Design: Visual Thinking – Integrated Project

Design Visual Thinking is a foundation into the nature of design and visual problem solving relevant to 2D and 3D and the underlying visual-formal principles of 2D and 3D relationships.

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Rose, The Apron and Ryan the Cookie Cutter are the characters I developed as part of my story The Cookie Cutter. This project includes story boards and the environmental design of a room interior.

The Apron – Rose has been wondering and has always had in the back of her mind what it would be like to make perfect cookies. Was she always going to be in this kitchen, her dream of something more, something different, something bigger, something perfect. Deceiving though friendly and confident front to the other characters.

Cookie Cutter – Ryan is the happy, go-lucky part of the kitchen, comfortable and contented being the shape for making the cookies. Having one leg does not bothered him, he does not questioned it and is quietly confident being who he is.


Once there was an apron, Rose making cookies in the kitchen and every day she was making legless cookies with the cookie cutter Ryan, the loved broken cookie cutter.

Until one day Rose saw that a new cookie cutter has been written on the shopping list. She started to wonder, becoming excited and now wanted to make perfect cookies more than anything.

And because of that when the new cookie cutter arrived and while Ryan was sleeping Rose used the new cookie cutter to make her perfect cookies.

And because of that Rose was going to throw all the leg less cookies in the bin. Ryan woke up, knowing nothing.

And because of that when Ryan saw the new cookies came out of the oven his world was totally thrown, he was shocked and totally devastated. What was going to happen to him, he had no purpose.

Until finally as Rose is about to throw the leg less cookies in the bin she looks at Ryan and changes her mind.

And since that day, ever since then they all live happily ever after in the kitchen. Rose has charged, she is content in the the kitchen with all her friends as they are.

The moral of the story is have the courage to care, we all belong.

The narrative or story has the hero or protagonist struggle against the antagonist with a perceived journey, a change occurs.  The main characters need to be established and the conflict or struggle that will define the story leading into the action where the hero attempts to overcome the conflict. This leads into the concluding by resolving the action in the story.

For the design composition I considered the lay out of the scene, colour choices, backgrounds and props that are integral to the story. The form is anything the audience can see that has some shape, colour, tone or texture that stands it out, a three-dimentional object that can be illustrated or constructed.

Composition refers to the organization, arrangement, and combination of visual objects with the rule of thirds being a popular technique is used to create a pleasing, balanced composition.

Space is know as positive or negative with negative being behind and between the objects, that which is not a focal point, important subject or area of interest.  The Focal Point being the primary centre of interest. A balanced or symmetrical frame suggests an even amount of positive space on either side while an asymmetrical composition is more likely to create movement.

Contrast is the difference or variation in colour and luminance which makes areas of light and dark values creating shapes and patterns that are more or less distinguishable.  If the contrast is too flat or even the contrast and interest will be lost.

With the colour, warm colours tend to advance and cooler colours seem to recede and creates contrast.  Complementary colours are opposite on the colour wheel and usually class and can create contrast.


Link to MODELLING  PROCESS  DIARY for this project

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