Storyboards and Animatics



Videomaker: 180 deg rule

Vary your video composition: 10 types of camera shots

Until you’ve experienced being on the other side of the camera, moviegoers might not realize that they’ve been engaged throughout the storyline because of the range of camera shots in the film. It’s not just writing and acting that pushes the narrative forward (don’t get me wrong — they’re very important too!), but the actual composition of each frame can mean something and keep viewers interested.

Nancy Beiman pitches animated short “The Pet Wants Your Dinner”

Toy Story – Storyboarding

Shrek – Deleted Storyboard – Fiona Gets Them Lost

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (Animatic)

Taxi Driver Storyboards by Martin Scorsese

Luxo Jr [Pencil Test] [1986]

Previsualization – Past, Present, Future

How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene

Animated Storyboards


Joust Animatic Storyboards


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