5 May

Ironbark Gallery, Strathfield Council – Making Memories

Making Memories showcases the recent artworks of both students aged 5 to 16 years and the teachers of Shine Art Academy, Riverwood. This exhibition gives these little artists an opportunity to not only exhibit their works, it creates dialogue between children and parents and in turn enhancing the connections with community.

29 April

The Corner Gallery – Colour between the Lines

Tony Egan with his new collection photographic artworks. Tony’s Covid restricted road trips yielded images that capture the diverse beauty of NSW landscapes:
“In life there are many roads to travel, and some of the best may be in your own backyard”. 

Visit his website http://www.silvertonestudio.com.au 


22 April

Lakemba – One of Sydney’s most popular and culturally diverse events, Ramadan Nights Lakemba. The spectacular month-long event is a vibrant, global food bazaar which appears from dusk to dawn. Bring the whole family or grab dinner with friends, it’s an event not to be missed. You’ll be met with an array of street food vendors throughout the entire month of April.

28 February

Blue Mountains in the rain

13 February


7 February


Korean Cultural Centre Sydney, 28 Jan – 29 March

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