  Dan Ebberts’ AE Expressions and Scripting Resource

CreativeCow:  After Effects Tutorials

MotionWorks:  Motion Graphics Mastery 

VideoCopilot: creating tools & training for people who love motion design & visual effects

VideoCopilot:  Green Screen using Keylight

VideoCopilot:  3d Compositing

Sticky Pictures After Effects Tutorials

The Pixel Cloud plugin for After Effects is a powerful compositing tool that allows you to relight a 3D generated image, make 3D aware selections or displace the pixels in 3D space. Combine the use of a Position Pass and a Normal Pass with the power of After Effects’ 3D lights and cameras and change the lighting of your composited 3D graphics.

Animation in After Effects with Ben Marriott – 1 of 3

Join Ben Marriott in his wacky world of animation for a three-part series of motion and fun!  Ben Marriott is a freelance motion designer, illustrator, polite person and dinosaur enthusiast based in Sydney. He illustrates and animates short humorous videos and .gifs to create tiny stories.

What you will learn

• Creating Atmosphere in After Effects

• Glows & Gradients

• Tracking animated graphics into live footage

• Compositing footage together

• Fun and bizarre effects in after effects

• Basic Particle Simulation

After Effects: DNA Strands with Trapcode Tao Tutorial



Adobe Premiere Pro CC: NEW! Time-saving Tips and Techniques

This session looks at key new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Media Encoder in Adobe’s updates for Spring, 2019. Join host, Larry Jordan, as he illustrates key new features in each of these three applications.

Audio Gets More Intelligent in Audition CC  Form meets function meets fabulous as Audition CC gets a makeover, hits the gym, and bumps up its IQ a few more points with the smarter tools and powerful workflows you’ve come to expect from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Creating a multitrack from David Bartolo in Adobe Audition

CAPTURE mobile ap to turn photos into a custom colouring book.  The texture of a leaf. The colour of a sunset. With Capture, you can snap photos of whatever inspires you and transform them into colour themes, patterns, type, brushes, vector shapes, and more. Then use those assets in your other Adobe Creative Cloud mobile or desktop apps.

How to Use Adobe Capture CC | Adobe Creative Cloud





Check out some amazing Behance portfolios to spark your imagination

Logo inspiration and ideas.  Scroll through a curated collection of logos by top designers on Behance, the world’s largest creative community.

Trendyol Milla Fashion Video

Andaluziana | Short Film

Oooh !! My Delicious Coffee No FX, just shooting with Coffee & paintings “Oooh !! My Delicious Coffee” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves.
The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil and Coffee.   FAZUA – E BIKE The german e-Bike company FAZU asked me to create a 50sec clip for the eurobike show. The job did sound quite nice, also because they assured me I can work in a free and creative style. The down side, I only had two weeks for the job. So I did need some animation help and also I was very lucky to have Ronny Schmidt, because he knew how to convert the CAD files into common 3D files.

Singularity – Pausefest 2018 Motion Response Evolution is the ultimate journey, always in the now and always moving forward.
Our film explores the journey of life, showing its complexity and scale. If you believe in creation or evolution the question is what will happen when we
interfere with that by creating synthetic life ourselves… especially one that has
the potential to exceed our intelligence?   Golden State Warriors Game Day Golden State Warriors Echo’s leverages fluid choreography and cinematic framing, highlighted by the team built on cohesion and unity. Moments of stillness feature individual players who blossom into explosively dramatic compositions of literal player echoes. Punctuated throughout are heroic moments of intensity that portray the team as a collection of frozen, singular moments forged together to reveal an unstoppable force. In other words, one warrior becomes an army and that army becomes the Warriors.  


What is Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ apps for photography, video, design, web, UX and social media — plus integrated essentials like colour palettes, font families and the power to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Join our global community to learn, grow and move ahead.

Adobe deepens Creative Cloud integration with Google Workspace

Creative  Cloud  Tutorials

What’s new in Creative Cloud

Take Creative Cloud on the go with our mobile app

Keep your assets on hand and your projects on-brand.  With Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries you can manage, organize, and access your logos, colors, and more in your favorite Creative Cloud apps. Work more efficiently, ensure creative consistency, and easily stay in sync with your team.

Logos: Learn What Separates the Great from the Good.  Skim the pages of any fitness magazine and you’re likely to see a Nike Swoosh. Glance up at a billboard and you might see Mastercard’s dual circles staring down at you. Do you recognize these brands? Of course. What makes their logos work?


Create stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories in minutes. Adobe Spark with premium features is included in all Creative Cloud plans, allowing you to personalize your creations with your own brand.

Create Christmas Cards for Free in Minutes

How to Turn a Creative Spark Into Something Real

We asked the experts which elements in resumes catch their eye and which make them look away. As you revamp your resume, here are some best practices to get started.

SPARK SPOTLIGHT:  How Pernickety Prints Builds Buzz for a launch.  Chari Pack founded Persnickety Prints in 2010 when other photo printing stores were closing. Everything was going digital; dark rooms seemed like the dark ages. But she had a vision and knew she could solve a problem for her target customers who want tangible photo keepsakes and art, but don’t know how to get the quality that will make their memories last forever.


EXPRESS previously SPARK

Productivity Templates


Experiment, imagine, and make an infinite range of creations with Firefly, a family of creative generative AI models coming to Adobe products.

Compositing in Firefly and Photoshop with Rames Harikrishnasamy


Adobe Flash CC Help Page

Animation in Flash with Andy Sykes:

Adobe Flash CC Help Page

Adobe Flash and AIR Showcase Gallery


FLASH KIT  A Flash Developer Resource Site

60 Creative Flash Websites You Should Not Miss:  Cheese and Burger SocietyTag Galaxy

Flash Player Version History

How to use sound in Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate Help / Drawing in Animate

Flash Animation Techniques – Buttery Smooth Lines ChenSmooth is a tool for Flash animators to quickly draw smooth and polished lines. Also included are a few simple tools that will greatly speedup cleanup/polish workflows for 2D animators.

Using the Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS

Best Practices for Flash-based Banner Ads with Anastasia McCune on Lynda.com


Macromedia, Inc. was an American graphics, multimedia, and web development software company (1992–2005) headquartered in San Francisco, California that made products such as Flash and Dreamweaver. It was purchased by its rival Adobe Systems on December 3, 2005.


Your favorite drawing and painting space.   Now anyplace.

Beautiful flowers: How to draw roses.

Drawing roses can seem complex compared to drawing other flowers, but creating beautiful rose illustrations is possible for anyone who takes a closer look at how the plant is structured. Dive into the anatomy of the rose flower to understand its underlying geometric shapes and how its petals form, and see how sketching roses digitally offers invaluable tools like layering that help make it easier.

Adobe Fresco has Live brushes that behave as if you had real paint on your brush. See how Yellena James paints with watercolor while keeping her creative space dry.


See how by combining photography and illustration you can create something new. Follow these tips to make a split-page project in Adobe Fresco.

How to Make a Watercolor Painting in Adobe Fresco

Get in touch with your canvas.

Built for the latest stylus and touch devices, Adobe Fresco brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new Live Brushes, to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience. For artists, illustrators, animators, sketchers, and anyone who wants to discover — or rediscover — the joy of drawing and painting.


Generative AI frees us to create, explore, and push boundaries like never before, saving time for what’s most meaningful. It’s the next step in the decade we’ve put into developing Adobe Sensei. Done right, it can amplify creativity and intelligence without replacing the beauty and power of the human imagination.  


What is vector art?

ILLUSTRATOR BASICS – familiar with workspaces, create and save

ILLUSTRATOR BASICS – Draw, Create and Edit Shapes

Create a one-of-a-kind snowflake

Exploring Surreal New Worlds: Illustrator Murugiah

5 & 3/4 Questions: Weitong Mai

Make It, Sell It: Repeating Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

Lay out text and images to make a flyer

Øivind Hovland’s Illustrations Turn Moments Into Metaphors

Feature summary | Illustrator on the iPad (May 2021 release)

Use vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC to create a logo that looks good onscreen and in print. The best part about vector art is that it scales to any size — from business cards to billboards — without losing quality.

Combine shapes to build a logo.

Create beautiful vector art.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.

Draw freely to make minimalist artwork

Add a gradient to a logo in Adobe Illustrator

Create a typographic logo in Adobe Illustrator

How to draw colourful, high impact-lettering

Try your hand at hand lettering

The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Design a Logo

Use Adobe Illustrator to create posters or other compositions with the custom letterforms and bright colors in Nubikini’s type pack.

Global Creator: Shu Chan

Create 3D graphics in Illustrator

How to Make Your Own Band Merch in Adobe Illustrator

Global Creator: Adrianne Walujo

Apply 3D effects with re-imagined product experience

Make a die-cut sticker

Design a logo in Adobe Illustrator

Creativity favors the bold

Adobe Illustrator is coming to the iPad.  Get ready to take your imagination to new places with Illustrator on the iPad. Create beautiful graphics, logos, icons, and works of art with advanced vector design tools that have been reimagined from the ground up to work with pencil and touch. Start designing on your iPad and finish on your desktop — your files are automatically saved to the cloud, so you can bring your illustrations to life wherever you are.

How to Make a Minimal Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator.  Simple shapes, bright colors, and basic geometry come together to create vibrant portraits. See how illustrator and designer Kendall Plant designs head-turning art with the Curvature and Shape Builder tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics app that lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile. Get all of the drawing tools you need to turn simple shapes and colors into sophisticated logos, icons, and graphics. Illustrator artwork is vector-based, so it can scale down for mobile screens and up to billboard size — and always look crisp and beautiful.


Clean up your artwork by not using cluttered branded labels for your photography/videography and create your own in Adobe Illustrator! Creating brandless labels can help put the focus on your projects purpose rather than on distracting elements.  A storyboard can be a great way to organize your projects and keep you organized on what needs to be done in a fun visual way.


Grab your iPad and start getting typographically creative. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator on the iPad to design decorative type styles or logos whenever the inspiration strikes.


Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.

MEDIA  CACHE  Premiere Pro’s media cache consist of files that assist Premiere in locating, managing, and understanding media within projects.

Make It, Sell It: Greeting Cards in Adobe InDesign

20 Years of InDesign: The Top 20 Tips & Tricks from Worldwide Evangelist, Terry White


The world of double exposure photography.

To achieve a great double exposure, it’s important to get familiar with the process of making one with film photography. There are two main ways to accomplish a double exposure photo with film: in-camera or in the darkroom.

Create your own custom preset

Taking a photo is step number one. How to save, edit, organise and share your photos is definitely step number two. Adobe Lightroom is a management system for your digital images. Learning how to make the most of this handy tool will enable you to make your good photos look great, and your great photos look stunning.


Whether it’s a project you have due or travel photos, taking advantage of the synchronization that adobe Lightroom has can really speed up your edit time for photos that are similar to each other. I used it to edit all the photos super quick of @eric_sow running in during a trip to Shanghai! #adobecreativeside

Picture Me Rescued

On National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day Adobe Lightroom teamed up with photographer duo JUCO and spcaLA to give their shelter pets a total photo makeover.


Creativity in Business with José Andrés and Jeremy Scott – MB135

The Value of Design: How Alibaba Design Drives Business – S815

The Thought and Design of Kashiwa Sato – MB154

Frida Las Vegas: Illustration and Digital Painting – MB112

Graphic Design with Aaron Draplin and Katherine Klimitas – MB134

The Thought and Design of Kashiwa Sato – MB154


Adobe Premiere Pro CC: NEW! Time-saving Tips and Techniques

This session looks at key new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Media Encoder in Adobe’s updates for Spring, 2019. Join host, Larry Jordan, as he illustrates key new features in each of these three applications.


Real Layouts, Real Fast.  Design layouts on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro with Adobe Comp CC.  Use natural drawing gestures to create crisp graphics, pull in images and place text and then send you ideas to the desktop to finish.

Tutorial:  Create comps on the go.  Quickly explore layout ideas for print, web or mobile on your iPad and iPhone with Adobe Comp CC. Create a layout on the go with Comp and finish it on your desktop.


How to get Photoshop for free

Make your mark 372 free grunge and grit brushes for Photoshop
Discover how artist Alejandro Chavetta layers his art with textures. Then download 300+ grunge brushes to make your own beautiful mess in Adobe Photoshop.

Bring images to life with the Adobe Photoshop animated GIF maker.

The web is all about motion these days, so GIFs are ubiquitous. Adding motion to an image can help it tell a more complex story—and Adobe Photoshop makes creating a high-quality GIF easy. Your inspired creativity can make you a star on Giphy, Vimeo, Snapchat, or any venue you desire.

Create anything you can imagine with Photoshop, the world’s best imaging and design app


Combine your photos with graphic artist Erica Larson’s Adobe Photoshop collage templates to create cool printable posters, album covers, graphics for social media, and more. 

How to Make Pixel Art in Photoshop with Jeremy Lord – Part 1

How to Make Pixel Art in Photoshop with Jeremy Lord – Part 2

Combine, retouch and remix your pics. Fix flaws, swap skies, change backgrounds and so much more. With Photoshop, everyone can.

Compositing in Firefly and Photoshop with Rames Harikrishnasamy

Focus on every generation. Explore family photography with Katrina Williams. See how Katrina transforms her images in Photoshop with these quick video tutorials.

Reinvention as an art form

How to Be a Selection Wiz with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Updates Substance 3D Materials and Photoshop AI Filters

How to Job, Part 2: Headshots

Adobe Photoshop collage templates 

Mobile Photography and Editing with Demas Rusli – 1 of 2

Mobile Photography and Editing with Demas Rusli – 2 of 2

Photo Manipulation with Rames Harikrishnasamy – 2 of 2

How to Do Stop-Motion Animation in Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to create pop art style with the Glow Effect and Clipping Mask

Learn selection tool essentials

Copy-paste text layer from Illustrator

Animate anything, and everything

Make realistic mock-ups


Get to know Photoshop

Change the image size

Create anything you can imagine with Photoshop, the world’s best imaging and design app

Creating a Digital Mural with Jappy Agoncillo – 1 of 2

Creating a Digital Mural with Jappy Agoncillo – 2 of 2
Photobombers Away: How to Photoshop People out of a Background

Create a bold label with Adobe Stock templates and Photoshop Smart Objects

Demystifying Gaussian blur

Adding glitch effects to your photosHow to Colorize or Tint an Image in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe releases custom brushes in Photoshop on iPad and new presets in Adobe Camera Raw

Go wherever your imagination takes you.

Use the Object Selection tool, Select Subject, Quick Selection, or Magic Wand tools to make quick selections in Photoshop

Build a character with Kemal Sanli

Add texture with brushes with Kemal Sanli

Advanced techniques for changing the color of an object

About Photoshop layers

How to Create a Poster in Adobe Photoshop

How to Remove Objects from a Background

Props or unwanted items often end up in photos captured at home or in a cramped studio, but Adobe Photoshop has the tools you need to clean up. I’ll show you a few techniques I use to remove objects and clean up a background in a photo.

Terraform – Shaping the Earth with Photoshop – OD5133

How To Make A Mock Printup

It’s important to use assets that work well together. My artwork roughly matched the dimensions of a book mockup I found on Adobe Stock. The pages in this mockup are square, so I created a square design. If you pick a different mockup, choose a design that fits it. When you’re ready, open your design and book mockup documents in Photoshop.

Photoshop’s Neural Filters can alter people’s expressions in convincing—and nightmarish—ways


Happy Birthday, Photoshop!

In celebration of this birthday, today we also release many great new features in both versions of Photoshop – on the desktop and on the iPad. Happy birthday, Photoshop! We will keep the magic rolling.

Retouch portraits with Photoshop


Short video tutorials make playing with Photoshop fun

How to Make a Photo Composite in Adobe PhotoshopFree multi channel EXR loader for Photoshop for Windows

Combining elements from multiple photographs into one image allows you to create something new and unexpected. In this quick tutorial, learn how visual artist Temi Coker combines two photos in Adobe Photoshop to create an image that stretches the imagination.

TINY TEACUPS:  How to customize a scene in Adobe Dimension

Explore how easy it is to change colors, materials, and textures in Dimension. Once you download the free 3D models from Adobe Stock by HQ3DMOD, you’ll create a colorful and sophisticated scene that’s certain to inspire a teatime break.  Download the 3D Models

PAINTING WITH LIGHT  |  Portraits that pop with light painting.

BrushBox – A better brush manager for Adobe Photoshop

Brusherator for Photoshop CC+! Brushes! Actions!


Adobe Previews Major Update to Content-Aware Fill Tool in Photoshop

Photoshop is an intricate application full of numerous features, and perhaps one of the most powerful of those is Content-Aware fill. Adobe just released a preview of an update to the tool, and it looks like it will make it more powerful and useful for photographers.


Using Photoshop and Illustrator, Artist and Illustrator JESWRI will be showing off his illustration skills drawing from memory and based on real-time input from the audience.

Learn how to make a banner in Photoshop with shape layers and layer styles. Use these skills to make online headers for blogs, ads, or email, or anytime you’re designing in Photoshop.

Use layer masks to make composites of multiple images.  Use layer masks to combine images.  Make a creative composite by combining images using a layer mask


Hi, my name is Igor Braulio, and I’m an art instructor, concept artist and illustrator for games and publishing based in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m specialized in character design and illustration, and in this tutorial I will share some tips about shading, materials and some techniques and tools to light and render a character illustration in a dynamic and non-destructive way.

85 brilliant Photoshop tutorials

How to Create a New Background in Adobe Photoshop

Create anything you can imagine.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.


Get started fast with templates.  Product mockups, photo effects, layouts and more.  Explore free Photoshop templates.

PHOTOSHOP TOOLS FOR TELEVISION  Take a look around the web site and see why Tools for Television products are used across the broadcast television industry by major television networks and video production companies. Tools for Television Products help graphic designers for digital video, broadcast television, and video production work smarter and faster in Adobe Photoshop.

VERTHEIM:  Welcome to the exxential resource for all things 3DS Max, Photoshop and more for CGI students everywhere.


I added the image I used to a Creative Cloud Library. To use it, create a new file in Photoshop—I set the file size to 2400×1800. Then drag the VW Start image from the library (Window > Libraries), drag the handles to resize the image, and press Enter or Return to place it.


Replace a drab sky with a vivid one, add a stormy sky to create a foreboding scene, or give your photo an artistic touch with a colorful sunset. You can create a new landscape by blending two sky photos. Learn how to use the Sky Replacement feature to design a dreamy composition in Adobe Photoshop.


Whether you want to showcase your work in a full portfolio website, or create a single-page website, we’ve got you covered.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Rush makes creating and sharing online videos easier than ever with simple tools to capture, edit, and share to your favourite social channels. It automatically syncs all your projects to the cloud, so you can work anywhere, on any device — mobile, tablet, or desktop. And you can open your Rush projects in Premiere Pro CC when you want to make more refined edits.


Learn how to create animations with emojis in Adobe Premiere Rush. Share your work on social media with the hashtag #playwithemoji and impress the world with your skills.




An overview of codecs in Adobe Premiere Pro

New import & export in Premiere Pro (Beta)



How to answer when someone asks you to move a project from Avid to Premiere Pro (or vice versa)

Using NDI Tools with Premiere Pro for Zoom review meetings

Video Editing Essentials with Ian Haigh – 1 of 2

Video Editing Essentials with Ian Haigh – 2 of 2

Premiere Pro Shortcuts to Cut Your Working Hours – S563

Less is more: Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for everyone

Productions versus Team Projects: Which Adobe Premiere Pro remote workflow is right for you?

Improve your voiceovers

Easily add animated titles with Premiere Pro

Celebrating and empowering everyone with a story to tell at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival

How to make 2.5D animation

How Adobe and Isilon OneFS Deliver Rock Solid Collaboration for Post-Production

Good collaboration leads to better work!  Giving artists the tools to collaborate is one of the ways of making the post-production workflow more manageable and predictable. This has been the Isilon story from the start and is highlighted in Dell’s recent work with Adobe and the new Productions workflow in Adobe® Premiere® Pro.


No editor should be an island—no matter what video editing software they use. Break down content silos, enable collaboration, and deliver content faster with integrated asset management and shared storage for Premiere Pro users. 

PREMIER RUSH  Feed your followers a steady stream of amazing by creating and sharing online videos with Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s easy to use across all your devices and it’ll transform the way you create content.

Now featuring Premiere Pro projects.

Editing insights from “Deadpool” and “Hail, Caesar!”:  Straight from Sundance, the editors and post-production pros from Joel and Ethan Coen’s “Hail, Caesar!” and director Tim Miller from “Deadpool” share their creative processes and editing tips using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Premier Pro Tips and video tutorials for film and broadcast professionals
Smart Rendering in Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.1, and later), & Premiere Pro CC

GS-09: Exporting sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro from Adobe MAX? Transcriptions and captions

Adobe MAX is here so that must mean another update to Adobe Premiere Pro. I know what you’re thinking… didn’t Adobe just have a big update? Yes, they did, the September release. With that release, we got Scene Edit Detection and some new beta stuff. This MAX release gives us more beta stuff and some early access. I guess technically this isn’t a new release of the shipping version then and more of a look at features down the road.

Feature summary | Premiere Pro (June 2020 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2020 release of Premiere Pro (version 14.3).

Make adventure videos

How to cut and trim videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

Make adventure videos With Karl Shakur

Productions: Available Today in Premiere Pro

New tools for organizing film projects and collaborative workflows.  We’re delighted to announce that Productions is available today in Premiere Pro. Productions provides a flexible and highly scalable framework for organizing projects, sharing assets between them, and keeping everything streamlined, whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team.

Adjust video speed and stabilize it in Adobe Premiere Pro

With school starting back, its good a time to practice some editing techniques to ground yourself.  Usually I like to edit something for fun, just to get back into the practice of using a certain program. Perhaps you grabbed some scenic travel footage on summer break. We can adjust the speed and stabilize it in Adobe Premiere so it looks more cinematic and better to share with your friends!  Check out the process of me editing some of my own travel footage.

Productions: a new workflow coming to Adobe Premiere Pro

This is an unexpected little Adobe Premiere Pro related news drop that comes right out of the Sundance Film Festival. Coming soon to Premiere Pro will be Productions,a new workflow “for managing projects, sharing assets between them, and keeping everything organized, whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team.”  If that sounds a lot like Team Projects, which currently exists in Premiere Pro, then you’re thinking the same thing that I did … that sounds a lot like Team Projects. And there are also Shared Projects so we don’t want to forget about that. But take a look at the video below and you’ll see it seems to take Team Projects to the next level even though Team Projects will still exist.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: NEW! Time-saving Tips and Techniques

This session looks at key new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Media Encoder in Adobe’s updates for Spring, 2019. Join host, Larry Jordan, as he illustrates key new features in each of these three applications.

Move Sequences Between Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X

Most of the time, when you start a project in Premiere Pro CC, you’ll want to finish the edit in Premiere. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from Premiere to Final Cut in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Final Cut.

Move Projects Between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Most of the time, when you start a project in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll want to finish the edit in Final Cut. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from FCP X to Premiere in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Premiere.

Creating Beautiful Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro

Slow-motion video can be beautiful, if executed correctly. Here, we take a look at creating slow-motion from 60fps video in Premiere Pro.

Don’t make the mistake of slowing down standard frame rate video for slow motion. It’ll give your footage a choppy look, and it doesn’t present well.

Creating a Heroic Tribute to Firefighters in Only the Brave

The movie was cut entirely using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and the post-production team also used Adobe After Effects along with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the VFX and animation branch of Lucasfilm Ltd., for temp and final visual effects. It was the first time editor Billy Fox, ACE, used Premiere Pro to edit a film. “My ideal editing system is one that doesn’t get in my way, and allows me to turn the vision in my head into reality,” says Fox. “Adobe Premiere Pro gives me that power. Within four days, I was completely at ease using Premiere Pro.”


using MEDIA ENCODER:  exporting to Media Encoder will give you an estimated file size before exporting.  There is a  preset for Vimeo and Youtube which are great for downloadable/web content. If it needs to be smaller in size, lower the bit rate and make sure you use multi pass – it will take longer to export, but will ensure quality is kept.

Premiere Pro offers support for viewing VR video in the Monitor panels.

It also detects if the clip or sequence has VR properties and automatically configures the VR viewer accordingly. You can publish VR video directly to the web from Premiere Pro to sites such as YouTube or Facebook.

Learn the 3 Stages of Using the Pancake Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro

As a kid, I wanted to become a pilot. Although that never panned out, I found some similarities shared between being a pilot and being a film editor. Mainly, we both need a quick access to some assets when the situation requires. As an editor, I have found that Pancake Timelines meet the requirements.

Creative Editorial with Faster Workflows

Giving you a creative editing environment that lets you work fast and empowers you to deliver world-class content for film, TV, and video. Building on new hardware acceleration from the Premiere Pro 12.1.2 update, the next release will offer new performance improvements, streamlined workflows for motion graphics, selective color grading, intelligent audio cleanup tools, end-to-end 180 VR production, and more. What’s New: VR Workflows in Premiere Pro (June 2016) | Adobe Creative Cloud


HOW TO EDIT VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE  Let’s say you just finish shooting video at a local skate park, and now you want to put all the clips together into a single, show-stopping, video production for your YouTube page. You’re going to need a program to edit your video, and you’re going to need to know how to use it. Fortunately, editing your YouTube videos doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can help you be more creative, too. Whether you are crafting videos for a class project or to showcase your latest travels, the right YouTube video editing tools make it simple to get the job done.


Apple QuickTime Broadcaster... Combining the power of QuickTime with Apple’s ease of use, QuickTime Broadcaster allows just about anyone to produce a live broadcast event. From a backyard birthday party to a corporate keynote speech, QuickTime Broadcaster allows anyone with an Internet connection to “virtually” attend.

QuickTime Broadcaster is Apple’s award-winning live encoding software that lets you produce professional-quality live events for online delivery-quickly, easily and affordably.

QuickTime Broadcaster takes full advantage of QuickTime, the most powerful digital media technology on the Internet. The combination QuickTime Broadcaster, QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime provides the industry’s first end-to-end MPEG-4-based Internet broadcasting system, which allows you to reach not only the large and growing base of QuickTime Players, but also any ISO-compliant MPEG-4 player. Whether you are a novice or a professional, QuickTime Broadcaster is designed to meet your needs.


Shake is a discontinued image compositing package used in the post-production industry developed by Nothing Real for Windows and later acquired by Apple Inc. Shake was widely used in visual effects and digital compositing for film, video and commercials. Shake exposed its node graph architecture graphically. It enabled complex image processing sequences to be designed through the connection of effects “nodes” in a graphical workflow interface. This type of compositing interface allowed great flexibility, including the ability to modify the parameters of an earlier image processing step “in context” (while viewing the final composite). Many other compositing packages, such as Blender, Blackmagic Fusion, Nuke and Cineon, also used a similar node-based approach.  Shake was available for Mac OS X and Linux. Support for Microsoft Windows and IRIX was discontinued in previous versions.  On July 30, 2009, Apple discontinued Shake. No direct product replacement was announced by Apple, but some features are now available in Final Cut Studio and Motion, such as the SmoothCam filter.

Apple has removed its high-end, node-based visual effects and compositing application, Shake, from its website and online store. While Apple has made no official announcement and did not respond to our request for comment, Apple sales representatives were reportedly informed that it has been discontinued. The product page for Shake now redirects to a product page for Final Cut Studio, a possible sign that the recent additions to Motion 4 are considered by Apple to be a replacement for Shake, which has languished without updates for the last few years.

SPARK – now called Creative Cloud Express


How to Design a Report People Actually Read.  Get a free annual report layout with prebuilt interactive navigations from Adobe Stock. The template is optimised for interactive PDF and includes paragraph, character, and object styles that you can quickly customise to showcase your company.

Revamp your resume with more than 100 professionally designed templates.

INTRODUCING THE ADOBE STOCK PREMIUM COLLECTION  The most inspiring images from select Adobe Stock contributors.




40 Mind-Blowing Digital Art Projects Created with Adobe Substance Designer

Discover Adobe Substance 3D. in Packaging Design

Adobe Updates Substance 3D Materials and Photoshop AI Filters

Be a fashion chameleon with Substance 3D

Creating a Procedural Autumn Leaf Covered Floor in Substance Designer

Emily Bisset liked computers and performing, so she thought she would combine her interests by learning 3D animation. She soon found she gravitated to wanting to create 3D characters. Emily achieved a first in BSc Computer Animation and VFX (Class of 2020) from Portsmouth University.  Emily is currently an intern at P&G in Gillette’s visualisation team. After graduating, she started using Substance Designer and now loves creating procedural materials in her free time. She has taken the time to share with us how to create a procedural leaf covered floor in Substance Designer.

Creating an Ornate Carved Wood Material in Substance Designer


In the four years since we began providing fonts for desktop sync via Creative Cloud, Typekit’s library has continuously grown as we meet more foundry partners who want to add their fonts to our service. Our library is a trusted resource for designers, and we’re the simplest solution for people who need access to a huge variety of great typefaces — all tested and vetted before we add them.

What’s in a Font? How Fonts Can Define Your Design  You’ve been asked to design something. Maybe it’s a flyer advertising your company’s next seminar. Maybe it’s the invitations to your friend’s wedding. You know what you want the project to look like. You know what tone you want to convey, but for some reason your ideas aren’t coming across in the final design.  If this sounds familiar, take a look at your fonts.

Choose fonts faster with new recommendations feature


What is Adobe Typekit?


XD delivers dozens of powerful features to help teams design, prototype, share, and collaborate on rich user experiences. Our product roadmap is shaped by input from our community, and new features and enhancements are released every month.

Skill up. Master it. Learn XD

Design like you always imagined

Share your story with designs that look and feel like the real thing. Wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more — it’s all right here, all in one UI/UX design tool.

Design. Prototype. Experience.  Go from concept to prototype faster with Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps and more. With smooth, powerful performance, it’s easy to deliver experiences that work and feel as good as they look on any screen.

Go from Photoshop to prototype faster with Adobe XD.  Use Photoshop CC and XD together to design, prototype, and share interactive experiences in just a few easy steps.


Allegorithmic develops Substance, the reference suite for 3D texturing.

The Substance suite includes the software tools Substance Painter for 3D painting, Substance Designer for material authoring and Substance B2M for image-to-material generation, as well as the ever-growing physically based material library Substance Source and the artist-to-artist exchange platform Substance Share.

Constantly on the edge of innovation, Substance technologies empower 3D creators and integrate naturally into production pipelines.

With a fast-growing community, Substance has become a standard in the game industry and is rapidly expanding to the industries of Animation/VFX, Architecture, and Industrial Design





11 Beautifully Haunting GIFs Created By Blind Artist George Redhawk

Legally Blind Man Shows How He Sees The World By Creating Hypnotizing GIFs


Apple iOS


Apple said to have ruled out a metaverse for its mixed reality headset

APPLE Find Locations


  • SafeMode, Enmore
  • Mac Centre, Surry HIlls
  • Apple Center, Broadway

Apple unveils Mac Studio with new M1 Ultra chip

Apple’s WWDC keynote reveals the M2 chip, a new MacBook Air, iOS 16, Mac OS Ventura and Reference Color

Review: Mac Studio and the M1 Ultra for video editors – part 1

Fix Apple Hardware Problems with Deep Cleaning

EditShare – Top 5 Tips. For Remote Editing with Adobe® Premiere® Pro

20 years ago, the iMac changed the world

Sunday, May 06, 2018, 06:00 am PT (09:00 am ET) is the birthday for the first major consumer product of the second Steve Jobs era, one which changed the trajectory of Apple forever.

What happened with iOS 14.4 and Scriptation?

iOS 14.4 was described by Apple as having included security improvements and a handful of small updates. However, we quickly became aware of a problem whereby users running iOS 14.4 might experience issues loading documents, transferring notes, and navigating between layers.



If you’re on Mojave, you’ve no doubt been seeing all of the warnings about 32-bit apps losing their support once “the next macOS” gets released. Well, now you’ve seen the news. This autumn, probably in the first couple of weeks in October, macOS Catalina will be released. I know, I know… Most of you will be smart and not dive head-first into a “dot zero” release of anything and good for you but sure enough, macOS 10.15 will indeed end all support for 32-bit apps.  Now, what does that mean in a practical sense?  It’s not as bad as you think really. If you, the Mojave users of the world have come this far, then there are only a few things to consider, but you NEED to consider them ASAP because although it won’t affect your NLE apps much, it may affect the ancillary apps you rely on.

What’s the best value Mac Pro 2019 configuration for video editing?

The new Mac Pro is available with a large number of configuration options. What are the best options if you want a machine that will do the business, won’t become obsolete quickly, but offers the best bang for the buck?  I am working on configuring my Mac Pro 2019 in anticipation of some (sorely needed) funding arriving in January, 2020.  And yes, I’ll post my observations once my system is in place along with the obligatory unboxing video, which I promise to make as uninspiring as every other unboxing video.  Like all of you interested in Apple’s new beast, I’ve been watching videos from studio pros, bloggers, take-it-apart sites and even the uninformed seeking to inform. Like the blogger who discussed the Promise Pegasus MPX module raid and observed that it would be highly unlikely one would need to access the unit to replace a drive. Uh? It’s spinning media. It’s not if a spinning drive will die, it’s when  So here are some thoughts and of course I welcome suggestions, comments and critiques before I hit the add to cart button.

Pro Tools 2019.12 – macOS Catalina Support Is Here – With Some Restrictions

One of the most popular feature requests in the comments to our article on new features for Pro Tools 2020 was support for macOS Catalina 10.5.1. We have good news for you all. Avid has made one more upgrade of Pro Tools 2019, with a December release, which provides macOS Catalina support. However, this is an ‘initial support’ release with some limitations to some video related workflows. In this article, we have all the details of what will and won’t work in this initial Catalina supported version of Pro Tools.

Astropad Studio review: Use your iPad Pro as a digitizer for your Mac

As a longtime Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom user, I periodically consider buying a digitizer, such as a Wacom tablet, to better take advantage of editing with brushes and other tools that work with pen-based input. I know photographers and artists who swear by them, but it would be a significant expense for my comparatively modest editing needs.

Perfect 1:1 Ratio FullScreen Res on iPad Pro

Before running this trick to get a perfectly scaled res on your iPad Pro and you are running Mac OS X 10.11, you’ll need to temporarily disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) by booting your Mac into Restore mode (Cmd-R) and run ‘csrutil disable’ from the Terminal.

Apple is trying to trademark ‘Slofie’

It seemed like “slofies” could have been a one-off joke when Apple mentioned them during its iPhone event last week, but the company is clearly pleased with the made-up term. On Friday, Apple applied for a US trademark on “Slofie,” potentially giving the company control over the word’s usage.

Roland’s New iOS App Turns A Bunch Of iPhones Into A Multi-Camera TV Studio

One thing that sets your home movies apart from what you see on TV and in the movies is that professionals film a scene from multiple angles to add drama and complexity to the final edit. It’s an extra step that can add a lot of impact, and with Roland’s new 4XCamera Maker app you can take advantage of all your friends’ iPhones instead of renting or buying multiple cameras for a shoot.

Artist Brilliantly animates ‘This Is America’ using Apple computers from the ’80s

Donald Glover’s “This Is America” is one of 2018’s most iconic songs — from its striking imagery, to its choppy dance sequence.  Animator Wahyu Ichwandardi, also known as Pinot, has been documenting his attempt to capture Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” choreography since the beginning of June. Using ancient software, he created a dance sequence straight out of 1985.

iMac Pro Films – To promote the release of the iMac Pro Apple has worked with some animation/VFX Studios such as ManVsMachine to push what can be done with one iMac Pro to the limit. Here’s what they produced


Last week we were lucky enough to briefly get our hands on a shiny new space grey iMac Pro (2017). With a whopping 18 cores and the new Vega 46 graphics card, how does performance compare to one of our iMacs (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)?  By Jason Yee, Support Engineer


CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro

CrazyTalk Animator 3 (CTA3) is the world’s easiest 2D animation software which empowers all levels of users to create professional animations with the least effort. With CTA3 Pro, you can create your characters and instantly animate any image, logo, or prop to life! CTA3 is built with advanced 2D character templates, motion libraries, a powerful 2D bone rig editor, facial puppets, and audio lip-syncing tools to give users unparalleled control when animating 2D talking characters for videos, web, games, apps, and presentations.

CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro can now do LIVE animation. By working with LIVE FACE App in your iPhone X. CrazyTalk Animator 3 can animate cartoon characters’ facial features in realtime. Perfect for live show and instant cartoon creation. All the facial features (Eyes, Brows, Eyelids, Mouth, Head) can be further augmented or diminished, via strength sliders, allowing users to fine-tune how expressive they wish their characters to be during final recording.



Apple has found itself embroiled in controversy after admitting it deliberately slows down iPhones when they get older. At the heart of the issue is battery life.  The company says it throttles performance as a precautionary measure. iPhones use lithium-ion batteries that degrade over time, and Apple says if it did not throttle performance there would be a greater risk of internal components being damaged and the phones shutting down unexpectedly.  Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to improve your iPhone’s stamina.

How to Install Older Versions of iOS Apps on an Old iPhone or iPad

Your old iPad might be still going strong, but if all your apps need newer versions of iOS to run, it feels like you can’t do anything with it. Don’t worry, we’re here with a clever trick that will help you load up your old device with older versions of of your favorite apps.

Real-World Observations about Mapping Apps

While we were there, the apps I used the most were Apple Maps and Google Maps. We had a Swiss Travel Pass that provided free passage on all but the mountain railways (where it gave us a discount), and nearly every day found us mapping routes to our next adventure or destination. I used both apps heavily, often simultaneously, and came up with some observations that you might find helpful on your next trip.

Thoughts on Sharing Vacation Photos

Along with navigation (see “Real-World Observations about Mapping Apps,” 19 August 2019), one of the top vacation uses of an iPhone is for taking photos—as the saying goes, the best camera is the one in your pocket. In a typical week, I might take a couple of photos, but over the two weeks while Tonya and I were traveling in Switzerland, I snapped over 1000. Switzerland is unreasonably scenic, so it was nearly impossible to resist yet another postcard-perfect shot of a gorgeous Alpine valley. Despite that compulsion, now and then I’d try to take a step back and think about why I was taking a photo.


Apple responds to the open letter to Tim Cook about Final Cut Pro

How Many Multicam Streams of 4K Media Can Apple Final Cut Pro Edit?

Editing iPhone HDR Video in Final Cut Pro

Last Fall shortly after the iPhone 12 was announced, we published a video where I explained how to work with the new High Dynamice Range (HDR) feature in Final Cut Pro. Because of all the confusion and downright wrong information that continues to swirl through the intertubes, I decided it was time for an update.

About legacy media in Final Cut Pro X

To prepare for future versions of macOS, identify legacy media in your Final Cut Pro X and Motion projects.

KEN STONE’S  FCP  This web site is specific to Apple’s Final Cut Pro Editing software. It includes a Basic section for beginners, a White Paper section for Intermediate and Advanced uses. There are Review sections for Hardware, Software and FCP Tutorial products as well as a FCP Discussion Board.

FINAL CUT PRO:  Is the camera footage managed via import to FCP7 and renamed by project?  If you have an Adobe CC account you may want to consider exporting your FCP projects as XML and transcoding to the CinePro codec provided as an archive format.

Final Cut Pro X updated to 10.4.9 – audio crossfades and more

Apple dropped a new version of their Pro Video Apps with updates to Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor. FCPX goes to 10.4.9 and you’ll need to be running Catalina 10.15.6 to make the update. As usual, it’s free so hit the Mac App Store for the updates. A new workflows page on Apple’s website highlights some advanced use cases for FCPX. There are a few folks with some good advanced commentary and feature explorations so I won’t reinvent the wheel here and just embed some of their fine work with a few of my own comments!  Felipe Baez made the best video.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Announced and Demoed 

At the recent FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino, Apple announced and demonstrated FCPX 10.4 including new VR features and proper colour grading tools.

I’m curious, does anyone know why FCPX does not maintain it’s render from shutdown to startup? Any way around this issue?

FILEMAKER an Apple Subsidiary.  The FileMaker Platform is simply powerful software for creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Move Sequences Between Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X

Most of the time, when you start a project in Premiere Pro CC, you’ll want to finish the edit in Premiere. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from Premiere to Final Cut in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Final Cut.

Move Projects Between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Most of the time, when you start a project in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll want to finish the edit in Final Cut. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from FCP X to Premiere in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Premiere.


Can drag a copy of the clip (option drag) above itself in the timeline, then convert the copy to a compound clip (option G). The compound clip will appear in the event browser and can be used again in the project. You can then delete the compound clip in the timeline and it remains in the event browser.  It would indeed have been good if fcpx had provided some means of saving these clips aside somewhere. If they were following the old film paradigm it would have been in a ‘bin’. They (Apple) may have made it possible to assign a role to such clips, but this cannot be done from the timeline. Making a compound clip (Mark Long) is a workaround. We really do still need some equivalent of a

‘bin’. Please Apple.

Final Cut Pro 10.4 now supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, which allows for greater exposure and brightness latitude when viewed on HDR-capable televisions. Learn how to optimise your Final Cut workflow for HDR.

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