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CKACKAGE DESIGN  This is a collection of bits and pieces that are posted, changed and updated as I learn, work and discover.  Coloured words have links, this includes topic headings, articles, people and other interesting resources that has been collected for my personal reference.

It is ‘roughly’ in alphabetical order with some topics and software grouped under their relevant headings which is displayed in larger type.

The speed of light is torturously slow, and these 3 simple animations by a scientist at NASA prove it

A series of new animations by a NASA scientist show just how zippy — and also how torturously slow — the speed of light can be.  Light speed is the fastest that any material object can travel through space. That is, of course, barring the existence of theoretical shortcuts in the fabric of space called wormholes (and the ability to go through them without being destroyed).  In a perfectly empty vacuum, a particle of light, which is called a photon, can travel 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second), or about 670.6 million mph (1.079 billion kilometers per hour).  This is incredibly fast. However, light speed can be frustratingly slow if you’re trying to communicate with or reach other planets, especially any worlds beyond our solar system.

A day of information, experience and networking – Briefing Sessions: Recorded Live Streams- Link

Rapidly evolving technology and the convergence of once distinct fields of media, entertainment and technology is redefining media content production, management and distribution. New opportunities are emerging and organisations need to adapt to take advantage of developments in tools and technologies and how they integrate.  See how technology, integration and connectivity is enabling new content models while delivering new experiences to audiences across, Advertising, Film and Television, Gaming, Immersive, Live Events, Video, and Social Media.

Deep Video Portraits, a break down of how deep video portraits work from SIGGRAPH 2018.


New releases, incompatibilities, firmware upgrades, technical traps and pitfalls … You’ll find them all listed here in Digistor’s Tech Alerts website section.  As our experienced engineers encounter technical information that is useful for customers to remain productive and stay up-to-date, we’ll post it here.

12 technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, these dozen disruptive technologies and trends will begin driving how business gets done at forward-thinking organizations this year.



SIGGRAPH Vancouver

The Foundry SIGGRAPH 2015

SIGGRAPH Videos for 3D Animation Pipeline, Mobile Gaming and OpenGL

SIGGRAPH University features recorded versions of four popular Courses from SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, California. Each Course is presented by experts in the field who also happen to be dynamic, energetic speakers. It ranges from 3D Animation Pipeline, Mobile Gaming and OpenGL.

Day 2 of Siggraph. We talk with companies such as Autodesk, Maxon,The Foudry and more.

Day 3 Coverage from Siggraph:  We talk with companies such as Redshift, Fabric Engine, Digital Domain, and more.

Day 4 Coverage from Siggraph: We visit the SideFX booth and talk with two Houdini artists about the importance of learning Houdini in today’s industry. We also talk with the curator of the Art Gallery as he walks us through several of the installations.

Introducing Realtime Cinematography | Hellblade | Siggraph 2016| Award Winner

SIGGRAPH 2015 Keynote Speaker, Joichi (Joi) Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, explores how radical new approaches to science and technology can transform society in substantial and positive ways.










START 3D: An introduction to key 3D concepts

Adobe gets serious about 3D Design


Creative Cloud for Chrome: Capture inspiration from the web for your own designs


Adobe 99U Conference now available on demand


Welcome to the W is for Whack Coloring Book.

Get started with Aaron’s playlist for design

Why is color accessibility important?

Try your hand at pencil sketching

Why start with pencil sketches?  The idea of preparatory sketches is a tale as old as art. While graphite pencils weren’t available for artists until the late 1800s, the idea of starting with a pencil sketch was already well established. “Pencil and paper let you get your ideas down super fast,” notes artist Tammi Heneveld. “You can do a brain dump until you find something that you really like.” Sketching a rough draft can help you develop creative concepts, tweak your composition, and experiment with shading. From there, it’s simple to transfer your pencil drawing into a digital space and take it to the next level.

Using Motion Graphics templates for titles  Learn how to use and customize Motion Graphics templates in your Premiere Pro projects.

NISHAT AKHTAR:  Look Around You

Like all of us, Nishat Akhtar, a practicing artist and creative director at instrument, is surrounded by algorithms that seem to have an intimate knowledge of our likes, dislikes, and personal patterns, reflecting back an image of ourselves every time we engage online. But how often are we taking the time to interrogate our assumptions and preferences? In this master class, Nishat points out the responsibility we have to push ourselves past these imagined boundaries, engage with our community, and take the time to truly examine what we like and why.

This talk was recorded remotely on May 23, 2020.


With a specialty in corporate video, they soon pivoted to commercial and travel based content. Some of their clients include Corona, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Northface, and The Scotland Tourism Board. Their growing expertise in viral videos for their Know Hau Media clients, soon influenced them to grow their own social media channels.  Lizzie is now a sought after social media influencer with a specialty in educational photography and video content. With a combined audience of over 160,000 followers/subscribers, she travels all over the world sharing her adventures with her audience.

Search by speaker name, keywords, or filter for on-demand sessions. Labs and workshops are presented in English only.  Celebrity sessions were only available during the live event.

What Adobe is working on: Have machines finally learned how to rotoscope?

Adobe has been bringing performance improvements thick and fast of late, with new GPU hardware acceleration for Windows in May, faster launch times for Premiere Pro on macOS in June, and now significant optimization for Intel Quick Sync. But the most exciting thing for me was the June announcement of a public beta of Roto Brush 2, the automatic rotoscoping tool powered by Adobe Sensei machine learning technology. Let’s take a look at the July announcement and then do a deeper dive on Roto Brush 2 in After Effects.

Adobe Character Animator: new Beta gets new features

Speech-Aware animation is one of the key features of Adobe Character Animator, which now also included head and eyebrow movements corresponding to a voice recording.  Adobe announced a version of Character Animator with new features that is entering public Beta and will be available in Creative Cloud later this year. Notably, says the company, “one of these beta features is Speech-Aware animation powered by Adobe Sensei that automatically generates  animation from recorded speech and now adds head and eyebrow movements corresponding to a voice recording. You may remember this from the sneaks at Adobe MAX in 2019 as Project Sweet Talk. Other new public Beta features include Improved Lip Synch, Limb IK, timeline organization tools, and much more.”

Adobe Creative Cloud deployment on Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

Best practices for Creative Cloud deployment on VDI.  Adobe has collaborated with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Teradici, and NVIDIA to provide best practices for Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise customers who deploy on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (“VDI”) on remote cloud environments.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects, including Adobe Media Encoder and After Effects Render Engine are constantly being tested by Adobe in cooperation with each cloud vendor, enabling technology partners, third-party plug-in developers, and hardware peripheral providers. These Best Practices Guides will be regularly updated as VDI technology advances.

Adobe Video Partners Support Collaboration for Teams Working Remotely

Adobe’s video partners provide a range of integrated technologies—from workstations, virtual systems, and asset management solutions to collaboration software, streaming solutions, and storage—that work with our Adobe Creative Cloud apps to enhance video production workflows. Adobe’s Video, Audio Partner Finder showcases many of these solutions that help companies maximize efficiency, creativity, and quality.

Your 2020 Creative Resolutions

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties… Part II: Double the Roar! A century ago, creativity and culture were alight and stirring up some pretty cool stuff. New types of music, dance and art sprung into being and fueled creatives across all mediums. A century before that saw the advent of a little thing known as photography! Now, the 1820s and 1920s were a great time for creativity, but we think you can top them this century.

Adobe releases Creative Suite 2 for free

If you have an older Mac or Windows system and wish to do some image editing, you’ll be glad to hear Adobe’s CS2 software is now available for free.


Watch Live, Chat and Get Inspired.


The Discover tab lists all of your applications. Under each app you will be prompted to identify your goals and skill level so we can serve up the most relevant content for you.



A brand new way to access curated learning resources.Introducing a new way to access tutorials, livestreams and community projects through the Creative Cloud Desktop App.Customise these resources by both interest and product to curate them according to your goals.

Watch Adobe Symposium 2019 content on-demand.


Catch the Adobe Live team behind the scenes at Symposium 2019! Over the course of two days Matt Leach, Olivia King and Jeremy Lord chatted with industry pioneers and amazing creative


and online chat systems for support.

ADOBE CREATE MAGAZINE  –  GIVING VIDEOS A MOTION-BLUR LOOK  I went to New Zealand with the idea of making one video inspired by what I saw and experienced. In that film, I decided to use a frame-blending effect that simulates what a long-exposure still photo looks like: Anything that moves blurs, anything stationary stays crisp. Normally, you can’t do that with video. To get the effect, I shoot regular video, then blend some frames afterward in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Adobe Live Episode 43: Lettering Workshop with Dale Bigeni


Meaningful composition helps guide your viewer’s eye to land on a certain part of your artwork. Our eyes are naturally drawn to high contrast so it’s a great effect to use to guide your viewers without making them feel controlled.  Katrina’s a creative influencer on Instagram, focused on creating realities she wants to live in. She shares amazing insights and quick tutorials for crafting stellar compositions so you can turn your photos into picture-perfect poetry.  Scene planning/composition is one of the most important parts of my process. Layer masks give me the assurance that I can get back that certain pixel of the image when I need some adjustments later on.


We searched Behance for the most original and exciting examples of packaging design. Then we asked the designers for their tips on making a product stand out.

The Constraints of Stationery — An Opportunity To Be Unique

Imagine getting a letter from your lawyer, accountant, or doctor. The information it contains is important, but the logo is pixelated or too small. In trying to create something quickly, the firm you’re working with ended up with a poorly executed design. The presentation of their brand makes you wonder whether this is the right group to trust with your business, your money, or your health.

Customize our handy template to create a modern business card

Create a fresh and modern business card in six steps.  Learn how to easily customize a professionally-designed business card sample file.

Customize our handy templates to create unique letterhead and envelope designs

Create a modern identity in no time. Customize professionally-designed sample files to create unique letterhead and envelope designs.  If you’d like to learn how to create a complete identiry set, see Create a business card.

Check out inspiring identities on Behance

Scroll through Behance co‑founder Matias Corea’s collection of attention‑getting stationery designs.


Ginger HDR is a plugin for doing HDR Tonemapping inside Adobe After Effects (CS 3.0 and higher) and Premiere (5.0 and higher) on Macintosh and Windows. You can download the 30 day trial below and if you like it you can purchase a serial number $199 USD. However, Ginger HDR is currently on sale for $149 USD. If you want to get more familiar with the HDR workflow for Ginger HDR in After Effects, you can check a previous post here

Build expert infographics for your next presentation

An image can be worth a thousand data points, but not all images are effective in communicating the story you want your data to tell. In a world where we are seemingly bombarded with imagery that competes for our attention, it is now more important than ever to use the best design resources to connect and communicate with your audience.

Content Aware Eraser for Video –  “Cloak.”

“Fix it in post” could become a  less work with this project that Adobe’s research team are working on called “Cloak.” Much the same as “content-aware fill” for Photoshop, you select and delete unwanted elements, with the software intelligently filling in the background.

Glamorous show-reels from shows like Game of Thrones get all the fame, but a lot of VFX work is mundane stuff like removing cars, power lines and people from shots. Adobe’s research team is working on making all of that easier for anyone, regardless of budget, thanks to a project called “Cloak.” It’s much the same as “content-aware fill” for Photoshop, letting you select and then delete unwanted elements, with the software intelligently filling in the background. Cloak does the same thing to moving video, though, which is a significantly bigger challenge.

Capture the inner beauty of your furry friends

A portrait isn’t simply a visual depiction of a subject– great portraits go beyond the skin for a closer look, revealing something meaningful about their inner nature. And who is more deserving of a closer look than vulnerable animals in need of loving and supportive families?  The Adobe Pawtrait Project is partnering with Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and portrait photographer, James Dore, to expose the inner beauty of some of their most overlooked lodgers, with the help of the immensely talented creatives like you!

Adobe debuts Project Rush, its new all-in-one video editor

Adobe today announced the launch of Project Rush, a new video editor that takes the core features of its pro tools like Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition and combines them into a single, more accessible tool. Don’t get too excited yet, though, the new tool will only be available later this year (and my guess would be a launch at the company’s Max conference in October).

MAKE IT online Asia-Pacific’s premier creativity event of the year, returned to Sydney on August 2-3, 2017 with a lineup of local and international industry pioneers, seasoned creative professionals and community leaders. Watch the talks from the main stage speakers as well as the pre-conference Sessions on demand.

Film studio RocketJump brings its unique style of action movie comedy and cool visual effects to video with the help of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder.

Capture inspiring color themes with Adobe Capture CC on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then apply the production-ready assets to projects in a wide variety of desktop and mobile apps

Adobe Pro Video Apps Now Support ProRes Export on Windows

We are pleased to announce new support for exporting Apple ProRes on the Windows platform with today’s updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud video apps, including:  Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC

The updates are available via the Creative Cloud desktop application.  Apple ProRes is a codec technology developed by Apple for high-quality, high-performance editing. It is one of the most popular codecs in professional post-production and is widely used for acquisition, production, delivery, and archive. Adobe has worked with Apple to provide ProRes export to post-production professionals using Premiere Pro and After Effects. Support for ProRes on macOS and Windows helps streamline video production and simplifies final output, including server-based remote rendering with Adobe Media Encoder.

Binyan Studios – bringing architectural imagination to life through photorealistic 3D renderings and full-blown immersive experiences. Adobe reports…



Adobe MAKE IT, CONFERENCE, Asia-Pacific’s premier creativity event of the year, returned to Sydney on August 2-3, 2017 with a lineup of local and international industry pioneers, seasoned creative professionals and community leaders. Watch the talks from the main stage speakers as well as the pre-conference Sessions on demand, now.  Get your fill of thought-

provoking talks from local and international speakers. Recorded on the MAKE IT main stage on August 3, 2017.



Acrobat DC tutorials  Unleash the power of PDF.  Edit, create, sign and share PDFs from anywhere.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.

The complete PDF productivity solution. Edit, convert, share and sign documents anywhere, anytime.

Combine all your project materials — including Microsoft Office files, images, and emails — into a single, searchable PDF. With Acrobat Pro DC, you can quickly organise every page just the way you’d like, and then share your document from any device.  Acrobat Pro DC makes it easy to reuse valuable content in PDF files and convert it into editable Word or Excel documents. No need to retype information. Simply use the Export PDF tool so you can get right to work.

With an Acrobat Pro DC subscription you decide who can print, edit, or copy text from PDFs. Add permissions for users to be able to view and change information in your PDFs to keep your files protected, and to help keep confidential information secure.

Work flows with Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Scan, and Adobe Sign, to capture inspiration, collaborate with your team, and close deals on the go.

Work Doesn’t Take Vacations (But You Can)  With Acrobat DC you can vacation like a boss, without ever missing a professional beat.

Going from Idea to Ink with Adobe Acrobat DC and Dr. Woo

Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo goes from consult to creative genius with Document Cloud solutions.  What do Drake, Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, and Frank Ocean have in common?  Two words: Dr. Woo.  For 10 years, the Dr. has been tattooing his jaw-dropping designs on the world’s most famous bodies. The Los Angeles-based ink artist and Instagram celebrity is one of the most sought-after and influential minds in his field.  With his designs and ideas in high demand, Dr. Woo is constantly on the go — and his clients are too. How does he keep projects moving quickly without sacrificing creativity? Simple. He’s a total boss when it comes to scanning, sharing, and getting his creative (or work) reviewed.


Design interactive immersive experiences by bringing your design skills into the world of Augmented Reality. No coding or 3D design experience necessary.

See your content in Augmented Reality by easily bringing in 3D models, photos, layered files and other 2D from Photoshop and Illustrator, or images from phone or desktop or Creative Cloud files. You can also bring in assets from other 3rd party applications like Maya and C4D and place assets in the real world environment around you, already optimized to look great in your AR experience. Placing assets is easy with familiar gestures to rotate, scale and move.

Create interactive experiences without needing to rely on a developer. Apply behaviors to your content to build combinations of triggers and actions that draw viewers of your experience to drive the narrative and engage with the story. Add motion to your objects by using your mobile device to draw the path of motion you want the object to take.

Whether you’ve completed your design, or still want feedback from other collaborators, Aero gives you the power to share your files in multiple formats for easy viewing. Send a link so others can interact with your creation in Aero on their own device in viewer mode. Export a file that can be embedded in a 3rd party app. Or, share your project as a recorded video on social media using #AdobeAero.Switch to Preview mode for fast feedback on how the edits you make will look and feel for viewers of your experience. Easily test how interactions and placement of your assets will enhance your scene and record quick videos or take snapshots of your work in progress so you share and get input for rapid iteration.



  • render out the keyed footage with an alpha channel
  • get good or bad footage > make good mates (core matte+edge detail -footage+color fix = master plate) 
  • import that AE comp file into premier or use dnxhd or prores 444 etc 

OpenSesame opens up the After Effects project format with a fully editable, human readable text file format. Create backwards compatible projects that open in any version back to CS3, or export parts of a project for spreadsheet editing, such as text, footage, property values and render queue items. Send text to clients for approval then easily incorporate revisions, or use for version automation.

Add flair to typography with masks and animation

Bring your text to life with elements from Adobe Stock and animation styles from After Effects.

Animation #ForYou: How to Add Doodles To Your TikTok Videos

Animate on top of your TikTok video to bring it to the next level! This tutorial will teach you how to draw frame-by-frame animations using Adobe After Effects’ brush tool.

How to Make Animated Lower Thirds

“Lower thirds” is the word editors use to describe the text in a video, often represented in a graphic shape and placed in the bottom 30% of the screen (as the name implies). You might recognize a lower third as the name below an interview subject on a reality TV show, the title of a story on a news broadcast, or the social media handle that appears beside a guest on a YouTube video.


I use many different effects for my videos, but the hyperzoom is one of my favorites. I’ve made a tutorial on how to achieve the effect.

MTLB Make the logo bigger (MTLB) is the first ever plug-in for After Effects that looks for any layer containing the word “logo” and makes them slightly bigger.


Free grid generator for AE.

Thoughts on AE: What’s after After Effects?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen an increasing number of After Effects users talk about switching to a different app for motion graphics design.  But is it really feasible?  What are the options – and what would it take for the After Effects user base to start jumping ship?


How to create your own textures from photographs and Photoshop brushes, and how to animate and apply to your animations. We’ll also explore the different methods of applying texture and how this fits into a professional workflow. Tune in LIVe and send in your questions!

Motion Graphics Efficiency and VR Features at the Core of What’s New in After Effects CC

The new release of After Effects improves the efficiency of motion graphics creation by streamlining the ability to create data-driven graphics and deliver high-quality VR and 3D results. And it does it all faster with GPU performance enhancements.

Basic Clone Effect Interaction – After Effects Tutorial

Want to take your CLONE EFFECT to the next level? Want to know how to make your clones INTERACT? In this tutorial I will show you a simple way to interact with your clones!

Free After Effects Workflow Plugin: FX Console

I wanted to give a quick plug to one of my favorite After Effects additions called FX Console, by Videocopilot. It’s totally free too! I’m usually not into workflow plugins because I don’t take the time to install and re-learn a workflow but this is one time I regret not doing it a long time ago. This is a huge time saver. Install this plugin if you use AE, and just hit Command and Space Bar and start typing the effect you want. It will pop up, you just click or hit enter and the effect is added. It’s super fast and intuitive and will save you so much time digging through menus.

Quick side note, a similar feature is included in C4D, and is also a massive time saver. If you didn’t know, you can just hit Shift+C and a little window will pop up where you can type in any effect, command, tag or object and if you hit enter it will add it. Super fast way to add things to your scene. Get in the habit of using it, even for things like adding cubes or nulls etc. to your scene. Once it becomes a habit it will save you a lot of time and effort remembering where things are located in menus!

After Effects Tutorial: Free Fast Bokeh for Epic Lens Blurs

In this After Effects tutorial I’ll show you the absolute best and fastest way to add depth of field in post. It’s FREE too! This is the brand new Rowbyte plugin called Fast Bokeh and I’m pretty blown away by it honestly. Get it here: https://www.rowbyte.com/fast-bokeh  The free helmet model can be found here.  And please, if you enjoy what we’re doing, subscribe to our Youtube channel. It would mean the world to me! https://www.youtube.com/user/thepixellab2011


There are also some resources under Maxon for Cinema 4D that relate to After Effects.



DATACLAY It takes a mix of creativity, technical know-how, project management, and sometimes a few extra hands to craft beautiful, personalized video experiences that grab attention and call your audience to action. Dataclay’s team of professionals and network of production talent can help guide your project from concept to delivery.

BATCH SEARCH-N-REPLACE PATHS  Batch process folders of After Effects project and search and replace file paths. This can come in handy if you are moving a project to a different folder structure like a new server. You can also use it to batch replace files in many projects at once.

EXTENDSCRIPT  Adobe provides an extended implementation of JavaScript, called ExtendScript, that is used by many Adobe applications that provide a scripting interface. In addition to implementing the JavaScript language according to the ECMA JavaScript specification, ExtendScript provides certain additional features and utilities.





Design with More Control and Performance Improvements in After Effects CC  After Effects CC artists get more creative control and performance improvements to help meet ever-tighter deadlines. And if you’ve always wanted to get into After Effects but didn’t know where to start, friendly new Home and Learn panels give you the guidance you need to be successful.


Rendering locally in After Effects uses a single render instance and is done in the foreground, meaning you need to wait for the render to complete before continuing to work.

After Effects 10 Lifesaving  Shortcuts  that you’ll be glad to have in your back pocket.

MotionScript:  Dan Ebberts’ AE Expressions and Scripting Resource

CreativeCow:  After Effects Tutorials

MotionWorks:  Motion Graphics Mastery 

VideoCopilot: creating tools & training for people who love motion design & visual effects

VideoCopilot:  Green Screen using Keylight

VideoCopilot:  3d Compositing

Sticky Pictures After Effects Tutorials

The Pixel Cloud plugin for After Effects is a powerful compositing tool that allows you to relight a 3D generated image, make 3D aware selections or displace the pixels in 3D space. Combine the use of a Position Pass and a Normal Pass with the power of After Effects’ 3D lights and cameras and change the lighting of your composited 3D graphics.

Animation in After Effects with Ben Marriott – 1 of 3

Join Ben Marriott in his wacky world of animation for a three-part series of motion and fun!  Ben Marriott is a freelance motion designer, illustrator, polite person and dinosaur enthusiast based in Sydney. He illustrates and animates short humorous videos and .gifs to create tiny stories.

What you will learn

• Creating Atmosphere in After Effects

• Glows & Gradients

• Tracking animated graphics into live footage

• Compositing footage together

• Fun and bizarre effects in after effects

• Basic Particle Simulation

How to key out Green Screen in Adobe After Effects using KeyLight 1.2 Tutorial

The Text Animation Tool – Adobe After Effects tutorial

After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics

Kinetic Typography After Effects [motion graphics]

Im Gonna Make it Better (After Effects Animation)

After Effects Text Animation Example

After Effects CC Basic Text Animation Demo 2

After Effects Quick Tip: A Fix for Flickering AI and EPS Files

After Effects: DNA Strands with Trapcode Tao Tutorial


Adobe Premiere Pro CC: NEW! Time-saving Tips and Techniques

This session looks at key new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Media Encoder in Adobe’s updates for Spring, 2019. Join host, Larry Jordan, as he illustrates key new features in each of these three applications.

Audio Gets More Intelligent in Audition CC  Form meets function meets fabulous as Audition CC gets a makeover, hits the gym, and bumps up its IQ a few more points with the smarter tools and powerful workflows you’ve come to expect from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Creating a multitrack from David Bartolo in Adobe Audition

CAPTURE mobile ap to turn photos into a custom colouring book.  The texture of a leaf. The colour of a sunset. With Capture, you can snap photos of whatever inspires you and transform them into colour themes, patterns, type, brushes, vector shapes, and more. Then use those assets in your other Adobe Creative Cloud mobile or desktop apps.

How to Use Adobe Capture CC | Adobe Creative Cloud




Logo inspiration and ideas.  Scroll through a curated collection of logos by top designers on Behance, the world’s largest creative community.

Trendyol Milla Fashion Video

Andaluziana | Short Film

No FX, just shooting with Coffee & paintings
“Oooh !! My Delicious Coffee” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves.
The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil and Coffee.
The german e-Bike company FAZU asked me to create a 50sec clip for the eurobike show. The job did sound quite nice, also because they assured me I can work in a free and creative style. The down side, I only had two weeks for the job. So I did need some animation help and also I was very lucky to have Ronny Schmidt, because he knew how to convert the CAD files into common 3D files.

Singularity – Pausefest 2018 Motion Response

Evolution is the ultimate journey, always in the now and always moving forward.
Our film explores the journey of life, showing its complexity and scale.
If you believe in creation or evolution the question is what will happen when we
interfere with that by creating synthetic life ourselves… especially one that has
the potential to exceed our intelligence?
Golden State Warriors Echo’s leverages fluid choreography and cinematic framing, highlighted by the team built on cohesion and unity. Moments of stillness feature individual players who blossom into explosively dramatic compositions of literal player echoes. Punctuated throughout are heroic moments of intensity that portray the team as a collection of frozen, singular moments forged together to reveal an unstoppable force. In other words, one warrior becomes an army and that army becomes the Warriors.


Adobe deepens Creative Cloud integration with Google Workspace

Creative  Cloud  Tutorials

What’s new in Creative Cloud

Take Creative Cloud on the go with our mobile app

Keep your assets on hand and your projects on-brand.  With Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries you can manage, organize, and access your logos, colors, and more in your favorite Creative Cloud apps. Work more efficiently, ensure creative consistency, and easily stay in sync with your team.

Logos: Learn What Separates the Great from the Good.  Skim the pages of any fitness magazine and you’re likely to see a Nike Swoosh. Glance up at a billboard and you might see Mastercard’s dual circles staring down at you. Do you recognize these brands? Of course. What makes their logos work?



Adobe Flash CC Help Page

Animation in Flash with Andy Sykes:

Adobe Flash CC Help Page

Adobe Flash and AIR Showcase Gallery


FLASH KIT  A Flash Developer Resource Site

60 Creative Flash Websites You Should Not Miss:  Cheese and Burger SocietyTag Galaxy

Adobe Flash and AIR Showcase Gallery

Flash Player Version History

How to use sound in Adobe Animate


Flash Animation Techniques – Buttery Smooth Lines ChenSmooth is a tool for Flash animators to quickly draw smooth and polished lines. Also included are a few simple tools that will greatly speedup cleanup/polish workflows for 2D animators.

Puddle Mask effect Flash

ALAN BECKER – Flash Basics

ALAN BECKER – Classic Tweens 

Best Practices for Flash-based Banner Ads with Anastasia McCune on Lynda.com

Flash Tutorial – Character Animation using Symbols

Flash CS5 Beginner – Create a Banner Ad – Part 1

Using the Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS

Flash CS 5.5 Tutorial : MotionTween: Detailed Information

Oney’s Toon Tutorials – Ep 1 – Baby Steps in Adobe Flash


Macromedia, Inc. was an American graphics, multimedia, and web development software company (1992–2005) headquartered in San Francisco, California that made products such as Flash and Dreamweaver. It was purchased by its rival Adobe Systems on December 3, 2005.


Beautiful flowers: How to draw roses.

Drawing roses can seem complex compared to drawing other flowers, but creating beautiful rose illustrations is possible for anyone who takes a closer look at how the plant is structured. Dive into the anatomy of the rose flower to understand its underlying geometric shapes and how its petals form, and see how sketching roses digitally offers invaluable tools like layering that help make it easier.

Adobe Fresco has Live brushes that behave as if you had real paint on your brush. See how Yellena James paints with watercolor while keeping her creative space dry.


See how by combining photography and illustration you can create something new. Follow these tips to make a split-page project in Adobe Fresco.

How to Make a Watercolor Painting in Adobe Fresco

Get in touch with your canvas.

Built for the latest stylus and touch devices, Adobe Fresco brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new Live Brushes, to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience. For artists, illustrators, animators, sketchers, and anyone who wants to discover — or rediscover — the joy of drawing and painting.



What is vector art?

Feature summary | Illustrator on the iPad (May 2021 release)

Use vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator CC to create a logo that looks good onscreen and in print. The best part about vector art is that it scales to any size — from business cards to billboards — without losing quality.

Combine shapes to build a logo.

Create beautiful vector art.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.

Draw freely to make minimalist artwork.

How to draw colourful, high impact-lettering

Try your hand at hand lettering

The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Design a Logo

Use Adobe Illustrator to create posters or other compositions with the custom letterforms and bright colors in Nubikini’s type pack.

How to Make Your Own Band Merch in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is coming to the iPad.  Get ready to take your imagination to new places with Illustrator on the iPad. Create beautiful graphics, logos, icons, and works of art with advanced vector design tools that have been reimagined from the ground up to work with pencil and touch. Start designing on your iPad and finish on your desktop — your files are automatically saved to the cloud, so you can bring your illustrations to life wherever you are.

How to Make a Minimal Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator.  Simple shapes, bright colors, and basic geometry come together to create vibrant portraits. See how illustrator and designer Kendall Plant designs head-turning art with the Curvature and Shape Builder tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics app that lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile. Get all of the drawing tools you need to turn simple shapes and colors into sophisticated logos, icons, and graphics. Illustrator artwork is vector-based, so it can scale down for mobile screens and up to billboard size — and always look crisp and beautiful.


Clean up your artwork by not using cluttered branded labels for your photography/videography and create your own in Adobe Illustrator! Creating brandless labels can help put the focus on your projects purpose rather than on distracting elements.  A storyboard can be a great way to organize your projects and keep you organized on what needs to be done in a fun visual way.


Grab your iPad and start getting typographically creative. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator on the iPad to design decorative type styles or logos whenever the inspiration strikes.




Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.

MEDIA  CACHE  Premiere Pro’s media cache consist of files that assist Premiere in locating, managing, and understanding media within projects.

20 Years of InDesign: The Top 20 Tips & Tricks from Worldwide Evangelist, Terry White


The world of double exposure photography.

To achieve a great double exposure, it’s important to get familiar with the process of making one with film photography. There are two main ways to accomplish a double exposure photo with film: in-camera or in the darkroom.

Create your own custom preset

Taking a photo is step number one. How to save, edit, organise and share your photos is definitely step number two. Adobe Lightroom is a management system for your digital images. Learning how to make the most of this handy tool will enable you to make your good photos look great, and your great photos look stunning.


Whether it’s a project you have due or travel photos, taking advantage of the synchronization that adobe Lightroom has can really speed up your edit time for photos that are similar to each other. I used it to edit all the photos super quick of @eric_sow running in during a trip to Shanghai! #adobecreativeside

Picture Me Rescued

On National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day Adobe Lightroom teamed up with photographer duo JUCO and spcaLA to give their shelter pets a total photo makeover.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC: NEW! Time-saving Tips and Techniques

This session looks at key new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Media Encoder in Adobe’s updates for Spring, 2019. Join host, Larry Jordan, as he illustrates key new features in each of these three applications.


Real Layouts, Real Fast.  Design layouts on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro with Adobe Comp CC.  Use natural drawing gestures to create crisp graphics, pull in images and place text and then send you ideas to the desktop to finish.

Tutorial:  Create comps on the go.  Quickly explore layout ideas for print, web or mobile on your iPad and iPhone with Adobe Comp CC. Create a layout on the go with Comp and finish it on your desktop.


How to get Photoshop for free

Bring images to life with the Adobe Photoshop animated GIF maker.

The web is all about motion these days, so GIFs are ubiquitous. Adding motion to an image can help it tell a more complex story—and Adobe Photoshop makes creating a high-quality GIF easy. Your inspired creativity can make you a star on Giphy, Vimeo, Snapchat, or any venue you desire.



Combine your photos with graphic artist Erica Larson’s Adobe Photoshop collage templates to create cool printable posters, album covers, graphics for social media, and more. 

Popular Photoshop Templates 

Mobile Photography and Editing with Demas Rusli – 1 of 2

Mobile Photography and Editing with Demas Rusli – 2 of 2

Photo Manipulation with Rames Harikrishnasamy – 2 of 2

Learn selection tool essentials

Animate anything, and everything

Make realistic mock-ups


Creating a Digital Mural with Jappy Agoncillo – 1 of 2

Creating a Digital Mural with Jappy Agoncillo – 2 of 2
Photobombers Away: How to Photoshop People out of a Background

Create a bold label with Adobe Stock templates and Photoshop Smart Objects

Demystifying Gaussian blur

Adding glitch effects to your photosHow to Colorize or Tint an Image in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe releases custom brushes in Photoshop on iPad and new presets in Adobe Camera Raw

Go wherever your imagination takes you.

Photoshop layers are like sheets of stacked acetate. You can see through transparent areas of a layer to the layers below. You move a layer to position the content on the layer, like sliding a sheet of acetate in a stack. You can also change the opacity of a layer to make content partially transparent.

How to Remove Objects from a Background

Props or unwanted items often end up in photos captured at home or in a cramped studio, but Adobe Photoshop has the tools you need to clean up. I’ll show you a few techniques I use to remove objects and clean up a background in a photo.

Terraform – Shaping the Earth with Photoshop – OD5133

Josh Dykgraaf introduces his recent series of work: photo manipulations of animalia created from his landscape photography and images of Australian flora. He discusses the importance of thinking like a photographer and being able to shoot your own material to create compelling and effective photomanipulation.

How To Make A Mock Printup

It’s important to use assets that work well together. My artwork roughly matched the dimensions of a book mockup I found on Adobe Stock. The pages in this mockup are square, so I created a square design. If you pick a different mockup, choose a design that fits it. When you’re ready, open your design and book mockup documents in Photoshop.

Photoshop’s Neural Filters can alter people’s expressions in convincing—and nightmarish—ways

Artificial intelligence sometimes comes in very handy when using Photoshop. For years, now, users have been able to employ the software’s Content Aware tech to quickly and easily remove objects from images and expand photos beyond their natural borders.

The latest AI innovation to make its way into the venerable image editing software, however, pushes the automatic adjustments to an entirely new level. The Neural Filters work on Adobe’s Sensei platform, which encompasses its machine learning technology. They let you automatically tweak pictures of a human face in some impressive—and sometimes borderline disturbing—ways.


Transform portraits into cartoon-style illustrations with this free Adobe Photoshop action, designed exclusively for Adobe Create

Happy Birthday, Photoshop!

In celebration of this birthday, today we also release many great new features in both versions of Photoshop – on the desktop and on the iPad. Happy birthday, Photoshop! We will keep the magic rolling.

Retouch portraits with Photoshop

Sometimes you need to do detailed editing to get the effects you want. Easily jump from Lightroom to Photoshop to lighten eyes and refine other complex areas in the Select and Mask workspace — and then save back to Lightroom with a click.


Short video tutorials make playing with Photoshop fun

How to Make a Photo Composite in Adobe PhotoshopFree multi channel EXR loader for Photoshop for Windows

Combining elements from multiple photographs into one image allows you to create something new and unexpected. In this quick tutorial, learn how visual artist Temi Coker combines two photos in Adobe Photoshop to create an image that stretches the imagination.

TINY TEACUPS:  How to customize a scene in Adobe Dimension

Explore how easy it is to change colors, materials, and textures in Dimension. Once you download the free 3D models from Adobe Stock by HQ3DMOD, you’ll create a colorful and sophisticated scene that’s certain to inspire a teatime break.  Download the 3D Models

PAINTING WITH LIGHT  |  Portraits that pop with light painting.

Build depth and intrigue into your portrait photography by adding light painting in Photoshop. Start with these sample files and a step-by-step tutorial.

Brushes | Access thousands of high-quality digital brushes from Kyle T. Webster that are part of your Adobe Creative Cloud membership at no additional cost. Download and install the popular brush packs and use them in Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Sketch to create rich digital painting experiences.Composite landscapes in Photoshop.

BrushBox – A better brush manager for Adobe Photoshop

Organize your brushes and tool presets into groups with drag-and-drop, just like the Layers panel.

Brusherator for Photoshop CC+! Brushes! Actions!

In several words, it is a Photoshop panel that allows you to have brush and tool presets, actions and scripts on it.  In further detail, Brusherator is a system of several panels and scripts that will allow you to work with high efficiency and speed. It’s not a brush manager for you instruments that will spit all the tools you have to you, but rather like a highly customisable surgeon table when you have all the tools you need for particular task in the right places. And you can have several tables for different tasks. And also you can switch between them in a press of the button.


Adobe Previews Major Update to Content-Aware Fill Tool in Photoshop

Photoshop is an intricate application full of numerous features, and perhaps one of the most powerful of those is Content-Aware fill. Adobe just released a preview of an update to the tool, and it looks like it will make it more powerful and useful for photographers.


Using Photoshop and Illustrator, Artist and Illustrator JESWRI will be showing off his illustration skills drawing from memory and based on real-time input from the audience.

Learn how to make a banner in Photoshop with shape layers and layer styles. Use these skills to make online headers for blogs, ads, or email, or anytime you’re designing in Photoshop.

Use layer masks to make composites of multiple images.  Use layer masks to combine images.  Make a creative composite by combining images using a layer mask


Hi, my name is Igor Braulio, and I’m an art instructor, concept artist and illustrator for games and publishing based in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m specialized in character design and illustration, and in this tutorial I will share some tips about shading, materials and some techniques and tools to light and render a character illustration in a dynamic and non-destructive way.

85 brilliant Photoshop tutorials

How to Create a New Background in Adobe Photoshop

Create anything you can imagine.  Learn the basics, or refine your skills with tutorials designed to inspire.


Get started fast with templates.  Product mockups, photo effects, layouts and more.  Explore free Photoshop templates.

PHOTOSHOP TOOLS FOR TELEVISION  Take a look around the web site and see why Tools for Television products are used across the broadcast television industry by major television networks and video production companies. Tools for Television Products help graphic designers for digital video, broadcast television, and video production work smarter and faster in Adobe Photoshop.

VERTHEIM:  Welcome to the exxential resource for all things 3DS Max, Photoshop and more for CGI students everywhere.


I added the image I used to a Creative Cloud Library. To use it, create a new file in Photoshop—I set the file size to 2400×1800. Then drag the VW Start image from the library (Window > Libraries), drag the handles to resize the image, and press Enter or Return to place it.


Replace a drab sky with a vivid one, add a stormy sky to create a foreboding scene, or give your photo an artistic touch with a colorful sunset. You can create a new landscape by blending two sky photos. Learn how to use the Sky Replacement feature to design a dreamy composition in Adobe Photoshop.





Photoshop CC workspace Learn Photoshop CC Adobe TV


Whether you want to showcase your work in a full portfolio website, or create a single-page website, we’ve got you covered.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Rush makes creating and sharing online videos easier than ever with simple tools to capture, edit, and share to your favourite social channels. It automatically syncs all your projects to the cloud, so you can work anywhere, on any device — mobile, tablet, or desktop. And you can open your Rush projects in Premiere Pro CC when you want to make more refined edits.


Learn how to create animations with emojis in Adobe Premiere Rush. Share your work on social media with the hashtag #playwithemoji and impress the world with your skills.




Learn how to work smarter with the latest features in
Premiere Pro. These quick videos will get you started.

Video Editing Essentials with Ian Haigh – 1 of 2

Video Editing Essentials with Ian Haigh – 2 of 2

Less is more: Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for everyone

Productions versus Team Projects: Which Adobe Premiere Pro remote workflow is right for you?

How Adobe and Isilon OneFS Deliver Rock Solid Collaboration for Post-Production

Good collaboration leads to better work!  Giving artists the tools to collaborate is one of the ways of making the post-production workflow more manageable and predictable. This has been the Isilon story from the start and is highlighted in Dell’s recent work with Adobe and the new Productions workflow in Adobe® Premiere® Pro.


No editor should be an island—no matter what video editing software they use. Break down content silos, enable collaboration, and deliver content faster with integrated asset management and shared storage for Premiere Pro users. 

PREMIER RUSH  Feed your followers a steady stream of amazing by creating and sharing online videos with Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s easy to use across all your devices and it’ll transform the way you create content.

Now featuring Premiere Pro projects.

Premier Pro Tips and video tutorials for film and broadcast professionals
Smart Rendering in Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.1, and later), & Premiere Pro CC

GS-09: Exporting sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro from Adobe MAX? Transcriptions and captions

Adobe MAX is here so that must mean another update to Adobe Premiere Pro. I know what you’re thinking… didn’t Adobe just have a big update? Yes, they did, the September release. With that release, we got Scene Edit Detection and some new beta stuff. This MAX release gives us more beta stuff and some early access. I guess technically this isn’t a new release of the shipping version then and more of a look at features down the road.


Feature summary | Premiere Pro (June 2020 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2020 release of Premiere Pro (version 14.3).

Make adventure videos

How to cut and trim videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Productions: Available Today in Premiere Pro

New tools for organizing film projects and collaborative workflows.  We’re delighted to announce that Productions is available today in Premiere Pro. Productions provides a flexible and highly scalable framework for organizing projects, sharing assets between them, and keeping everything streamlined, whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team.

Adjust video speed and stabilize it in Adobe Premiere Pro

With school starting back, its good a time to practice some editing techniques to ground yourself.  Usually I like to edit something for fun, just to get back into the practice of using a certain program. Perhaps you grabbed some scenic travel footage on summer break. We can adjust the speed and stabilize it in Adobe Premiere so it looks more cinematic and better to share with your friends!  Check out the process of me editing some of my own travel footage.

Productions: a new workflow coming to Adobe Premiere Pro

This is an unexpected little Adobe Premiere Pro related news drop that comes right out of the Sundance Film Festival. Coming soon to Premiere Pro will be Productions,a new workflow “for managing projects, sharing assets between them, and keeping everything organized, whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team.”  If that sounds a lot like Team Projects, which currently exists in Premiere Pro, then you’re thinking the same thing that I did … that sounds a lot like Team Projects. And there are also Shared Projects so we don’t want to forget about that. But take a look at the video below and you’ll see it seems to take Team Projects to the next level even though Team Projects will still exist.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: NEW! Time-saving Tips and Techniques

This session looks at key new features in Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition and Media Encoder in Adobe’s updates for Spring, 2019. Join host, Larry Jordan, as he illustrates key new features in each of these three applications.

Move Sequences Between Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X

Most of the time, when you start a project in Premiere Pro CC, you’ll want to finish the edit in Premiere. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from Premiere to Final Cut in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Final Cut.

Move Projects Between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Most of the time, when you start a project in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll want to finish the edit in Final Cut. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from FCP X to Premiere in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Premiere.

Creating Beautiful Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro

Slow-motion video can be beautiful, if executed correctly. Here, we take a look at creating slow-motion from 60fps video in Premiere Pro.

Don’t make the mistake of slowing down standard frame rate video for slow motion. It’ll give your footage a choppy look, and it doesn’t present well.

Creating a Heroic Tribute to Firefighters in Only the Brave

The movie was cut entirely using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and the post-production team also used Adobe After Effects along with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the VFX and animation branch of Lucasfilm Ltd., for temp and final visual effects. It was the first time editor Billy Fox, ACE, used Premiere Pro to edit a film. “My ideal editing system is one that doesn’t get in my way, and allows me to turn the vision in my head into reality,” says Fox. “Adobe Premiere Pro gives me that power. Within four days, I was completely at ease using Premiere Pro.”


using MEDIA ENCODER:  exporting to Media Encoder will give you an estimated file size before exporting.  There is a  preset for Vimeo and Youtube which are great for downloadable/web content. If it needs to be smaller in size, lower the bit rate and make sure you use multi pass – it will take longer to export, but will ensure quality is kept.

Premiere Pro offers support for viewing VR video in the Monitor panels.

It also detects if the clip or sequence has VR properties and automatically configures the VR viewer accordingly. You can publish VR video directly to the web from Premiere Pro to sites such as YouTube or Facebook.

Learn the 3 Stages of Using the Pancake Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro

As a kid, I wanted to become a pilot. Although that never panned out, I found some similarities shared between being a pilot and being a film editor. Mainly, we both need a quick access to some assets when the situation requires. As an editor, I have found that Pancake Timelines meet the requirements.

Creative Editorial with Faster Workflows

Giving you a creative editing environment that lets you work fast and empowers you to deliver world-class content for film, TV, and video. Building on new hardware acceleration from the Premiere Pro 12.1.2 update, the next release will offer new performance improvements, streamlined workflows for motion graphics, selective color grading, intelligent audio cleanup tools, end-to-end 180 VR production, and more.

What’s New: VR Workflows in Premiere Pro (June 2016) | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Import Cinema DNG files into Adobe Premiere Pro cs6

Premier Pro Sequences


The Ripple Edit Tool

The Rolling Edit Tool

The Razor Tool

The Rate Stretch Tool








HOW TO EDIT VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE  Let’s say you just finish shooting video at a local skate park, and now you want to put all the clips together into a single, show-stopping, video production for your YouTube page. You’re going to need a program to edit your video, and you’re going to need to know how to use it. Fortunately, editing your YouTube videos doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can help you be more creative, too. Whether you are crafting videos for a class project or to showcase your latest travels, the right YouTube video editing tools make it simple to get the job done.



Apple QuickTime Broadcaster... Combining the power of QuickTime with Apple’s ease of use, QuickTime Broadcaster allows just about anyone to produce a live broadcast event. From a backyard birthday party to a corporate keynote speech, QuickTime Broadcaster allows anyone with an Internet connection to “virtually” attend.

QuickTime Broadcaster is Apple’s award-winning live encoding software that lets you produce professional-quality live events for online delivery-quickly, easily and affordably.

QuickTime Broadcaster takes full advantage of QuickTime, the most powerful digital media technology on the Internet. The combination QuickTime Broadcaster, QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime provides the industry’s first end-to-end MPEG-4-based Internet broadcasting system, which allows you to reach not only the large and growing base of QuickTime Players, but also any ISO-compliant MPEG-4 player. Whether you are a novice or a professional, QuickTime Broadcaster is designed to meet your needs.


Shake is a discontinued image compositing package used in the post-production industry developed by Nothing Real for Windows and later acquired by Apple Inc. Shake was widely used in visual effects and digital compositing for film, video and commercials. Shake exposed its node graph architecture graphically. It enabled complex image processing sequences to be designed through the connection of effects “nodes” in a graphical workflow interface. This type of compositing interface allowed great flexibility, including the ability to modify the parameters of an earlier image processing step “in context” (while viewing the final composite). Many other compositing packages, such as Blender, Blackmagic Fusion, Nuke and Cineon, also used a similar node-based approach.  Shake was available for Mac OS X and Linux. Support for Microsoft Windows and IRIX was discontinued in previous versions.  On July 30, 2009, Apple discontinued Shake. No direct product replacement was announced by Apple, but some features are now available in Final Cut Studio and Motion, such as the SmoothCam filter.

Apple has removed its high-end, node-based visual effects and compositing application, Shake, from its website and online store. While Apple has made no official announcement and did not respond to our request for comment, Apple sales representatives were reportedly informed that it has been discontinued. The product page for Shake now redirects to a product page for Final Cut Studio, a possible sign that the recent additions to Motion 4 are considered by Apple to be a replacement for Shake, which has languished without updates for the last few years.


Create stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories in minutes. Adobe Spark with premium features is included in all Creative Cloud plans, allowing you to personalize your creations with your own brand.

Create Christmas Cards for Free in Minutes

How to Turn a Creative Spark Into Something Real

We asked the experts which elements in resumes catch their eye and which make them look away. As you revamp your resume, here are some best practices to get started.

SPARK SPOTLIGHT:  How Pernickety Prints Builds Buzz for a launch.  Chari Pack founded Persnickety Prints in 2010 when other photo printing stores were closing. Everything was going digital; dark rooms seemed like the dark ages. But she had a vision and knew she could solve a problem for her target customers who want tangible photo keepsakes and art, but don’t know how to get the quality that will make their memories last forever.


How to Design a Report People Actually Read.  Get a free annual report layout with prebuilt interactive navigations from Adobe Stock. The template is optimised for interactive PDF and includes paragraph, character, and object styles that you can quickly customise to showcase your company.

Revamp your resume with more than 100 professionally designed templates.

INTRODUCING THE ADOBE STOCK PREMIUM COLLECTION  The most inspiring images from select Adobe Stock contributors.




Creating a Procedural Autumn Leaf Covered Floor in Substance Designer

Emily Bisset liked computers and performing, so she thought she would combine her interests by learning 3D animation. She soon found she gravitated to wanting to create 3D characters. Emily achieved a first in BSc Computer Animation and VFX (Class of 2020) from Portsmouth University.  Emily is currently an intern at P&G in Gillette’s visualisation team. After graduating, she started using Substance Designer and now loves creating procedural materials in her free time. She has taken the time to share with us how to create a procedural leaf covered floor in Substance Designer.

Creating an Ornate Carved Wood Material in Substance Designer


In the four years since we began providing fonts for desktop sync via Creative Cloud, Typekit’s library has continuously grown as we meet more foundry partners who want to add their fonts to our service. Our library is a trusted resource for designers, and we’re the simplest solution for people who need access to a huge variety of great typefaces — all tested and vetted before we add them.

What’s in a Font? How Fonts Can Define Your Design  You’ve been asked to design something. Maybe it’s a flyer advertising your company’s next seminar. Maybe it’s the invitations to your friend’s wedding. You know what you want the project to look like. You know what tone you want to convey, but for some reason your ideas aren’t coming across in the final design.  If this sounds familiar, take a look at your fonts.

Choose fonts faster with new recommendations feature


What is Adobe Typekit?


XD delivers dozens of powerful features to help teams design, prototype, share, and collaborate on rich user experiences. Our product roadmap is shaped by input from our community, and new features and enhancements are released every month.

Skill up. Master it. Learn XD

Design like you always imagined

Share your story with designs that look and feel like the real thing. Wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more — it’s all right here, all in one UI/UX design tool.

Design. Prototype. Experience.  Go from concept to prototype faster with Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps and more. With smooth, powerful performance, it’s easy to deliver experiences that work and feel as good as they look on any screen.

Go from Photoshop to prototype faster with Adobe XD.  Use Photoshop CC and XD together to design, prototype, and share interactive experiences in just a few easy steps.


Allegorithmic develops Substance, the reference suite for 3D texturing.

The Substance suite includes the software tools Substance Painter for 3D painting, Substance Designer for material authoring and Substance B2M for image-to-material generation, as well as the ever-growing physically based material library Substance Source and the artist-to-artist exchange platform Substance Share.

Constantly on the edge of innovation, Substance technologies empower 3D creators and integrate naturally into production pipelines.

With a fast-growing community, Substance has become a standard in the game industry and is rapidly expanding to the industries of Animation/VFX, Architecture, and Industrial Design





11 Beautifully Haunting GIFs Created By Blind Artist George Redhawk

Legally Blind Man Shows How He Sees The World By Creating Hypnotizing GIFs


APPLE Find Locations


  • SafeMode, Enmore
  • Mac Centre, Surry HIlls
  • Apple Center, Broadway

20 years ago, the iMac changed the world

What happened with iOS 14.4 and Scriptation?

iOS 14.4 was described by Apple as having included security improvements and a handful of small updates. However, we quickly became aware of a problem whereby users running iOS 14.4 might experience issues loading documents, transferring notes, and navigating between layers.



If you’re on Mojave, you’ve no doubt been seeing all of the warnings about 32-bit apps losing their support once “the next macOS” gets released. Well, now you’ve seen the news. This autumn, probably in the first couple of weeks in October, macOS Catalina will be released. I know, I know… Most of you will be smart and not dive head-first into a “dot zero” release of anything and good for you but sure enough, macOS 10.15 will indeed end all support for 32-bit apps.  Now, what does that mean in a practical sense?  It’s not as bad as you think really. If you, the Mojave users of the world have come this far, then there are only a few things to consider, but you NEED to consider them ASAP because although it won’t affect your NLE apps much, it may affect the ancillary apps you rely on.

What’s the best value Mac Pro 2019 configuration for video editing?

The new Mac Pro is available with a large number of configuration options. What are the best options if you want a machine that will do the business, won’t become obsolete quickly, but offers the best bang for the buck?  I am working on configuring my Mac Pro 2019 in anticipation of some (sorely needed) funding arriving in January, 2020.  And yes, I’ll post my observations once my system is in place along with the obligatory unboxing video, which I promise to make as uninspiring as every other unboxing video.  Like all of you interested in Apple’s new beast, I’ve been watching videos from studio pros, bloggers, take-it-apart sites and even the uninformed seeking to inform. Like the blogger who discussed the Promise Pegasus MPX module raid and observed that it would be highly unlikely one would need to access the unit to replace a drive. Uh? It’s spinning media. It’s not if a spinning drive will die, it’s when  So here are some thoughts and of course I welcome suggestions, comments and critiques before I hit the add to cart button.

Pro Tools 2019.12 – macOS Catalina Support Is Here – With Some Restrictions

One of the most popular feature requests in the comments to our article on new features for Pro Tools 2020 was support for macOS Catalina 10.5.1. We have good news for you all. Avid has made one more upgrade of Pro Tools 2019, with a December release, which provides macOS Catalina support. However, this is an ‘initial support’ release with some limitations to some video related workflows. In this article, we have all the details of what will and won’t work in this initial Catalina supported version of Pro Tools.

Astropad Studio review: Use your iPad Pro as a digitizer for your Mac

As a longtime Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom user, I periodically consider buying a digitizer, such as a Wacom tablet, to better take advantage of editing with brushes and other tools that work with pen-based input. I know photographers and artists who swear by them, but it would be a significant expense for my comparatively modest editing needs.

Perfect 1:1 Ratio FullScreen Res on iPad Pro

Before running this trick to get a perfectly scaled res on your iPad Pro and you are running Mac OS X 10.11, you’ll need to temporarily disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) by booting your Mac into Restore mode (Cmd-R) and run ‘csrutil disable’ from the Terminal.

Apple is trying to trademark ‘Slofie’

It seemed like “slofies” could have been a one-off joke when Apple mentioned them during its iPhone event last week, but the company is clearly pleased with the made-up term. On Friday, Apple applied for a US trademark on “Slofie,” potentially giving the company control over the word’s usage.

Roland’s New iOS App Turns A Bunch Of iPhones Into A Multi-Camera TV Studio

One thing that sets your home movies apart from what you see on TV and in the movies is that professionals film a scene from multiple angles to add drama and complexity to the final edit. It’s an extra step that can add a lot of impact, and with Roland’s new 4XCamera Maker app you can take advantage of all your friends’ iPhones instead of renting or buying multiple cameras for a shoot.

Artist Brilliantly animates ‘This Is America’ using Apple computers from the ’80s

Donald Glover’s “This Is America” is one of 2018’s most iconic songs — from its striking imagery, to its choppy dance sequence.  Animator Wahyu Ichwandardi, also known as Pinot, has been documenting his attempt to capture Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” choreography since the beginning of June. Using ancient software, he created a dance sequence straight out of 1985.

iMac Pro Films – To promote the release of the iMac Pro Apple has worked with some animation/VFX Studios such as ManVsMachine to push what can be done with one iMac Pro to the limit. Here’s what they produced

Last week we were lucky enough to briefly get our hands on a shiny new space grey iMac Pro (2017). With a whopping 18 cores and the new Vega 46 graphics card, how does performance compare to one of our iMacs (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)?  By Jason Yee, Support Engineer

CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro

CrazyTalk Animator 3 (CTA3) is the world’s easiest 2D animation software which empowers all levels of users to create professional animations with the least effort. With CTA3 Pro, you can create your characters and instantly animate any image, logo, or prop to life! CTA3 is built with advanced 2D character templates, motion libraries, a powerful 2D bone rig editor, facial puppets, and audio lip-syncing tools to give users unparalleled control when animating 2D talking characters for videos, web, games, apps, and presentations.

CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro can now do LIVE animation. By working with LIVE FACE App in your iPhone X. CrazyTalk Animator 3 can animate cartoon characters’ facial features in realtime. Perfect for live show and instant cartoon creation. All the facial features (Eyes, Brows, Eyelids, Mouth, Head) can be further augmented or diminished, via strength sliders, allowing users to fine-tune how expressive they wish their characters to be during final recording.



Apple has found itself embroiled in controversy after admitting it deliberately slows down iPhones when they get older. At the heart of the issue is battery life.  The company says it throttles performance as a precautionary measure. iPhones use lithium-ion batteries that degrade over time, and Apple says if it did not throttle performance there would be a greater risk of internal components being damaged and the phones shutting down unexpectedly.  Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to improve your iPhone’s stamina.

How to Install Older Versions of iOS Apps on an Old iPhone or iPad

Your old iPad might be still going strong, but if all your apps need newer versions of iOS to run, it feels like you can’t do anything with it. Don’t worry, we’re here with a clever trick that will help you load up your old device with older versions of of your favorite apps.

Real-World Observations about Mapping Apps

While we were there, the apps I used the most were Apple Maps and Google Maps. We had a Swiss Travel Pass that provided free passage on all but the mountain railways (where it gave us a discount), and nearly every day found us mapping routes to our next adventure or destination. I used both apps heavily, often simultaneously, and came up with some observations that you might find helpful on your next trip.

Thoughts on Sharing Vacation Photos

Along with navigation (see “Real-World Observations about Mapping Apps,” 19 August 2019), one of the top vacation uses of an iPhone is for taking photos—as the saying goes, the best camera is the one in your pocket. In a typical week, I might take a couple of photos, but over the two weeks while Tonya and I were traveling in Switzerland, I snapped over 1000. Switzerland is unreasonably scenic, so it was nearly impossible to resist yet another postcard-perfect shot of a gorgeous Alpine valley. Despite that compulsion, now and then I’d try to take a step back and think about why I was taking a photo.


Editing iPhone HDR Video in Final Cut Pro

Last Fall shortly after the iPhone 12 was announced, we published a video where I explained how to work with the new High Dynamice Range (HDR) feature in Final Cut Pro. Because of all the confusion and downright wrong information that continues to swirl through the intertubes, I decided it was time for an update.

About legacy media in Final Cut Pro X

To prepare for future versions of macOS, identify legacy media in your Final Cut Pro X and Motion projects.

KEN STONE’S  FCP  This web site is specific to Apple’s Final Cut Pro Editing software. It includes a Basic section for beginners, a White Paper section for Intermediate and Advanced uses. There are Review sections for Hardware, Software and FCP Tutorial products as well as a FCP Discussion Board.

FINAL CUT PRO:  Is the camera footage managed via import to FCP7 and renamed by project?  If you have an Adobe CC account you may want to consider exporting your FCP projects as XML and transcoding to the CinePro codec provided as an archive format.

Final Cut Pro X updated to 10.4.9 – audio crossfades and more

Apple dropped a new version of their Pro Video Apps with updates to Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor. FCPX goes to 10.4.9 and you’ll need to be running Catalina 10.15.6 to make the update. As usual, it’s free so hit the Mac App Store for the updates. A new workflows page on Apple’s website highlights some advanced use cases for FCPX. There are a few folks with some good advanced commentary and feature explorations so I won’t reinvent the wheel here and just embed some of their fine work with a few of my own comments!  Felipe Baez made the best video.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Announced and Demoed 

At the recent FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino, Apple announced and demonstrated FCPX 10.4 including new VR features and proper colour grading tools.

I’m curious, does anyone know why FCPX does not maintain it’s render from shutdown to startup? Any way around this issue?

FILEMAKER an Apple Subsidiary.  The FileMaker Platform is simply powerful software for creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Move Sequences Between Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X

Most of the time, when you start a project in Premiere Pro CC, you’ll want to finish the edit in Premiere. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from Premiere to Final Cut in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Final Cut.

Move Projects Between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Most of the time, when you start a project in Final Cut Pro X, you’ll want to finish the edit in Final Cut. However, there may be reasons that you need to move a project from FCP X to Premiere in the middle of an edit; for example, you need to change editors and the new editor is more comfortable in Premiere.


Can drag a copy of the clip (option drag) above itself in the timeline, then convert the copy to a compound clip (option G). The compound clip will appear in the event browser and can be used again in the project. You can then delete the compound clip in the timeline and it remains in the event browser.  It would indeed have been good if fcpx had provided some means of saving these clips aside somewhere. If they were following the old film paradigm it would have been in a ‘bin’. They (Apple) may have made it possible to assign a role to such clips, but this cannot be done from the timeline. Making a compound clip (Mark Long) is a workaround. We really do still need some equivalent of a

‘bin’. Please Apple.

Final Cut Pro 10.4 now supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, which allows for greater exposure and brightness latitude when viewed on HDR-capable televisions. Learn how to optimise your Final Cut workflow for HDR.



A.I. Upscaling software shootout

Upscaling or “uprezzing” is something most editors do every day without thinking much about it. Drop in a 720p clip into your HD 1080p timeline and scale it up to fill the screen and move on. The issue is that simply scaling the clip looks soft. It might fail QC on a broadcast show or it might draw the ire of your client (even if they were the one who provided it!). If you have an eye for quality, you will not be happy to include lower resolution clips in your edit.

Canny AI: Imagine world leaders singing

‘We still need humans to generate those stories’: How AI could influence screenwriting

Robots may have a long history of starring in movies but there is still some way to go before they make their presence felt as scriptwriters, according to researchers.

At next week’s Screen Forever conference, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics at The University of Adelaide Dr Lewis Mitchell will share his findings that show the potential of AI to be used in the development process of scripts to tell original stories and predict box office success.

Microsoft has patented a chatbot that could imitate a deceased loved one, celebrity, or fictional character.

Microsoft has been issued a sci-fi-sounding patent for a chatbot that could take on another person’s personality and likeness.


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies to accelerate advances in video conferencing and the use of AI and machine learning. Two companies at the forefront of these advances are Pinscreen and NVIDIA. Both are using advanced Machine Learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to advance what is possible while approaching the problem from very different points of view.


100,000 Faces Generated by AI   Free to Download

We are democratizing creative photography and video. We aim to make creative works both more accessible and higher quality through generative processes.  We are a team of about 20 AI and photography professionals.

There is a massive amounts of data that exists in the world that can be mined for unique information, searched, catalogued and analysed.  The delivery of advertising is changing from analysing and with our search data this type of technology can and will absolutely change the way we do production.

Video Breakdown   Video indexer builds upon media AI technologies to make it easier to extract insights from videos. Power new forms of content discovery such as searching for spoken words, faces, characters, and emotions. Enrich your apps with embedded video insights to drive user engagement.

Digital Domain Previews New Autonomous Digital Human, ‘Douglas’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – November 19, 2020 – Today, Digital Domain announces “Douglas,” the most realistic real-time autonomous digital human in the world. Currently in development, Douglas was designed to break down the barriers in human-to-machine interactions, yielding conversations that feel natural and easy. With unmatched facial realism, Douglas is chameleon-like in its ability to switch faces, providing future customers with even more flexibility when it hits the market in 2021.

Disney’s deepfakes are getting closer to a big-screen debut

How close are deepfakes to being used in big-budget films and TV shows? Pretty damn close, if a new demo from Disney is anything to go by. In a video and paper being presented at a computer graphics conference this week, researchers from the House of Mouse show off what they say is the first photo-realistic deepfake at a megapixel resolution.

RetrieveGAN AI tool combines scene fragments to create new images

Researchers at Google, the University of California at Merced, and Yonsei University developed an AI system — RetrieveGAN — that takes scene descriptions and learns to select compatible patches from other images to create entirely new images. They claim it could be beneficial for certain kinds of media and image editing, particularly in domains where artists combine two or more images to capture each’s most appealing elements.


Andy Lomas has always been fascinated with math and filmmaking. On graduating from Cambridge he founded a video production company, then worked on VFX for movies including The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. At the same time, he explored his passion for CG art, making use of render farms in their downtime.

In this podcast, Andy goes into detail on his artwork and how he uses technology, including deep learning and NVIDIA’s OptiX API, to create unruly but controllable plantlike and cellular forms. He talks about how he brings together influences from nature, physics and biology, as well as his work on Katana at The Foundry and his current lecturing post at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Glenn Derry began his career in practical effects, creating advanced puppets for movies, including A.I. Artificial Intelligence. As CG took over filmmaking, he transferred his skills into visual effects via films such as The Aviator, Real Steel, The Jungle Book and Avatar — for which he coined the phrase “virtual production.”

In this discussion with Chris, Glenn talks about the rise of virtual production in filmmaking and his role in making it happen, as well as how real-time and rear-projection, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, have the potential to transform the movie-making process. He also talks about Technoprops, the company he set up to create bespoke motion-capture systems, and how he’s introducing a new generation of directors to old-school filmmaking techniques.

Machine Learning (ML) is impacting the VFX, and other industries, in a number of different ways. More recently, one of the areas in which it has started to come into fruition is content creation.  The recent progress of deep learning techniques allows hours of manual and laborious content creation work to be done in minutes. This isn’t just true for the VFX industry but in applications such as gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), advertising and even retail.

Written And Directed By: Artificial Intelligence

As impossible as it seems, it won’t be long before artificial intelligence is writing and creating films. As a lead up to this eventuality, here is a list of just some of the creative endeavors that AI has already accomplished.


Machine learning (ML) is one of the hot topics in the world of visual effects (VFX) at the moment. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the impact it’s started to have on the VFX industry and the technology that has emerged because of it.  In fact, it almost seems like there is a new ML tool or program being released every other week, all promising to improve the way artists work, create and collaborate. So, amongst the many, what are the key upcoming tools that you, as artists, should watch out for? 

Edward Saatchi on virtual beings: AI is the next great art form

Edward Saatchi, the CEO of Fable Studio and maker of Emmy-winning virtual reality experiences, participated in a thoughtful conversation about “virtual beings” at our recent GamesBeat Summit 2020 event.

I called the session “We are who we pretend to be,” after the moral of story in one of my favorite novels, Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night. The novel is about an American spy in World War II who does too good a job at his cover role of being a Nazi propagandist. The moral is: “We are who we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

Are you ready for the AI business revolution?

Ask people what they think about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and there’s every possibility they’ll conjure fearful images of Arnie in his infamous cyborg role.

When it comes to what AI means for Australia’s businesses, however, the reality is far less threatening… and much more of an opportunity.

Outside the realm of Hollywood, AI isn’t the threat of self-aware machines replacing humans. Instead, it’s the rise of a supercharged tool helping real people – real business people – make sense of big data so they can make smarter business decisions. The dramatic aspects come in both macro form – its impact on the global economy – and the more personal: allowing SMEs to take on even the largest competitor.


The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in media and entertainment will help uncover innovative ways of creating and sharing content.  Artificial intelligence has always been a part of pop culture due to numerous sci-fi movies like Avengers: Age of UltronThe Terminator, and I, Robot. But, what if artificial intelligence can be used in producing a movie? Artificial intelligence has already shown its potential in the music industry by creating beautiful compositions. Whereas, the world of art has also witnessed the creative mind of AI. Now, the advent of AI in media and entertainment will transform how audiences experience movies, TV shows, videos, games, and sports. Research suggests that media industry professionals believe that AI is the next industrial revolution. Media professionals have realized that AI will improve productivity by automating multiple repetitive tasks and offer a competitive advantage. AI-based automation can help entertainers and content creators spend more time on their craft and deliver engaging content. AI will also help production houses make informed decisions about marketing and advertising by analyzing critical data.

Still in its Infancy, AI Can Do Good or Bad or Both

We just don’t to get much satisfaction out of an answer just being handed to us.  The best things we’ve learned is when we had to do it ourselves…think, sweat, swear, squirm, try, stumble and suddenly BAM! solved.  Actually, we prefer it when you go through all of that trial and error and we learn from our mistakes. Personal struggle to a defined end is better and often it wasn’t even the answer we thought we were aiming for but turns out it’s even better.  Even though Amazon is eyebrow deep in developing/refining/using AI, Bezos admitted in his recent shareholder letter that the company would make a number of costly mistakes going forward because that’s what people do to succeed.

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

In the Academy Award-winning film “Ex Machina,” audiences are drawn into a trusting relationship between Ava, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robot, and its creators, Caleb and Nathan. That is, until Ava murders Nathan and leaves Caleb trapped in the laboratory while she flies away in a waiting helicopter to enjoy a life outside of walled confines.

Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) are a relatively new concept in Machine Learning, introduced for the first time in 2014. Their goal is to synthesize artificial samples, such as images, that are indistinguishable from authentic images. A common example of a GAN application is to generate artificial face images by learning from a dataset of celebrity faces. While GAN images became more realistic over time, one of their main challenges is controlling their output, i.e. changing specific features such pose, face shape and hair style in an image of a face.  THIS PERSON DOES NOT EXIST

How data analysis is improving matchmoving

In filmmaking, complex techniques are driven by complex ambitions. This is particularly true of matchmoving, which allows computer generated imagery (CGI) to be inserted into live-action footage while keeping scale and motion correct.


Thomas Middleditch Let an AI Steal His Face to Make a New Movie

Behind the scenes with the actor Thomas Middleditch who teamed up with an artificial intelligence program called Benjamin to create “Zone Out,” an entirely AI-made sci-fi film.

Dries van Noten is a household name in fashion circles and has been a mainstay on the Paris ready-to-wear circuit for many years. His high-end collections mean you’ll only find pieces in luxury boutiques or department stores like Bergdorf’s, Liberty and Selfridges but there is a subtle drama which has awed me for the longest time, back to my fashion school days; the unexpected way his designers blend prints, the delicate combination of machine and hand embroidery; reversible bomber jackets with silk linings. Each piece meticulously unique from the next that it seems only the collective characters from the material designer through to the pattern cutter and sewing machinist could have collaboratively defined the vision.


Artificial Intelligence, A.I., is a hot topic in many industries with Media and Entertainment poised to embrace more intelligent data management and automation in the coming years. Media companies have lead the explosive growth of big data technologies because it enabled them to drive digital revolution, exploiting more fully not only data which was already available but also new sources of data such as content from social media sources and user generated content. Media companies are increasingly looking to generate revenue from delivering content and data through diverse platforms and products. Increased and better integration of solutions along the data/content value chain will be fundamental in order to convince decision-makers to invest in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence In Education: Don’t Ignore It, Harness It!

“Human plus machine isn’t the future, it’s the present,” Garry Kasparov said in a recent TED talk.

And this “present” is transforming the world of education at a rapid pace. With children increasingly using tablets and coding becoming part of national curricula around the world, technology is becoming an integral part of classrooms, just like chalk and blackboards.

And now virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining traction. A recent report by Pearson deciphers how artificial intelligence will positively transform education in the coming years. Per the report’s authors, “The future offers the potential of even greater tools and supports. Imagine lifelong learning companions powered by AI that can accompany and support individual learners throughout their studies – in and beyond school – or new forms of assessment that measure learning while it is taking place, shaping the learning experience in real time.”

Last September, when the 20th Century Fox sci-fi thriller Morgan premiered, artificial intelligence (AI) took center stage for the first time not as a plot point but a tool. The film studio revealed that it had used IBM’s Watson — a supercomputer endowed with AI capabilities — to make the movie’s trailer. IBM research scientists “taught” Watson about horror movie trailers by feeding it 100 such trailers, cut into scenes. Watson then analyzed the data, from the point of view of visuals, audio and emotions, to “learn” what makes a horror trailer scary. Then the scientists fed in the entire 90-minute Morgan. According to Engadget, Watson “instantly zeroed in on 10 scenes totaling six minutes of footage

Survey: Broadcast Pros Set Sights On AI, Hybrid Storage

Cloudian conducted in-person interviews with more than 300 broadcast professionals at the NAB Show.  SAN MATEO, CA.—Broadcast professionals responding to a survey at last month’s NAB Show foresee increasing reliance on AI and machine learning as well as hybrid cloud storage and a falloff on their reliance on tape-based storage in their future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are disrupting our world in unprecedented ways. From transport and infrastructure, to marketing and fintech; self-learning machines are increasingly being deployed to challenge the status quo.



PBR Texture Painting  |  ArmorPaint is a stand-alone software designed for physically-based texture painting. Drag & drop your 3D models and start painting. Receive instant visual feedback in the viewport as you paint.

Armor Paint and Texture Synthesis


MAKROPOL is an XR production studio, focused on cinematic storytelling using immersive media. We are currently in development with 10+ immersive narratives, envisioned by professional film directors, artist and performance groups.  Our goal is to be the leading XR studio in the Nordics and lead the way for a sustainable cinematic XR industry.

Reflector uses an autonomous AI engine to arrange and edit film in continuous real time. The artists are using their Reflector installation to question the potential role of machines in film production and the future of film as an art form. It will be interesting to see the results.

The machines aren’t taking over; they’re just helping video publishers achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.  Video AI (artificial intelligence) has the capacity to solve a number of time-consuming, video-related problems with automation. But that doesn’t mean it has magical powers that will exclude human control. To offer a sense of where video AI is in early 2018, what follows are a number of real-life examples in which AI is helping to add structure to the unstructured world of video.

Is there a market for AI art? This $600k painting suggests there is

We know AI can learn to write like Shakespeare and compose pop songs — and now, an original painting generated by AI has sold for more than 38 times its expected price.  In a world-first event in New York last week, Portrait of Edmond de Belamy — a blurry picture of a man in a dark frock coat — was auctioned off by Christie’s for $610,000.

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) or connectionist systems are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains. Such systems learn (progressively improve performance) to do tasks by considering examples, generally without task-specific programming. For example, in image recognition, they might learn to identify images that contain cats by analyzing example images that have been manually labeled as “cat” or “no cat” and using the analytic results to identify cats in other images. They have found most use in applications difficult to express in a traditional computer algorithm using rule-based programming.

A Basic Introduction To Neural Networks.  The simplest definition of a neural network, more properly referred to as an ‘artificial’ neural network (ANN), is provided by the inventor of one of the first neurocomputers, Dr. Robert Hecht-Nielsen. He defines a neural network as:

“…a computing system made up of a number of simple, highly interconnected processing elements, which process information by their dynamic state response to external inputs.In “Neural Network Primer: Part I” by Maureen Caudill, AI Expert, Feb. 1989

Artificial Neural Networks have spurred remarkable recent progress in image classification and speech recognition. But even though these are very useful tools based on well-known mathematical methods, we actually understand surprisingly little of why certain models work and others don’t. So let’s take a look at some simple techniques for peeking inside these networks.

Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep.  Google sets up feedback loop in its image recognition neural network – which looks for patterns in pictures – creating hallucinatory images of animals, buildings and landscapes which veer from beautiful to terrifying

How Image Recognition Works. I nterpreting the visual world is one of those things that’s so easy for humans we’re hardly even conscious we’re doing it. When we see something, whether it’s car, or a tree, or our grandma, we don’t (usually) have to consciously study it before we can tell what it is. For a computer, however, identifying a human being at all (as opposed to a dog or a chair or a clock, let alone your grandmother) represents an amazingly difficult problem.

Inceptionism: Going deeper into Neural Networks.  Google Photos.

Journey through the layers of the mind





Best of AU 2020 Speaker Awards

Great speakers are an essential part of the AU learning experience. They inform and inspire, helping others discover new possibilities on their professional journey. AU wouldn’t be AU without them. We’re excited to present the classes and speakers that took top honors at AU 2020, our first global digital event attended by more than 100,000 professionals. 

Media & Entertainment  2020 Sessions 

Modern animation and VFX production aren’t just pushing new boundaries for media creators. They’re reshaping how stories are told across design industries. Learn how.

Thanks for joining us at SIGGRAPH 2016! You can tune in right here to see all of our recorded sessions from the show.

PixelCG, Ashram Aid

Max Man & Maya Man

WOW has produced a 4K battle movie that personifies 3D animation software, “Max Man & Maya Man.” The special movie in conjunction with the announcement of the release of new versions of 3D animation software packages “Autodesk 3ds Max®” and “Autodesk Maya®.” This film features a battle scene between robots that personify the unique features of each software package, “Max Man” and “Maya Man.” WOW was in charge of planning, character design, and movie creation.

How Autodesk and NVIDIA are blazing AI trails together

We’ve been working with NVIDIA for more than 15 years, a long-time collaboration between technology companies. NVIDIA has been busy hosting their GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and we’ve been reflecting on the most exciting aspects of our work together. Here’s a quick look at what’s happening now and some of our future predictions because it’s definitely an exciting time to be in tech.


Autodesk Network License Manager is used for multi-user licenses for Autodesk products such as Flame, Maya and Arnold.  When installed on macOS X, the default behaviour of the license manager is that it does not start automatically on boot. This is most likely undesirable.  Searching the Autodesk Knowledge Base reveals 2 methods. Method #1 only works for OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and earlier. Method #2 adds a .profile that is run whenever terminal open. This works, but not very elegant, especially if you use terminal a lot.

Autodesk Acquires Assets of REALVIZ


[maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool | June 24th, 2013 Cat : Maya, Technical, Tutorial | 

Autodesk has joined 3D open standards body the Khronos Group.

The firm will join Khronos Group’s 3D Commerce Exploratory Group and its 3D Formats Working Group, where it will “support the … glTF file format”

Autodesk University – Learn On-Line

Autodesk University Las Vegas was just the beginning

Explore hundreds of new sessions from AU Las Vegas 2019, including class recordings useful downloads and much more.


University:   Las Vegas 2015 sessions

Reference to 3D Render in Maya: A hard surface modeller’s journey:  AutoDesk webinar with Tom Revill, experienced VFX/3D Artist with a broad range of experience in a number of fields from Lighting to 3D Modelling.

Shotgun Webinar

Maya Monday – Render Passes in Maya 2016

3ds Max 2016 Quick Tips: Template System – Customize an existing Template

Autodesk 123D is free software integrated with content and fabrication services. For people who want to make things themselves.

123D Catch is an Iphone and Android App that allows you to create 3d models simply by taking a shit ton of photos of your subject.


Supercharged Animation Performance in Maya 2016

IBC 2014 is now over… but there’s still lots to see here on AREA. If you missed any of the content streamed live during the show, be sure to check out the “on-demand” via this link.

ALIAS, Autodesk



– January 2015

The MCG Network Deployment Guide

Autodesk Labs Project Memento

VR Magic and Horror in Left-Hand Path
Strange Company used Autodesk 3DS Max, Mudbox, MotionBuilder and the Unity engine to create VR RPG game, Left-Hand Path. Autodesk caught up with Hugh Hancock to get behind the scenes of this horrifying VR experience.   Left-Hand Path is the VR RPG game you’ve been waiting for, that is, if you’re brave enough…  Heavily inspired by the Dark Souls series, Left-Hand Path places you in a fantastic landscape leaving you to fight terrifying (and difficult!) monsters while learning magic. We caught up with Hugh Hancock to get behind the scenes of this horrifying VR experience.

Selectives in Action

There is some confusion around this …………..
  • 3ds max can convert to any format
  • maya can open a .3ds conversion to .obj, fbx can only be done out of Max
  • directly between Max/Maya via SendTo, but no for Maya import/open a .max file
  • maya’s option to import files in non-native formats
  • max can save fbx, readable in maya then all textures connections are lost and need to reconnect
  • newer versions of maya will recognise .max files

Design Visualisation for Events and Live Entertainment – 3ds Max, Stingray and Interactive Aug 29, 2017

Meet the Experts: Pixar Animation Studios, The OpenSubdiv Project

Sweat. Swearing. Tears. Indie Game Documentary — Modern Dream Part 3

Audi ‘Birth’

Innovation, Storytelling, and Visualization Are Keys to Corgan Success

Maya Monday – Render Passes in Maya 2016

Creating Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide using Autodesk Maya and Stingray


Product design software for sketching, concept modeling, surfacing, visualization


Autodesk Backburner is a free software application packaged with 3DS Max, Flame, Maya and a range of other Autodesk products. … In setups with multiple networked machines, Backburner lets you render images more quickly and efficiently by breaking the job into smaller parts.


Flame is the high-end 3D visual effects software that offers tools for fast, interactive 3D visual effects, finishing, compositing, advanced graphics, colour grading, conform, editorial, and look development.  Provides tools for 3D compositing, visual FX, and editorial finishing. Featuring the Flame Desktop, a multi-layer timeline, conform, media management, and interactive performance, Flame provides the tools you need in an integrated creative environment.

Camera Analysis Manual Track and Motion Vectors Quality (What’s New in 2022.1)

Meet Flame 2021

I’m excited to announce that Flame 2021 is here, bringing even more speed and flexibility to compositing, color grading, and finishing workflows. Building on the machine learning-powered features first introduced in Flame 2020, this update adds more uses of AI – this time for isolating features on the human face. By popular demand, we’ve also added a new GPU-accelerated Physical Defocus effect as well as a slew of finishing enhancements to make it easier to adjust looks across many shots, share updates with clients, and create beautiful work, fast. Those of you doing finishing work for streaming services will also now enjoy powerful new workflows for certified Dolby Vision HDR authoring and display.

Autodesk Flame Continues AI Integration for Colour, Finishing and VFX

The Autodesk Flame Family 2020.1 update continues to extend the machine learning-powered tools developed for Flame 2020. These include the Z Depth Map Generator and Human Face Normal Map Generator announced at NAB 2019.  Released for Flame, Flare and Flare Assist, the 2020.1 update adds more ways to isolate and modify common objects in moving footage for colour grading and compositing, and includes a semantic keyer for sky extraction. For example, users can isolate skies, remove clouds using depth extraction and add treatments to sky backgrounds.

VENICE, CA — Out of House VFX (http://outofhousevfx.com) is a visual effects and finishing studio that works on both commercials and feature films. Long-time Autodesk Flame user/VFX artist David Stern recently took some time to share his insight into the post production business and the shifts he’s witnessed in technology.

Treehouse Edit Gets an Edge on Finishing with Autodesk Flame

Treehouse Edit post production studio runs a small but tight operation in Dallas, Texas with a talented team of ten artists – editors, motion graphics artists and finishing artists. They have attracted clients such as the Richards Group, largest independent branding agency in the US, and landed commercial jobs for Russell Athletic, Toyota, 7 Up and others. Included on the team are editor Peter Tarter, who launched the company in 2012, and Autodesk Flame specialists Bryan Bayley and John Fegan, among others.

5 reasons why Coffee & TV use Flame as their hub.  As small post companies get bigger, and big companies wonder what’s coming next, Derek Moore gives us 5 reasons why Coffee & TV use Autodesk Flame as the central hub of their Soho facility.

What to learn Flame 

The Autodesk Flame Learning Channel

2017 Flame Award Ceremony


Expand your digital compositing capabilities with Flare. Exclusively available to Flame and Flame Premium customers, Flare includes tools for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, keying, and relighting. Flare is included in Flame Premium.


A high-performance, real-time color grading solution for creative look development. Lustre gives artists greater creative control over final color and grading for television and film projects. Interoperable with Flame, Lustre is included in Flame Premium.

Lustre is a color grading software developed by Autodesk. It runs on Autodesk Systems certified hardware, as Flame Premium, Flame and Smoke Advanced. It is part of the Flame Premium package.  Lustre was originally a 5D product called Colossus, developed by Colorfront. After the demise of 5D in 2002, Autodesk acquired the license to distribute the Lustre software, and later acquired Colorfront entirely.

Lustre originated as a plugin for Autodesk’s Flame product under the name “Colorstar” to emulate film type color grading using printer lights controls. It was then developed as a standalone software. It was introduced under the Colossus name in private demonstrations at IBC show in Amsterdam in 2001. Alpha and beta testing were held at Eclair Laboratoires in Paris. During the trials, Colossus was running on the Windows XP operating system, but the same code base was also used on the IRIX operating system.

The original creators of Lustre are Mark and Aron Jaszberenyi, Gyula Priskin, Tamas Perlaki, Gabor Forgacs, Ferenc Bechtold.

Lustre is now integrated in the Flame Premium package.


Uses a node-based architecture allowing full animation control of all aspects in a scene.  A selection of menus based on a user selection of Modelling, Rigging, Animation, FX, Rendering.   Modelling with NURBS and Polygon Tools.  Artisan brush interface for sculpting, painting textures and attributes onto NURBS and Polygons.  Non-linear editor, inverse kinematics, character skinning, advanced deformation tools and general keyframing tools. Paint effects for 3D scenes. Fully integrated particle system with rigid and softbody dynamics, Film-quality rendering and advanced visual effects.  Open interface for customisation and scripting.

The World’s Largest Marketplace of Motion Assets, Now in Maya

Imagine being able to drag and drop an animation file created by the motion capture studio behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi right into your Maya project. Well, that’s now possible…  At GDC 2019, we announced that we were partnering with Rokoko, the company behind the world’s largest marketplace of motion assets to develop a plugin exclusively for Maya. And, in under a year, we’ve done just that! Maya 2020.1 adds a native plugin for the Motion Library, making it easier for you to access high-quality motion capture data – right in Maya.


TOOLFARM With modeling, animation and motion graphics workflow enhancements and new features, Maya 2018 is now faster and more efficient than ever.

Autodesk Maya Help 2013

Autodesk Maya Help 2015:  Edge Ring and Edge Loop Selection Tips

Autodesk Maya University videos

Possible to change words of text object in Maya?

A Maya Fluid Dynamics Quicksheet:  Even though this was written for Maya 7, it should still apply to current versions of Maya.

MICHAEL COMET I am currently a Character Modeling/Rigging Supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios. I started at Pixar around 2006 and have worked on films such as Up, Brave and The Good Dinosaur.  Check out his tutorials, Maya MEL Scripts and Maya Plug-ins


Modeling in Maya 2015

Maya Learning Channel

What is the difference between parenting and grouping in maya?

Autodesk unveils Maya 2017

Youtube UV Mapping



Tips, tricks and tutorials on Autodesk maya, mental ray and more. With this blog we want to share the big or small discoveries we make during our everyday work.


[maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool | June 24th, 2013 Cat : Maya, Technical, Tutorial | 

Maya -Transferring UVs from “repair” object to animated/rigged original

If you use the standard method of selecting the objects and going to Mesh -> Transfer Attributes, then the result is a matching set of uv’s which are tied to the source object, and will be applied after deformation and skinning, meaning they will slide when deformed. There is, however a solution, which is to add them to the Original mesh node which, by default, is hidden. Once this has been achieved, you can safely delete the history on the Original node thereby severing its dependency on the source object, and applying the uv’s before any deformation thereby preventing sliding.

Animal Logic launches USDMAYA Plugin as Open Source

Sydney, Australia, 2 August – Animal Logic today announced the open source release of its USDMaya plugin (known as “AL_USDMaya”). The plugin enables powerful and efficient authoring and editing of 3D graphics data using Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) in Autodesk Maya.   Animal Logic launches USDMAYA Plugin as Open Source

FROYOK:  [maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool | June 24th, 2013 Cat : Maya, Technical, Tutorial | 

For this project I wanted to learn more about Xgen in Maya. I was curious to try it since Autodesk announced it in the 2014 release and this seemed the right chance to give it a try!

Autodesk Webinar:  Entertainment CreationSuite 2014 – link

Rooster Teeth Artists, Gio Coutinho and Shrivas Shyamsundar share some Maya tips and techniques they use for the hit web series, RWBY.


To modify pivot position in Windows, use the INSERT Key, on Mac use the HOME key.

To select multiple attributes in Windows, use the CTRL key, on Mac use the COMMAND key.

Procedural architecture, dependency graph, nodes with attributes that are connected.  Nodes with attributes that are connected.

Consider saving an empty scene out of Maya (also as a .ma file) and then open this file – along with your ‘broken’ one in a text editor, and copy/paste your scene data over in small chunks – till you find the point at which the file won’t load anymore.


Go to window – setting preferences – interface: mouse scroll wheel and uncheck enable.

SOME EXPORTING ISSUES that were posted on DLF

error message – Unsupported transform node with multiple shape nodes

transform nodes are dagNodes that are used to group and transform other dagNodes. All dagNodes that are not transform nodes in Maya must exist as a child of some transform node.

– The scene has a transform with multiple shape nodes under it in the dag, Put another transform under it with another shape in it. Make that transform be 0 0 0

– Verify in the outliner by choosing show shapes and checking the hierarchy.  Add a identity transform to one of the shapes if you see multiple.

– Make sure Show Shapes is enabled (RMB and first tickbox in the Outliner).  Expand all your geometry to find which DAG Object it is that has one shape node.  Then can either delete one of the shapes, if either happens to be unnecessary, or you could transfer one to an empty Transform node, if you need both.  If you need to transfer it, first deselect everything, and Ctrl+G to create a null.  Then select the Shape node you wish to move, followed by the null, and enter in the script line at the bottom/or script editor: parent -s -r;  Hit Enter/Run, and the shape node will be re-parented to the new transform node. This technique is also useful for creating multi-curved custom controls.  If it happens that your deformer on the geometry gets broken, an alternative would be to Duplicate Special, with Duplicate Graph enabled, to give separate copies of the deformer(s), or Input Connections so they still use the same deformer(s), and then delete one shape node from the original, and the other from the duplicate.  And if you have trouble getting the animation out with FBX, just use an Alembic.

– After exporting in FBX, Maya shows a dialog saying that the plug-in will export the texture as a Lambert.  In the new scene and import the exported file, the animation is there but the texture and lighting are gone.  The bach bake didn’t work.

– FBX doesn’t always work out, often end up with nulls or non-functional versions of nodes you try to export between different software packages.  Textures are assigned to shaders’ attributes, and need to be re-assigned in other software however the shading groups will still exist.  Can easily re-create the shaders, and there should at-least be nulls with the same name where your lights were.  When importing to another Maya scene, export/import .mb or .ma files.

– Exporting the animation and re-import it into another program there are odd spikes coming out of the hands and crotch.

– Consider baking the frames in maya first or try export as fbx 2012. 

– Selecting the vertex, then check its joint allocation in the Component Editor (Maya can associate with another joint outside weight-map proximity). Locate and make (0/1) changes.  Alternatively, Export Skin Weight Maps and manually paint the affected joint in Photoshop or similar, then import back to Maya index file (text) that will have been generated with the initial export.

– Use weight hammer tool to bash those pesky verts back into place, then try exporting again with FBX

– Could be that you have a broken rig, meaning a modular rig where limbs are in groups rather than parents of joints. remember most applications like unity dont like broken rigging, prefer an entire skeletal structure with a root bone.

– Possibly a skin weighting issue.  Often the rogue verts show up after export to engine when they look fine in Maya.  First of all the skin weighting mode should be interactive and not post (this is default in Maya but just check).  This normalises the values to a maximum of 1 for each vert.  Check the values of influence on the rogue verts, select them and go to:  Windows > General Editors > Component Editor.  If you look in the Smooth Skins tab you should see a table of all the influences the vert has to corresponding joints.  Check that the influence looks as it should i.e. as this is the hand, then should be to the hand joint or finger joint.  You can change the values in the component editor also.



CGI Free Download: “Instance Along Curve – Autodesk Maya Plugin 1.1.0” by Mariano Merchante

Maya 2017 – Time Editor Overview

What’s New in Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

Autodesk Maya – Manipulator Handles and Channel Settings

Maya Smooth Edges tutorial (Bevel, extrude, etc)

Maya 2012 Tutorial – Grouping and Parenting

Parenting and Grouping Objects

Importing Video Reference into Maya

Maya Shaders

Maya Tutorials: 61-Using the Ramp Shader.mov

Autodesk Maya 2013 Tutorial – Model and Texture an Apple

Learn Maya 2015: The basics – 17 — Create and applying a material (texture) using the Hypershade

Maya Project Part 48: Using Procedural Textures

Procedural Maya Texture (Part 1)

Procedural Maya Texture (Part 2)

Maya Tutorials: 60-Using displacement and bump mapping

Maya 2013 Substance Tutorial by Stuart Christensen

Maya 2013 Create Lava Tutorial Part 1 of 2 by Stuart Christensen

VFX Tip on Texturing in Autodesk Maya – Animation Mentor

Maya Learning Channel:  Creating Topological Art with XGen

Maya – Using the Layered Texture Node with alpha layers  Phil Hoppes

XGen topology art in Maya by Lee Griggs

Creating XGen hair – Part 5: Animating XGen hair using Anim Wires and nDynamics



Interactive Morphing Table Experiments by Michael Marcondes

Maya Monday – two sided shader – MILA material

Maya 2016: Parallel Rig Evaluation

Maya 2015 – XGen Instancing Overview

Maya 2015 Multi Tile UV Workflow


Golaem makes it easy and affordable to populate worlds with smart & directable digital characters, from a few to thousands, in a short amount of time and with limited budget.  Built with the artist in mind, Golaem automates repetitive and cumbersome tasks to let them focus on their art.  The Golaem workflow is built so that although it relies on AI, artists always get their last word to say and can keep total control of the results.

Golaem Crowd 4 Workflow Overview


Introducing Bifrost for Maya

I’m happy to announce that Bifrost – a new visual programming environment in Maya – is here! Using Bifrost, you can create your own custom effects, publish, and share them with other artists to use across different shots, scenes, and even shows. We’re also rolling out a ton of pre-built graphs to help you get started creating effects like dust storms, fire, snow, and sand super fast.  This project has been a labor of love for my team, but it wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedicated support of our band of beta users. I’d like to give a huge shout out and thank you to all of you – Without your help, this would have been a very different release!


Hi there, my name is Aleksandar Nadj, I’m a CG generalist from Novi Sad, Serbia. Currently, I work in a gaming company called Eipix Entertainment as lead 3D artist. Software and tools which I use in my workflow are Maya, Zbrush, Realflow, Quixel Suite, Substance painter, Photoshop, After Effects and Nuke, and I try to learn and implement Houdini.  In this article, I will show you the workflows and techniques that I used in my latest project Lonely Beach. This is my first Bifrost Project:

lonely beach

Painting Bifrost colorsets


A BRIEF GUIDE ON GROOMING HAIR WITH XGEN IN MAYA  We will be using XGen’s Interactive Groomable Splines (IGS) to create our hair. We start with selecting a patch of faces that will make up our scalp to generate the hair description from.

NVIDIA  – Mental Ray





MOTION BUILDER is 3D character animation software  Capture, edit, and play back complex character animation in a highly responsive, interactive environment. Work with a display that’s optimized for both animators and directors.

Connecting MotionBuilder to Kinect.  The Kinect device enables you to use the Microsoft® Kinect® 1.0 device for Windows to capture a body performance of a single actor within the capture volume. You can use the captured performances to drive your MotionBuilder characters.

Meet Kinect for Windows

OpenNI 2 SDK Binaries & Docs


Online Resources (Digital Sculpting with Mudbox)


MUDBOX LIVE Wayne Robson

KERMACO  Ara Kermanikian


Maya and Shotgun inside “Ghost in the Shell”

“We handled around 100 shots in Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell. Normally on a film project, it’s either lots of subtle, invisible effects or all big explosion effects but with this one, there was a good range of scenes that we worked on that involved a nice variety of work.”

–Kevin Baillie, Atomic Fiction


Post Magazine – Review: Autodesk Smoke 2015

By: Barry Goch

Smoke 2013 for the Mac – Getting Started online tutorials 

Smoke tutorials by Joel Osis

The Flame Award

Working with Masks

Smoke Learning Channel

Autodesk Smoke 2013 | Key Insights by Rob O’Neill

Digistor Autodesk Smoke Solutions Webinar

Autodesk Smoke and Flame artist Joel Osis does a breakdown on the effects for a commercial he did for Special K – link

Smoke Essentials with Alexis Van Hurkman

Amsterdam SuperMeet: Autodesk Smoke Goes to the Movies

Premiumbeat com Presents Editing in Autodesk Smoke Special Guest Brian Mulligan, WHTR TV

Autodesk Smoke 2013 | Key Insights by Rob O’Neill


We regret to inform you that the upcoming 2015 release will be the last one for Softimage® software. This final version is expected to ship on or around April 14, 2014. Autodesk will continue to offer product support until April 30, 2016. We will also provide Softimage support services (including Hot Fixes and Service Packs) to all Softimage customers with Autodesk Subscription, at no cost, until April 30, 2016.


Autodesk Launches Stingray Game Engine at GDC Europe 2015 It was becoming clear that Autodesk was entering the game market when they purchased BitSquid back in June of last year.  In addition to making the Magicka series of games, they also created the BitSquid game engine.  In March of 2015 Autodesk announced that Bitsquid was now the Stingray Game Engine.

Autodesk Levels Up, Will Release Stingray Game Engine  Autodesk announces new Stingray gaming engine with simplified mobile development testing  The program, called Stingray, is based on the Bitsquid engine that it acquired last year, but is entirely revamped with a new, more intuitive interface.

Autodesk launches Stingray game engine   Up against strong competition, First announced at GDC 2015 in March, Stingray is based on the in-house engine of Swedish developer Bitsquid, which Autodesk bought last year. At the time, it seemed an intriguing move. Although used on a number of Windows and PlayStation titles, Bitsquid was still a relatively little-known engine. And with Epic Games having just removed the rental fee for Unreal Engine 4, and Unity Technologies announcing a new, more fully featured free edition of Unity 5, Autodesk faced a daunting prospect. It had to launch a new commercial engine against two better-established competitors, both of them free to use. So what has Stingray got that its rivals haven’t?

Introducing the Autodesk Stingray 3D game engine


Digimation’s Stitch Lite

Ask animators about the difficulties of simulating cloth in 3D and their tales of woe will fill up a whole book. For a while, 3D cloth simulators raised some hope in providing a fast solution to the problem, but most of them failed to deliver the real goods. Creating simple tasks such as simulation of a cloth falling on a rigid object was simple, but if you were to animate a character’s clothes, you’d hit a real dead-end. I’m happy to report that Digimation’s Stitch Lite, a plug-in and a cloth simulator for 3ds max is one of the few solutions that really delivers.

3ds Max 2021 Adds PBR and Texture Workflows, Python 3 Integration

Autodesk 3ds Max 2021 has a fully scriptable texture baking workflow and is simpler to install. Viewport configuration and rendering are improved, in particular to support PBR rendering for real time applications, and support for Python 3 is integrated.

Texture baking in 3ds Max 2021 has been updated to support physically-based rendering (PBR), map override and OSL (Open Shading Language) workflows. Using a new baking to texture process, artists can represent complex surface effects as simple 2D bitmaps and then assign them to objects.

Up Close & Personal with 3ds Max

3ds Max Tips & Tricks with Martin Coven

Getting Started: Touring the UI




Avid Media Composer 2020

Avid Media Composer has been at the forefront of nonlinear, digital video editing for three decades. While most editors and audio mixers know Avid for Media Composer and Pro Tools, the company has grown considerably in that time. Whether by acquisition or internal development, Avid Technology encompasses such products as storage, live and post mixing consoles, newsroom software, broadcast graphics, asset management, and much more.

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of thousands, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates media production. This scalable, open platform offers a powerful suite of creative tools, media asset management, and the ability to tailor and expand its capabilities, enabling teams to collaborate from anywhere, using any device. Streamline your operation. Create better content faster. And deliver to more outlets and platforms to maximize your brand’s value and media.


No editor should be an island—no matter what video editing software they use. Break down content silos, enable collaboration, and deliver content faster with integrated asset management and shared storage for Premiere Pro users. 


Short answer is, not very.  Apart from choosing a region for your deployment, the deployment process and underlying cloud infrastructure layer is abstracted from the user. This makes it incredibly simple as no knowledge or experience with cloud computing services is required, nor any account with a cloud computing service.

Interview: Jason Cowan and AVID Media Composer with “Edit on Demand”

With Edit on Demand being a remote based work environment, what are the benefits, if any, over traditional “all in the same office” sort of workspaces  And in Australia, we despite Government promises, we still have a disparate internet system, with some on fibre to the home, the majority on fibre to the node, some on satellite internet connectivity and yet others still on ADSL. Will all of these happily co-exist with Edit on Demand?




Professionally correct color and master projects faster with the Media Composer | Symphony Option. This add-on is included with Media Composer | Ultimate subscriptions and available as an option for Media Composer subscriptions and perpetual licenses, expanding your editorial palette with a host of creative tools.

Stylize shots, set a mood, or correct color with advanced and new shape-based color correction tools. And master projects in the highest quality possible, with delivery to multiple formats from a single master source.


Yesterday, remote work was a nice-to-have; today, it’s essential. Avid is providing these resources to help media production teams affected by the coronavirus transition to remote workflows.

NAB-AT-HOME 2020: Avid Media Composer 2020.4

The new Avid Media Composer 2020.4 is now shipping.

As we continue our social distancing coverage of things that would have been introduced at NAB 2020 I sat down with Michael Krulik from Avid Technologies and he walked us through this deep dive of the brand new Avid Media Composer 2020.4. We got a great look at the new update in a recent Let’s Edit With Media Composer – What’s New In Media Composer 2020.4 here on PVC.


If you’re on Mojave, you’ve no doubt been seeing all of the warnings about 32-bit apps losing their support once “the next macOS” gets released. Well, now you’ve seen the news. This autumn, probably in the first couple of weeks in October, macOS Catalina will be released. I know, I know… Most of you will be smart and not dive head-first into a “dot zero” release of anything and good for you but sure enough, macOS 10.15 will indeed end all support for 32-bit apps.  Now, what does that mean in a practical sense?  It’s not as bad as you think really. If you, the Mojave users of the world have come this far, then there are only a few things to consider, but you NEED to consider them ASAP because although it won’t affect your NLE apps much, it may affect the ancillary apps you rely on.


There’s nothing worse than working on a sequence and hitting a show stopping error and needing to restore a project to recover a sequence from your last nightly backup (your projects ARE backed up nightly, aren’t they?)

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Creating Night from Day with BCC and Sapphire 10By Kevin P. McAuliffe September 19, 2017Post Production, Topics, Uncategorised

As pretty much everyone knows, I’m a big user of both BCC and Sapphire.  I just worked on a project this morning that utilized effects from both packages, and the same goes for just about every project that I work on, and I thought that we would have some fun in this lesson, and take a look at how to create a shot that I see tons of tutorials about on the internet, and that is how to create a night shot from a day shot.  It’s actually a pretty simple technique if you have the right tools, and BCC and Sapphire are definitely the right tools for this job.   Many people will watch this tutorial and think “Hey, I can do this without 3rd party effects!”, but stick around until the end to see why you’re going to want to use these awesome tools to create this cool effect!  Enjoy!

IT Editor and Mixer Use Avid Creative Tools to Resurrect a Classic Horror Film  The post-production team behind IT needed seamless film editing and sound mixing workflows to deliver the right tone and feel to an updated horror classic on a time-constrained schedule.

Avid Ingest and Delivery Workflows




Editing in DaVinci Resolve 1 Year Later

A Few Less Men Graded with DaVinci Resolve Studio by Deidre McClelland at The Post Lounge.  Blackmagic Design today announced that DaVinci Resolve Studio was used by Colorist Deidre McClelland, CSI, to grade the hit comedy sequel “A Few Less Men” at full-service post studio The Post Lounge’s new Melbourne facility.

Five Killer DaVinci Resolve 14 Features.  Without the need for an expensive hardware solution, Resolve 14 allows a collaborative workflow between specialists, all using the same app and project and media.


Fusion is the world’s most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers, and 3D animators. Over the last 30 years, Fusion has been used on thousands of Hollywood blockbuster movies and television shows. Fusion features a powerful node based interface that lets you quickly and easily create sophisticated effects by connecting different types of image processing tools together! You get a massive range of tools, incredible VR and 3D support, GPU accelerated performance, unlimited network rendering and more! Fusion gives you everything you need to create exciting broadcast graphics, dramatic titles, and even major feature film visual effects!

Fairlight Audio in DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design (BMD) acquired Fairlight back in Sept 2016. BMD has bundled the software into their flagship finishing program DaVinci Resolve. This is a logical step for a company that has purchased, refined and continued development of many products, including DaVinci Resolve itself back in 2009. As is the case with new additions to a deep program, with beta releases, these transitions take time. BMD will also be adding new hardware in the near future to compliment the software. The release of DaVinci Resolve 14 was a massive upgrade to the software, including implementation of the Fairlight audio engine.

New Wave Entertainment NWE uses Fairlight exclusively for audio post and I spoke with their Chief Engineer and Senior Mixer Mark Rodrigues about its advantages. Due to the sheer volume of varying types of adverts required, the amount of work on these campaigns can be daunting but Fairlight offers unique workflows for their process as Mark explains…

Introduction to Sapphire Plug-ins for Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Tutorial Part 11: Working with Markers     By Kevin P. McAuliffe (doddleNEWS)

In our last article, in our look at learning DaVinci Resolve, we talked about the importing our Final Cut Pro X timelines into Resolve for a roundtrip workflow, for color grading.  In this lesson, I want to talk about using Markers with your newly imported footage.

The Review of the Blackmagic Design Resolve Editor Keyboard

It was quite a surprise to many, at NAB 2019, when Blackmagic Design introduced the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard. It was especially surprising to me as it’s not very often we see dedicated hardware built primarily for editing. There are quite a few different editing keyboards from Logic and Editors Keys, but those are usually just conventional keyboards with different colored keycaps added. They don’t do anything to actually enhance the editing experience by providing new tools or new workflows. Hardware tools cost a lot of money to develop and manufacture, so it’s not surprising there haven’t been many editing-only hardware tools over the years. But then again, we have seen a lot of hardware controllers for audio mixing and color correction. Those more specialized markets would seem to have a smaller potential audience than editing, but “they” make controllers for them.

Learn precisely how to colour grade in this comprehensive new tutorial series

Blake Jones has been working as a colorist and film restoration specialist for over 27 years. Here, in the first part of a tutorial series, Blake lifts the mysteries behind colour grading, and precisely how to do it. In this part he looks at primary colour correction, which will form the basis of all your subsequent picture adjustments.  In the first part in this series of Basic Colour Grading, we’re going to start with primary colour correction. All the graphics we’ll show also feature the Parade Display scope so you can see what is actually going on in these corrections.  Let’s start out with this log file of the lion. If we compare the image to what we see on the scope, we can see the effects of the log file. The effects of the log file can be compensated by adding a log-to-linear LUT, or we can simply compensate using the primary colour correction controls. What we are seeing here is the lift elevated, luminance compressed and the gamma curve expanded.



Image Control real time effects include Tint, Sepia, Gamma Correction,
Brightness Contrast, Proc Amp, and Desaturate. All real time effects update
on the Mac monitor in real time, and don’t need to be rendered before
playout to tape, accelerating the creative process.


The complete story of Paris-8 university going for Krita, Blender, Natron



Pierrick Picaut is a 3D hobbyist turned professional whose career began 3 years ago upon starting p2design. Being that Pierrick is a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer, we had to reach out to him for his top techniques in modeling in this tool. For more valuable insight, be sure to check out his tutorials on Gumroad and YouTube.

1. Sketch Sculpting:  Blender offers a dynamic topology sculpting tool, similar to the dynamesh tool from Zbrush. It’s strength is that it generates geometry on the fly, so you don’t need to update your mesh surface. You can easily and seamlessly increase details in an area of the model without fullfilling the model with the same detail level. This will allow you to sculpt your models with the highest freedom I know.

A pixel pushing world citizen: Gleb Alexandrov and Creative Shrimp

What do creative crustaceans, caffeine and rubber ducks have in common? Simple: They all blend together in the brand CG artist and educator Gleb Alexandrov has successfully built from the ground up over the last years. A vocal proponent of open-source software, Gleb focuses on content creation centered on the free 3D software Blender. His vast knowledge, shared in the form of videos and tutorial courses, continues to benefit countless aspiring 3D artists worldwide.  We once again had the pleasure to sit down with Gleb and talked about digital freedom, content creation and his recent push in game development.

Blender Introduces ‘Feature Quality’ 2D Animation Tools Within Its 3D Pipeline

Animation software maker Blender is showing off its upcoming Grease Pencil 2.0 tools through a new demo called Hero.  The Grease Pencil provides 2d animation tools within Blender’s free and open-source full-3d pipeline. For a clearer idea of what this means, take a look at the end credits of Herowhich shows in-production scenes from the demo.  Blender has offered the Grease Pencil technology in its software for a number of years, but the new update will allow for “feature quality animation production” in Blender 2.8. The first beta of Blender 2.8 will be available in the second half of 2018.


See the 10 hottest new features due in Blender in 2018

Cross Hatch Shading Test

Blender Wieght Transfer Tutorial Torchlight


Crash Course: Freestyle Rendering – Introduction

Tears of Steel – Blender VFX Open Movie

Gleb Alexandrov

Traditional Animation – Blender Grease Pencil 2.8 – Pagewood Studios

Creating blender demos glowing tigers and tortured creatures. Daniel Bystedt an outstanding artist with a portfolio to back it up. Find out tips on outstanding realistic rust or how to push your work past an asset into a complete scene to show your strength with Blender!



DFT (aka Digital Film Tools) is the definitive digital toolbox that simulates optical camera filters, specialized lenses, film stocks and grain, lens flares, optical lab processes, color correction, keying, and compositing as well as natural light and photographic effects. Digital Film Tools features over 112 individual filters and thousands of customizable presets.

DFT is available as a standalone application, a suite of VFX plugins for film and video editing and compositing applications such as Adobe After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and OFX host applications.

Using proprietary matte extraction techniques, Silhouette’s zMatte and Power Matte nodes are capable of extracting almost any object in an image quickly and simply even if you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. They are easy to use, yet provide the needed tools when faced with good, bad, or ugly shots.

Silhouette is now a Boris FX product. Download a free trial at: https://www.silhouettefx.com/silhouette

PARTICLE ILLUSION  (formerly particleIllusion) is back! Redesigned from the ground up as a 64-bit application, Particle Illusion gives editors and artists access to an easy-to-use, powerful, high-end particle and motion graphics generator. Instantly create preset-driven photorealistic particle effects for titles, lower thirds, and background graphics. Includes integrated Beat Reactor to sync your particles to audio.

ContinuumSapphire, and Mocha our special effects software tools, are used to create the highest quality, most stunning visual effects available today. Without a doubt, you’ve seen our software at work in the biggest summer blockbuster movies, the hottest TV shows, the most shared online video clips, the nightly broadcast news… basically everywhere.  We create VFX plug-ins that support the most popular applications in all of post-production. We work directly inside of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Flame, AVID Media Composer, Blackmagic Fusion, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, The Foundry’s NUKE, Sony Catalyst, Magix Vegas Pro, and many more.

BORRIS FX |  Creative Tools for Editing, Visual Effects and Mtion Graphics


Media 100

Is a manufacturer of video editing software and non-linear editing systems designed for professional cutting and editing. The editing systems can be used with AJA Video Systems, Blackmagic or matrox hardware or as software-only solution with Firewire support and run exclusively on Macs. The current released software version is Media 100 Suite Version 2.1.8 and runs on macOS 10.14.x (Mojave), macOS 10.13.4 (High Sierra), macOS 10.12 (Sierra), OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), OS X 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard), 10.7.x (Lion), 10.8.x (Mountain Lion), 10.9.x (Mavericks) and 10.10.x (Yosemite).

In the past, the editing systems were nearly exclusively based on custom hardware boards (vincent601/P6000/HDX) to be placed into Apple Macintosh computers, but Microsoft Windows-based systems were available as well (iFinish, 844/X). Media 100 was established as a division of Marlboro, Massachusetts-based Data Translation, Inc. then spun off as an independent company in 1996. After absorbing or merging with several companies (Terran Interactive, Digital Origin, and Wired, Inc.) it entered bankruptcy proceedings, with its assets and employees acquired by Optibase in March 2004.  It is owned by Boris FX, which acquired the company from Optibase in October 2005.


Founded in 2008 by Ingo Clemens and Kerstin Barenbrock for animation, stock footage, scripts and tools.

SHAPES is an easy to use blend shape editing tool providing a unified workflow to create and edit blend shape targets and related dependencies for character articulation.  A production proven tool, inspired by industry professionals and designed for the artist to focus on the creative process and it has become the tool of choice by many computer art schools and universities.

SHAPES – Blend Shape Editor for Maya – Preview Release 5




TRUESPACE  In 2009, trueSpace was given for free after Caligari acquisition by Microsoft. The Caligari website has been discontinuited and Microsoft stopped the development of the core software.
trueSpace’s architecture allows seamless integration of plugins though, and a community of users is still adding functionalities. This site is keeping a record of trueSpace history, an up-to-date version including the most recent add-ons, and some ressources for newbies and developers for the adventure to continue.  trueSpace’s unique interface, all icon-driven, is making it the perfect 3D app for the visual artists. It offers all the tools we expect from a versatile and professional authoring 3D program : general modeling, point editing, organic modeling with subdivision surface, displacement brush, soft paint, NURBS, UV Edition, undo with construction history, non-linear animation, node-based editing, libraries, multi-core CPU, advanced physics, advanced rendering (hdri, gi, caustics).


CelAction2D is professional 2D animation software for films, TV series and commercials. It is the software of choice for many leading animators, and represents the state-of-the-art in high quality, high volume production.

Using vectors and/or bitmaps, character models can be rigged into a skeleton so that animation can be changed and reused easily. The movement of the skeleton can also be automatically inbetweened in a variety of ways, making animation faster than ever before.

CG Society

also under Drawing, Design, Creativity and Film Manking





CGPunch – YouTube Channel by David Zwierzchaczewski







Including drawing, design, creativity and film making.

DESIGN  INSTITUTE  OF  AUSTRALIA   As Australia’s peak industry body for professional design, the DIA represents Australian design and designers both domestically and internationally  We exist to help Australia’s professional designers to succeed in business and to enjoy their working lives, while collectively growing Australia’s reputation as a Design Nation.  The DIA brings together design practitioners with people and organisations who employ, commission, support and promote designers. As such, our membership includes design practitioners and participants in Australia’s design industry.




Provides open source movie playback software for use in film production, VFX, and computer animation. Key features include:

  • Real-time playback of image sequences and movies
  • Support for industry standard file formats including Cineon, DPX, OpenEXR, and QuickTime
  • Command line utilities for batch processing
  • Cross platform support for Linux, Apple OS X, and Microsoft Windows



VIMEO  Eyes on privacy settings: all the ways to share your videos securely.

You’ve uploaded your video to Vimeo, added the perfect title and description, selected just the right thumbnail — all in all, life is good. But there’s one more important thing to determine: which privacy setting do you choose? Vimeo offers you tons of privacy options to help fit your needs, because it is one of the most important things to our community. And since we want to make your Vimexperience as seamless as possible, here are some helpful tips for common use cases we see to help you navigate the particulars of privacy — so you can get millions of eyes on your videos, or just a few. The settings are your oyster.


FWA Favourite Website Awards

JIBJAB:  is a digital media company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing. We’ve been pioneering online entertainment production and distribution since 1999.


Magnum Pleasure Hunt: Across the Internet    http://pleasurehunt.mymagnum.com.au/

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2:  Across The Globehttp://pleasurehunt2.mymagnum.com/






Accelerate your simulations and take control of complex effects with the incredible features of the latest version of Chaos Group’s fluid dynamics software.  With Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds Max and Phoenix FD 4 for Maya, it’s never been easier to create realistic simulations that act and look exactly as you want them to.

  • thinkingParticles integration* — Phoenix operators for thinkingParticles are now available, and you can emit fluid via Phoenix sources from thinkingParticles geometries
  • New Voxel and Particle Tuners — Change each voxel and particle’s properties during simulation, and create or delete particles depending on highly customizable conditions
  • Active Bodies — Basic rigid body simulation with Phoenix liquids, allowing objects to float over liquid or get washed away by floods
  • Tex UVW — Transport texture coordinates along fluids during simulation and use them for advanced render-time effects
  • And more! — See what else is new in the Phoenix FD 4 for 3ds Max and Phoenix FD 4 for Maya changelogs.




Making the Cloud Work Harder for Video Producers, Distributors and Consumers

A digital media company that has evolved markedly this past year, in ways that highlight major trends occurring in media production, processing and delivery, is Blackbird cloud video platform. Blackbird’s CEO Ian McDonough spoke to Digital Media World about the company’s recent evolution, based as much on partnerships and client relationships as on internal R&D. Blackbird’s platform consists largely of cloud-based video editing tools and an extremely fast, high quality video codec. Ian said, “Over the past year, Blackbird has expanded the applications of its platform as a kind of OEM component within 3rd party systems and services by forming partnerships with public cloud vendors. Google, Microsoft and Amazon can offer Blackbird’s tools and services to their clients as a part of their own cloud services. Blackbird’s cloud and software tools live inside the public cloud, giving the user the advantage of massive scalability.”


When discussing workflows and pipeline architecture in the VFX community, cloud-based technology naturally enters the conversation. Significant advancements in hardware and software have made cloud-based technology more accessible for VFX professionals, but there are still a lot of unknowns and open-ended questions about how the cloud will impact VFX facilities in the short and long term.

The State of Multicloud – Virtual Desktops – Report

This report is based on a new survey conducted by one of Digistor’s product vendors, Teradici, and helps better understand the landscape of hybrid and multicloud desktop deployments. We’re seeing increasing interest in PCoIP.

Cloud Access Software A security-compliant, multi-tenant virtual environment for the media and entertainment industry This collaborative effort between Jellyfish Pictures, an award-winning visual effects and animation studio, Pixit Media and Teradici provides a reference architecture for production studios and design firms wishing to implement security-compliant multi-tenant virtual studio environments, offering unprecedented scalability in-city, nationwide and even internationally. Leveraging highly scalable enterprise storage from Pixit Media and ultra-secure PCoIP remote workstation access, the architecture offers a template for concurrent isolated virtual studios instantiated on a per-project basis, each studio meeting distinct production requirements in terms of staffing, compliance and infrastructure


Today’s global sports fans want and expect to see all the action from their favourite teams and players on all media outlets as fast as possible. To meet this requirement and engage with sports fans everywhere online the Blackbird Live Sports Cloud is your perfect solution.
Blackbird Live Sports Cloud provides a fully cloud-based platform that enables production teams to rapidly edit and enrich highlight clips with closed captions in the cloud from multiple sources. They can then deliver them seamlessly across multiple online platforms and social media channels faster than any other solution – providing a customer-centric experience as well as significant monetization opportunities.

E-book: Building a Platform for Success in the OTT Video Market

How to Develop Competitive OTT Video Services Using a Cloud Solution.  In media, content is your differentiator, and the #1 reason curious viewers become committed customers. So it makes sense that content innovation should be top priority.

Demystifying cloud terms for VFX artists.   In the VFX world, there’s still a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt around cloud technology. Where many other creative industries have long since integrated the cloud into their status quo, the VFX industry remains behind the curve.


Cloud adoption is a global trend with various regions ahead of the curve thanks to existing infrastructure and connectivity. Studies vary but generally agree that public cloud revenue is increasing 24% year on year – healthy by anyone’s views. The fact that it covers over $178B of spend gives media and entertainment companies a strong reason to be looking to cloud services and hybrid solutions to begin leveraging the benefits of scalability, agility, and flexibility.

Inversion Studio, Elara, and the dawn of production pipelines in the cloud. 

Meet the studio pioneering VFX production in the cloud.  In the coming years, the VFX industry could look remarkably different to how it does today.  Cloud technology is set to give rise to a new breed of VFX studio –  one that’s more mobile, nimble and flexible.  The cloud will enable studios to source the best talent from around the world without the need for relocation, or scale compute and storage up and down as projects ebb and f


Get fast and flexible access to a variety of applications from Foundry and our partners, plus integrated cloud rendering, and centralized storage – all in a secure and high-performance environment.

AWS  Grid Computing for Financial Services.

Today, Financial Services companies of all sizes are driving the next evolution of grid computing by working with AWS to expand their on-premise capabilities to the cloud. These organizations require increased computing power to address ever-changing industry conditions: stringent capital obligations, more rigorous and frequent stress testing requirements, market fluctuations, accelerated product development lifecycles, and greater regulatory oversight of financial products.  By building grids with AWS, Financial Services organizations are able to navigate through these conditions and take advantage of cloud-enabled benefits, such as elastic capabilities to scale to peak processing demands at a moment’s notice, automation features to minimize manual processes, and lower costs with a pay-as-you-go consumption model, among others.

UNLEASH THE POWER OF ATHERA’S API – In the VFX world, there’s still a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt around cloud technology. Where many other creative industries have long since integrated the cloud into their status quo, the VFX industry remains behind the curve.

Cloud technology’s impact on the VFX industry

With the launch of Athera behind them (this past April at FMX in Stuttgart, Germany), the Foundry team faces the next step in the ambitious goal to provide VFX studios with an end-to-end cloud services solution – the job of attracting users to the platform.


Unitycloud.com is a cloud transformation company that helps organizations rapidly migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud.


Imagine firing up five sets of software at once under five tabs on your machine, each one totally secure and prepped precisely with the resources you need to execute your tasks of the day – all while having the flexibility to pause, transport, or access those same applications from anywhere you wish.






BLAISE PASCAL  (19 June 1623 – 19 August 1662), he started some pioneering work on calculating machines, a machine that had several wheels with digits 0 to 9and could add numbers.

GOTTFRIED LEIBNIZbelt a similar machine to Blaise Pascal that could multiply as well. He became one of the most prolific inventors in the field of mechanical calculators. While working on adding automatic multiplication and division to Pascal’s calculator, he was the first to describe a pinwheel calculator in 1685 and invented the Leibniz wheel, used in the arithmometer, the first mass-produced mechanical calculator. He also refined the binary number system, which is the foundation of all digital computers.

CHARLES BABBAGEthe first person to envision the basic parts that a computer must have, build the Difference Engine. Considered by some to be a “father of the computer”.  Babbage is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer that eventually led to more complex electronic designs, though all the essential ideas of modern computers are to be found in Babbage’s analytical engine

GOERGE BOOLE (2 November 1815 – 8 December 1864 )inventor of Boolean algebra which adapted to computers is used to analyse and manipulate data. He worked in the fields of differential equations and algebraic logic, and is best known as the author of The Laws of Thought (1854) which contains Boolean algebra. Boolean logic is credited with laying the foundations for the information age.

HERMAN HOLLERITH (February 29, 1860 – November 17, 1929) was an American inventor who developed an electromechanical punched card tabulator to assist in summarizing information and, later, accounting. He was the founder of the Tabulating Machine Company that was amalgamated (via stock acquisition) in 1911 with three other companies to form a fifth company, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, which was renamed IBM in 1924. 

VANNEVAR BUSH Founded the company now known as Raytheon in 1922. He is known particularly for his engineering work on analog computers.

HOWARD AIKENone of the first machines that could be called a computer.Mark l, digital thought not electronic, it was electro-mechanical.It used relays to open and close electronic circuits and the relays were mechanical. (March 8, 1900 – March 14, 1973) was an American physicist and a pioneer in computing, being the original conceptual designer behind IBM’s Harvard Mark I computer.

JOHN ATANASOFF  Best known for being credited with inventing the first electronic digital computer.

CLIFFORD BERRY  Helped John Vincent Atanasoff create the first digital electronic computer in 1939, the Atanasoff–Berry computer (ABC).

ENIAC  Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computerwas the first electronic general-purpose computer. It was Turing-complete, digital and able to solve “a large class of numerical problems” through reprogramming.  For the army, was completely electronic, perform conditional operations, electrical instead of mechanical, would be programmable, have some kind of memory.

JOHN VON NEUMANNHe worked on the philosophy of artificial intelligence with Alan Turing when the latter visited Princeton in the 1930s.  He contributed to the development of the Monte Carlo method, which allowed solutions to complicated problems to be approximated using random numbers.  While consulting for the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania on the EDVAC project, von Neumann wrote an incomplete First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC.  Described a computer architecture in which the data and the program are both stored in the computer’s memory in the same address space.  Although the single-memory, stored program architecture is commonly called von Neumann architecture as a result of von Neumann’s paper, the architecture was based on the work of Eckert and Mauchly, inventors of the ENIAC computer at the University of Pennsylvania.

EDVAC  (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer) was one of the earliest electronic computers. It was binary rather than decimal, and was designed to be a stored-program computer.  ENIAC inventors John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert proposed the EDVAC’s construction in August 1944.

EDSAC Electronic delay storage automatic calculator 1949 is the first stored program computer at University of Cambridge.  Inspired by John von Neumann’s seminal First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC, the machine was constructed by Maurice Wilkes and his team at the University of Cambridge Mathematical Laboratory in England. EDSAC was the second electronic digital stored-program computer to go into regular service.

UNIVAC  built by the Eckert–Mauchly Computer Corporation, was the first general-purpose computer for commercial use.

IBM International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 170 countries. The company began in 1911, founded in Endicott, New York, as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) and was renamed “International Business Machines” in 1924.

REMINGTON-RAND (UNIVAC)  In 1950, Remington Rand acquired the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation, founded by the makers of the ENIAC, and in 1952, they acquired Engineering Research Associates (ERA), both of which were pioneers in electronic computing. On June 14, 1951 the first computer came out and it was called Univac I (Universal Automatic Computer). Many branches of the military such as, Air Force and the U.S. Army were the first ones to use the computers.  Remington Rand was acquired by Sperry Corporation in 1955 to form a company then known as Sperry Rand (later shortened to Sperry). However the brand name of “Remington Rand” remained as a subdivision for many years.  Sperry merged in 1986 with Burroughs to form Unisys.

BURROUGHS was a major American manufacturer of business equipment. The company was founded in 1886 as the American Arithmometer Company, and after the 1986 merger with Sperry UNIVAC was renamed Unisys. The company’s history paralleled many of the major developments in computing. At its start, it produced mechanical adding machines, and later moved into programmable ledgers and then computers. It was one of the largest producers of mainframe computers in the world, also producing related equipment including typewriters and printers.

JOHN BARDEENM, WALTER BRITAIN, WILLIAM SHOCKLEY invented a transistor, previous computers were vacuum tube.  The transistor is the fundamental building block of modern electronic devices, and is ubiquitous in modern electronic systems. The transistor revolutionized the field of electronics, and paved the way for smaller and cheaper radios, calculators, and computers, among other things.  Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley shared the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics for their achievement.

THIRD GENERATION COMPUTERS  1964 The use of monolithic integrated circuits as their primary logic elements. The first new microcomputers were built by hobbyists with Apple, the TRS-80, the Commodore PET and others for home and small businesses.

FOURTH GENERATION COMPUTERS  1972 began with the shipment of CPS-1, the first commercial microprocessor microcomputer and for the purposes of this list marks the end of the “early” third generation computer era.

FIFTH GENERATION COMPUTERS  was intended to convey the system as being a leap beyond existing machines. In the history of computing hardware, computers using vacuum tubes were called the first generation; transistors and diodes, the second; integrated circuits, the third; and those using microprocessors, the fourth. Whereas previous computer generations had focused on increasing the number of logic elements in a single CPU, the fifth generation, it was widely believed at the time, would instead turn to massive numbers of CPUs for added performance.


This zoom webinar is packed with lots of useful information.  Not sure how long it will be available for.  Presented by SEO Expert, Doron Milner. The webinar ran through a strategic combination of basic SEO techniques that will get your website positioned higher on the list of competitors. Listen to the webinar again by clicking here. 


Folder and File Naming Convention – 10 Rules for Best Practice




New releases, incompatibilities, firmware upgrades, technical traps and pitfalls … You’ll find them all listed here in Digistor’s Tech Alerts website section.

As our experienced engineers encounter technical information that is useful for customers to remain productive and stay up-to-date, we’ll post it here.

Is e-tirement for you?  Retirees are rewriting stereotypes and redefining retirement thanks to the NBN™. It’s called E-tirement and it’s the latest thing in retirement in Australia.


Established in 1996, EveryMac.com is the complete guide to every Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac clone in the world, with technical specs, configuration details, system identifiers, performance benchmarks, and global pricing info.

Inside the iMac Pro – Apple’s most powerful Mac yet  Dec 14, 2017

LOG ME IN  remote access

MACFIXIT Australia |  Apple Mac Accessories & Parts from Australia, Australia’s largest onine store with upgrads and accessories for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

MACKINTOSH.COM  Hackintosh.com links to everything you need to build a Hackintosh and get macOS Sierra (10.12) as well as many earlier versions of Mac OS X running on an unsupported computer — instructions, step-by-step “how to” guides, and tutorials — in addition to installation videos, lists of compatible computers and parts, and communities for support.

MSY Technology Pty Ltd


NTP is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network.  The NTP Project conducts Research and Development in NTP and produces the Official Reference Implementation of NTP along with the Implementation Documentation. Background information about NTP, along with briefings and a bibliography, are available at the Network Time Synchronization Project Page.


Northern Softworks was founded in 1998 by John Lowrey, and has been providing fine Macintosh shareware and freeware ever since.  John is the author of a number of well-received products, including the award winning maintenance utility Mojave Cache Cleaner. His products have won favorable reviews in major Macintosh websites including MacFixit, Tucows, Chez Mark, and MacChamp.



Begun in 1990, is an online newsletter and Web site, devoted to the person behind the most personal of personal computers, the Macintosh. relating events and products to real life uses and concerns.  New TidBITS issues go out every Monday night; articles appear on the Web site throughout the week.


Welcome to Threemacs.com, a website that explains Macintosh networking in plain English, intended for all levels of Mac experience. The focus is on small networks (up to ten Macs or so), covering network concepts, setup instructions, and troubleshooting. Where appropriate, pictures and references accompany the instructions to ease in comprehension.  The site as a whole focuses on the primary network: moving files around, sharing an Internet connection, and sharing printer access. Since you need a network before you can do any of these things, there’s also network setup instructions.


  • Disk Inventory X – is a disk usage utility for Mac OS X 10.3 (and later). It shows the sizes of files and folders in a special graphical way called “treemaps“.
  • Gemini 2  – The intelligent duplicate file finder.  Find duplicate files and wipe them away with Gemini 2. It’s smart, laser accurate, and recovers tons of space on your Mac.
  • How to download CleanMyMac 3  Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with the all-new CleanMyMac 3. It scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and monitors the health of your Mac.
  • CleanApp, Synium Your hard drive gets fuller day by day and you don’t know why? CleanApp 5 provides you with insights how to reclaim disk space. There are definitely tons of unused files on your hard drive – CleanApp will help you to find and delete them. CleanApp 5 has been re-developed from scratch and offers a comprehensive and convenient user interface.
  • Cocktail is a general purpose utility for macOS that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. It is a powerful digital toolset that helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world get the most out of their computers every day.  The application serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface. Cocktail’s features are arranged into five categories that helps you manage various aspects of your computer. It also comes with an automatic Pilot mode that allows you to simply press a button and relax, knowing that Cocktail will take care of the rest.  Cocktail is installed at more than 250 000 computers world wide. The largest part being private individuals, but Cocktail can also be found at large international companies, educational institutions or newspapers.


  • DATARESCUE photo rescue
  • EASEUS  offers comprehensive solutions to home, small business, large enterprise user and service provider for data security and hard drive management on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more
  • RECUVA   Recover your deleted files quickly and easily.  Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost files after a computer crash? No problem – Recuva recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player!
  • RUNTIME  get data back simple data recovery

DVD Authoring (CD, CD-RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, cDVD, CD Audio, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD Movie, VCD, SVCD), Blu-ray


It’s been two years since Intel released their first octa-core desktop processor, the Haswell-E based Core i7-5960X, which until just recently was the most powerful consumer grade processor available. That title now belongs to the equally impressive but even more expensive 10-core Core i7-6950X. Out of the box, the 6950X is 20 to 30% faster than the Core i7-5960X in applications that can use those extra cores, however at $1650 it’s also absurdly expensive.


In the two months since Intel unveiled Broadwell-E, I’ve been going back and forth with my decision to invest in one. We received the 10-core Core i7-6950X for review and while it was an attractive chip in terms of performance, it came at a seriously ugly price. At $1,650 we recommend taking a hard pass on the 6950X.

How to Build Your Own 1u Linux Server  In this instructable, we will build a fast server capable of running Linux very well. It will also be expandable to two processors and, in standard configuration, supports RAID 1 mirror.





BOX  3D Generalist vx FX TD Shopping List

PASS MARK SOFTWARE  1,000,000+ Systems Tested and 3,100 + CPU Models – Updated Daily

MWAVE  online computer store


Best Mac Automation Software: Automator or Keyboard Maestro?

Apple’s classic Mac automation application Automator has been around for more than a decade, but is it still useful to Mac users, and how does it compare to similar Mac automation programs like Keyboard Maestro?

Adobe Premiere Pro and Multiple GPUs  By Chris and Trish Meyer March 28, 2014

Apple’s inclusion of dual GPUs in every model of their new Mac Pro has caused a bit of a stir (and confusion) among video editors wondering if their NLE of choice can take advantage of them. Applications don’t automatically detect and use multiple GPUs; the drivers must support them, and the software must be written to exploit them. It’s expected that Apple’s own Final Cut Pro can; many seem to assume that Adobe’s Premiere Pro can’t – but that’s not the case.

How to…Transfer Music & Playlists from iPhone, iPad or iPod to Computer

How To Dual Boot Hackintosh OSX Yosemite & Windows 10

Hackintosh.com links to everything you need to build a Hackintosh and get macOS Sierra (10.12) as well as many earlier versions of Mac OS X running on an unsupported computer — instructions, step-by-step “how to” guides, and tutorials — in addition to installation videoslists of compatible computers and parts, and communities for support.

HDDs reach 14TB, glass platters will be the future

Western Digital’s new 14TB enterprise hard drives and Seagate’s 12TB hard drives for home users and NAS systems, suggest that 20TB HDDs are round the corner. Your next HDD may have a heart of glass.

Setup Google Drive On The Existing Folder  It says ‘The Google Drive folder you selected is not empty. Please select an empty folder or empty this one’ when I try to map Google Drive to previous folder I’ve have associated with.  It means we’ll need to create a new folder and sync/download all of files again. And what happen if we have Gigs or thousands of files, this should be a big problem.

2001: A Space Odyssey Is Even More Of An Acid Trip When You Run It Through Google’s Neural Network

Getting to know the Game Artist from Supermassive Games

Internet Protocol IP is the Future in Broadcast  My blogs the past few weeks have been discussing why big data matters and IP in the broadcast industry. The connection between these topics may not be obvious, but the point is that all data is critical to the ongoing success of the broadcast business, at every step throughout the creative, management, distribution and consumptions processes. The adoption of IP in the broadcast workflow is critical to obtaining data that will influence business decisions. Internet Protocol based networks provide a volume of data that informs and complements data obtained from other sources..

What to do during internet downtime?  It can be frustrating when you can’t get online, especially when you’re right in the middle of doing something.  If your internet goes down, first things first, try turning your modem off and then on again. If this doesn’t give you any relief, there’s no reason to panic. We’ve put together a survival guide to walk you through a simple plan of action for when your internet has some trouble connecting.


Hack An IKEA Cabinet Into A High-Performance Render Farm
Vusta’s Stuff

Storm FX Hardware

Beeple explains his latest project, Zero-Day 2015

BLUETOOTH  Short-range communications between compliant devices

COMPANY OF HEROES 2: behind the scenes

What makes wireless charging tick?

Charging your tech devices is an everyday part of life, just like brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. Many of us have developed habits when it comes to charging our phone, tablet or smart watch, and forgetting to plug it into the charger at the end of the day can seriously stuff up the routine. Some may have resorted to carrying around a portable power bank just in case, but what if charging your device was as easy as setting it down in the right place and picking it up again when you’re ready to go? That’s right – wireless charging.

ADDRESSING   The number of a memory location. The memory is organised into regions with each one set aside for a different kind of data.The kind of data in these regions isprogram data and storage data. A list of where addresses are located, in which regions is a memory map.

ARITHMETIC LOGIC UNIT (ALU) Contains registers, when performing an arithmetic and logic operation which applies the rules of Boolean algebra to given statements.The numbers and the result are put in its registers or can send to the accumulator.The other register is the status register and the Carry bit.

BIT  is a single one or zero.  BYTE eight bits, a byte is enough bits to hold any ASCll code.A byte can be said to be is the same as a character, not technically true.  NYBBLEis four bites.  K stands for one thousand

CLOCKConsists of an oscillator and some related circuitry which makes regular timing pulses available to the computer system.


Seven part series from Edward Blench look into using 3DS Max for creating Computer Game assets. Edward Blench.

CPU The brains, the processing circuitry and controls everything that a computer system does. Either ones or a zeros, it moves numbers, binary numbers from one place to another and performs arithmetic operation on those numbers. The CPU cannot use any numbers that is not held somewhere int he CPU itself, in one of theregisters.

CPU ARCHITECTURE Consists of various parts put together in a certain way.The clock, tiny memory cells called registers, the Arithmetic-Logic Unit (ALU) where the arithmetic operations take place, an instruction-decoder and timer

CPU BENCHMARKS  This chart comparing high end CPUs is made using thousands of PerformanceTestbenchmark results and is updated daily. These are the high end AMD and Intel CPUs are typically those found in newer computers. The chart below compares the performance of Intel Xeon CPUs, Intel Core i7 CPUs, AMD Phenom II CPUs and AMD Opterons with multiple cores. Intel processors vs AMD chips – find out which CPUs performance is best for your new gaming rig or server.


  • Akomi from North Shore Atuoation
  • Blackbird
  • DailiesViewer AppleCoire/SwiftCore
  • Iconic from cantemo
  • Frame.io
  • Mediasilo
  • Nice Dissolve
  • Vimeo

DIGITAL  HEAVEN  a small company that is passionate about product innovation and giving our customers the best support we can. All this is backed up by many years of real world experience in the broadcast post production industry.

DNS rethink


DATARESCUE photo rescue

DIRECTX  The Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX — the core Windows® technology that drives high-speed multimedia and games on the PC.



HARD DRIVES, The best external hard drives

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full guide to external hard drives.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing external drives to find the best options for any use and budget. If you want a dependable external drive that has plenty of storage space for documents and photos and is easy to take on the go, get the 2 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim. But we also have recommendations if you want more storage space, if you want something more reliable or even faster, or if you need to regularly move large amounts of data from one computer to another with an external drive.

EASEUS  offers comprehensive solutions to home, small business, large enterprise user and service provider for data security and hard drive management on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more

How do I use a browser to dynamically update the host’s IP?

FOLDER SIZE will analyze your hard drives and display the file sizes and folder sizes so that you can easily check the distribution of your disk space. The application will display the sizes of the folders and files and also the percentage of the total disk size that they occupy. The neat report can be sorted in order to identify the largest folders and the largest files. You can easily figure out which files or folders have filled up your drive space as Folder Size will also scan the sizes of all the subfolders. The application can scan your entire hard drive in minutes due to its optimized scan algorithms and list details on the tree size and file sizes. The progressive scan will let you continue the scan from the point of interruption.  Besides scanning an entire hard drive Folder Size can also scan a single folder in order to save time. This tool will help you to easily cleanup your disk by listing all the file sizes and folder sizes in a neat report.  Folder Size can list backup folders, system folders and also the system volume information folder – all missing disk space will be revealed instantly.

FOLDER and FILE structure – SpaceSniffer is a freeWare (donations are welcome) and portable tool application that lets you understand how folders and files are structured on your disks. By using a Treemapvisualization layout, you have immediate perception of where big folders and files are placed on your devices. Treemap concept was invented by Prof. Ben Shneiderman, who kindly permitted the use of his concept into this tool.

Freshen up and clean out your computer  Using your computer every day but when it comes to tidying up I tend to head for the desk, drawers or keyboard and forget about the contents of my hardworking computer. We’ve put together a list of things that you can do to give your computer a new lease of life both inside and out.

Characters to Avoid in Directories and Filenames

Be prepared and back it up  It’s important to back up your personal data regularly so it’s safe just in case the worst happens.  As you use your computers, phones, and tablets, you’ll start to accumulate a lot of data on the internal storage. Whether its music, lists and notes, contact information, important documents, or those photos from your once-in-a-lifetime holiday – losing it would be awful. We all like to think we’re careful and it’ll never happen to us, but the truth is no matter how careful you are, you never know when your phone will drop out of your pocket and break, your iPad will be lost or stolen, you accidentally open an email containing a virus, or that cup of coffee decides to just tip itself over the laptop keyboard.

INTERNET  |  15 Moments that Shaped the Internet

The internet turns 52 in 2021with no grey hairs in sight. Talk about ageing well!

INSTRUCTION DECODERIs the traffic operations centre of the CPU, to know what actions to take and be able to read a program.Decides whether the incoming signals represent the next program instruction or whether they represent data .It is regulated by the clock knowing that program instructions come in on certain clock beats and that data comes in on others.

Become the master of keyboard shortcuts  How much were you taught about computers in school? Depending on your age, the answer might be “a bit in high school”, “only in a college course”, or even “nothing at all”! Today, the use of computers is so widespread that kids start learning about Digital Technologies in their very first years at school.

Broadcasting future lies in IP  There is a significant drive in the broadcast industry to replace the current serial digital interface (SDI)-based infrastructure with Internet protocol (IP) solutions.

IP:  some food for thought:

  • broadcaster migration to IT infrastructure
  • is IP broadcast’s future

MEMORY MAP  A diagram which shows which sections of memory are used for which purpose such as programs, variables, another operating system.

MEMORY is divided into RAM and ROM meaning what it does.

SPACE MOUSE   The SpaceMouse Compact was developed to deliver an intuitive, effortless and precise 3D navigation in CAD applications that cannot be experienced by using a standard mouse and keyboard. It is the ideal tool for modern engineers, architects and designers to review 3D designs and explore 3D spaces.

MOTHERBOARDContains the CPU, the internal memory, input/output ports, busses which connect all of these parts.

Education on the NBN™

Whether it’s a quick DIY tip for in the home or a course to upskill in your career, most Aussies will find themselves jumping online at some point to learn something new. In the first quarter of this year, Aussies aged 18-24 watched an average of 22 hours of video a month on desktops and laptops and 9 hours of video on smartphones and tablets[1]. In a digital world, education opportunities continue to advance thanks to developments in technology.


  • how true is the colour
  • can the colour be adjusted
  • gamma correction
  • video resolution
  • pixel response
  • dot pitch
  • refresh rate (Hz) and related to flicker
  • reflection dampening
  • can it be swivelled, suspended, mounted on a wall
  • viewing angle, tilt angle
  • inputs, digital, analogue, rgb composite, s-video
  • retain clear, sharp images at large screen sizes
  • easy-to-use on-screen controls
  • energy star compliant


Whatever the reason, it is commonly reported that mapped network drives appear as ‘disconnected’ in Windows Explorer (or ‘unavailable’ via net use), and that programs that attempt to use these drive mappings will fail until the user physically clicks on the drive letter in Windows Explorer. Only this user-initiated action will restore the connection and allow other programs to successfully read from the drive letter.


is a utility for managing network drives, remember network usermanes and passwords, mount network shares on system startup. … NetCrunch 10 is a smart, agentless network monitoring and management software system that is capable of monitoring every device in a network

Consider: instead of giving a letter as path, like L:\ , give the real network path, like for example “\\server\library\maps”

Definition of: UNC (Universal Naming Convention)   A standard for identifying servers, printers and other resources in a network, which originated in the Unix community. A UNC path uses double slashes or backslashes to precede the name of the computer. The path (disk and directories) within the computer are separated with a single slash or backslash, as in the following examples. Note that in the DOS/Windows example, drive letters (c:, d:, etc.) are not used in UNC names.
//servername/path   Unix
\\servername\path   DOS/Windows

What Are OEM Products and Why Are They Cheaper?  If you’ve shopped for computer parts or software online, you’ve likely come across the acronym OEM. This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and it’s usually tagged on to hardware or software that’s less expensive than normal retail products.  Which may make you wonder: should you buy an OEM product, or is there a catch that’s setting you up for trouble? The truth is that they do differ from retail products and it’s important to know the differences.

Put Ubuntu on Flash Drive using Windows

PRIVACYTOOLS.IO You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. privacytools.io provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

POLLS  Straw Poll, the place to create instant, real-time polls for free.

(0Day) Apple QuickTime moov Atom Heap Corruption Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

RAMRandom Access Memory, can be changed at any time main memory, internal memory or temporary storage

REGISTERSUsed to store small amounts of data, usually for brief amounts of time such as holding numbers as they are passing through from one place to another, adding etc. The accumulator, A register, performs arithmetic operations.The PC register keeps track of where the computer is in a program.

ROMRead Only Memory is put there once and is not changed, Read Only Memoryand the data it stores is there permanently. Operating system.

RECUVA   Recover your deleted files quickly and easily.  Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost files after a computer crash? No problem – Recuva recovers files from your Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player!

RUNTIME  get data back simple data recovery


Synology | Trusted by some of the best and brightest minds in the IT industry with more than six million installations, Synology is committed to transforming the way businesses manage their data – elegantly simple, secure, and reliable. We proudly boast a wide array of solutions backed by cutting-edge innovation and field-proven reliability with a solid track record in meeting the ever-increasing expectations and demands.

iiNet Get clued in about Remote Access scams

It goes without saying that there are more than a few sharks you can come across when surfing the web. Digital safety is a growing concern and it’s important to stay in the loop about the risks you may come across when using the ’net.

How not to get hooked by phishing scams  Over the years, there’s been a significant increase in the number of emails impersonating iiNet, which may contain fraudulent links or attachments. These types of scam emails usually attempt to steal your iiNet account information or credit card details, which is known as “phishing”.

Spot the Scams in your Inbox iiNet article 

SCREEN SHOT with LIGHT SHOT  I just found a great resource if you’re working on a Windows machine. I really miss the ease of screen capturing with Mac. I’ve been using the Snipping Tool, but it kind of sucks. This free tool is called LightShot and it gives you super quick screenshots of selected areas and ways to share, copy, or save them out. I mapped my F1 and F2 keys to the capture and now I save a ton of time and headache using this instead of the stupid Snipping Tool. You should definitely add this to your arsenal!

3PLAY MEDIA enables us to meet fast approaching deadlines and deliver high quality captions. The support team is very responsive and show that they care about the quality and efficiency of their services.

Understanding modems is no magic

Q&A: Quantum’s Dave Frederick on Building the Perfect 4K Workflow  From Tape to Disk to Flash, How Flexible, Multi-Tier Storage Systems Can Meet Ever-Increasing Performance Requirements – Bryant Frazer / March 15, 2017

Five simple steps you can take today to stay safe online.  While the internet is one of the most helpful tools for any business owner, it also comes with its fair share of pitfalls.  But, there are simple practical steps you can take today that will vastly improve your security when transacting online.

Samsung 850 EVO SSD takes its storage into the third dimension

SUPER USERS is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users.

Get the best suggestions on your streaming service  Streaming suggestions that just don’t make sense: it can happen to anyone. Perhaps your kids selected your Netflix profile by accident and spent a few hours watching every cartoon under the sun. You might have a housemate with a passion for watching old school BBC shows on your Stan subscription. You may have gone through a phase of listening to glam metal on Spotify or Google Music and now you never want to hear another hairspray-fueled scream again.

SYSTEM C  was formed in 2009 during the economic downturn.  It’s goal was to provide small to medium business that work with Apple computers with a high level of support at a very reasonable price.  It achieved this goal by dealing with a core group of business clients and listening to there needs. System C will help target a solutions around what you want rather than pushing a pre-configured box product solution in an attempt to match something “similar” to what you need.  We provide after hours and weekend support to our client’s

TONYMACX86.COMBuilding a CustoMac: Buyer’s Guide May 2015   When running macOS as your main operating system, supported and compatible components are extremely important. That is why we have created a large selection of example systems along with a comprehensive list of the best available hardware. The components listed here might not be the only ones that work, but based on our research they’re the easiest and best supported options. Use the following Buyer’s Guide as a shopping list or as a jumping off point for further customization. Either way you’ll be supporting this site by purchasing through these links, so thanks in advance!


TECK RADAR  The source for tech buying advice


USB  Universal Serial Bus

Video card Benchmarks  This chart made up of thousands of PerformanceTest benchmark results and is updated daily with new graphics card benchmarks. This high end chart contains high performance video cards typically found in premium gaming PCs.


Wacom Tablet Driver for a Mac or a PC – Install and Uninstal  A couple of weeks ago I got my new Wacom Intuos 5 tablet and I love it.  So I decided to do a series of videos about how I setup and use my tablet.  But first, we need to talk about installing drivers.  This post will have two videos, one for a Mac and one for a PC.

Using free public Wi-Fi network comes with any number of serious security risks, yet surveys show that lots of people do it anyway. In a study by privatewifi.com, whopping three-quarters of people admitted to connecting to their personal email on public Wi-Fi.  In today’s busy world, convenience seems to outweigh consequence, especially with how people use their mobile devices. Using free public Wi-Fi networks, for example, comes with any number of serious security risks, yet surveys show that the overwhelming majority of Americans do it anyway. In a study by privatewifi.com, a whopping three-quarters of people admitted to connecting to their personal email while on public Wi-Fi.

What is the system ID and how do I find it?

A machine’s system ID is a unique code required to license products.

VoIP  also called internet telephone, it is a technology for transmitting ordinary telephone calls using the internet using packet-linked routes.  It involves sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets rather than in the traditional circuit-committed protocols of a public switched telephone network.  A main advantage of VoIP and internet telephony is they avoid the tolls charged by traditional telephone services.

VOIP  Voice Over IP (VOIP) defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP network.  With IP telephony, the phone becomes an extension of the internet, allowing onscreen applications such as directories, missed calls and received calls to be displayed.  Operational costs are reduced because of the ability to run voice and data across one converged network.

IP telephony  when a phone call uses IP telephony, it means the call is made across a data network, using Internet Protocol (IP) as the ‘language’ the network devices use to communicate with.  This is different to the traditional way phone calls are made across a dedicated voice network, using time division multiplexing (TDM).

AC WiFi: What you need to know

There’s a lot of talk about AC WiFi these days; what was a new-fangled WiFi technology back in 2012 is now pretty commonplace but if you don’t know what it means, you may not know that a better type of WiFi is right under your nose!

BUILDING YOUR OWN MACHINE  info by Tony Ganner on DLF, 2015   The Lazy but Efficient Method

CPU – Check this list, or another benchmarking site, and find one that stands out as cheap among the powerful ones. The prices are estimates in USD, so check MSY for their stock & prices, and ebay to back that up, and maybe you’ll have to check 2 or 3 CPUs max.  Video card Benchmarks – This chart made up of thousands of PerformanceTest benchmark results and is updated daily with new graphics card benchmarks. This high end chart contains high performance video cards typically found in premium gaming PCs. Recently introduced ATI video cards (such as the ATI Radeon HD) and nVidia graphics cards (such as the nVidia GTX and nVidia Quadro FX) using the PCI-Express (or PCI-E) standard are common in our high end video card charts.
GPU – Check this list, and do the same. If you’re rich, consider a Quadro or Firepro instead, even though they seem to benchmark way lower by their price. Why? Best way I heard it put, a Ferrari may be fast, but a truck can pull the weight.  CPU Benchmarks – This chart comparing high end CPUs is made using thousands of PerformanceTestbenchmark results and is updated daily. These are the high end AMD and Intel CPUs are typically those found in newer computers. The chart below compares the performance of Intel Xeon CPUs, Intel Core i7 CPUs, AMD Phenom II CPUs and AMD Opterons with multiple cores. Intel processors vs AMD chips – find out which CPUs performance is best for your new gaming rig or server!
Then you go into MSY, and ask them for:
MoBo – Cheapest that can support them both, Crossfire if you want 6 screens, and can handle at-least 32GB RAM so you can get there later if you don’t at first. Then ask for one that’s slightly better, maybe $30 more, because while motherboards barely impact performance, the cheaper ones will cause you pain within a year or two.
RAM – Cheapest set of 8GB sticks that are compatible, or get that twice for 32GB.
PSU – Cheapest that can power it all, they may say 750W, but ask if you’ll be ok with 650, because they’ll give you more than you need there.
Case – Cheapest that can fit it, then ask for one better, because bad cases lately tend to have button/power on issues. Sometimes they do a Case/PSU offer that will work for you at a better price.
HDD – 2TB is under $90 now, but despite what you may have learned about Seagates breaking all the time and WD drives being reliable, trust me, that situation has 100% reversed in the last few years.
SSD – Get the cheapest 120GB for your system drive if you’re lazy, or 60GB if you’re broke and don’t mind favouriting the Temp folder, disabling hiberfil.sys, constricting your main pagefile, and installing stuff to the HDD instead.
Cooling System – $30 is all you need to spend here. It’s the difference between rendering at 80 degrees and rendering at 60 degrees. Your call. Not essential. Replaces the heat-sync that comes with your CPU if you do.
As for building it, that’s $70 and waiting a week, or free and done in half a day if you just take it all home. Anything that can plug in to anything should do, and the only bits you really have to pay attention to are firmly planting in the CPU (get some heat-sync paste too, just in case), and read what the writing says when plugging in those little pins for the case’s power button and lights cables. And don’t force your motherboard too hard when installing it, make sure to put the support pins in first.  This will get you a pretty damned awesome machine, without having to put much effort in, for under $1500. There may be more efficient parts to use, but it’s up to you if you wanna become a hardware specialist just for the sake of getting a decent machine.
Consider perspective on the price vs power.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Computer for Blender  Everyone has their own preferences in terms of usablity and stability, but for me the winner is Linux. In the past I’ve used blender on both Windows and Linux, and I found that Linux crashes less, handles memory better and generally runs more smoothly than a windows operating system.

GeForce GTX Rendering Benchmarks and Comparisons  Since a lot of you are asking about GPU rendering (and the NVIDIA GeForce cards have become so popular for rendering) we decided to compare the current high-end GeForce cards using a more realistic benchmark than the exterior car scenes which have become so commonplace.

Ask your self what you would be doing with your graphics card?
-GPU Rendering ( Octane – Vray RT )
-Open GL Rendering ( Large Scenes lots of RAM ) – Power-wall stuff. –   (VRED)
-Big Poly-count scenes with FX ( Any 3D Package )
-CAD Modelling (Alias Etc)

-Regular usage

A Graphics Cards for Display:  This is your main card all your monitors are plugged into, this will also effect the performance of everything on your monitors, poly counts, view port control etc.
And a Graphics Card for Cuda /  GPU Rendering applications: This is a separate card in your workstation that you can assign to handle GPU intensive rendering task, the reason you have two cards is so your main GPU for display wont chug and you can still work whilst the other card is rendering.

The best types of hard drives for all stages of video production

One of the major risks in the world of video content is The Great Fear: Losing all your work. If it’s not backed up properly, an entire shoot can be a total wash. The good thing is, we now have tons of tech options and practices that can duplicate and save valuable work.  We reached out to Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, of storage solutions powerhouse company OWC, to help us gather the right hardware for every type of video situation. Read on for Larry’s best practices for storage and his recommendations for keeping your project safe every step of the way.

Bang for the Buck Z97 Motherboard Showdown Part 1 – Physical Overview

Manjaro Mania ::: Dual Boot Install

Seven part series from Edward Blench look into using 3DS Max for creating Computer Game assets. Edward Blench.



Find all the professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing and design tools you need to work faster, smarter, and in more places with this superior graphic design software.

COREL PAINTER  Painting software custom-built for serious artists

Why not try the original, time-tested, digital painting software built by artists, for artists? Our virtual art studio has exceeded the creative expectations of illustrators, concept, fine, photo and manga artists for over 28 years! We know that Painter® 2020 will make you a passionate artist too.

COREL VIDEO Studio Pro 2020Video editing software

Turn your memories into movies with easy to use tools, new creative content, new smart slideshow creator and optimized performance.

KPT EFFECTS Kai’s Power Tools special effects filters were once considered a must-have plug-in suite for Photoshop-compatible graphics software. In 1999, Corel bought Kai Krause’s popular effects filters from MetaCreations and soon released a new set of effects under the title Procreate KPT Effects. 

PAINTSHOP PRO  Experience an all-in-one photo editor and graphic design software that will change the way you edit photos.


Mobile apps create a unique opportunity to build beautiful, engaging experiences. Thousands of children’s app developers and eBook authors, from India-based tinytapps to Avokiddo, use Corona SDK.



CORTONA 3D  Cortona3D is a powerful, flexible and cost-effective document authoring tool that facilitates the creation of digital and interactive documentation for use on the shop floor or by customers. Cortona3D enables organizations to easily produce and/or update all the support documentation that end users will need to execute their tasks efficiently and correctly on the production or assembly line. The tools allows manufacturing engineers to reuse existing CAD data or other 3D source material to author interactive 3D visualizations for more effective support documentation, dramatically reducing effort and timelines. Its intuitive interface enables users with no 3D expertise to create compelling simulations and associated text simultaneously.


Need to show some delicious food scans in a close up? We’ve got you covered. All our 3d food scans come with high resolution texture maps, 8k and pbr ready.  We’ve made that uv layouts nice and clean with  well placed seams and non-overlapping uvs.  Keep your 3d scenes light and fast. Each food model is carefully retopologized from millions of polygons to an average of 5k-20k.


Bryce is an award winning, fun, feature-packed 3D modeling and animation package designed to allow new users to quickly create and render stunning 3D environments. Bryce combines exceptional power with an innovative interface for incredible ease of use. Add wildlife, people, props and more to your scenes via the DAZ Studio character plug-in in addition to terrain, water, sky, rocks, clouds, fog, vegetation, and architecture for which Bryce has long been the standard.  Originally created by Eric Wenger, Kai Krause and Phil Clevenger.

Bryce 7 Pro is not currently compatible with MacOS 10.7 and above. Please do not use it with these platforms. Bryce WILL work with 10.6.  Please Note: Bryce 7 is a 32-bit application only.

Daz 3D continue to focus on 3D-content development, but also began to expand their own software offerings as well, with purchases of several notable 3D applications:

  • Bryce, a fractal-based landscape modeler and renderer acquired from Corel by Daz 3D in 2004.
  • Hexagon, a 3D mesh modeler originally developed by Eovia, acquired by Daz 3D in 2006.
  • Carrara, a general purpose 3D modeler/animation package also acquired from Eovia in 2006.


Interactive 3D Painting and Texturing – Deep Paint 3D® provides 3D artists with an intuitive, easy to use tool to paint and texture 3D models interactively in 3D. It uses textures or natural medium that can be brushed directly or projected onto 3D models and scenes. This creative environment supports an integrated workflow with 3ds max®, Maya®, Softimage® and LightWave 3D®. Deep Paint 3D comes complete with a bi-directional interface to Photoshop® and special support for the Wacom® Intuos™ pressure sensitive tablet. Deep Paint 3D can be used standalone or with Deep UV.


Deep control over light effects  |  Knoll Spark Pack gives you three powerful tools to create lighting effects and lens flares. Created by ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll for Star Wars torpedoes, these sparks let you work with an unprecedented level of precision and control within AutoDesk’s Advanced Systems. Get deep control over the look of lighting effects to further your creative abilities and deliver more innovative effects. 

Three powerful lighting tools  |  The package contains three sparks. The centerpiece tool is Knoll Lens Flare Pro, designed to create lens flares and other lighting effects. When Lens Flare Pro is first applied, a default basic Lens Flare is rendered. From there, you can generate hundreds of different flare and lighting styles.




BRUSHES  is a painting app designed exclusively for iOS. Rewritten from the ground up, Brushes Redux is universal — the same version runs on both your iPhone and your iPad. Move paintings between your devices and keep working wherever you go. David Hockney ned it to create works on his iPad.



BLACK INK digital painting, GPU based rendering also powers its user interface to provide the most responsive and comfortable user experience ever.  Combined with its compact and elegant design, numerous ergonomic tools like brushes and color history or real time brush settings preview, nothing stops you from simply enjoy drawing.


Ex-Apple engineers turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet. For Mac & PC.

iSTOP MOTION  easily create stop motion animations and time lapse videos on your Mac.

KRITA is a FREE and open source painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry. Krita has been in development for over 10 years and has had an explosion in growth recently. It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional alike. See below for some of the highlighted features.

KRITA 4 digital painting application is a free and open source project with improved vector tools, SVG support, a new text tool, Python scripting and much, much, much more.  Also, there is a new project management system in there for comics that potentially could be pimped out even more and used for storyboards.

MISCHIEF we believe that drawing with a computer can be as fun and powerful as drawing with pencil and paper. We believe that digital drawing shouldn’t require compromises; you don’t have to choose between pixels and vectors. With Mischief, you just open the application and start drawing.


MY PAINT began in 2004 when Martin Renold bought himself a Wacom graphics tablet. He noticed that the program he was using would sometimes drop a stroke when scribbling too fast. He thought he could be more expressive if his brush reacted in a different way to pressure and speed.


Break out of rows and columns. Visual ideas have the power to change perspectives and bring clarity to your process. Paper helps you get your message across with speed, personality, and effortless polish.

PAINT STORM    is created for professional digital painting. And a major role in this program play the brushes. We did our best so that you can easily and quickly adjust the brushes suitable for your painting style.  Anyone who has ever painted knows it’s hard to overestimate the painting tool and the importance of all the seemingly insignificant details. We tried not to miss any of them.  Our goal was to create an intuitive, simple-to-use but at the same time functionally powerful tool that brings the process of digital painting to a new level, making it as comfortable as possible

PROCREATE  is the most advanced painting app ever designed for a mobile device.  Create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations wherever you are.

Loved by creative professionals and aspiring artists alike, Procreate is the leading creative application made for iPad.  Offering hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, an advanced layer system, and the lightning fast Valkyrie graphics engine, Procreate gives you everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. Work on the couch, on the train, at the beach, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio you can take anywhere; packed with these powerful features and more.

QUICKDRAW   provides a number of tools to create and manipulate keyframes for individual strokes drawn using the built-in Paint Effect. If you’re handy with a Wacom tablet or even drawing with your mouse, once you’ve traced your source text layer or line drawing QuickDraw makes the animation and timing process a piece of cake.

VIDEO SCRIBE  Create your own Stunning, high-definition, whiteboard-style animation videos with no design or technical know-how.

DWANGO  OpenToonz

OpenToonz utilized in production of “Batman Ninja” animated feature film

Tokyo, Japan (July 12th, 2018) — Dwango Co., Ltd. has announced that the 2D animation production software “OpenToonz” which they started distributing in March 2016 as an open source software program has been used in the production of Kamikaze Douga’s first animated feature film BATMAN NINJA (Director: Junpei Mizusaki / Script: Kazuki Nakashima) which came out in theaters on June 15th in Japan.

Open-source Animation Production Software to Develop and Create All Together. It is based on the software “Toonz”, which was developed by Digital Video S.p.A. in Italy, customized by Studio Ghibli, and has been used for creating its works for many years. Dwango launches this OpenToonz project, in cooperation with Digital Video and Studio Ghibli.  Toonz is a family of 2D animation software. The base application is being developed by Dwango as open-source software under the name OpenToonz. An extended commercial variant for professional individuals and studios, Toonz Premium, is being developed and marketed by Digital Video S.p.A.. Digital Video also developed programs like StoryPlanner, a set of tools focused on the creation of storyboards with graphical and textual information; Linetest, a 2D animation software for pencil animation tests; and The-TAB, a 2D animation software used to create animation for the Web and Broadcast. Toonz is used by many studios worldwide including Studio Ghibli and Rough Draft Studios.

OpenToonz developers release OpenToonz 1.2

The development team for OpenToonz has released version 1.2 of the open-source 2D animation package, adding a new horizontal timeline, new brush engine, autotweening for vector strokes, and a lip sync window.

Google+  OpenToonz  This is software for producing a 2D animation.  It is based on the software “Toonz”, which was developed by Digital Video S.p.A. in Italy, customized by Studio Ghibli, and has been used for creating its works for many years. Dwango launches this OpenToonz project, in cooperation with Digital Video and Studio Ghibli.

OpenToonz Experimental for Windows.   This is an experimental version of OpenToonz for Windows containing many new features that aren’t yet part of the main version.

OpenToonz Tutorial #1 – How to Get Started

OpenToonz 1.2 – Top New Features and Should You Get It?

color 3 ccut


SuperPaint was a pioneering graphics program and framebuffer computer system developed by Richard Shoup at Xerox PARC. The system was first conceptualized in late 1972 and produced its first stable image in April 1973. SuperPaint was among the earliest uses of computer technology for creative artworks, video editing, and computer animation, all of which would become major areas within the entertainment industry and major components of industrial design.


Sketches is the most realistic, versatile and user-friendly sketching app designed for a mobile device. This exhaustive artist’s toolbox helps users create dazzling sketches, cheerful paintings and smashing illustrations on the go.



Pulldownit is a brand new dynamics solver which allows for the creation of fractures as well as massive rigid bodies simulations. By using its technology digital artists are able to simulate fast and easily the collapse of buildings, cracking surfaces or fracturing any kind of brittle material.


is a fluid and dynamics simulation tool for the 3D and visual effects industry.  This stand-alone application can be used in conjunction with other 3D programs to simulate fluids, water surfaces, fluid-solid interactions, rigid bodies, soft bodies and meshes. In 2008, the Next Limit Technologies was awarded a Technical Achievement Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their development of the RealFlow software and its contribution to the production of motion pictures. In 2015, Next Limit Technologies announced the upcoming release of RealFlow Core for Cinema 4D.

Create an Army of Toy Soldiers

Particle Texture Emission in Maya



Animation Studio e.d. films Launches PSD to 3D Plugin to Make 3D More Accessible to 2D Artists and Matte Painters.  MONTREAL, Canada – May 20, 2019 – Today, e.d. films releases PSD to 3D – a new plugin that converts 2D drawings into 3D content. Artists with little to no 3D experience can now bypass the modeling phase, turning Photoshop sketches into moldable scenes and characters, ready for animation.  PSD to 3D was developed in-house at e.d. films, an award-winning animation studio based in Montreal. While the converter is production-grade, it is also simple enough that a 3D novice can start converting Photoshop drawings and paintings within minutes. After conversion, the 3D objects will be available within Autodesk Maya for tweaks, including depth and resolution. All objects correspond to the original Photoshop layers, giving artists an easy way to build up and adjust scenes and characters.


EditShare enables media professionals to collaborate on projects thanks to our ever-expanding range of innovative products and features, all designed to improve production and unleash creativity. Integration and collaboration are central to all products in our comprehensive range of media management solutions – from ingest to archive.


3 Reasons You Should Rethink a College Degree as an Artist

As companies move away from a traditional college requirement for job applicants, it’s time to rethink what your education could be. Not just to save money, but to hone specific skills and leverage practical experience.  To many people, it’s a no brainer: professional success requires a traditional college degree. However, for an increasing amount of professions, a four-year degree is neither necessary nor practical.

A 2016 survey reported that one-third of Americans without a four-year degree didn’t apply for a job they felt they were qualified for because the job required a bachelor’s (Pew Research Center, 2016). This degree gateway has become a barrier that ultimately hurts individuals and companies. Not to mention, the entire economy.



Higher Education for Better or Worse

The complete story of Paris-8 university going for Krita, Blender, Natron

AIE: specialist educators in games, animation and film effects

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CANVA Design School Anyone can make beautiful designs with Canva – here’s how.  FREE


Cengage Learning Australia creates learning solutions that use technology, pedagogy and content to enrich student engagement. Cengage Learning is passionate about learning, innovation and engagement.


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CG GARAGE PODCASTS  Every week, CG Labs director Chris Nichols publishes a new podcast. These lively, informal discussions have become essential listening for over 20,000 computer graphics fans around the world. Chris has interviewed hundreds of guests from Hollywood directors to talented 3D artists and everyone in between.




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EAT 3D -0 car modelling

ESCAPE STUDIOS  offer undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in Visual Effects (VFX), Game Art, Animation and Motion Graphics.  We work with an impressive list of industry partners to design and deliver our courses, from MPC, Cinesite, Framestore and The Mill, through to Jellyfish, Milk and BlueBolt, to name just a few!

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FIVE DAY DEAL Complete Video Creators Bundle  A collection of expert training, tutorials, eBooks, plugins, software, and tools for all levels of video creation – there’s something awesome for everyone!

FXPHD – theory and advanced, Design Cinema – Episode 66

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GAME  ART  INSTITUTE   is a special site created by Ryan Kingslien and Travis Bourbeau to provide live online education by today’s master artists. Part of the UArtsy family, this site is devoted to all things game arts.  Our courses are conducted online via web conferencing software and allow direct access to your instructors. All course content is also downloadable and available to stream through our system.  We focus on the most cutting edge technology out there along with our sister sites, ZBrushWorkshops, Concept Art Workshop and Artsy.


This guide is for absolute beginners who are trying to find a career that compliments their passion for playing games, technology, design, coding and digital art. You are the type of person who knows that finance and medicine really isn’t your thing. You also know you never want to wear a suit to work either. However, you need some help getting started. It’s also a great guide to share with your parents and guardians who are trying to understand what the hell you are rambling on about, and why you are so excited.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY   is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.


GNOMON  specializes in computer graphics education for careers in the entertainment industry. Based in Hollywood, California, Gnomon offers a cutting-edge curriculum, taught by current industry professionals and delivered through both structured programs and individual courses.

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HELLOLUXX  is a collection of creative professionals from around the globe, dedicated to sharing experience and knowledge for the visual effects and motion graphics community.

What started as small blog – sharing tips from the creative company Luxx – continues to evolve into a collective of experts and developers working together to provide you with real world techniques and solutions to improve your workflow and enhance creative productivity.



KEN STONE’S  FCP  This web site is specific to Apple’s Final Cut Pro Editing software. It includes a Basic section for beginners, a White Paper section for Intermediate and Advanced uses. There are Review sections for Hardware, Software and FCP Tutorial products as well as a FCP Discussion Boar



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MASTERS of  MOTION is a podcast, website and social media channel, that provides the world with a insight into the Australian and New Zealand Animation industry. Comprising of a podcast and online gallery featuring outstanding motion design, animation and visual effects work. Our mission is to celebrate Australia’s motion artists and to Inspire the next generation of motion designers, animators, visual effects and 3-D artists.

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A Lifetime in Animation & Creating a Cartoon TV Series.

Mastering CGI

MAXON 3d for the real world

MICHAEL COMET I am currently a Character Modeling/Rigging Supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios. I started at Pixar around 2006 and have worked on films such as Up, Brave and The Good Dinosaur.  Check out his tutorials, Maya MEL Scripts and Maya Plug-ins


NAUTILUS Welcome to Nautilus. We are delighted you joined us. We are here to tell you about science and its endless connections to our lives. Each month we choose a single topic. And each Thursday we publish a new chapter on that topic online. Each issue combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers. We follow the story wherever it leads us. Read our essays, investigative reports, and blogs. Fiction, too. Take in our games, videos, and graphic stories. Stop in for a minute, or an hour. Nautilus lets science spill over its usual borders. We are science, connected.

NO FILM SCHOOL  No Film School is the leading worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required.

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PROCESSING is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Since 2001, Processing has promoted software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within technology. There are tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists who use Processing for learning and prototyping


ROHAN DALVI  training for houdini and cg

SAE  We believe pioneering minds create the future. We understand all ideas need a place to grow and be nurtured. At SAE, our reputation as the leading global specialist in creative media education comes from over 40 years’ developing student creativity, delivering innovative practical skills, and coaching real world business and industry awareness.

SCHOOL OF MOTION  We’ve built a teaching philosophy that enables us to deliver an amazing, interactive experience to any students regardless of their physical location or skill level. At School of Motion our mission is to empower our students to hone their skills, grow their networks, and gain the knowledge they need to have a successful career in the field. And we do all of this through a unique blend of amazing content, an engaged community, and a staff of instructors and teaching-assistants who stand at the ready to critique your work.

Motion Design (or Motion Graphics) is the blending of Graphic Design and Animation. It encompasses a range of styles and techniques, 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, visual effects, and more. Motion Designers create content for film title sequences, cable network branding packages, explainer videos, app UI / UX prototyping and many other mediums. Our goal is to prepare you for a career in Motion Design, no matter what kind of work you want to do.




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UNIVERSITY – QUARTZ 200 universities just launched 600 free online courses. Here’s the full list.  In the past six years or so, close to 800 universities have created more than 8,000 of these MOOCs. And I’ve been keeping track of these MOOCs the entire time over at Class Central, ever since they rose to prominence.




THE VIRTUAL ASSIST  Animation and VFX Website, 3D and VFX jobs, Online publication, Digital Marketing and PR, VirtualReality (VR), Making of, Behind the scenes, Visual Effects …


VFX & CGI Training Month 1 Session 12



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Grant Warwick


Artist, motivator, and teacher, Ryan is known to ignite the spark in people with his teachings and humor. Also known as an Anatomy Guru and ZBrush Teacher he has taught more than 25,000 students across the globe.  An artist himself and life long learner Ryan shares his life experiences and lessons with all his students through webinars, writings and video lessons. He is a programmer, a writer, a digital artist, a traditional artist, devoted husband and father of two lovely kids.

Ryan is the CEO and founder of one of the first online school for Digital and Traditional Arts, ZBrushworkshops and UArtsy where he has taught his artistic strategies and techniques to hundreds of thousands of people.

Ryan was also part of the the team which brought groundbreaking software “ZBrush” back in the day.

The 9 Best Scientific Study Tips

How to Make a Mind Map – The Basics


Sampling Based Scene-Space Video Processing.


Many compelling video processing effects can be achieved if per- pixel depth information and 3D camera calibrations are known. However, the success of such methods is highly dependent on the accuracy of this “scene-space” information. We present a novel, sampling-based framework for processing video that enables high- quality scene-space video effects in the presence of inevitable errors in depth and camera pose estimation. Instead of trying to improve the explicit 3D scene representation, the key idea of our method is to exploit the high redundancy of approximate scene information that arises due to most scene points being visible multiple times across many frames of video. Based on this observation, we pro- pose a novel pixel gathering and filtering approach. The gather- ing step is general and collects pixel samples in scene-space, while the filtering step is application-specific and computes a desired out- put video from the gathered sample sets. Our approach is easily parallelizable and has been implemented on GPU, allowing us to take full advantage of large volumes of video data and facilitat- ing practical runtimes on HD video using a standard desktop com- puter. Our generic scene-space formulation is able to comprehen- sively describe a multitude of video processing applications such as denoising, deblurring, super resolution, object removal, com- putational shutter functions, and other scene-space camera effects. We present results for various casually captured, hand-held, mov- ing, compressed, monocular videos depicting challenging scenes recorded in uncontrolled environments.

Sampling Based Scene Space Video Processing


Felix Klose (Disney Research Zurich)
Oliver Wang (Disney Research Zurich)
Jean-Charles Bazin (Disney Research Zurich)
Marcus Magnor (TU Braunschweig)
Alexander Sorkine-Hornung (Disney Research Zurich)


AMORPHIUM PRO  3D composition and rendering program, including different modelling techniqies, e.g. primitive, metaball, polygon, transformation tools. Materials support is nice. DEMO VERSION – has some 10-seconds waiting before file operations and is a 24-hour trial. Works well with SheepShaver or with a real Power Mac with OS 9.


Swift 3D is a full featured, yet easy-to-use 3D modeling and animation application. In addition to raster rendering options found in other 3D programs, Swift 3D offers a broad range of vector rendering options to Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, EPS and even exports vector-style renderings to video formats. Swift 3D’s toolset and interface allow anyone to quickly create 3D content while providing a full set of advanced tools to grow into. With raster, vector and video export capabilities, Swift 3D provides the entire motion graphics design industry with a powerful, easy to use 3D solution that delivers high quality results for an affordable price. Version 5 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.


ABRI- Australian Battery Recycling Initiative

Batteries – Sustainability Victoria

Handheld Batteries

Battery University

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Unreal Engine

If You Love Something, Set It Free.  You can download the engine and use it for everything from game development, education, architecture, and visualization to VR, film and animation. When you ship a game or application, you pay a 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product, per quarter. It’s a simple arrangement in which we succeed only when you succeed.


How to Choose Your First Graphic Tablet

Beginning digital art is a beautiful experience, opening an endless realm of possibilities.  Ctrl + Z, an infinity of brushes, no more gooey colours, ripped paper, reframing, deformation tools, an eraser that ACTUALLY erases. Only the good stuff. However, for all these beautiful things to be used, a specific tool is required: a graphic tablet.Choosing the right model is often a pain for beginners, who usually lose themselves  in the ocean of models and prices, ranging between $20 and several thousand of dollars. This article is here to help you find the right model, regarding your needs and the size of your wallet.


Our vision is to bring creative experience to everyone. Try our digital paint software Flame Painter, Rebelle and Amberlight! 30-Days Refund Policy. One-of-a-kind tool. 30 Day Money Back. No Monthly Payments. 1-Click Auto Updates. Mac OS and Windows. Wet & Dry media.


Rebelle 4 Digital Painting Software released!


Exposure is the best photo editor for creative photographers who want to create artistic images.  Its large library of gorgeous looks provides inspiring starting points that you can customize. Unique creative tools not found in other photo editors help your photos stand out. And Exposure’s efficient workflow keeps you in the creative zone.


An image browser, converter and editor that supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO, TGA and camera raw files. It has a nice array of features such as image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping, color adjustments, musical slideshow and much more.


Beginner’s Guide to Codecs

This post provides an introduction to video codecs. It’s an entry-level article designed to help streaming newbies understand what codecs are, what they do, how to compare them, and why they succeed or fail. 

The Best File Sharing Sites & Services Compared

Comparing Free, Personal & Multi-User Accounts

16 Basic Truths About Data Management, Backup and Archiving

What are metadata and why do they matter?

FILE SHARING – Digital Media, File Hosting, Communicate, Collaboration and Organisation of Data


Video compressors/decompressors (called “codecs”) compress according to their own algorithms, with varying results.

Compression works by fooling the eye into thinking the pictures are fine, but the minute you start adjusting levels, the absence of that “redundant” picture information can become quite noticeable.

  • 3DS
  • ACC
  • ACELP.net
  • ASE
  • AVI (audio video interleave) and WMV (Windows media video) …
  • AVCHD (advanced video coding, high definition) …
  • BMCC
  • BMP
  • CinemaDNG RAW
  • Cineon
  • DivX – old codec with emphasis on video quality with much larger file size
  • DPX
  • DDS
  • DNxHD
  • DXF
  • EPS
  • FACT
  • FBX
  • FLV and SWF (Flash formats)
  • Fraunhofer MP3
  • GIF
  • gITF – jpeg for 3D
  • H.264 – standard for HD content with smaller file size and high quality with lossy or lossless compression
  • HEVC (H.265) – next generation solution for 4K, lossy or lossless
  • ICO
  • IFF
  • IMA
  • JPEG
  • LWO
  • MKV (matroska format) …
  • MOV and QT (Quicktime formats) …
  • MPEG1
  • MPEG2
  • MP3
  • MP4. …
  • MPEG-4 – commonly used for HD content and newer versions identical to H.264
  • MPEG-7
  • MTS
  • MTX
  • OBJ
  • PICT
  • PNG
  • PNM/NetPbm
  • PSD
  • QDesign Music 2
  • OpenExr –  is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format originally developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications. Floating-point file formate, lossless data compression.
  • QTVR – Quicktime VR
  • Qualcomm PureVoice
  • QUICKTIME (mac)
  • QuickTime 6
  • REAL MEDIA (PC & Mac)
  • RLA
  • SGI
  • Softimage PIC
  • Sorenson Spark
  • Sorenson Video 3
  • Sorenson MPEG 4
  • STL
  • SWF
  • TIFF
  • TS
  • UZR
  • VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language is a standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics, designed particularly with the World Wide Web in mind. It has been superseded by X3D.
  • WEBP
  • WAV
  • Windows Media (PC)
  • WMA
  • WMV Windows Media Video (WMV) is a series of video codecs and their corresponding video coding formats developed by Microsoft
  • WMV7
  • WMV8

MyFlix XE gives you all the features of MyFlix plus MPEG-2 support. Editing MPEG doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive anymore.  Fast frame-accurate MPEG2 editing, easy to use and easy to learn interface, efficient layout, so it doesn’t dominate the screen, info panel for MPEG file details, simple record button to make a new video, detachable monitor for full size viewing, forward and backward play, support for MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and VCDs, extract and dub audio track, upgrade path to M2-edit Pro, MPEG-2 program stream editing, powerful clip selection, 420 and 422 editing, save snapshots in JPEG, BMP or TIFF


A codec is a piece of software on either a device or computer capable of encoding and/or decoding video and/or audio data from files, streams and broadcasts. The word Codec is a portmanteau of ‘compressor-decompressor’

What is a CODEC?

If you spend any time editing or outputting video, you will come across the term Codec. Because there are so many of them, and it is difficult to tell the difference between them, we put together a quick look to help you get started. If you can understand certain terms, you can better decide which one fits your needs. Let’s start at the beginning with a simple definition.

CODEC short for compressor/decompressor, does all the work of making the digital video fit into the available bandwidth.  There are two main ways codecs work one is spatial compression eg JPEG with the compression algorithm examining the detail of an image and averaging out areas that are similar.  The more parts of an image that are similar, the better it works such as a clear blue sky. The other is the temporal compression which examines the difference between consecutive frames. It produces occasional keyframes and then only stores the changes that occur between the keyframes.  The less something moves in the frame then the more efficient is the compression.

You need to find out what the actual Codec is. You can do this by finding an application that can query the MXF.

There is no DPI in video, it is about pixel dimensions, resolution such as 1920 x 1080.  Consider using large psd’s at 300 DPI at 30 x 60 cm, then can increase the canvas size enabling scale increase without pixelation.

For example: http://www.opencubetech.com/page20/XFReader

Or if you know the camera it came from you can determine the format this way.  If the files are from a camera that has a plugin for premiere then you should just be able to download the plugin from the camera vendors website.

Video Encoding: The Definitive Guide [Updated for 2020]

Video technology has undergone massive evolution in the past couple of decades. This growth has come simultaneously with the development of the internet.   While motion pictures—videos made of large collections of still photos—were fine in the age of VHS tapes and even DVDs, it made for excessively bulky files when videos became digital. It became difficult to upload and share with more modern types of hardware.  Video encoding was brought to life as a solution to aid in this technological transition.

Video Compression Basics: Encoding Definition and Adaptive Bitrate

Are you seeking a way into the world of Video Technology and Development, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you simply want a quick refresher on key terms that define the industry. If so, this blog post is just for you! Keep reading onwards to learn what encoding is and some of the most important factors within the encoding process.

Digital video now fastest growing advertising segment, up 41% in Q4 2020

4 tips to protect and manage your data with Archiware P5 while self-isolating

With any kind of remote IP connection to your office, you can access P5’s web-admin interface from home in your browser, just as you would do from your office. This will allow you to check that your backup, archive and replication jobs are all running correctly, while you’re away from the office. You can also reconfigure your workflows, perhaps taking advantage of some of the suggestions below.


In times of global crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity’s health is not only at stake but also our economies, business and livelihood.  While our medical brothers and sisters work hard to resolve this crisis, we need to keep the world working and keep businesses moving. Content creation at this time is very critical in disseminating information and news. Business communication, collaboration and remote workflow is important for business continuity.

Encoding Methods

Most of the Windows Media Audio and Video codecs support multiple encoding methods. Knowing how and when to use each method can help you create high-quality compressed content.  The encoding methods all focus on the buffer used by the decoder to manage compressed input data. This buffer is defined by the bit rate of the stream, in bits per second, and the buffer window, in milliseconds. When encoding, the codec abides by the restraints of the buffer.

What is the Optimal Bitrate for Your Resolution?

We get a lot of questions about how to find the optimal resolution to bitrate ratio. The truth is, there really is no right or wrong answer. Depending on your encoder, video content, audience, and streaming destination, your resolution and bitrate will likely be different. That being said, you can optimize your resolution and bitrate to ensure consistent video quality and make your video viewable by the majority of your audience.


UPDATE: Cleaner is now a product of Discreet — See www.discreet.com/products/cleaner

Are you overwhelmed with dealing with all the streaming video formats? Do you find yourself using too many different tools to convert your video into various formats? Got the compression parameter blues?  I’ve got a great answer for your troubles — the latest version of Terran Interactive’s Media Cleaner Pro product, now called Cleaner 5 (www.discreet.com/products/cleaner).


Sorenson Squeeze was a software video encoding tool used to compress and convert video and audio files on Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. It was sold as a standalone tool and has also long been bundled with Avid Media Composer.

8K versus 4K: new Warner Bros. study reveals consumers see no difference

Pixar, Amazon Prime Video, LG, and the American Society of Cinematographers and Warner Bros. conducted a study to see if consumers can see the d

ifference between 8K and 4K. Here are the results.  Using clips from Dunkirk to A Bug’s Life, a recent double-blind study by Warner Bros. revealed one thing: most consumers can’t see a difference between 4K and 8K. In fact, reveals the test, more prefer


Highest Quality Workflow for Canon Raw video

Lower Latency Equals Higher Viewer Satisfaction, Lower Customer Churn

Of course, you’re aware of all of the services – Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Apple TV Plus, Disney +. Then there’s CBS On the Go, YouTube, Pluto TV, FuboTV, Mubi, BFI, Curzon, BBC, Tencent, iQiyi, Alibaba, voot, Hotstar, Viki, Hooq and tons of others – but those are, for the most part, just “channels that offer their services in specific countries.

The Difference Between Raw Video and Uncompressed Video

If you follow Videomaker closely, you’ve likely seen us use the terms raw video and uncompressed video. We might say “Camera A captures uncompressed video” or “Camera B shoots raw.” Hopefully we’ve never said “Camera C shoots uncompressed raw video.” While they sound similar, they do mean different things and shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

The Math Trick Behind MP3s, JPEGs, and Homer Simpson’s Face

Over a decade ago, I was sitting in a college math physics course and my professor spelt out an idea that kind of blew my mind. I think it isn’t a stretch to say that this is one of the most widely applicable mathematical discoveries, with applications ranging from optics to quantum physics, radio astronomy, MP3 and JPEG compression, X-ray crystallography, voice recognition, and PET or MRI scans. This mathematical tool—named the Fourier transform, after 18th-century French physicist and mathematician Joseph Fourier—was even used by James Watson and Francis Crick to decode the double helix structure of DNA from the X-ray patterns produced by Rosalind Franklin. (Crick was an expert in Fourier transforms, and joked about writing a paper called, “Fourier Transforms for birdwatchers,” to explain the math to Watson, an avid birder.)


Microsoft’s PC software is joining Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in embracing HEIF, which halves photo sizes compared with JPEG.  HEIF is a big deal since it can free up storage space and help you avoid running into your monthly network data cap. But there’s more, too: It’s actually a flexible data container that can accommodate live photos, bursts of photos, 3D scene data useful for special effects, audio, and more. In other words, it helps photo formats keep pace with today’s changing definition of digital photography.


Networks connect all of your devices. Getting connected should be simple. Staying connected should be effortless. Security should be as important as functionality and all the impressive technical points should give way to an equally impressive and organic experience.

MEGAPIXELS  & IMAGE SENSOR A single layer of image sensors captures light at every pixel location.  A filter covering teh image sensors determines the colour of the light allowed to pass through to the sensor.  This only allows one colour to pass through, so the filter must be designed in a mosaic pattern, with alternating pixels of red, green and blue to capture the full spectrum of colour. Software interpolation is then applied to make a reasonable guess as to what the true colourisation of an image would be.  Three layers of photodetectors in silicon absorb different wavelengths of light at different depths allowing the capture of the colour of light at every pixel and not a mosaic pattern.


Nero Platinum Suite is the professional toolbox for your Windows PC:  7 powerful programs for any task. Also, thanks to automatic updates, you will always have the latest version and keep your head clear for your multimedia projects.


bbMPEG was about the first free MPEG2 encoder, but it’s obsolete meanwhile because its motion estimation and speed are sub standard.  Maybe its multiplexing capabilities are still of some use.  I keep this page for archival purposes.

bbMPEG and AVI2MPG2 are Windows programs that convert AVI files to DVD,SVCD(MPEG2) or VCD (MPEG1).

Future-proofing your CG pipeline for 8K, HDR, and beyond.  The power of consumer technology is set to rocket… and digital artists need to be ready

With the rise of 4K content tightening the technology gap between film and broadcast television, production demands are now catching up to creative studios who’ve remained ahead of the consumer curve. VFX teams have long had the capability to create Ultra HD content in excess of 4K, but the limits of consumer technology means this hasn’t yet become as great of a necessity for TV and gaming as it has for film production. That’s all changing in a big way, now that 4K and HDR are taking hold and bridging the tech divide across all digital entertainment industries.


How to convert a DVD to H264 using Handbrake  is a freeware video transcoder that until recently was best known and used among Mac users. The later Windows versions however are much improved, improving the GUI and fixing most nasty bugs. In this article we will guide you through the steps of creating an mkv or mp4 file using H264 codec. Handbrake now accepts most video files as input but in our example we will use a DVD disc as a source.

KODI spawned from the love of media. It is an entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user friendly package. It is 100% free and open source, very customisable and runs on a wide variety of devices. It is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers and a huge community.


How do I compress a MP4 video so I can upload it to my site? from linkedIn discussion group. 

Hello, I have a technical question for any video or director of photography professionals. I need to compress a MP4 video I worked on so I can upload it to my portfolio website. It is currently huge – 855.2 MB. I need to compress it to 250 MB (( believe thats the limit) or less to be embedded through Vimeo, etc. on my Squarespace site. Does anybody know the best method or app to use. I’m also on a Power Mac OS X 10.6.8 so has compression software has to be compatible. So far the software downloads I’ve found aren’t compatible. Just trying to get it up quickly before I upgrade. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!Show less
While recording variable bitrate is very useful, if footage does not have much action. For example in our virtual studio by using EMS(Easy Media Suite), we compress with mpeg2(H264) and with MXF container in variable 10 to 50 Mbps. However, recorded raw video, what is your facility and what is possible solutions determine the results, of course.Show less
Go to mpeg stream clip. change the aspect ratio. you can also do an apple(pro rss 422) to make a mov on final cut pro.
You may try some of free converters available on app store. .. One such is HandleBrak. you may convert any size and scale of video to fit in to your desired size.
Change codec of the source video to H.264 while keeping the format intact.
Output – mp4 with H.264 codecs
Encode to 720p or 1080P Main Concept MP4. AVC video codec at about 4Mbits/sec and AVC audio at about 5Mbits/sec. That will do you fine for Vimeo and YouTube.
Encode to MP4 video better Qulity And any source video Software By “HandBraKe” That will do you fine for Vimeo and YouTube. “HandBraKe” Software is very Powerfull and Simple way use and very usefull
Thr r lot of online free converters available .. search n convert the same in 3gp
Hire someone through upwork or fiverr who understands bitrate and formats to do it for you.
I use PavTube HD Video Converter converts mp4 to flv

ALEMBIC is an interchange file format for computer graphics used by visual effects and animation professionals. It was announced at SIGGRAPH 2011 and has been widely adopted across the industry.  Alembic supports the common geometric representations used in the industry, including polygon meshes, subdivision surface, parametric curves, NURBS patches and particles.  Alembic also has support for transform hierarchies and cameras.  With the latest version comes initial support for materials and lights as well.  Its primary focus is the interchange of geometry (models) between different groups working on the same shots or same assets.

CINEPAK  is a lossy video codec developed by Peter Barrett at SuperMac Technologies, and released in 1991 with the Video Spigot, and then in 1992 as part of Apple Computer’s QuickTime video suite. One of the first video compression tools to achieve full motion video on CD-ROM.

EDL edit decision list is used in the post-production process of film editing and video editing. The list contains an ordered list of reel and timecode data representing where each video clip can be obtained in order to conform the final cut.

FBX (Filmbox) is a proprietary file format (.fbx) developed by Kaydara and owned by Autodesk since 2006. It is used to provide interoperability between digital content creation applications. FBX is also part of Autodesk Gameware, a series of video game middleware.FBX (Filmbox) is a proprietary file format (.fbx) developed by Kaydara and owned by Autodesk since 2006. It is used to provide interoperability between digital content creation applications. FBX is also part of Autodesk Gameware, a series of video game middleware.  Adaptable file format for 3D animation software.  FBX® data exchange technology is a 3D asset exchange format that facilitates higher-fidelity data exchange between 3ds Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox and other propriety and third-party software.

XML  Extensible Markup Language is a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML (ISO 8879). Originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing, XML is also playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere.



sync.com  Sync makes it easy to store, share and access your files from just about anywhere.  Best of all, Sync protects your privacy with end-to-end encryption — ensuring that your data in the cloud is safe, secure and 100% private.

Vimeo and Vimeo Pro

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free.

Wipster  The video review, collaboration and publishing platform for creatives and brands

YouTube set to private

TRANSFERS including Super 8 to Digital

AE mpeg  Now you can easily render out FFmpeg format, (along side some others) directly from After Effects with the new AEmpeg plugin.

Apple Abruptly Pulls Plug On QuickTime for Windows

Apple QuickTime on Windows: Update

ASPECT RATIO CALCULATOR  the shape of the viewable area of the screen

BLENDER  3D as video viewer and editor


DATA RATE are the amount of information, audio and video or e-mails, that can be transferred, in a given second.


DJV Imaging  Professional media review software for VFX, animation, and film production

  • Real-time image sequence and movie playback
  • Command line tools for batch processing
  • Support for industry standard file formats including OpenEXR, DPX, and Cineon
  • Available for Linux, OS X, and Windows
  • Open source


FFmpeg  A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.


Frame.io  Privately upload, review, and share video with your entire team, anywhere in the world

FRAME SIZE  Analogue video must conform to a particular specification so that it can be displayed on any TV or monitor with a video input.  When we talk about the video frame size we talk about how many pixels we see on the video screen. A larger frame size gives better quality and a larger file. To determine how many pixels each frame is you simply multiply the width in pixels by the height in pixels to get the total number of pixels. A typical 640×480 TV frame (not HD) is 307200 pixels or about 0.3 MPixels. If you would save one such file in an uncompressed image format, like BMP, you would get a file at least 300kb large.

FRAME RATE  is the number of individual frames that comprise each second of video. Also known as FPS (frames per second), the most common frame rates are 24, 25, and 30 frames per second.  Frame rate greatly impacts the style and viewing experience of a video. Different frame rates yield different viewing experiences, and choosing a frame rate often means choosing between things such as how realistic you want your video to look, or whether or not you plan to use techniques such as slow motion or motion blur effects.

FREEMAN VIDEO CONVERTER  Freemake Video Converter converts video between 500+ formats and gadgets for free!  Convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MKV, iPhone, Android. Convert YouTube to anything.Absolutely free. No trials or limitations.

GO PRO Cineform

HANDBRAKE video player

Image Magick to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It can read and write images in a variety of formats


MPC-HC is an extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows

MR VIEWER  video player

Mplayer media player


PAZERA audio & video converts system utilities

PRO 8mm

RESOLUTION or Frame Size

RV for Desktop and Dailies Playback


Vantage® is a powerful, scalable, software-enabled media processing platform that manages all media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Vantage allows content owners, producers, and distributors to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ingest, edit, transcode, QC, package, monetize, and distribute their media.

VIDEO  Welcome to the Lurker’s Guide to Video, a repository for the little-known, undocumented knowledge that you need in order to write any sort of useful video software.  The Lurker’s Guide began in the 1990s as a guide to video software on SGI (Silicon Graphics) machines. Although SGI is long gone, several of the articles continue to be popular and relevant as they explain videosyncrasies that still apply today; you can find those articles just below, followed by the original SGI Lurker’s Guide.

VIDEO ASPECT RATIO  or the shape of the viewable area of the screen.  A video’s aspect ratio is an important creative choice that can affect the feel of footage, but it’s also a key technical consideration that affects how and where this footage can be displayed. This article gives an overview of the various capture settings and applications.

VIDEO FIELDS  Whenever you deal with video on a computer, it is absolutely crucial that you understand a few basic facts about fields. Correctly dealing with fields in software is tricky; it is fundamentally different than dealing with plain ol’ graphics images. This document explains many of these basic concepts.

Most of the major video systems used in the world today, including virtually all of the standard definition systems (e.g. 480i (e.g. NTSC), 576i (e.g. PAL and SECAM), and all their digital counterparts) and many of the new HDTV formats (e.g. 1080i but not 720p and not 1080/24p) are field-based (aka interlaced or interleaved), not frame-based (aka progressive-scan).


VIDEO PROCESSOR  FootageStudio is a stand alone video processor, featuring from simple fast transcoding to complete video transformation, all in one step : standards conversion, frame rate conversions and corrections, resample, aspect ratio conversions, denoise, filters, color correction, audio conversions, slow motion and more

VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.  It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video.  It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters.  VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images.

VLC Media Player

ZURBRIGG media player


DATA MANAGEMENT MADE SIMPLE  | 10 Tips to Protect Backups From Ransomware

A copy of your files that is permanently online and connected to the network is at equal risk for ransomware attacks as the original computer it aims to protect. The Backup requires additional technical and policy layers of security to protect Backups from ransomware. 

The Anatomy of the 100-Year Archive  |  Preparing for Infinite Data Retention

Industry estimates vary but the amount of data to be stored in 2025 is projected to be ~7.5 ZB according to IDC’s 2018 Data Age report. Approximately 1.1 ZB of total storage capacity was shipped in 2019 across NonVolatile Memory devices (SSDs), HDDs, and magnetic tape media with HDDs making up the majority (over 80%) of the shipped capacity.


From DLF discussuion group.  An idea of how to go about automaticaly doing what is in this video.  Code and instructions from Stib, thanks Stib.

With ffmpeg it’s easy.

On a Mac* / Linux to run input.mp4 through the encoder 1000 times producing output.mp4 type this in a terminal:

for i in {1..1000}; do

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -preset veryfast output.mp4

mv output.mp4 input.mp4


On Windows with powershell (from the windows menu: run>powershell.exe)

For ($i=0; $i -lt 1000; $i++)  {

“c:\program files\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe” -i input.mp4 -preset veryfast -output.mp4;

rename-item -Force output.mp4 input.mp4;


For either you need ffmpeg. Here’s how to get it:

The easiest way to obtain ffmpeg on mac is with homebrew. Install homebrew as per the instructions on the site and then at a command line type:

brew install ffmpeg

The easiest way to install ffmpeg on Windows is to download a build from zeranoe. For the script above I’m assuming that you put it in c:\program files\ffmpeg If you add the ffmpeg folder to your PATH you don’t need to type the c:\program files\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe, and can just use ffmpeg

Installing ffmpeg on Linux will depend on your distro. Make sure you’re getting the real ffmpeg, not avconv

You could tweak the process by using different codecs, or changing the quality of the encode. This script uses the default encoder for mp4, namely x.264. If you add the switch: -crf 31 it will encode at the worst quality, and if you use -crf 1 it will be nearly lossless (crf 0 is lossless). You can choose any value in between. The -crf switch goes before the name of the output file, eg:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -preset veryfast -crf 20 output.mp4

The veryfast preset does what it says. It doesn’t affect the quality of the encode, just the resulting filesize, by spending less time optimising the encode. for the final encode if you want it to be smaller you could change it to -preset veryslow

And obviously you might want to change the 1000 to any number you have the patience for.

*P.S. for the mac/linux script I used syntax that is only available for recent (3.0 or later) versions of BASH. I can’t remember if Apple are shipping their OS with the modern version of BASH, it hasn’t always been the case. If it doesn’t work try:

for i in $(seq 1000); do

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -preset veryfast output.mp4

mv output.mp4 input.mp4



I thought about it on my ride to work this morning and realised that those scripts write over the output file each time. If you want to keep all 1000 versions:


for i in {1..1000}; do

n=$(printf “%04d\n” $i)

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -preset veryfast output_$n.mp4



For ($i=0; $i -lt 1000; $i++)  {

$n=”{0:0000}” -f $i

“c:\program files\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe” -i input.mp4 -preset veryfast output_$n.mp4;


That adds a four digit serial number to each copy. Also there was a typo in the windows script. Delete the dash before -output.mp4, the dash is to signify an option, ffmpeg uses the first wird it find that isn’t an option or value to use as its output file.


VHS  |  The Internet Archive’s VHS Vault will send you on a 90s nostalgia trip

The Internet Archive, perhaps best known for the extremely handy Wayback Machine you can use to find older versions of webpages, also has free movies, books, software, and music. Yet a little known part of the organization’s media trove includes uploaded recordings from VHS tapes, as I learned today thanks to this Vice article. They live on The VHS Vault, and as of this writing, there are more than 20,000 recordings you can peruse.

The VHS Vault

A wide collection of trailers, shows, recordings, and other captures on VHS tape.

Professional Streaming Productions Require Computer Hardware That’s Up to the Task

We take a look under the hood and explore the four main hardware components that directly affect performance when building or configuring a streaming workstation.

While live streaming production quality can vary considerably, shows with higher production value do a much better job of attracting and retaining viewers. The advent of powerful streaming software applications has made it possible for anyone to create broadcast-quality productions. Running a powerful, real-time software application demands a certain amount of horsepower from the computer it is being run on. While recommended system requirements are published to guide users wishing to “roll their own” workstation for the purpose, it helps to have some basic knowledge about the unique demands of real-time streaming.




1. We want to help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them.

Maybe they want to keep a blog of moments captured on their cameraphone, or maybe they want to show off their best pictures or video to the whole world in a bid for web celebrity. Or maybe they want to securely and privately share photos of their kids with their family across the country. Flickr makes all these things possible and more!

To do this, we want to get photos and video into and out of the system in as many ways as we can: from the web, from mobile devices, from the users’ home computers and from whatever software they are using to manage their content. And we want to be able to push them out in as many ways as possible: on the Flickr website, in RSS feeds, by email, by posting to outside blogs or ways we haven’t thought of yet. What else are we going to use those smart refrigerators for?

2. We want to enable new ways of organizing photos and video.

Once you make the switch to digital, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of photos you take or videos you shoot with that itchy trigger finger. Albums, the principal way people go about organizing things today, are great — until you get to 20 or 30 or 50 of them. They worked in the days of getting rolls of film developed, but the “album” metaphor is in desperate need of a Florida condo and full retirement.

Part of the solution is to make the process of organizing photos or videos collaborative. In Flickr, you can give your friends, family, and other contacts permission to organize your stuff – not just to add comments, but also notes and tags. People like to ooh and ahh, laugh and cry, make wisecracks when sharing photos and videos. Why not give them the ability to do this when they look at them over the internet? And as all this info accretes as metadata, you can find things so much easier later on, since all this info is also searchable.


Working remotely is a rising industry trend further fuelled by the increasing power of cloud computing. More immediately, the restrictions put in place by coronavirus have led many studios to seek out the capability for artists to work remotely. What are your options for implementing a remote working solution using Foundry software, and what considerations do you need to take into account? This article is designed to help you navigate these critical questions.

FOUNDRY EVENTS  |  On Demand and Up Coming Events

ADF: What’s The Foundry buying? The Tech of ADF



The hottest trends to come out of Foundry Live 2021


The Foundry (thefoundry.co.uk) is a global developer of computer graphics, visual effects (VFX) and 3D design software for the design, visualization and entertainment industries.
NUKE – thefoundry.co.uk/nuke
HIERO – thefoundry.co.uk/hiero
MARI – thefoundry.co.uk/mari  is 3D painting without limits, combining the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools that make the most of your creativity.
MODO – thefoundry.co.uk/modo
KATANA – thefoundry.co.uk/katana
FLIX – thefoundry.co.uk/flix
OCULA – thefoundry.co.uk/ocula




Finding the System ID

  • Download the Foundry License Utility (FLU) to find your system ID:
  • Mac and Windows users: Run the FLU. The System ID will be displayed at the bottom of the window.
  • Linux users: run the following command in the directory where you downloaded the FLU to print out the System ID:
./FoundryLicenseUtility –i
  • If the System ID is of the form Raaaaaaaaaaaa:Xbbbbbbbbbbbb, please see What do I do if the FLU returns two system IDs?

Installing node-locked licenses

Framestore Launchpad Internship – The making of “Behind The Scenes”




The Foundry webinar recordings

The Foundry nuke tutorials

The Foundry on Vimeo

The luxury of selling in 3D and why it matters to your customers

Does your brand lack digital charisma? In the McKinsey Apparel Go-to-Market Process Survey 2018, 44% of executives surveyed said that their business lacked the digital tools and capabilities to effectively sell online, and 35% believe they don’t communicate a consistent message to their customers. With the new era of e-commerce already upon us, I took some time to look at:

  • What will footwear and apparel customers expect from their digital retail?
  • Tools to communicating with your consumers.
  • The need to think with an immersive experience mindset.

Foundry Education Summit: Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today

Recently, we covered how virtual production and its real time capabilities harbor huge potential for filmmakers and directors everywhere, with Jon Favreau and his 2019 feature film The Lion King serving as an undeniable success story to cement this.


Machine learning (ML) is one of the hot topics in the world of visual effects (VFX) at the moment. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the impact it’s started to have on the VFX industry and the technology that has emerged because of it.  In fact, it almost seems like there is a new ML tool or program being released every other week, all promising to improve the way artists work, create and collaborate. So, amongst the many, what are the key upcoming tools that you, as artists, should watch out for? 

If there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s this: the visual effects industry isn’t slowing down.  Luckily, we aren’t either. As technology advances and schedules get tighter, creative work meets fresh challenges—so artists need new ways of working and tools that can keep pace.  Our goal is to provide exactly that. We’re constantly anticipating the challenges of tomorrow, so artists can do their best work today.  We’ve had a lot of practice at this, too. Our inroads into innovation span back over twenty years as we strive to offer it throughout our product portfolio, technical expertise and research and developments efforts. Scroll to see more.

The use of Motion Capture (MoCap) is no anomaly in the world of VFX. For years, the technique has seen actors suiting up in professional spandex and painting dots on their faces, all to capture their expressions and movements so they can live on through their animated counterparts. But now, thanks to machine learning, this process may be set to change.

In the 11 years I’ve been at Foundry, I’ve seen amazing changes in VFX. Now, I’m seeing how the same tools used to create the stunning CG in Star Wars are being used to transform product design. Companies from Mercedes Benz to Adidas are harnessing the power of VFX tools to create more realistic, compelling design visualizations than ever before.

For years now, the film and TV industry has relied upon collaboration between multiple VFX houses for CG-heavy productions.  With that collaboration comes the problem that software, workflows, and even naming conventions vary between facilities.  Fixing these mismatches adds both time and cost to projects, in a challenging environment in which studio margins are already stretched.

The swelling adoption of open source standards and the formation of the ASWF is set to have far-reaching implications for the VFX industry in the years to come.  With agreed guidelines in place to govern key aspects of VFX workflows (like color management, geometry and image file formats), it’s expected a new era of pipeline efficiency and collaboration will be begin as Universal Scene Description (USD) matures, as we explored in our previous article.

Star Wars: every kid’s dream come true.  MODO, MARI, KATANA and NUKE help ILM exceed the expectations of millions.

MODO Darrel Anderson, original designer of MeshFusion, discusses the art and science of modelling.

KATANA®’s highly efficient, collaborative approach to lighting and look development gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects. High-efficiency lighting and look development


The Foundry (thefoundry.co.uk) is a global developer of computer graphics, visual effects (VFX) and 3D design software for the design, visualization and entertainment industries.

SIGGRAPH 2015:  Check out our fantastic guest speaker lineup, plus a special announcement and all the latest news from The Foundry

NON COMMERCIAL VERSIONS  Nuke, Nuke X and Nuke Studio.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these 5 unique 3D art projects

Art, in its most powerful form, comes from a place of passion. A deep-seeded spark ignited within its creator, forged from a diverse melting pot of influences and life experiences, then shaped into something entirely fresh and wondrous. Digital tools have empowered today’s artists to express themselves in exciting new ways, as is evident by the sheer breadth of impressive work flowing from the online creative community.


Introducing Bunsen: build powerful visualization pipelines

Bunsen is your integrated foundation for building scalable, repeatable and unified CAD-to-pixel AEC visualization pipelines.


Webinar and live Q&A session, where I’ll show how Athera provides powerful scripting hooks called Init Scripts. Init Scripts allow you to control how your VFX applications are launched and customized to suit the specific needs of your artists.  Matt Mazerolle

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to build a virtual studio in Athera and learn all the best tips on how to leverage Athera. We’ll also look at: -The key tips and tricks that will make your starting experience with Athera a smooth one. -The main concepts for building a VFX pipeline in the cloud. -How a studio can be set up in the cloud from scratch.


Elara in Action: a scalable VFX pipeline using the elastic power of the cloud  Foundry Product Manager Mathieu Mazerolle and Creative Specialist Richi Paramo talk about Elara – Foundry’s cloud-based pipeline for modern VFX studios.

In this webinar, they:

  • Demonstrate Elara’s key features
  • Show how you can set up a virtual studio in the cloud in minutes

Webinar – Elara in Action: a scalable VFX pipeline using the elastic power of the cloud

Foundry Product Manager Mathieu Mazerolle and Creative Specialist Richi Paramo talk about Elara – Foundry’s cloud-based pipeline for modern VFX studios.

In this webinar, they:

  • Demonstrate Elara’s key features
  • Show how you can set up a virtual studio in the cloud in minutes


Hiero is part of the Nuke family, offering the same powerful multi-track editorial timeline as Nuke Studio.

For VFX producers, coordinators, online editing assistants and VFX editors, Hiero is our powerful interactive editorial timeline for efficiently managing creative projects across the VFX pipeline, onlining and conform, distribution and review.

Sharing a single timeline across your entire team:

  • Gives greater visibility over projects,
  • Lets users manage and set up complex high volume projects quickly and easily, and
  • Reduces the need to reconform for review.

Unlike workflows with many competitor toolkits, Hiero’s timeline is customizable with the same python API as Nuke Studio, allowing direct integration with shot or asset managers. And Hiero can be run on a laptop, making it portable and suitable for working onset.




Highly efficient, collaborative approach to look development and lighting, Katana® gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects.

Interactive rendering: illuminating a more artist-friendly future with Katana

For digital artists working hard in the trenches to deliver amazing CG and VFX work on tight production schedules, efficiency and productivity can skyrocket when the vital tools that empower artists to excel are able to keep pace with the speed of their creative flow. Untethered from technical limitations that throw unwanted friction into VFX pipelines, artists can achieve so much more in far less time. Having the room to iterate and adapt more freely also goes a long way towards making the creative process more enjoyable.

Scaling upwards for the Ultra HD and HDR future

Mari is purpose built with these high-resolution demands in mind, pairing scalable power with artist-friendly 3D painting tools capable of working on texture resolutions far higher than current industry standards. “What Mari does is it allows you to paint at these higher resolutions across the entire asset, and you can make these patches up to 32k, so that’s a capability we already have,” says Rory Woodford, Mari Product Manager. “You can put as much paint into Mari as you want, and it’ll always handle it – you’re only limited by your GPUs capabilities.  Regular assets work on a variety of GPUs, but the gnarliest projects require high end GPUs with more VRAM.”.

Python-Programng in Katana for beginner’s M. Kedamath



The Future of Look Development and Lighting Solutions

MARI – Painting realistic skin in Mari 2.0 – link

MARI – Painting realistic skin in Mari 2.0 – link

How to Texture a 3D Character with Mari  I used this Mari technique to cover almost all the body, but there were parts where I had to sculpt from scratch, especially the zone around the spine.

Four crucial reasons to experience 3D painting without limits

Today’s artists are being asked to create increasingly complicated CG to tighter and tighter timelines. It’s imperative they’re equipped with the right tools for the job.  We look at four key ways Mari makes 3D painting and texturing a more intuitive,  efficient and enjoyable experience.

20 incredible 3D paintings that harness the power of Mari

Digital painters have a huge selection of digital painting tools available to bring their ideas to life. Created by FoundryMari® is 3D painting without limits, combining the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets with artist-friendly 3D paint tools that make the most of your creativity.


Shifting to a 3D workflow is changing the game for New Balance  With a history spanning 110 years, New Balance has evolved into one of the most inventive footwear businesses around today. In fact, you might say it has innovation in its DNA.  Back in 1906, its revolutionary flexible shoe arch supports were a huge leap forward in terms of balance and comfort. Later, the company went on to develop the world’s first ripple-soled running shoe.  So it’s no surprise that New Balance is now one of the companies pioneering the way footwear will be made in the future.

Modo 15.1 – Workflow Refined

Foundry Live: 3D Design for Artists with Modo 15.0

Transforming Fantasy into Reality with Modo and Nuke


We believe that drawing with a computer can be as fun and powerful as drawing with pencil and paper. We believe that digital drawing shouldn’t require compromises; you don’t have to choose between pixels and vectors. With Mischief, you just open the application and start drawing.


Nuke 13.0 CopyCat in the Wild

Empowering Artists with Nuke 13.0

Transforming Fantasy into Reality with Modo and Nuke

Studio Ghibli shed light on Nuke’s use as part of their first feature-length 3D animation

Foundry has released Nuke’s next series 12

he Nuke 12.0 release brings improved interactivity and performance across the Nuke family, from additional GPU enabled nodes for clean-up to a rebuilt playback engine in Nuke Studio and Hiero. Nuke 12.0 also sees the integration of GPU-accelerated tools integrated from Cara VR for camera solving, stitching and corrections and updates to the latest industry standards.


Nuke’s flexibility and seamless integration of Python and TCL is perhaps the main reason I love working in it so much. Wave expressions are amazingly useful for controlling simple animations that would take quite a bit of keying without. The following expressions amazingly useful in generating these different types of waves and I wanted to make sure I shared what has become part of my toolbox.


  • Discover the Power of Smart Vectors in Nuke.  In this webinar, Chris Wetherly showcases the power and efficiency of Smart Vectors in Nuke, to help address common workflow problems faced by compositing artists.  These problems may include issues such as:  The tracking and warping of elements onto organic surfaces, Clean up work and Beauty retouches.  He dives into some examples of how Smart Vectors can help get you to a finalized shot faster than before.
  • EXPLORING THE POWER OF COLLABORATIVE WORKFLOWS IN NUKE  In this webinar, Head of Creative Services (AMER), Terry Riyasat, covers Live Groups from top to bottom, looking at: The Live Group node as an alternative to a gizmo, as well as using it as a shared asset.  The many different ways to use the Live Group and Live Input nodes in collaborative compositing workflows. Some tips and tricks for these powerful nodes and how to use Python from the available callbacks.
  • Timeline Tools for Production & Review
  • How to Make Your Passion Project Come to Life With Nuke

Please note, Nuke 11.3 is used for this webinar.



Nuke in Progress

Inpatient In Nuke 12.0 we’re introducing the ability to create contextual paint strokes, similar to Photoshop’s Healing Brush, with our new Inpaint tool.  Made with Nuke | In this video, Sony Pictures Imageworks tell us how they used Nuke to help create the unique graphic look in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Nuke: The compositor Mathematic – demystifying visual effects

Nuke: 101 Colour Correction

Nuke Tutorials from The Foundry

Nuke link to download from The Foundry

Nukepedia: Home:  over 1,000 free tools for The Foundry’s Nuke

Nuke in Progress – Python 3 

NUKE with Steve Wright

J_Ops 2.1v1 for Nuke 7.0 Released

NUKE with CreativeLyonsTuts many nuke tutorials

WORKFLOW WEDNESDAYS course in Nuke Tutorials

Foundry Skill Up: What I Wish I Knew in Nuke


Making military-grade VFX on The Outpost with Foundry tools

Creating binge-worthy episodic content with Nuke

Micro Monsters: mighty next-gen immersive content in stunning 8K

The clue’s in the name with Alchemy Immersive. Blending the latest immersive technologies and content, the award-winning studio concocts magical experiences that transport audiences to entirely new worlds—whether that be sunken depths of the ocean, or the outer depths of space.

VoluMagic: the creation and manipulation of volumetric datasets in Nuke

Foundry are currently involved in a number of exciting R&D projects, harnessing the latest cutting-edge research in computer science to solve challenges facing the VFX and creative industries.  Alongside the SmartROTO initiative we looked at recently, our research team is exploring the potential for the manipulation of volumetric datasets in Nuke, with a view to creating immersive content easily and cost-effectively.

Victor Perez is so well known and respected in the visual effects industry, it’s hard to imagine there was a day he wasn’t a digital artist. But this official NUKE certified trainer, regular contributor to Nukepedia and member of the Visual Effects Society has a unique story. The story is so inspiring, in fact, he was recently invited to share it in a TED Talk at TEDxVicenza. This week, we invited him to summarize that presentation for us and tell us more about how he came to be, from our point of view, a NUKE hero.

In this webinar, Creative Specialist Izzy Genova explores the process that enables you to cache files locally in Nuke, creating a local copy linked to the file server.  Topics covered include:  What localization is and what the benefits are,  How to setup and manage localization,  Examples of how you can use the extended Python API, build on the current settings, and customize localization to suit your needs

Relative Paths in NUKE

Nuke 10 Beta Smart Vector Tutorial

Nuke 3D Point Generator Tutorial:  Blog: JoeRaasch.com Teaching: SenecaVFX.com

ModelBuilder node – Editing Geometry

NUKE Top Tip: Add Realistic Chromatic Aberration to Your CG Composites:

Understanding Premult and Unpremult in NUKE


Cara VR™ dramatically speeds up the challenging and often tedious process of stitching and compositing 360° video footage, so you have more time to focus on creating high-quality immersive experiences.


Eddy for Nuke, by VortechsFX is a plugin for simulating gaseous phenomena inside of Nuke. Eddy makes it possible to work with smoke, fire and similar gaseous fluid sims fast and interactively, enabling new workflows not previously possible.  In addition to simulating and creating gaseous fluid effects, Eddy is also a physically based volume renderer and compositing system.  Eddy is written entirely on the GPU. This is the start of an interesting journey and a new paradigm in solving complex VFX simulation challenges.


Nuke Indie is a single user version of Nuke Studio using a log-in licensing model. Nuke Indie is designed for personal, small-scale commercial use and includes most of the features of the commercial version of Nuke Studio.  You can run Nuke Studio in Indie mode using the –indie command line argument. For example, to launch Nuke Studio in Indie mode on Mac, enter:

/Applications/Nuke12.2v5/Nuke12.2v5.app/Contents/MacOS/Nuke12.2 –indie

Nuke Indie is a fully functional version of Nuke Studio, but as it’s designed for non-pipeline commercial use only, it differs from the full commercial version in some respects. Launching an application in Indie mode displays a warning:

How to Build your next Freelance Project with Nuke Indie  Webinar Reply 

How to Build your next Freelance Project with Nuke Indie


Nuke Studio Explainer Video

Webinar: Online editing in NUKE STUDIO —tips, tricks and best practices


The making of Stranger Things: old-school artistry meets the latest in VFX pipeline tech

With the highly anticipated second series of Netflix cult show Stranger Things set for release this coming Halloween, we caught up with the team at Aaron Sims Creative – the award-winning VFX studio that brought the series’ eerie otherworldly landscapes and terrifying Demogorgon to life.

Foundry Live: Key Forces and Technologies Driving Change in the VFX Industry


HitFilm Pro is the top choice for content creators worldwide. No need to jump from editor to VFX software and back again – HitFilm gives you editing, compositing, titling and 3D tools in a single product, so that you’ve got everything you need in one place.

Our technology is industry-leading, with powerful chroma key, particle and text tools – not to mention the world’s biggest VFX toolkit.

To give you added flexibility, we also work with the biggest names in the industry to bring professional technology to you, including Foundry’s 3D camera tracking, BorisFX’s pro titling tools and support for VideoCopilot plugins.

HitFilm Express is a free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools and everything you need to make awesome content, films or gaming videos. Perfect for beginners, film students, gamers, YouTubers, or any creative without a budget.


[maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool | June 24th, 2013 Cat : Maya, Technical, Tutorial | 


GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software, you can change its source code and distribute your changes.

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.


Cineversity Training and Tools for Cinema 4D:  The following series of definitions and articles covers technical and other terms used both within Cinema 4D, and those you may enounter in the use of other content creation applications and digital compositing applications. Full Glossary




An application based on Autodesk’s 3ds Max application used by professional computer graphics artists. Gmax is much more limited due to its singular intended use—game content creation. Infrequently used tools and features, or the ones completely unrelated to creating 3D game models, were removed (these include most, if not all of the more complex rendering, materials, shaders, physics simulation, some of the more advanced geometry tools, in addition to the rendering engine), leaving the core modeling, texturing, and basic animation rigging and keyframing capabilities. In 2005, the promotional freeware software was discontinued after version 1.2, but a licensed version is still available from Turbosquid com.


SketchUp Free is the easiest way to draw in 3D, now delivered in a web browser. Draw, orbit, push-pull: make anything you can imagine, however you envision it.

SketchUp  There’s a reason SketchUp is synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software: we don’t sacrifice usability for the sake of functionality. Start by drawing lines and shapes. Push and pull surfaces to turn them into 3D forms. Stretch, copy, rotate and paint to make anything you like.


CANVA Design Anywhere Publish Anywhere

Colour Want a color scheme that perfectly matches your favorite images? With Canva’s color palette generator, you can create color combinations in seconds. Simply upload a photo, and we’ll use the hues in the photo to create your palette.

See also under Typhography in this list.



With more creative options and real-time, no-render editing of all popular SD, HD and even 4K and HDR formats, EDIUS Pro 9 is THE most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available. EDIUS Pro 9 gives you real-time editing of multiple formats and frame rates all on the same timeline. That means you can edit faster… and make the time to be more creative.


Imaginate is a hardware-independent software package designed to allow high-level manipulation and animation of still images for video production. It comes on a single CD, is installed within minutes, and supports Windows Me, 2000 and XP Home and Professional.


The Shave and a Haircut plug-in for Maya by Joe Atler.


HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) is a technology that expands the dynamic range of an image and shows details in both shadows and highlights. Dynamic Range is a range of brightness values that can be recorded on media (film, photographic plate, photographic paper) or on the matrix of a digital camera.


headus supplies a comprehensive range of 3D scanning products and services to the Entertainment, Industrial Design and Health Care industries in Australia and around the world.

We also develop software for the processing of 3D scan data (CySlice, PlyEdit and CySize) and more generally for anyone working with 3D meshes (UVLayout).

Use the menu options above to find out more about everything we do here at headus.

CySlice, with Headus 3D is a tool for the post-processing of dense polymeshes, allowing the user to fit simplified SUBD or quadmeshes over the top, and then displacement or normal maps can be extracted to capture the original dense mesh detail


Endeavor and Roddenberry Entertainment Leading Development of Original Content, with OTOY’s Real-Time Rendering and Light Field Lab’s Groundbreaking Holographic Display Technologies.  Los Angeles & San Jose, CA (October 22, 2018) – OTOY, Inc and Light Field Lab, Inc, industry leaders in holographic rendering and display innovation, formally announce their partnership to deliver the industry’s first end-to-end holographic content creation to display ecosystem. The partnership will leverage Light Field Lab’s revolutionary headgear-free holographic displays and OTOY’s ORBX Technology, the industry’s first open source and royalty free format for rendering media and real time graphics on Light Field Lab’s holographic display panels.

IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors





The 3D Art of Lee Griggs: Geological and Microbial Landscapes


Rohan Dalvi Creates:

Animator and trainer for the last 16 years, long time my primary tool was 3dsmax and vray for all of my projects. About five years ago I slowly and steadily started to shift towards Houdini. Now a days I use Houdini for almost all of my personal work. I primarily specialize in Lighting and rendering. On Vimeo


Infographics usually contains numbers about facts (e.g. 10,000 people fly into Australia via international airlines), and usually presents a series of facts to present a stance (e.g. the inforgraphics you linked about left vs right wing politics.)

Data Visualisation usually uses visual elements (area, colour, shape, direction, etc.) to compare and contrast within that data set to bring out details that were not obvious. For example, the economics income box chart you linked.

What’s the difference between an Infographic and a Data Visualisation?


Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software which runs on Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. It is used by design professionals and hobbyists worldwide, for creating a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics. Inkscape uses the W3C open standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as its native format, and is free and open-source software.


Jahshaka is a platform used to developed high quality virtual reality environments. The latest version of the software, 3. 0, is currently in beta and is only supported for Windows 10, though future support for OS X and Linux is in the works.

Jahshaka Studio 0.7.3 Alpha Release

The industry leading open source VR authoring toolkit, Jahshaka, has released version 0.7.3 alpha for windows, OsX and Linux. This release is the final in the 0.7 branch and builds on the new foundation laid out in 0.6.0 for powerful dynamic assets and materials. It also introduces a physics engine, standalone player and integrated crypto-currency mining.

As a part of this release we have updated the branding for Jahshaka, to allow for the new apps that make up the ecosystem. Jahshaka is now Jahshaka Studio and is targeted at professionals and VR content creators. The standalone player is Jahshaka Player and will be targeted at consumers and explorers, and the miner is Jahshaka Miner.

Thoughts on Jahshaka 3.0


Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

  • concept art
  • texture and matte painters
  • illustrations and comics

Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and animation purposes. It features OpenGL-accelerated canvas, colour management support, an advanced brush engine, non-destructive layers and masks (similar to Adobe Photoshop), group-based layer management, vector artwork support and switchable customisation profiles. It is written in Qt and runs on Windows and Unix-like OSes (including Linux and macOS).


also see Lighting and Rendering

IES lights

CREATIVE  CRASH:  This tutorial is about IES profiles use in Mental Ray

DEREK  JENSON – 3d Artist


VERTHEIM:  Welcome to the exxential resource for all things 3DS Max, Photoshop and more for CGI students everywhere.




LightWave 3D is a 3D computer graphics program developed by NewTek. It has been used in films, television, motion graphics, digital matte painting, visual effects, video game development, product design, architectural visualizations, virtual production, music videos, pre-visualizations and advertising


From the Vault: DOS-Based Lightworks System 2003

Igor Auzins (aka ‘Lightworks guru’) here in 2003 with DOS based Lightworks (or was it a Heavyworks?) at Island Films in Balmain. Note the ‘film style’ controller and the very heavy Eizo 4×3 CRTs. The $100K+ system ran on a souped-up DOS 6 computer with ‘Towers’ of 3.6GB and 9.1GB drives costing about $10,000 each! Check out the current Lightworks.

Lightworks Mac Public Beta

Lightworks for Windows link



MadMapper in it’s core is an intuitively simple and easy tool for creating video mapping projections. It removes a lot of the confusion related to this medium, effectively demystifying the process and allows you, the artist or designer to focus on creating your content instead of solving technical difficulties and makes the experience of mapping textures to physical objects in real time fun. Using real projects created with MadMapper as an example, we will give you an overview of its different features and user interface.


Visution Mapio is a powerful solution for creating projection shows. Now you can work not only with the standard screen, but also with any inclines, including cylindrical and spherical and various shapes. Unlimited slices will allow you to separate videos to cover any space. You can use multiple projectors to organize panoramic and 3D scenes.

MAGIC  PEN  for  Mac


I created the original content for MakePages.com many years ago when the web was young and people were just learning to create web pages. I offered tutorials on older versions of Flash, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are all now outdated and more up-to-date examples are readily found elsewhere.

MAKE HUMAN Open Source tool for making 3D characters.


See also Lighting and Rendering Post

Toolbag is a full-featured real-time rendering, animation, and baking suite, providing artists a powerful and efficient workflow for all stages of production.

Viewer delivers WebGL-powered 3D rendering to the web, from desktop to mobile. Export directly from Toolbag to showcase your artwork in interactive 3D for all to see!


VEGAS PRO  The VEGAS range of creative software is all you need for fast, professional and efficient video production, and brings a whole new level of creative freedom to your editing and post production. VEGAS delivers fantastic results and allows everyone – from every day enthusiasts to busy professionals – to focus on creativity without limits.


Simulating Life  |  Massive was originally developed for use in Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. Subsequently the company Massive Software was created to bring this technology to film and television productions around the world. Since then Massive has become the leading software for crowd related visual effects and autonomous character animation.

Stephen Regelous | Founder and CEO

In 2004, Stephen received an Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement for the design and development of Massive, an industry-first system utilizing AI-driven autonomous agents to generate animation. Stephen conceived of the basic concepts for the software in the early 90s after studying Artificial Life agent based systems, and developed Massive years later for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, where Massive transformed audience expectations for epic crowd and battle scenes in feature film and television. Stephen began his software career writing solutions for particle animation muscle based facial animation, morphing and and an L-system used to synthesize plant life which has been widely used in the motion picture industry. Stephen was named one of the top 50 New Media Producers and Innovators by the Producers Guild of American, and nominated for a World Technology Award which recognizes high levels of innovation in the fields of biotechnology, space, energy and design.


Masters of Motion is a non-for-profit website, social media channel, and podcast that provides the world with a insight into the Australian and New Zealand animation industry. Comprising of an online gallery featuring outstanding motion design, animation and visual effects work. Our mission is to celebrate Australia’s motion artists and to inspire the next generation of motion designers, animators, visual effects and 3-D artists.


VUE, a 3D scenery generator software package.


Mr peabody and sherman




New “Template of Doom” Face-Melting VFX Tutorial


BodyPaint 3D now uses OpenGL so you’ll immediately see a fantastic preview when painting color, reflectance, alpha, bump or normals and even displacement. When working in a physically-based shading workflow, you can now paint on every reflectance channel with a full preview that utilizes R19’s Screen Space Reflections. Projection painting is fully multi-threaded and for faster translation of brush strokes onto your model.


Easy to learn and extremely powerful: Cinema 4D is the perfect package for all 3D artists who want to achieve breathtaking results fast and hassle-free. Beginners and seasoned professionals alike can take advantage of Cinema 4D’s wide range of tools and features to quickly achieve stunning results. Cinema 4D’s legendary reliability also makes it the perfect application for demanding, fast-paced 3D production.

“3D for Whole World” Initiative Delivers Singular Version of Cinema 4D and New Subscription Pricing Options.  FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany–Maxon today announced Cinema 4D Release 21 (R21), the next generation of its professional 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software solution. R21 introduces powerful new capabilities including a completely new Caps and Bevel system, new Field Force dynamics, interface speed enhancements and broader integration with popular hardware and software technologies. R21 also introduces Maxon’s “3D for the Whole World” initiative, which aims to put professional 3D software within easy reach of every aspiring artist. This includes availability of a singular version of Cinema 4D, more efficient installation and licensing, and new low-entry subscription pricing.


Innovative motion graphics solution recognized by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Technical Achievement Award (Academy Certificate)

The MoGraph module in Cinema 4D is among this year’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honorees for a Technical Achievement Award (Academy Certificate). The esteemed award recognizes technological achievements that “…demonstrate a proven record of contributing significant value to the process of making motion pictures.”


How Already Been Chewed combined live action and animation for a magical Mammoth Mountain spot.

by Meleah Maynard

Portland-based brand strategy firm, Nemo, doesn’t ordinarily use 3D or animation in their work. But after seeing some recent projects by design and motion graphics studio, Already Been Chewed (ABC), they decided to try something different when making a new spot for their longtime client Mammoth Mountain. The result is a fun, action-packed departure from the usual TV spot that mixes live action and animation to illustrate Mammoth Mountain’s motto: Let Fun Rule.

Relying primarily on Cinema 4D and Octane, ABC spent about four months working on and off to create the 30-second spot, which founder and creative director Barton Damer describes as “a big accomplishment” from a team perspective. “We ended up having about 9 or 10 people working on this, including bringing in three different freelances at various points,” he says. “It’s unusual for us to need such a large team but, this time, it was great to have a lot of people to help with some of the workload.”

IBC2017 Rewind: Jonas Pilz – What’s new in Cinema 4D Release 19





3D Application Recognized for Standout Broadcast Graphics – Motion Graphics Workflow  We’re pleased to announce, MAXON Cinema 4D R 20 was honored with a 2018 Digital Media World Magazine Award in the Category Broadcast Graphics – Motion Graphics.

YouTube Channel

R20 September 2018



Download Cinema 4D physics framework Effex 2.8 for free

Navié – aka developer Samir Kharchi – has released Effex, its physics simulation framework for Cinema 4D, for free. Effex 2.8, the final version of the software, is now available on GitHub.

C4D: Selecting Individual Clones  Password:  PixelGift1

BRINGING THE MARTIAN TO LIFE:  Discover how Territory Studio used Cinema 4D to create convincing on-set technology for Ridley Scott’s Golden Globe awarded sci-fi thriller.

NAB 2016 Rewind – Athanasios Pozantzis: Re-topology, Modelling & the Perfect Planet Earth

Hitting the Marks with Motion Graphics

A Cinema 4D Primer for Maya Artists: Introduction to this Primer with Cineversity

NAB 2017 Rewind – Julia Siemon: Character Tools for 3D Motion Graphic

FBX 2017 presentations YouTube or Cineversity.

MAXON @ IBC 2018

Cinema 4D SIGGRAPH 2016

Siggraph training from Cineversity and Maxon is live, tons of full length training seminars from experts in our industry. 

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 1

Another huge Siggraph has come and gone, but don’t worry, the live presentations were recorded by Maxonand Cineversity and are now free for all of us! Here is the first installment of Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D training by the best in our industry. Enjoy!

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 2

Another huge Siggraph has come and gone, but don’t worry, the live presentations were recorded by Maxonand Cineversity and are now free for all of us! Here is the second installment of Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D training by the best in our industry. Enjoy!

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 3

The third batch of Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D presentations that were recorded by Maxon and Cineversity.

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 4

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 5

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 6

Siggraph 2018 Cinema 4D Presentations Vol. 7

Webinars On-Demand

Greyscalegroilla Tools + Training for Cinema 4D 

Introduction to Cinema 4D 

Helloluxx:  Cinema 4D Tutorials 



PHIXEL facebook

The Pixel Lab




cgmotionbox: tutorials

envatotuts:  Quick Tip: Create A Basic Render Setup Using Cinema4D

NAB 2017 C4D Free Training Series Pt. 1

NAB 2017 C4D Free Training Series Pt. 6

NAB 2017 C4D Free Training Series Pt. 7

NAB 2017 C4D Free Training Series Pt. 8

Massive Free 3D Printable Scanned Sculpture Collection

Wow, I found the mother load of 3D scanned sculptures!! Can’t believe I didn’t know about this till now. The site is called My Mini Factory and part of their initiative is called “Scan the World.” They currently have over 12,000 free 3D models of famous sculptures! This is an unbelievable resource.

Free Cinema 4D 3D Scanned Models: Heritage Collection


To access the freebies, go to www.thepixellab.net/exclusive and use this password: pixellab18

In case you missed it we updated our website last week. The way you will access all of the freebies has changed. We have a new URL and a new password.  To access the freebies, go to www.thepixellab.net/exclusive and use this password: pixellab18  Also we now have a new customer log in section. Going forward all of your purchases and download links can be accessed here. The old purchases you made will not show up unfortunately but anything you buy going forward will be available in this section. Hopefully that makes it easier for you.  If any of you want to share something with the community just shoot me an e-mail: joren@thepixellab.net.

https://www.thepixellab.net/exclusive | use this password: pixellab18

  • Tobias Larsson modeled a really detailed model of the Cryptex from the Da Vinci Code, check him out on Vimeo here: vimeo.com/tacoindian There are some renders of the Cryptex as well as a little demo video showing how the stepping works. The C4D model is rigged and animated!
  • Model pack by Jim Field, the first Playhouse Model Pack he gave away. Now he has Volume 2.0! There are three C4D playhouse models but these are all sitting on the ground so you could use them for regular houses as well. Jim Field created a sweet and totally free “Evil Motorcycle.” Just delete the skull if you want a non-evil chopper.   Created an epic guitar model, dual necked with an amp to boot.
  • Simon Spencer-Harvey created a really nice Amazon Echo C4D model for you! Echo is a voice controlled speaker if you haven’t heard of it.  Interior architecture scenes of wind tunnels created by Simon Spencer-Harvey. Feel free to use them for commercial or personal use as well.
  • One carved halloween pumpkin C4D model and one that is not carved. They are 100% free, just don’t use them for re-sale. The model is created by our main man Remco.
  • Remco van der Meer modeled a whole collection of beautiful C4D buildings and is giving them away. There are three downloads full of different buildings and towers for you. Best of all they are 100% free! Massive thanks to Remco! They are C4D models and you can use them for personal or commercial use, just don’t use them for resale/stock.
  • Sam Brown’sGo Cart models <samwbrown89@gmail.com>
  • Phixel Studio, arcade game modelhttps://www.facebook.com/NegroElkhaCGI/
  • Michael Sohler, graphics card model, the model is textured with Octane materials, but you can swap out your own if you don’t own Octane. Feel free to use the model for commercial use, just don’t re-distribute etc. You can also e-mail anything you create to Michael here: mailmsolar@gmail.comfacebook.com/medienschoepfer
  • John created a silver Galactic Axe or hatchet model. The silver has details etched into it based on the material/bump channel. You could also re-texture the handle and make it a wooden version pretty easily if you want that style. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use, just make to sure to thank John and also check out his work at epicjcreations.com
  • First we have a great BMO (Beemo) 3D character created by my main man Rob Redman. Have fun playing around, practicing lighting/rigging etc.
  • Mike Udin, Audio rig for AM/audio waveforms. It comes with quite a few presets and is a great addition to your mograph library!
  • Button Kit:  an epic free button/knob/dial kit for C4D.
  • Ace5Studios just released a really fun and free C4D character rig called #beefy4D. He’s totally rigged up and ready to roll, so if you need a fun character check it out.
  • Modern house Cinema 4D model courtesy of the man, Remco van der Meer.
  • Beautiful, nostalgic, retro portable television model and crazy Sci-Fi Orb thing which used the “Thin Film Shader” which is new in R18
  • Remco built a beautiful interior room which is a photo or video studio. It also includes the backdrop stand which is a great element to use in your animations.
  • Rick Ellis has made a “building generator” rig for Cinema 4D. It comes with three preset buildings but you can make your own with the different building blocks and front faces. Make sure to thank Rick in the comments, and head over to www.rickdellis.com to give him some love.
  • Popcorn Popper Machine
  • Remco built a Tesla Supercharger model and included a station.
  • Mansion house model by Jim Field
  • Toombstones, Crypts and Graveyard Pillars by Daniel Morrison
  • Underwater SeaLab model. The SeaLab program ran in the 1960’s to research underwater habitats and to learn about what humans can endure physiologically, Rick Ellis (http://www.rickdellis.com).  I read the book “Sealab” by Ben Hellwarth and highly recommend it.  by my friendTexturing/lighting is by yours truly.
  • PORSCHE CAYMAN GT4 ANIMATION IN A VERY RAINY ENVIRONMENT:  Car automotive Animation, TOOLS: Cinema 4D, Octane 3, X-Particle, Blackmagic Fusion, After Effects.  SPECS: Render time round about 24 hours, 1 minute each frame on 3 x gtx 980ti.  Waterdrops 4K texture loop
  • High end retail store interior for Cinema 4D
  • C4D flute model by Jim Field, if you need more musical instrument models, make sure to check out ourMusic Pack.
  • Jim Field created a bunch of beds for interior decorating, including 3 kids themed beds.
  • Fancy restaurant table including chairs and dressing like silverware, cups, plates, candle, menu etc by Rick Ellis
  • BMX Model
  • A very random and awesome looking vehicle. Not sure what it is, but if you can find a way to use it in your work I would love to see it. Please do it! I want to see you use this crazy thing!!
  • Windmill model by Rick Ellis
  • 15 3D conservatory models, a conservatory is a glass room addition to a house for growing plants or just for sitting in by Jim Field
  • Created by Adam Schmisek www.adamschmisek.comFeel free to use the snowglobe model for personal or commercial work.
  • Building pack that is very customize-able. You can add any building “tiles” or profiles that can be arranged in any order to create hundreds of different building styles. It will come with over 50 preset buildings, and lots of add on options like helipads, rooftop features etc.
  • 10 free shelving/drawer/cupboard unit models. These are created by my friend Jim Field. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to use for personal or commercial work.
  • I converted our free Jeep model so it has Octane textures. The download now includes a C4D and a Octane C4D version!
  • From Pixel Studios an incredibly detailed plate of shrimp and tomatoes. If you ever need some sushi for Cinema 4D this model is all yours.
  • Spotlight lamp and a pile of pills.
  • Two building models from Rick
  • Steampunk collection! It’s created by Vijay Ram aka veej. You can check him out here and give him some love: behance.net/veej75 
  • Here’s a free 3D Bose Soundlink radio model for Cinema 4D. It’s textured for Arnold Render from Remco.
  • Vintage cassette recorder model is textured for Arnold renderer. If you want to use it with any other renderer you can re-texture. Thanks Remco
  • Steampunk Goggles model. This was created by Dmitry Zhavoronkov.
  • Dave Williams created a beautiful goggles model. It includes a little xpresso rig so you can toggle on/off the subdivision and also move the glasses up and down and move the magnifying element up and down. If you make anything cool with it make sure to let us know or tag us.
  • Free model is a circular or spiral staircase model by Remco. The model includes textures. Feel free to use for anything, personal or commercial. Just don’t resell in any way.
  • Restaurant interior scene, if you don’t use Arnold you will have to re-texture.
  • There are a handful of people I keep an eye on in our industry who are doing really fun personal projects. Aaron Covrett is one of the guys I enjoy following (@AaronCovrett on Twitter and instagram.com/aaroncovrett). His latest project is called “Bus Ride.” It’s a beautifully lit, textured and graded animation. I encourage you to check it out on his Behance page. He is also giving away the utility/telephone pole 3D model he created for free! It’s available for commercial or personal work and includes Octane textures. Incredibly inspiring work, Aaron, nicely done!
  • Created and shared by Peter Beurskens, he used to have a photographic advertising studio and this Hasselblad was his first camera! So he decided to model it in Cinema 4D.
  • Isometric Office Scene for C4D and includes textures. To learn more about Lucas head to his site lucasalles.co.uk or check out his Instagram: instagram.com/lucas_salles.  Also, if you want some more isometric rooms we have a bunch of them in our Low Poly Explainer Pack including a Isometric Room Builder.
  • Flag model, think medieval battle flag or game of thrones. Or maybe pirate flag, who knows. I actually made a tutorial on how to make a tattered/ripped flag using cloth in Cinema 4D.
  • Space Capsule model by my man Elis Ekdahl. He included a bunch of xpresso options including wiggle, rotation, having it move along different shaped splines and the ability to open and close the side hatch. It’s a great addition to any sci-fi project.  Make sure to check out Elis’ other work here: https://gumroad.com/ekah
  • Shopping cart model. or trolley if you’re in the UK, apparently? If you need some more shopping store and grocery display models you can check out our Retail Display Pack.  thanks Remco!
  • Interior bedroom scene for C4D. It’s lit and textured using Arnold so if you don’t have that you will have to re-texture but it might be a fun little challenge. To learn more about Lucas head to his site lucasalles.co.uk or check out his Instagram: instagram.com/lucas_salles
  • Model created by Lucas Salles, 3D Robot model.  Lit and textured using Redshift so if you don’t have that you will have to re-texture but it might be a great challenge.  His site lucasalles.co.uk or check out his Instagram: instagram.com/lucas_salles
  • Underworld bust sculpt by Eddie Robbertse. Might be a good interior design element to darken up the mood of your scene. edrobbertse.myportfolio.com
  • Troll Dolls, the toys are also known as good luck trolls, or alternatively gonk trolls in the United Kingdom, created by Paul Davies
  • Dandelion Model this is a beautiful little scene of 3D dandelions, shaded in Arnold for Cinema 4D, but it shouldn’t be much trouble to re-texture for another render engine. Huge thanks to Remco van der Meer.
  • Sardine Can model, Cinema 4D model by Remcol.
  • MMOne is a VR gaming simulator which looks pretty intense. “Part gaming chair, part theme park ride, the MMOne is a three-axis rotating seat that claims to be the world’s first fully-interactive virtual reality attraction.” This model is even pre-animated for you.
  • Bitcoin model.
  • 3D school bus
  • Building Kitwhich is a huge library of C4D building and skyscraper pieces.
  • Studio lamp for Cinema 4D by Remo. There is an Arnold textured version and also a regular C4D Physical Render version. If you want some more video production/light models you can check out our Video Production Pack here.
  • Dutch office, is a Barrel Sauna that comes textured for Arnold Render.
  • Espresso Coffee Machine comes in two versions: 1 for Arnold Render and 1 for Cinema 4D Physical Render version.
  • A very intricate and rad roller coaster element for Cinema 4D.
  • A lighter model that comes in 2 versions. One is textured/lit for Arnold Render and the other is textured/lit for the regular Cinema 4D Physical version.
  • Halloween model, creepy 3D skull model, it has two versions, one is for Arnold, and I also included one for Cinema 4D Physical Render. Included are regular eyeball textures and cat eye textures.
  • Architectural drafting table, the Maribu Drafting Table and is a German piece from the 1930’s. I love these vintage items. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use, just not for resale.
  • Free C4D model by Remco of a Pills Pack. We have a C4D Physical Render version and a C4D Octane version in the download.  Btw, if you need more medicine we also have this set of pills as a freebie that we posted awhile ago.
  • Eddie Robbertse has created a beautiful Cinema 4D Octane studio setup for displaying beverages. This scene could be used for bottles or cans but it includes a custom bottle with label artwork. Show Eddie some love or hire him over at his site: https://edrobbertse.myportfolio.com
  • Full environment, completely modeled out by Simon Spencer-Harvey. This professional studio set room even has a little kitchenette and a makeup stall. One is prepped for Cinema 4D Octane Render and the other is for C4D Physical Render. This scene even has xpresso sliders to open/close the blinds on the windows etc. Thanks Simon!
  • C4D model by Remco of a Pills Pack. We have a C4D Physical Render version and a C4D Octane version in the download.model by Simon Spencer-Harvey. It’s a large photo/video studio scene and it includes an xpresso rig to open the windows and move the giant reflector canopy. Thanks Simon!!
  • Manfrotto Still Life Studio scene, which is phenomenal.
  • A LED Studio Light.
  • Large photo/video studio scene and it includes an xpresso rig to open the windows and move the giant reflector canopy. Thanks Simon!
  • Don is a retired ER doctor and loves doing C4D human biology type projects and exploring how the body works visually in C4D. One of his videos on deep brain stimulation is used by the neurosurgery dept at the Mayo Clinic.  Today’s freebie is a collection of great medical animations. You can see the video here for an overview of the various included files. There are files for ATP Synthase, 3 Cell Receptor variations, G Protein Coupled Receptors, Nuclear Pore Complex and a Synaptic Transmission project file. The .zip includes all the Cinema 4D project files including textures and all are pre-animated. Enjoy, thanks to Don for being so generous.
  • Edelkrone camera dolly model by Simon Spencer-Harvey, the Surface One and includes a flex tilt head.
  • Rodrigo Ortega modeled a gorgeous traditional Chinese sky or paper lantern. It comes with multiple versions: .c4d with included hair objects, the .c4d file but baked down in case you don’t have the hair module and also a .obj and .fbx.  Make sure to give him a follow and thank him over at his Instagram:instagram.com/rodortega_
  • Really cute little robot buddy.  Feel free to use for personal or commercial use, just not for resale. Thanks Remco!
  • RyanBechtel built out a Cinema 4D mechanical Solar System which is called an Orrery. You should do a little reading up on the history of these, it’s pretty fascinating! Anyway, Ryan rigged up the entire thing with a ton of Xpresso controls for speed, size etc. so make sure to dig into the Xpresso to learn about how it’s made.  Follow him here: bechtelmgfx.com or on Instagram
  • A rad old fashioned train station clock,modeled and textured for Octane Render. It’s The brick wall texture isn’t included in the download, it’s part of our Octane Texture Pack 2. Free to use, including commercial work. Brian Pilgrim check him out on his Twitter or Instagram.
  • A low poly version of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1. The model comes in two versions, an Arnold Render and  a straight Physical render version. Alternatively you could delete the roof rack and crazy ghost busting paraphernalia and use this as a regular low poly vehicle. Oh, and if you need more low poly vehicles/elements check out our Low Poly Scenery Packand our Low Poly Explainer Pack. Remco van der Meer.
  • Included are two Cinema 4D industrial light fixture models, textured for Cinema 4D physical render. For personal or commercial use, just not for re-sale.  The Industrial Pack if you need more of this type of model. Remco van der Meer.
  • From Remco. It’s a C4D 3D microwave model.
  • An Isometric Office Scene for C4D and includes textures, by Lucas Salles. Feel free to use for personal or commercial work, just don’t resell in any way. To learn more about Lucas head to his site lucasalles.co.uk or check out his Instagram: instagram.com/lucas_salles  Also, if you want some more isometric rooms we have a bunch of them in our Low Poly Explainer Packincluding a Isometric Room Builder.
  • Great studio scene for displaying large objects like a vehicle. This scene is textured/rendered in Octane, so if you have a different render engine you’ll have to do some tweaking. The car is NOT included.
  • A fun little bug sculp Remco made. It’s a beetle, and is textured with straight up Cinema 4D textures. Feel free to use these for personal or commercial use, just don’t re-sell.
  • The scene is an old school hallway. It could also be a hospital hallway or an office hallway depending on how you treat it. Letting you know that this is textured/lit with Arnold Render for Cinema 4D. If you use anything else you will have to re-texture. Feel free to use for personal or commercial use, just not for resale. Thanks Remco.
  • A full brain, or half, depending on what you want. This model is created by Alessandro Boncio from renderking.it. It’s textured in Octane using 1 simple texture.
  • Spark plug model, by renderking.it and is textured for Octane render. It only has a few textures though so if you use a different render engine it would be pretty easy to swap out. Thanks Alessandro!
  • Anise Spice model, and is textured for Arnold. If you’re doing any kitchen interiors or cooking shows this would be a great addition. Curtesy of our man Remco.
  • Kitchen scene made by Lucas Salles! Lucas created this beautiful scene for Redshift. There are also some great models in the scene like the chairs, table, lights etc. which you could use for other projects. Check out his instagram here: instagram.com/lucas_salles
  • By renderking.it,  a stun grenade, also known as a flash, flashbang, thunderflash or sound bomb. It’s a non-lethal grenade for disorienting your enemy. I’m not sure what model/type it is.  Textured with Octane Render, just so you know.
  • I had never heard of a Strandbeest until Jochem de Klerk reached out to show me his Cinema 4D model. Strandbeesten were the brainchild of Theo Jansen. He has been creating these “forms of life” out of plastic tubes. These animals harvest wind energy and use it to walk. It’s absolutely mind bending to see them. Jochem was fascinated so he created a perfect Cinema 4D recreation of a Strandbeest. He also created a 3D print model if you want to print one out!
  • With all this Game of Thrones coffee cup nonsense I should jump on the coffee cup bandwagon to ride the cultural trend. Use it in your medieval scenes, or just for regular coffee purposes. Use for commercial or personal use, just not for resale. Textured for Octane.renderking.it
  • Pile of free C4D coffee bean models if you want to use those for your mocha/latte/starbucks/coffee design vibes.
  • 3D Aviator sunglasses, textured in Arnold. By Remco van der Meer.
  • 3D Car Air Freshener tree model. Remco created the lights/texture in Arnold renderer, fyi. Feel free to use for whatever you want, from Remco.
  • Created by renderking.it, we have a download with a bunch of bullets and shotgun shells. They’re for Cinema 4D and are textured for Octane render.
  • A great interior, a greenscreen photo/video studio for Cinema 4D. modeled by Remco van der Meer.  Two versions: one is textured and lit for Octane Render, second is textured and lit for Arnold.
  • By renderking.it, we have a sci-fi hand grenade. It’s for Cinema 4D, textured for Octane render.
  • Hand grenade model
  • Bowl of macaron, Thanks Remco for sharing!
  • Sci-fi object model by Giuseppe Sarci. It could be anything really, but it’s a fun element to add to your projects. It’s textured for Octane Render.
  • A rad little sci-fi ufo spacecraft, also created by Giuseppe! It even has an xpresso slider to open and close the legs so it becomes a flying saucer model.
  • A beautiful medieval battle helmet model for Cinema 4D. Feel free to use for whatever you want, but if you make anything cool please share it with me, I would love to see it. Again, massive thanks to Giuseppe!  Btw, we can’t give away all the goodies so just a note: the render of the helmet above uses Scene 05: Dramatic from our Octane Lighting Essentials and also textures from our Octane Texture Pack 1and Octane Texture Pack 2. I did re-texture them with simpler textures for this download just so you don’t have to start from scratch, but if you want the good stuff you know where to find it!
  • A model of the SS Queen of Nassau ship. The ship, formerly the CGS Canada, was the first armed, steel-hulled cruiser owned by the Candian government. It was sold in 1924, renamed the Queen of Nassau, and became an inter-island cruise ship down in Florda. It sunk in a shroud of mystery. The wreck was discovered in 2001 off the Florida coast in incredibly good condition at 230 feet deep. Rick is incredibly generous and is giving away this beautiful model. Make sure to check out his work at rickdellis.com.
  • This was created by Ryan Silva as an entry in our Still Life modeling contest awhile ago.  It’s a still life laboratory scene for Cinema 4D. The texturing is done in Octane, so you know. Make sure to check out Ryan’s work on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Handle this one with care, it’s a free Cinema 4D Dynamite Bomb model with a timer on it. Created by the infamous Remco van der Meer, this comes textured/lit for Arnold Render in C4D.
  • It’s a security dome camera for Cinema 4D. Remco is a big Arnold lover so this model comes lit and textured for Arnold. I spent some time re-texturing/lighting it in Octane though, so that version is also included in the download.
  • Ceramic kitchen jar model for Cinema 4D, renderking.it.Textures are simple Octane textures, but it would be really easy to switch them out for your render engine of choice.
  • Model of the Alfa Romeo Navajo concept car. This was a concept car made in 1976 and is a “wedge on wheels” design. It never made it to production, but it’s such a rad vehicle.  Make sure to check out his work at rickdellis.com.
  • Chair model, two versions: a Arnold version and a C4D Octane Render version Thanks Remo.
  • A pack of nine kitbash elements which could be sci-fi or mechanical/hard surface pieces. These will be great for building up your scene and adding a lot of detail.This freebie is un-textured, but if you want the texture used in the above render you can find it in our Hard Surfaces Pack
  • Party speaker model by Remo. Included in the download is a Arnold version and a Octane version. Enjoy.
  • Free button pack with dozens of buttons, switches, knobs and trackpads to add to your scene. This free kit was created by Rick Ellis at rickdellis.com.
  • Medical room filled with hospital beds, IV drips, computer monitors etc. and cleaning cart.  They’re textured with C4D Sketch and Toon! It’s pretty fun if you want a cartoon or infographic vibe. If not, you can always re-texture to make them more realistic.  These are both by our friends at renderking.it.
  • Mini-pack of free 3D furniture models created by Alfredo Fuschiotto over at renderking.it. Included are 3 different styles of Cinema 4D chair models. These are designer plastic bucket chairs, wooden chairs and some plastic chairs. They are all textured/lit for straight up Cinema 4D Physical renderer.
  • A little furniture pack with 2 different chairs and two different tables. These are also created by renderking.it.
  • A great little cartoon rocket ship model. This was created by our friends at renderking.it and it is shaded for regular old Cinema 4D.
  • An old skool C4D model television.
  • A different free vintage portable television model in our collection modeled by Remco van der Meer.
  • A vintage C4D model of a record turntable. Modeled by Giuseppe Sarci over at renderking.it and textured for straight up Cinema 4D Physical render.
  • EV (Electric Vehicle) charger plug in Cinema 4D and is lit/textured in Arnold Render for C4D.  Free for personal or commercial use.
  • A Cinema 4D model of a cartoon style pizza and hotdog. We were super inspired by Paul over at The Rusted Pixel. He’s working on a little personal project with all sorts of cartoon/stylistic food models. They’re awesome! Follow him here: twitter.com/therustedpixel 
  • A coffee or tea cup model, the textures are included for Octane Render. Enjoy.
  • Two 3D models, a “robot generator” and then one without the robot eyes/head which makes it a standard generator. Also, in the download are 2 versions, one textured/lit for Cinema 4D Arnold, and one for Cinema 4D Octane Render. Thanks Remco!
  • High quality Lambo car wheel/tire. The details are awesome! Feel free to use for personal or commercial use. Freebie from our friends at Renderking.
  • An incredible freebie by my man Remco van der Meer. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The above render is Arnold for Cinema 4D. I also attempted to recreate it with Octane, and that is also included in the download, but mine isn’t quite as sexy as Remco’s!
  • By Remco and it’s an industrial light/lamp,  for Cinema 4D and Octane Render.
  • Alfredo’s ketchup bottle and pizza/hotdog models
  • Modern architecture house for Cinema 4D and Arnold Render by Remco van der Meer. It’s free for personal or commercial use, just not for resale.
  • Remco van der Meer modeled/textured/lit this epic rum bottle and is giving it away for free! This is textured with Arnold render for Cinema 4D.
  • Little free Jewelry Pack courtesy of rendering.   Included is an emerald ring, a gold rose flower brooch/pin and a gold apple necklace.
  • An empty pizza box. We have two versions in the download: one for C4D Arnold and one for C4D Octane, by my man Remco van der Meer.
  •  Bambang Suhendra has created a great Indonesian Meatball soup scene, including sauce bottle models. Textured for Cinema 4D Redshift. You can follow him at instagram.com/bhenk2suhendra
  • A  “Green Egg Grill” which is a very unique and awesome grill with a semi-cult following. See the real life grill in action here: instagram.com/biggreenegg  Two different versions: one is Arnold and the other is textured for Octane Render. Thanks again Remco.
  • Free down puffer jacket 3d model for Cinema 4D, by Alfredo over at renderking.it
  • Simon Spencer Harvey created this awesome retro toy robot which is called the Electron Tin robot.  In the download are three versions: an xpresso version which is fully rigged and ready to animate, a pre-animated robot, and a scene with 5 different colored robots. These are all textured/lit for straight up Cinema 4D.
  • A model of a Raleigh Burner BMX bike. The detail is awesome, so download, inspect, learn, use and enjoy. Huge thanks to Remco!
  • Remco modeled this retro Braun CE 500 CSV300 model and lit/rendered it in Arnold Render for Cinema 4D. This model is free for personal or commercial use, enjoy! Mega thanks to Remco!
  • A Pokemon Poke ball.
  • This is from Remco van der Meer, and it’s a television studio set 3d model for Cinema 4D. He lit/textured this for Arnold, fyi. Feel free to use for whatever you want. Enjoy, thanks Remco!
  • A beautiful keyboard modeled by Nick at siliconstudio.
  • Courtesy of Alfredo over at renderking.it. It’s a set of cloth curtains. These are Cinema 4D models and come textured for Octane Render. Also, these are not animated, and not really set up for animation, but they’re perfect for dressing your scene etc.
  • Remco is going to give you Corona Virus – a free Cinema 4D model of the COVID-19 virus. If you’re in the news industry maybe you need to make some renders for your broadcasts. This is textured for Arnold render, fyi.
  • Rick Ellis modeled this Cinema 4D 3D model of the USS Macon and is giving it away for free! The USS Macon (ZRS-5) was a rigid airship built and operated by the United States Navy.
  • Aluminum beer or soda/pop can model. Also included is the 6 pack version with plastic wrapping it. This was created by Alfredo from renderking.it. Huge thanks to him! I also included the .psd which I created for the can wrapper artwork. You can easily open that in photoshop and add your own text or imagery. Hope you find it useful!
  • Cinema 4D 3d model of a empty warehouse. It could be used as a expo hall or something like a warehouse or a production facility etc. This is textured for Arnold, fyi, so if you use something else you’ll have to replace the textures. Huge thanks to Remco, as always! (The man and scissor lift models are not included in the download).
  • A sleek and beautiful Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer bike.  It was created by Maciej Ptaszynski. You can see his work here: behance.net/maciekptaszynski
  • Lobby model made by Rick Ellis. Rick is the mastermind behind our brand new Tower Tool, btw. This freebie is made in C4D and is textured for regular physical renderer. You can check him out here: www.rickdellis.com
  • Maciej Ptaszynski’s model is a Leica M9 camera made for Cinema 4D and it is textured with Octane Render. It’s a “cartoon” style texturing/lighting rig, but make no mistake, this is a high resolution beautiful model which could easily be re-textured to be photoreal. behance.net/maciekptaszynski
  • A cigarette lighter, textured for Octane Render but they are very basic textures so you can re-texture them super easily if you use a different render engine. Feel free to use for whatever you want, enjoy!  renderking.it.
  • This Covid-19 model was created by Trần Viết Hưng also known as h4d. Check him out on Instagram: instagram.com/h4d_hungtv He modeled this and provided two versions, one lit/textured for Arnold Render and one for Cycles 4D. Feel free to us this however you want, commercial or personal.
  • A classic Dixie BMW 315 DA-2 car. It’s such a rad vehicle with a storied history. An .obj download and is not textured. Feel free to use for whatever you want. Huge thanks to Maciej!
  • This freebie is a Cinema 4D simple man animation. The model is completely rigged and animated. Use for whatever you want. Huge thanks to Charlie Davies. He’s teaming up with a friend to make animation and sound explorations for a Instagram page they’re calling The Progression Sessions. It’s a pretty sweet concept! Check them out here: instagram.com/p/CBgnDB2nPJQ/
  • Cinema 4D kitbash style pack of cyberpunk mechanical models. There are so many ways you could use these! The artist who created these is William Willoughby. You can check him out here: C4DCenter.com or on FB: facebook.com/C4DCenter.  The models are all textured for Cinema 4D. Included are security cams, futuristic screens, street markers, pipes, cables and robot pieces. If you make anything cool please share a link with me or tag us, we would love to see it!
  • The new free mini-pack has a few gorgeous hard surface, sci-fi style models created by Giuseppe Sarci. These are part of our Hard Surfaces product which has hundreds more of these, including full 3D environments. These freebies are textured for Octane, but the main product has C4D texturing options as well. Feel free to use for whatever you want including commercial use.
  • Crosman Air Pistol, a throwing star “High Tech Shuriken” and a Japanese Kunai ninja weapon.  Liam’s Instagram has a ton of incredible work here: instagram.com/super9tv
  • Lucas Salles has modelled this lighthouse and textured it in Substance, including the snowglobe. Textured in Redshift, but the PBR textures are included so you could re-texture with any engine. Feel free to use for whatever you want, just don’t resell. Thanks Lucas!! Follow him on Twitter here: twitter.com/lucas9280
  • These rigs are all super easy to customize with a xpresso setup. You can change practically anything about these conveyor systems: length, width, height, foot type, materials, speed, incline, roller type, guard rails and much more.  It has 3 different types of conveyor belt systems. They’re xpresso rigs for Cinema 4D, and will work in version R14 and above.
  • Button Kit Man  Rick created a Button Kit for Cinema 4D with dozens of different buttons, dials, knobs etc. for you to use in your projects. I love this kit, such a cool idea! Rick has been super generous so I encourage you to send him a little paypal donation for his efforts if you can. His paypal address is: rickdellis@aol.com
  • Model of the Among Us crewmate spaceman/astronaut. It’s complete rigged, textured with Sketch and Toon.  Huge thanks to Everyday Pancakes for being so willing to share. 
  • C4D toon arm rig. It has an Xpresso rig so it’s all set up for animation. Perfect for infographics etc. twitter.com/EvrydayPancakes
  • Cinema 4D model of a sucker or lollipop. It’s lit/textured for Octane Render and includes many different lollipop texture variations. I really like the subtle cracks in the lollipop that he added with a Voronoi Fracture. It adds some really nice detail. Feel free to download and use for whatever you want. Make sure to check out Boxoffrogs on Artstation. Huge thanks to Domi for sharing!
  • Classic cinema movie theatre model, textured/lit with Arnold render. Thanks as always to Remco for sharing and feel free to use for personal or commercial use. Enjoy!
  • Garrett Appleton has created this great sci-fi or science beaker model. instagram.com/apetownart Giving away for free!
  •  Garrett has also created a great sci-fi or ancient rune stones model pack.  It’s lit/textured for Cinema 4D + Redshift. There are 10 different style rune stone symbols. Feel free to use for whatever you want. instagram.com/apetownart
  •  Remco has been working on some snow/ice shaders since the whole world seems to be frozen right now. He came up with this rad little winter scene with an icy snowman.  For Arnold Render and Cinema 4D. The HDRI is free.
  • A pack of 10 beautiful and detailed modern interior design furniture elements! We’ve already given away Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of free furniture. Today we’re giving away Vol. 3! These are all created by the incredible Modenese Luxury Interior brand. They have stunning physical furniture and design elements which are handmade in Italy. Their work is absolutely breathtaking. Please take some time to peruse their site and see their classic handmade Italian products. In addition to the actual furniture, they have created 3D models of them and are giving them away for free!


  • Drop your object into the Trypogen plugin and create unique shapes instantly. With multiple mesh modes and subdivision types you can toggle through organic smooth objects or hard surfaced chiseled effects. Throw in a fracture object or a cloner and you can get incredible inner detail or spiraling objects that look beautiful and intricate. Best of all the plugin is incredibly fast and snappy in the viewport. Make sure to watch the overview/tutorial videos on the launch page to see it in action.
  • Latest collaboration plugin called Topowire for C4D.  With a few clicks you can create dangling cables that are dynamic and connected to any objects you want. It’s incredibly fun to use, quick to set up and will save you a lot of time and headache. Say good-bye to slowly belting the end points of your splines to objects.

I’ve just got word that DEM Earth has a huge update. Now included is a feature called Poly Importer where you can import country, county and regional borders as splines! This is a huge feature which I’m really excited to see.

  • Hide and Seek:  Quickly find anything in your scene, Search for large groups of objects or specific items, Greatly speed up your workflow on any project, Isolate the objects you’re working with, Create object selection groups to come back to at any time

Hide and Seek is our new project management plugin for Cinema 4D! Quickly find anything in your scene, isolate pieces you’re working on or create infinite selection groups. Save a ton of time by never digging through your object manager again! With Hide and Seek you can:

  • Quickly find anything in your scene
  • Search large groups of objects or specific items
  • Greatly speed up your workflow on any project
  • Isolate only the objects you’re working with
  • Create object selection groups to come back to at any time
  • Never dig through the object manager again!

NEON  SIGN  GENERATOR Octane resource for you to check out. Aaron Covrett created a Neon sign generator for Cinema 4D Octane.


When you make any purchases we now have a login system so that you can come back, login and find your download links any time in the future. Just click on the “My Account” tab on the top bar and you can find the customer log in system. Going forward this should help save you a lot of headache!

Best Software 2018: PureRef for Motion Design References.  

In this tutorial/overview I’ll show you my favorite piece of software for 2018. It’s free or choose your price from pureref.com. PureRef is a great way to lay out and navigate all of your design references and inspiration. A key part of starting a new project is gathering inspiration and references to guide you with texture, color, typography, various elements etc. This is also a great way to collaborate with other artists or make sure you’re on the same page with your client. Enjoy!

NAB 2018 Sale Checkout Codes  To get 30% off anything in the store: NAB30  To get 50% off of the Mega-Pack: NAB50

A bubble project file Remco made, plus the included 8 bubble materials.  Also included is a download of the rendered out bubbles sequence with an alpha channel so you can use it quickly in AE.

Free UI Grids AE preset last week, and since then the developer came out with a new update! The update is awesome, it now has strokes and color options for everything! It’s fantastico, so make sure to re-download!

Free Arnold Lighting Studios

31 Lighting Rigs for Arnold + C4D     password: pixellab18

Arnold Mutating Materials: Stones


What makes this product the first of its kind?

The premise of this product is to take 1 metal and then have dozens of mutations of it in various forms of decay. This means you can easily iterate. If you don’t like a look you can easily select the next option to add more weathering and decay. It’s incredibly fun to play with!

Arnold Mutating Materials: Woods


Introducing Aura! I’m thrilled to share a very special product which has high quality, professional level 3D environments for your animations or product shots. Aura has 11 environments and we will be launching a free environment every month for customers until we hit 15. These are perfect back plates for stunning product renders! We have a Octane Render and Cinema 4D version and a Redshift and Cinema 4D version.



Blemish Pro is a new motion design product to dial in the realism of your renders. It’s a pack of 100 professionally designed grunge maps that you can use in your roughness channel that will immediately give your object scratches, smudges, fingerprints, grime and incredible realism. They are all extremely detailed and are 8k resolution so you can zoom way in and still have beautiful results.

Free Blemish Pro Map Mini-Pack

We have a great new free pack for you. It has 5 free roughness maps from our Blemish Pro product. Blemish Pro has 100 of these, all 8K, seamless and incredibly detailed. You just pipe these into your roughness channel to instantly add a lot of smudges, details and realism to your model. This pack has 5 of the maps and you can use them for whatever you want, just don’t resell them. Enjoy, and if you like them, make sure to check out Blemish Pro!

C4D TOWER TOOL  I’m stoked to introduce the Tower Tool for Cinema 4D! I teamed up with Rick Ellis (rickdellis.com). He came up with a beautiful and elegant system for creating thousands of unique building models in a couple clicks! (FYI, this is a new product which completely replaces the old Building Kit with a new, faster and more efficient rig).  This kit comes out of the gate with 200,000 possible random buildings. You can also customize virtually everything with Panel Random, Spline Random or Full Manual Control. The possibilities are endless!

BUILDING KIT Teamed up with Rick Ellis (rickdellis.com). He came up with a beautiful and elegant system for creating custom building models and I’m excited to share it with you. It’s essentially a 3 step process.  With 55+ preset building panels, 20 pre-made spline profiles, 14 pre-made buildings and 50 accessory models, you can prototype and test out different designs in just a few clicks.

MODERN CITYSCAPE COLLECTION  In case you missed it we just released an incredible kitbash product with 27 modern skyscrapers & buildings,150 bonus models to populate your city & 3 completely built out city skylines. Every model comes textured with 3 versions: Octane Render, Redshift and Cinema 4D Physical. Also included are the building .objs in case you want to use them in a different app.

CLOUDS PACK VDB Clouds Pack which has 100 incredibly realistic clouds in a VDB format. You can use them in any render engine that supports them such as Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Blender, Houdini etc.

CLOUDS PACK Volume 2  This product has 100 incredibly realistic clouds in a VDB format which you can load into any render engine that supports them such as Cinema 4D, Octane, Redshift, Arnold and many more.

CLOUDS PACK Volume 3    This product has 100 incredibly realistic clouds in a VDB format which you can load into any render engine that supports them such as Blender, Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Houdini, Cycles and many more.

EARTH and GLOBES PACK for Videocopilot Element3D:   We’ve finally done it! We have converted the Earth and Globes Pack for Videocopilot Element3D! Over 40 3D models covering everything from realistic to artistic, high poly to low poly globes, earths, maps and solar system pieces. We have something for everyone and I hope you enjoy it.  If you’re looking for the Cinema4D version, you can find that here.

ELEMENTS 3D BUNDLE Videocopilot  The Low Poly Scenery, Technology, Earth and Globes, Financial, Music, Video Production and Material Pack for Videocopilot Element 3D.

EVENTS and VENUES PACK:  I’m excited to launch The Pixel Lab “Events & Venues Pack!” I’ve teamed up with Simon Spencer-Harvey and we have created over 50 C4D elements including 15 full 3D environments that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. This pack is extremely versatile with elements for concerts, events, conferences and exhibitions.

FLAGS & BANNERS PACK  Our Flags and Banners Pack has 60 different animated 3D files. It includes 30 flags and 30 banners in various shapes, sizes and styles. We even include ripped flags, medieval battle style banners and pirate flags.

GRAPHS and CHARTS PACK:  Every single model has an xpresso rig so you can easily change the bar, point, or line heights with sliders. The sliders are also connected to the numerical values, so they go up and down whenever you raise a bar or move a point! We are also including a fully pre-animated version of each and every model so you can just add them to your scene and already have the animation set up! That means you can either use the included xpresso rig, or you can use the pre-animated xpresso rig, it’s up to you since we have included both versions.

HARD SURFACES  I’m excited to introduce Hard Surfaces V2, the ultimate kitbash pack. It contains 200+ beautifully textured models to quickly bring your ideas to life. The theme is a mix of steampunk, industrial, sci-fi styled mechanical kitbash models. Also included are fully built assets and 4 complete scenes.  There are three versions in the download: A fully textured .lib4d for Octane render, a fully textured .lib4d for C4D Physical render, and all of the .obj files to use in a different application such as Element 3D (not textured).

HARD SURFACES: The Ultimate Kitbash Pack

I’m excited to introduce Hard Surfaces V2, the ultimate kitbash pack. It contains 200+ beautifully textured models to quickly bring your ideas to life. The theme is a mix of steampunk, industrial, sci-fi styled mechanical kitbash models. Also included are fully built assets and 4 complete scenes. 

There are three versions in the download: A fully textured .lib4d for Octane render, a fully textured .lib4d for C4D Physical render, and all of the .obj files to use in a different application such as Element 3D (not textured).


LOW POLY SCENERY PACK We have created over 75 low poly C4D models and Element 3D version, that will hopefully save you tons of time on your projects. We also included 6 full scenes that have different color schemes that you can pick from.

LOW POLY EXPLAINER PACK  Simon Spencer-Harvey and I are very excited to launch the new Low Poly Explainer Pack! It’s massive, with over 100 C4D elements including a hand rig, isometric room generator, character generator (with 20+ animation presets), vehicle rigs, tree and grass generators, and 65+ objects to populate your scenes! We also made 5 full tutorials if you want to learn more about the product or how to use it. I truly hope it helps you out on your projects and you find it useful! Below are all of the included objects followed by the tutorials.

To download, just go to http://www.thepixellab.net/exclusive and use this password: pixellab18

As a thank you gift for your support over the years we’re giving away over 150 completely free materials for Arnold. There’s a bit of everything: metal, plastic, glass, wood, concrete and many more! These were all created by Remco van der Meer. HUGE thanks to him for being so awesome and willing to share!  That will get you access to this, plus all of our 350+ freebies! Enjoy! (Btw, if you’re a RS or Octane user, in the freebies site we have a bunch of sampler material packs from our various collections. You could download those so you don’t feel left out!)

MATERIAL PACK 1 Redshift C4D Materials were created by my friend Mark from MSJPhotography.com. (Texture ball model courtesy of Paulo Barrelas of ultradigital.pt)  135 pre-made complex materials so you can save time and limit your node tree headaches.



MATERIAL PACK Over 500 C4D materials/textures to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative.  The textures are organized into the following categories: Alpha Overlays, Everyday Color, Fabric/Leather, Wood, Metal, Glass/Transparent/Ice, Luminance, Misc., Paper/Cardboard, Patterns/Tiles, Rubber/Plastic and Stone/Concrete/Dirt. It’s a .lib4d file, can load these textures into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access them at any time.

R20 C4D Node-based material system We have two packs, both with over 150 premium materials that are 4K and tileable. All materials are either Node or Uber materials that are designed exclusively to work with R20 and beyond. We have two packs and one bundle. And, great news, they are all 15% off right now with an introductory price!

MEGA PACK  includes every Cinema 4D model and material The Pixel Lab has ever created in one pack! Over 1,275 models, 840+ materials. Plus we are including the Building Kit, Pipes Generator, Air Duct Generator and the Scaffold Rig! This will give you a massive library of different models you’ll be able to use for all of your upcoming projects. We are also throwing in the Material Pack and the Procedural Material Pack for free as a bonus: over 840 pro C4D textures to sweeten the deal!

MESH BOOLEAN  MeshBoolean, which unlocks tons of non-destructive options for using booles in C4D. They just released a big update which includes smoothing. This means you can make really awesome “weld” looks between objects without having to model or make things editable.

An incredible kitbash product with 27 modern skyscrapers & buildings, 150 bonus models to populate your city & 3 completely built out city skylines. Every model comes textured with 3 versions: Octane Render, Redshift and Cinema 4D Physical. Also included are the building .objs in case you want to use them in a different app. 

OCTANE SSS SHADER PACK  If Octane is your jam then check out this free pack of 16 SSS (Subsurface Scattering) C4D Octane materials. They were created by my friend Paul, aka The Rusted Pixel and they are absolutely beautiful.

OCTANE BUNDLE  has all 5 of our Octane products.



A very unique and special texture pack for Octane. It has 150 textures but the exciting part is how we created it. The first of it’s kind, unique twist on this product is that these are all created with random nodes, so you can cycle through random alternative options for each texture. This means there are over 500 procedurally generated textures! It’s created just for motion designers like you. Just click “Seed” to cycle the randomly generated options!  It’s an extremely unique pack with 500 variations created just for motion designers. Everything is fully customizable, easy to modify and ready for your next project! All textures are 16 bit, 4k and tileable. Most are even set up with Triplanar Mapping to make it incredibly easy for you to use. Plus you can quickly change the colors to whatever you want using a gradient.

CINEMA 4D OCTANE LIGHT´S  Simple Octane Lightkit.  This is a simple and easy to use Cinema 4D Octane Lightsetup. We have a Area/Shape light, a Spotligt with OpenGL Viewport visualisation, a Sunlight, a HdriSky and a Seamless floor setup. For each light/Setup are all settings in one tab. You have Solo/Unsolo buttons for each light. And you have also the C4D Lightning tool buttons in the tab. You can move lights, target lights and set specular lights. We think this is very useful for product shots or car shots.

OCTANE LIGHTING ESSENTIALS  I’m stoked to share the brand new Octane Lighting Essentials for C4D pack, which I’m launching with Alessandro, aka Renderking. Jump-start your lighting in Octane with 10 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full Xpresso rig so you can quickly modify the lights, size, position and colors.

Added Octane Lighting Essentials so now we have all of our 4 incredible Octane products in one bundle with a savings of over $55.

Octane Lighting Essentials Volume 2


Octane Tutorial: Light Linking

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use the new Light Linking features in Octane for Cinema 4D. I believe they came out with Octane 4.0 so you will need to make sure you’re up to date. Light linking has always been the biggest request for Octane. If you don’t know what light linking is, it’s the ability to take a light and only have it affect certain objects in your scene, not everything. This was never possible in Octane till now, and it’s a huge deal!

OCTANE MASTER COURSE  I’m excited to team up with John Burdock to share the best training for Octane I have found out there. The Octane Master Course is the first fully comprehensive series of video tutorials for Octane Render in Cinema 4D. It’s meant for all skill levels and will cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Octane and how it interacts with Cinema 4D. This course will also continue to evolve and update as Octane and Cinema 4D change over the years. It’s over 90 videos (30+ hours) with a complete beginner to advanced level progression which will help accelerate your Octane knowledge and quickly get you the technical skills you need.

It’s finally here! Lots of people have been asking if we could port over our Octane Lighting Essentials to Redshift, and I’m happy to share it’s complete and ready!  Jump start your lighting with 10 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors. The download is a .lib4d so you can easily access these lighting setups through your content browser.




OCTANE TEXTURE PACK PRO: This pack has 100 incredibly detailed and high resolution textures. It has been over a year in the making with any ior, dispersions and sss values physically correct to the real world. Definitely a must have for pro level texturing.

OCTANE TEXTURE PACK 2:  Architecture Edition  It has 100 incredibly detailed and high resolution textures which are perfect for interior or exterior scenes. These would be perfect for any mograph work also, not just arch viz.

OCTANE TEXTURE PACK SAMPLER  It’s a free sampler from our Octane Texture Pack 2: Architecture Edition. It has 5 textures from the pack: natural wood, plastic painted metal, procedural glass, rigid copper and semi-polished stone.

OCTANE TEXTURE PACK 3: Procedural Edition

I’m excited to again team up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking to offer the Octane Texture Pack 3: Procedural Edition! It has 100 incredibly detailed and 100% procedural textures. We gave ourselves the challenge of making every texture procedural so there are zero bitmaps or image textures! This means you can scale everything without limit and everything is customizeable. The textures are all set up to be seamless and tileable and most are prepared utilizing Triplanar Mapping so everything is simple for you to use. Every texture has smudges, dirt, flecks and subtle variations to make them incredibly realistic.

OCTANE TEXTURE PACK 4: Contemporary Design

I’m excited to again team up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking to offer Octane Texture Pack 4: Contemporary Design! It has 101 incredibly detailed textures. The textures are all 4K, 16 Bit and set up to be seamless and tileable. Most are set up with Triplanar Mapping so everything is simple for you to use. Every texture has smudges, dirt, flecks and subtle variations to make them incredibly realistic. And like always these are drag-and-drop ready straight from an easy to access .lib4d in your Cinema 4D content browser.

Octane Texture Pack 5: Motion Design

I’m excited to again team up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking to offer Octane Texture Pack 5: Motion Design! It’s a very unique pack. We include 150 textures, all 4K, 16 bit, seamless and set up with Triplanar Mapping. But the exciting part is that these are all created with random nodes, so you can cycle through random alternative options for each texture. This means there are over 500 procedurally generated textures! It’s created just for motion designers like you.

Octane Texture Pack 6: Interior Design

It has 129 incredibly detailed textures. The textures are all 4K and set up to be seamless and tileable. Most are set up with Triplanar Mapping so everything is simple for you to use. Every texture has smudges, dirt, flecks and subtle variations to make them incredibly realistic.


PROCEDURAL MATERIAL PACK:  I’m extremely excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Procedural Material Pack!” Rob Redman and I have teamed up to bring you a very special pack with over 340 C4D materials to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative! These 100% procedural materials take full advantage of the new Reflectance channel in C4D! Procedural means that they are infinitely tile-able unlike many other material packs which use image textures and can create seams when you tile them.

PRO MATS VOL 1:  Rob Redman of Pariah Studios and I have collected 50 premium, high resolution materials for you. They are all image based, meaning they are extremely realistic and also quick rendering. Most of them include color, normal and bump and some also include specular maps. This means you can use them in any third party render engine! Just add the color, bump and normal maps and you can use Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Cycles or any other engine. You could even use them in a different 3D app like Maya or Max if you wanted to!

PXL + DIRT Rig you can quickly add complex dirt, grunge and worn looks to your materials. The best part is that it takes very complex mix materials, noises, shaders and layers and puts them all in a very easy to use interface which is fast and fun to play around with.  Have updated PXL + DIRT to V.2 which now works with Octane 3.08 & includes the ability to add bitmaps to the displacement channel plus more.

3D VIDEO PRODUCTION PACK and 2D VIDEO PRODUCTION THEMED MODELS  with Remo have created a huge pack with 20 video production themed models. You will also get two bonus behind the scenes time-lapse videos showing Remco modeling the Camera Dolly and Follow Spotlight from scratch.


Jump start your lighting with 16 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors. The download is a .lib4d so you can easily access these lighting setups through your content browser.

REDSHIFT LIGHTING ESSENTIALS  for personal lighting in C4D. Jump start your lighting with 20 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors.


Jump start your lighting with 15 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors. The download is a .lib4d so you can easily access these lighting setups through your content browser.  New free update to Redshift Lighting Essentials! The new studio is called “Garage Studio” and it’s a gritty, realistic scene with a concrete floor and moody vibe. It’s a free update to customers, you will have received an e-mail from me (you can also log in to download in your account section). With Redshift Lighting Essentials you can jump start your lighting with 15 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors.




I’m very excited to bring you the 4th material pack for Redshift! It’s a brand new pack with 176 premium materials which are all 4K and seamless! With completely different/new materials, this pack is a perfect compliment to Pack 1 and Pack 2 and Pack 3. The materials were created by my friend Mark from MSJPhotography.com.

Redshift Mutating Materials: Bricks – Arnold


Activate your mutant powers using 24 types of wall and pavement bricks with varying levels of decay or patterning. It’s the most comprehensive pack of brick materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift available on the planet, featuring over 270 materials (including walls, pavement, painted bricks and terracotta)! Every texture is 4k, seamless, PBR based and very little tinkering is required. This pack is guaranteed to save you loads of time!



Featuring over 260 materials, every texture is 4k, seamless and PBR based.  The premise of this product is to take 1 metal and then have dozens of mutations of it in various forms of decay. This means you can easily iterate. If you don’t like a look you can easily select the next option to add more weathering and decay.  We have 10 base metals: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Iron, Platinum, Silver, and Steel. Every metal has dozens of mutations like Polished, Smudged, Sandblasted, Cast, Grinded, Raw, Brushed, Powder Coated, Galvanized, Hammered, Wrought, Forged, Corroded/Rusted, Painted, Scratched, Pitted, Dented, and Damaged. This pack will help you iterate and find the perfect metal quickly, without having to dive into the node tree


Activate your mutant powers using 25 types of wood with varying levels of decay or patterning. It’s the most comprehensive pack of wood materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift available on the planet, featuring 280+ materials (including architectural woods & tree barks)! Every texture is 4k, seamless, PBR based and very little tinkering is required. This pack will save you a massive amount of time!


Activate your mutant powers using 45 types of rock/stone surfaces with varying levels of decay or patterning. It’s the most comprehensive pack of stone/rock materials for Cinema 4D + Redshift available on the planet, featuring 270 materials! Every texture is 4k, seamless, PBR based and very little tinkering is required. This pack will save you a massive amount of time!

Free Redshift Cinema 4D Material Pack: Stones Sampler

Redshift Mutating Materials: Terrains

This pack features 250 stunning and highly detailed materials including beaches, deserts, forests, glaciers, jungles, mountains and wetlands! All materials are 4k, seamless and physically accurate. Simply drag & drop to effortlessly achieve the precise look you’re after. This pack is guaranteed to save you huge amounts of time!


REDSHIFT BUNDLE  These packs are not just PBR, they also have hundreds of fully procedural materials. If you want to learn how to build your own layered, procedural Redshift materials, this is a great pack to study. Or if you just want that extra freedom to control the amount of rust, mold, paint, dirt, and lichen using simple sliders, then this is the pack for you.


SCAFFOLD RIG PACK: Create custom rigs in a few clicks! This rig, created by my friend Peter Holweg (xplicitcreations.com), is incredibly easy and fun to use.


Scaffold Rig for Cinema 4D

C4D Scaffolding Rig Tutorial


An incredible kitbash/texture pack combo product to create street and road scenes with a few clicks! Almost 100 incredibly detailed road textures with dozens of variations. They’re all 4K, PBR based, and incredibly detailed. Also included are nearly 100 kitbash models to spice up your scene. There’s a bit of everything: signs, lightposts, guard rails, trash cans and garbage, bridges, street lights, sidewalks, subway entrances and many more.




This product has 50 incredibly realistic smoke animations in a VDB format which you can load into any render engine that supports them such as Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Cycles, Houdini and many more.

This product has 50 incredibly realistic smoke animations in a VDB format which you can load into any render engine that supports them such as Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Cycles, Houdini and many more.

VDB Cloud Volume 1 and SmokeVolume 2  together and save over 20%! That’s over 150 professional smoke, fog, mist, cloud and smoke plume elements for your render engine of choice.

VDB Clouds Pack Vol. 2

This product has 100 incredibly realistic clouds in a VDB format which you can load into any render engine that supports them such as Cinema 4D, Octane, Redshift, Arnold and many more.

Josh Pierce created all of these renders | instagram, https://www.instagram.com/_jpierce/ also https://www.thepixellab.net/vdb-cloud-bundle

VDB Explosions Pack V.1

I’m so pumped for this long awaited product. It has 50 incredibly realistic explosion VDBs for your render engine of choice. There are TONS of different styles of explosions so you can pick the perfect one for your project.



VFX Elements VOLUME 4 |  This volume is VDB Smoke Plumes, it has 25 realistic billowing smoke animations. They’re VDB files, so you can use them in about any render engine or 3D app.


VFX Elements Volume 01:  Destruction Debris



VFX Elements Volume 02: VDB Portals

We’re launching a brand new product and I’m really proud of it. This is VFX Elements Volume 2: VDB Portals! There are 25 gorgeous wispy and smoky portals included. They can be used in any render engine or application that supports vdbs and they’re really easy to use. Just download the animation you want, load it in your VDB object and you’re off to the races.



This volume is Blood Hits, and it has 25 realistic fluid blood animations. They’re almebic files, so you can use the in just about any render engine or 3D app.

We included two speeds, a regular speed and a slow motion option so you have lots of flexibility. These are pre-cached, fully 3 dimensional and are really easy to paste into any scene.

You can also use these as fluid animations for things like milk, juice or water so there are lots of possibilities with this product.

VFX Elements Volume 5

VDB Fire includes 25 incredibly realistic fiery animations for your render engine of choice. They’re VDB files, so you can use them easily in almost any render engine or 3D application


VFX ELEMENTS Volume 6 – fireworks 

V-RAY TEXTURE BUNDLE  Included are 450+ premium 2K or procedural seamless materials. The bundle includes both Pack 1, Pack 2 and Pack 3.

TECHNOLOGY PACK for Videocopilot Element 3D.  This product was created by Remco van der Meer and converted to Element 3D by Vic Garcia. The pack has 49 technology themed models prepared for Element.

TOPOWIRE for C4D  With a few clicks you can create dangling cables that are dynamic and connected to any objects you want. It’s incredibly fun to use, quick to set up and will save you a lot of time and headache. Say good-bye to slowly belting the end points of your splines to objects. Whew!

TOPOFORMER for C4D Quickly create parametric geometry on any object!


I’m very excited to bring you the first EVER material packs available for Cinema 4D R20 and it’s new node-based material system! Included are 300+ premium 4K and seamless tileable materials. All materials are either Node or Uber materials that are designed exclusively to work with R20 and beyond. The bundle includes both Pack 1 and Pack 2 and you will save $40 by purchasing them together.

Free Greeble Displacement Map Generator Application


Node Fest is a great conference featuring incredible artists like Rich Nosworthy, John Dickinson, Tim Clapham, Brett Morris, Mike Tosetto etc. They put up all of the talks for free! Topics include industry burn out, VR, Redshift, commercial design, pitching and many more.

Tutorial: Lights or Alpha Fringe Showing Up in Octane Fog

In this Octane for Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to get rid of a pesky issue where your lights have an ugly bounding box/fringe, even when you turn their opacity down. This can happen if you’re using Fog, Medium or Volumes in Octane. This also can happen with a texture that has an alpha channel showing a fringe. I’ll go over the three different ways you can add fog in Octane and how each one has it’s own strengths and bugs. Hopefully this primer will give you at least some direction for when things go belly up with Octane fog!


In this tutorial I’ll go over Cinema 4D R20 and how you can create some damaged or weathered look on your 3D text. We’ll dive into the new volume modeling workflow and take a quick look at the new Fields. I’m loving R20, it’s awesome! Nice work Maxon!

In this tutorial I’ll show you my favorite updates to the Voronoi Fracture Object in C4D R19. I’ll show you how to use connectors, geometry glue, detailing etc. I’ll show how to isolate parts of your model you want to explode by painting a Mograph Weightmap and adding it to our connector. I’ll show you how to do multi stage explosions. I’ll also walk through the new detailing options to show you how to create more realistic cuts and chunks. Last but not least I’ll show you how to texture the inside and outside of your fractured object. I hope it helps!

In this tutorial I collaborate with renderking to show you how to create an organic logo reveal in Cinema 4D. You’ll learn how to use the Voronoi Fracture object and the new Volume Builder and Volume Mesh objects in Cinema 4D R20. This is a 100% procedural technique you can use to reveal logos, text or any objects. Enjoy!

CB CREATIVE BLOG 15 Cinema 4D tutorials to up your 3D skills

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Fluid Simulation with No Plugins

I have a fun tutorial today. I’ll show you how to create a fake fluid simulation with NO PLUGINS. That means no Realflow, X-Particles etc. We’re going to cover a lot in order to achieve a dripping ice cream effect. We’ll cover soft body dynamics, the volume builder and mesher, the Voronoi Fracture and soft body caching, plus the new Fields System. Enjoy!

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Organic Reveal with R20 Fields

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to create a fun organic reveal using R20 Fields. The fields system is awesome and there are so many cool things you can do with it. I’ll show you the Spherical Field and the Freeze modifier in addition to creating the organic shape using displacers and gradient shaders. Enjoy!
This tutorial is in collaboration with Alessandro Boncio at Renderking.it so make sure to check out their site. Thanks Alessandro!

Tutorial: How to Create Looping Animations in Cinema 4D Part 2

In this tutorial I’ll show you some tips and tricks for creating a loop video. I’ll show you how to use the Transfer Tool in Cinema 4D and the Camera Morph tag. Make sure to watch the first tutorial before watching this one, since this tutorial builds on the principles of part 1: thepixellab.net/tutorial-how-to-create-looping-animations-in-cinema-4d

3 Quick Tips for Cinema 4D: My Top Picks

Cinema 4D S24 Tutorial: Convert a .lib4d to New Asset Browser

In this C4D tutorial I’ll show you 3 quick shortcut tips to speed up your workflow or help you work more efficiently.

In this new version of Cinema 4D, S24, they have overhauled the old Content Browser, where we used to install/use .lib4d products. The new system is called the “Asset Browser” and it’s awesome. Super fast, easy to navigate and much cleaner. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to access the old legacy Content Browser, and convert any .lib4d, including most of our products, to the new Asset Browser. It’s really easy and fast. Hope you learn something new!


Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Texture Alembic Files with Selection Tags

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you a workaround for a confusing situation: texturing Alembic files. If you’ve ever wanted to make a texture selection on an Alembic, you’ll know it’s not possible since you can’t select polygons. No worries, it’s an easy workaround. Hope it helps!


Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Light Your Scene Quickly with this Technique

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to light your scene quickly and efficiently. It’s a fun little technique, hopefully you learn something from it! 


Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine 4 Workflow Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use the RS Color User Data Node in Cinema 4D Redshift to quickly create really artistic looks. I’ll also show you how to use Adobe Color swatches to pipe into RS so you can have a specific color palette. You can even save out your color swatch presets, which I’ll go over. I hope you find it useful!

In this tutorial he goes over the Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine workflow. It’s a primer for Unreal and should give you a good overview of how to bring your C4D models into it and texture/light/render it all out. I hope you find it useful! UE4 is definitely something we should be keeping an eye on, it’s really starting to make some waves in our industry.


Cinema 4D and After Effects Tutorial: Using Z-Depth for Creative Transitions

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a creative transition with a simple technique. We’ll use a Z-Depth pass and a clay render to do it. I’ll show you how to set these up in C4D physical, Octane Render and then show you how to do the compositing in After Effects. Enjoy!

C4D + AE Tutorial: Glassy Tech Graphics and Solving Octane Z-Depth Issue

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create some cool glassy tech graphics in Cinema 4D, After Effects and Octane Render. I will show you how to set up the Z-Depth pass and address a little gotcha that might frustrate you with Octane. Finally I’ll show you how to use that Z Depth Pass in Adobe After Effects for some shallow DOF and bokeh. I hope it’s useful!

C4D Field Forces Tutorial: Create Tendril Particles Without Plugins.  In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ve teamed up with Alessandro Boncio to share a technique for making tendril like particle animations without any plugins. No X-particles required, only some field forces and new volume builder tools in straight up Cinema 4D. I hope you find these concepts useful in your work!
You can find Alessandro at renderking.it

This tutorial will show you how to get up and running with the free new Google Earth Studio. It’s an awesome way to make flyovers, city aerials, helicopter shots etc. Google Earth Studio is a free software you can use right in your web browser which is epic! It includes the ability to render out your animation and even bring camera data and tracking points into After Effects. Learn more about it here. For the licensing documentation go here.

In this tutorial I collaborate with renderking to show you how to create an organic logo reveal in Cinema 4D. You’ll learn how to use the Voronoi Fracture object and the new Volume Builder and Volume Mesh objects in Cinema 4D R20. This is a 100% procedural technique you can use to reveal logos, text or any objects.

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you a really cool technique for creating a embedded in cloth look but only using deformers. If you’ve used soft body or cloth you know it’s slow and a bit finicky and sometimes you just want faster results with an easier method. This is a great technique using the collision deformer, smoothing deformer and pose morph in C4D to generate this look quickly.This is a collaboration tutorial with my friend Alessandro Boncio. Check him out at renderking.it

Coming off the heels of a massive Siggraph and NAB season Maxon just keeps on trucking with conference training. IBC flies a bit under the radar, but it’s another incredible industry conference that Maxon lights up with presenters and free training. Some of my favorites were Barton Damer and Dusan Vukcevic. Maxon just posted all of the presentations as a youtube playlist, which I highly encourage you watch!

NAB Show 2019: Free Maxon Cinema 4D Training

The NAB Show 2019 training by Maxon and Cineversity has been uploaded! I’m going to list them all below so you can find them all in one spot. It was an epic year, probably one of my favorite as far as the quality and depth of training and artists represented. Get a cup of coffee, turn off your notifications, get out a pad of paper for taking notes and immerse yourself for a full day of learning. That would do wonders for your creative motivation levels if nothing else!

After Effects Tutorial: Free Fast Bokeh for Epic Lens Blurs

In this After Effects tutorial I’ll show you the absolute best and fastest way to add depth of field in post. It’s FREE too! This is the brand new Rowbyte plugin called Fast Bokeh and I’m pretty blown away by it honestly. Get it here: https://www.rowbyte.com/fast-bokeh  The free helmet model can be found here.  And please, if you enjoy what we’re doing, subscribe to our Youtube channel. It would mean the world to me! https://www.youtube.com/user/thepixellab2011

Tutorial: How to Create Looping Animations in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial I’ll show you some tips and tricks for creating a loop video. This is probably going to get you 100K subs on your Instagram because looping is all the rage! Even if that’s not true it’s a valuable skill to learn because a lot of clients these days want looping gifs and Instagram content so hopefully this will help you out. I’ll show you how to use Before and After to loop within a timeline in C4D. I’ll also show you how to set up your timeline properly so the frame rate plays nicely with animation options like the Vibrate Tag so it loops and Noise shaders so they also loop properly. I hope you find some useful tips in here! Huge thanks to Alessandro Boncio for helping me out with this tutorial. Check him out here: renderking.it

Free C4D “Take Control Effector” Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you the free Cinema 4D Take Control Effector. It’s a fast way to isolate and control a single clone in a cloner object. Super useful!!  This is a free download which you can get here: https://aturtur.com/take-control-effector/

The Take Control Effector lets you assume control over any selected clone. Just select the clone ID and then that clone is linked to the Effector. When you move the Effector the clone moves with it in the Effector’s coordinate space.  Besides changing the PSR, you can also modify the clone, set custom clone weight, or change clone color. Take Control Effector works properly with Cloner object when ‘Fix Clone’ checkbox is ticked. There are also checkboxes to activate/deactivate position, scale and rotation linking in a ‘Matrix’ group.  There is a handy ‘Go To Origin’ button that moves the effector to the clone’s original position (before this effector is calculated).

Free C4D “Take Control Effector” Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll show you the free Cinema 4D Take Control Effector. It’s a fast way to isolate and control a single clone in a cloner object. Super useful!!   The Take Control Effector lets you assume control over any selected clone. Just select the clone ID and then that clone is linked to the Effector. When you move the Effector the clone moves with it in the Effector’s coordinate space.  Besides changing the PSR, you can also modify the clone, set custom clone weight, or change clone color. Take Control Effector works properly with Cloner object when ‘Fix Clone’ checkbox is ticked. There are also checkboxes to activate/deactivate position, scale and rotation linking in a ‘Matrix’ group.  There is a handy ‘Go To Origin’ button that moves the effector to the clone’s original position (before this effector is calculated). This is a free download which you can get here: https://aturtur.com/take-control-effector/

Marti Romances: Siggraph 2019 – Maxon Cinema 4D Presentation

Legendary Creative Director Marti Romances reveals how Territory Studio used Cinema 4D to create stunning visuals for Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.

Free Cinema 4D Siggraph 2019 Training Videos

The Siggraph 2019 Rewinds from Cinema 4D and Cineversity are live! I love it when they release all the free training from the best artists in our space. It’s so motivating to see other people’s workflows. You’ll definitely come away with some great ideas that you can use in future work. Enjoy!

How to Use Cryptomatte in Redshift, C4D and After Effects

Game changer? I think so! In this tutorial I’ll go over how to use the Cryptomatte feature in Redshift for Cinema 4D and After Effects. It’s an amazing way to quickly deal with mattes/buffers. If you haven’t used Cryptomatte, I HIGHLY recommend adding it to your workflow!

Puzzle Mattes In Redshift for Cinema 4D Tutorial

Are Puzzle Mattes in C4D Redshift better than Cryptomattes? Maybe! We’ll go over it in this tutorial. I hope this, plus the Cryptomatte tutorial, will give you all the matte options you need.

Best Software 2018: PureRef for Motion Design References

In this tutorial/overview I’ll show you my favorite piece of software for 2018. It’s free or choose your price from pureref.com. PureRef is a great way to lay out and navigate all of your design references and inspiration. A key part of starting a new project is gathering inspiration and references to guide you with texture, color, typography, various elements etc. This is also a great way to collaborate with other artists or make sure you’re on the same page with your client. Enjoy!


Cinema 4D Workflow Tutorial: Little Known Feature for Saving Time  In this quick Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you how to take a spline and make a perfect offset of it, whether you want an inner offset or outer. This is using the tool called the Create Outline Tool. It’s a great feature to be aware of.

Cinema 4D Workflow Tutorial: Little Known Feature for Saving Time.  In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’ll show you a little known feature to help you manage your scene efficiently. I didn’t know about this till recently and I wish somebody had told me. It’s the Flat Tree or Vertical Tags view settings. I’ll show you how it works!  The Flat Tree option removes all hierarchies (Object manger display only, not internally, which is important to know) and lists all the items in a flat stack. This mode is especially useful when you are selecting many similar objects, such as when you want to assign them to a layer.  The Layers option sorts the items into layer folders, where each folder is named after a layer in the scene and contains the items on it.  The Vertical Tags option splits off the tags from their parent and lists them in a flat tree as well. This way you can easily sort and highlight all the tags you want. This includes material tags, uv tags, phong tags, compositing tags etc.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create your very own HDRI in Cinema 4D Redshift. It’s a super easy technique using the Spherical Camera. In a few clicks you can make free high dynamic range HDRIs to add to your library. Huge thanks to Mark Johnson for the tip.












Cinema 4D Tutorial: Texturing Realistic Burnt Metal

Cinema 4D + Redshift Tutorial: Make a Flickering Projector Spotlight

C4D + Redshift Tutorial: Save Time Texturing with the Constant Node.  In this tutorial for Cinema 4D and Redshift I’ll show you how to use the math constant node to link together multiple textures. This will save you a lot of time, and even more as your texture node tree gets bigger and messier! Hope you find it useful.

Redshift C4D Tutorial: Create Realistic Fog with Noise Volume Materials.  In this Cinema 4D and Redshift tutorial I’ll show you how to make more realistic random patterns in your volumetric fog set up by using a little known utility material called the Noise Volume Material. I hope you find it useful! The city buildings used are part of our Modern Cityscape Collection here.

How to Texture like a Pro: Create a Frozen Bottle in Cinema 4D + Octane Tutorial  In this tutorial I’ll show you how to texture a photo real beer bottle in Octane Render and Cinema 4D. We’re going deep into the node tree and exploring roughness maps, mix materials and adding lots of realism plus using the Octane Scatter object to add drops. I hope you learn something new!

Chris Schmidt and Aaron Covrett and their epic 2 hour tutorial on photogrammetry and photo scanning.

C4D Tutorial: Tips for a Photo Real Tile Floor Render

C4D Tutorial: R19 Voronoi Fracture Tips

C4D Octane Tutorial: Save Massive Render Tiem with Adaptive Sampling

Cinema 4D R20:  Volume MOdeling and Fields for Damaged Traler Text

C4D + AE Tutorial:  Glassy Tech Graphics and Solving Octane Z-Depth Issues

Cinema 4D Tutorial:  Transfer Tool for the Workflow Win


C4D OCTANE TUTORIAL: How to Add Multiple Materials to One Object with the Side Node

C4D Octane Tutorial:  Adding an Image Texture to Dirt Node for Realism

Realflow Tutorial (Beginner)

Intro to the NURBS Tools in Cinema 4D

How to use Sub Polygon Displacement in Cinema 4D

C4D Quick Tip: Changing the Default Settings of Tools and Objects

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Solo Options Overview

Free Book Generator Rig for Cinema 4D

How To Create a Digital Countdown Clock + Freebie

In this tutorial I’ll show you two ways to make a simple digital clock countdown in Cinema 4D. I’ll show you how to do it with C4D Xpresso and a variation with User Data. I’m giving away the scene file for free also!
To find the more complicated project file I mentioned you can go here: https://vimeo.com/161978071

The font I used can be found for free here: https://www.dafont.com/digital-7.font

Basic Cinema 4D tutorials Part 15 Environment

C4D Fundamentals | 01 – The User-Interface Basics – A Cinema4D Quick Start – Christoph Doe

C4D Fundamentals | 02 – Introduction to Spline Modeling – Christoph Doe

CG101: What is NURBS Modeling?

Camera Movement | Cinema 4D Tutorial on Ch-Ch-Check It

Tutorial: Creating multiple cameras using Stage Object in Cinema 4d and exporting to After Effects

Maxon Cinema 4D R14 Tutorial | Path Animation

Cinema 4D R17 – Spline Tools

A Guide for the Render Engine Jungle – Introduction

Working with Scale and Size in C4Dhttps://vimeo.com/72547110

Speed up your workflow in C4D with this little tip on the “animation” feature that is often overlooked.

Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Physical Sky Object Atmosphere

C4D and AE Tutorial: Tips for Realistic Compositing

C4D Depth Pass Tips and Free Preset Rig

C4D Tutorial: Best Way to Loop Animations

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Free Code Vonc Gelatine Plugin

Cinema 4D Tutorial: R18 Cloner Updates

C4D Workflow Quick Tips

Tutorial for The Pixel Lab Material Pack for Octane

C4D and After Effects Text Titles Tips: Glows and Ambient Occlusion

C4D StreetView4D Plugin Overview

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Tips For Using Soft Body Dynamics

Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Using Displacement

C4D Tutorial: Linking Texture Slots to Save Time and Hassle

Cinema 4D R14 Sculpting Tutorial

C4D Quick Tip: Modifying Textures From .lib4d Models

Rendering with Arnold in Cinema 4D

Tutorial: C4D to AE Null Problems

Two Quick Tips for Saving Time with C4D Hierachies

Cinema 4D R18 Thin Film Shader for More Realistic Materials

Free NeuronBuild Script and Getting Accurate Neurons into C4D

C4D Quick Tip: Snapping and Breaking Spline Dynamics

C4D Tutorial: SSS (Subsurface Scattering) Faked in Cinema 4D

Tutorial: How to make an X-Ray Machine Look In Octane Render

Tutorial: Creating an X-Ray Machine Look In Cinema 4D

Quick Tip: Open Multiple Copies of Adobe After Effects in Windows 10

Octane 101 Tutorial: Setting Up Multi-Pass and Object Buffers

How to Make a Hospital X-Ray in Octane: Dirt Shader vs FalloffMap

C4D Octane Tutorial: Beveled Edges Hack with Rounded Edges

101 Octane Tip: Kernel Settings For Beginners

Octane Tutorial: Fix Hot Pixel Fireflies & Faster Renders

Octane Tutorial: Using Displacement With PXL + DIRT Rig in C4D

Cinema 4D Octane Tutorial: Scatter Object Overview

Cinema 4D & Otoy Octane Tutorial: Shadow Catcher for Compositing

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Free Buffer Script

Wave Displacer – Quick Tip – C4D Octane

C4D Tutorial: Interactive Render Region Hack

Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Pulling Focus on Tricky Scenes

CINEMA 4D xpresso car rig

C4D Tutorial: Using Layer Masks in the Reflectance Channel

An in depth look at Zync Render for Cinema 4D

C4D Octane Tutorial: Dramatic Lighting Tip

Adding Dirt To Tires With Octane PXL + Dirt Rig for C4D

C4D and Octane Tutorial: Adding Dirt To Tires with Mix Materials

C4D Tutorial: R19 Voronoi Fracture Tips

C4D Tutorial: How to Make Lights or HDRIs Flicker

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Create a Looping Flythrough Landscape

MEDIA  100

Media 100 Suite Now Available FREE, New macOS Sierra Support




  • Archive 3D  
  • ASTORZA:   cadillac-eldorado53-astorza.fbx
  • EVOLVED – Software About Tree It.  Tree It is an easy to use and powerfull real time 3d tree generator for the simple creation of your very own 3d tree models for your dark basic pro and dark GDK apps and games. All Tree It model exports are 100% free to use with any engine and project, whether it’s darkbasic or unreal 4.
  • TREES LIBRARY  Use in game engines. You will find a folder called “project_files” where you will find all files needed in order to import to another game engine like Uhnity or other software like blender.  Pictures of the trees: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/By4R8  This Package include a UE4 project with all the trees ready to migrate.- More than 100 diferent models- 16 Diferent Spices- Base Mesh + 3 LOD’s and 4 LOD is a billboard- Ready to use In UE4- 3d models and textures for use the trees in other Game engines or software- Trees templates for open in Treeit!
  • GUMROAD  Free Photogrammetry Model Collection.  Some photogrammetry scans I did. Textures are 4-8k. Objects are retopologized to about 50k quads each, includung normal maps for details. There are the single OBJs with textures and a C4D scene with all objects and Redshift shaders applied.  Download for free!
  • TurboSquid:  Unsure of a model?  We offer pre-purchase checks of all our models, giving you additional information about the model and seeing how it will work in a game engine. We also offer free conversions to suit your desired application. Bought a model that doesn’t work for you? Let us make it right!
  • 3D Objects and Textures Web Resources:  Here you can find some web resources for 3D objects (3ds, skp, Ogre XML formats supported) and textures, that can be used in Live Home 3D Standard or Pro Editions. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all 3D models and textures can be properly imported and used in Live Home 3D software. Check the model and texture copyrights on each particular website.
  • 3dRender:  High-end 3D art and information.

MATRIX QUANTUM  Til now, studios and artists could spend large portion of project timeframe to setup sophisticated characters, before shot production actually commences. Quantum Human can speed up this process by literally hundreds of times, if not completely eliminate that process.  Since Quantum Human operates natively in Maya while having batch command-line mode, it’s highly customizable to existing production pipelines, or build custom interactive applications. Users can choose which modules to use, instead of entering a whole new application that is often a black box.


Artist, motivator, and teacher, Ryan is known to ignite the spark in people with his teachings and humor. Also known as an Anatomy Guru and ZBrush Teacher he has taught more than 25,000 students across the globe.  An artist himself and life long learner Ryan shares his life experiences and lessons with all his students through webinars, writings and video lessons. He is a programmer, a writer, a digital artist, a traditional artist, devoted husband and father of two lovely kids.

Ryan is the CEO and founder of one of the first online school for Digital and Traditional Arts, ZBrushworkshops and UArtsy where he has taught his artistic strategies and techniques to hundreds of thousands of people.

Ryan was also part of the the team which brought groundbreaking software “ZBrush” back in the day.



CGMA Jam Session |Webinar with Nik Hill | Understanding Motion Graphics

Nik Hill’s creative desire to constantly reinvent himself established him as a key motion designer for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition, his passion for creating conscious products and experiences inspired him to start Twenty Third C., a gender neutral art and jewellery atelier/lifestyle brand. We are pleased to have him for an upcoming live CGMA Jam Session.  In our talk we dive into the creative mindset of Nik Hill and take a look his upcoming workshop Motion Graphics starting April 28. We take a look at how his early influences shaped his artistic path, goals, and his desire to be a student of life. Please enjoy our conversion with Nik.  Nik Hill Twitter: @nikilldesign (https://twitter.com/nikilldesign?lang=en) Instagram: @nikilldesign (https://www.instagram.com/nikilldesign/) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikilldesign/


STAGE TOOLS  Smooth pans and zooms on hi-res still images, direct from your Avid’s Timeline


Cross-platform open-source compositing software.  Natron offers robust and efficient tools for compositors to get their job done fast with high quality results.  Commercial support is now available.


KONICA MINOLTA SCANNER    The VIVID 910 3D Scanner employs laser-beam light sectioning technology to scan workpieces using a slit beam. Light reflected from the workpiece is acquired by a CCD camera, and 3D data is then created by triangulation to determine distance information. The laser beam is scanned using a high-precision galvanometric mirror, and 640 × 480 individual points can be measured per scan.

Konica Minolta’s unique high-speed image processing chips have been integrated in order to ensure rapid measurement, and this has made it possible to complete measurements in 2.5 seconds (or in as little as 0.3 seconds in FAST mode). In addition to distance data, furthermore, this 3D digitizer can also be used to acquire color image data. Employing a rotating filter to separate the acquired light, the VIVID 910 3D Scanner can create color image data for 640 × 480 points with the same CCD as used for distance data.


Audiovisual interactive applications.


“To create outstanding simulation technologies that contribute to the progress of science, industry and society”






Break out of rows and columns. Visual ideas have the power to change perspectives and bring clarity to your process. Paper helps you get your message across with speed, personality, and effortless polish.



3D COAT, Digital Sculpting, Ultimate Retopo Tools, Easy Texturing & PBR, Fast & Friendly UV Mapping

3D-Coat is the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model. Today 3D-Coat is available to learn at 200+ Universities and schools worldwide.  Easy Texturing & Physically Based Rendering, Digital Sculpting, Untimate Retopo Tools, Fast and Friendly UV Mapping

3D-Coat is a commercial digital sculpting program from Pilgway designed to create free-form organic and hard surfaced 3D models from scratch, with tools which enable users to sculpt, add polygonal topology (automatically or manually), create UV maps (automatically or manually), texture the resulting models with natural painting tools, and render static images or animated “turntable” movies.

PBR Demo in 3D Coat

Compiled versions of numpy for the different versions of python in both 32 and 64 bit. So download the one that matches your install of python.  The files are python wheel files which pythons form of distribution package. To install these you need Pip which you may have already depending on which version of Python you have. To find out more about pip and installing wheels.
Compiled versions of numpy for the different versions of python in both 32 and 64 bit. So download the one that matches your install of python.  The files are python wheel files which pythons form of distribution package. To install these you need Pip which you may have already depending on which version of Python you have. To find out more about pip and installing wheels.
Compiled versions of numpy for the different versions of python in both 32 and 64 bit. So download the one that matches your install of python.  The files are python wheel files which pythons form of distribution package. To install these you need Pip which you may have already depending on which version of Python you have. To find out more about pip and installing wheels.
Compiled versions of numpy for the different versions of python in both 32 and 64 bit. So download the one that matches your install of python.  The files are python wheel files which pythons form of distribution package. To install these you need Pip which you may have already depending on which version of Python you have. To find out more about pip and installing wheels.


STUDIO  Video editing software and screen recorder.  Edit like a pro with powerful and creative video editing software


Pitivi (originally called PiTiVi) is an open source, non-linear video editor for Linux developed by various contributors, with support also available from Collabora.  It is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. Pitivi is designed to be intuitive video editing software that integrates well in the GNOME desktop environment.


TEXTURE MASTER  can be used to paint 3D textures on models you build in other programs and import in DXF or OBJ format. You can paint in 3D wrapped or unwrapped mode. The finished texture can then be exported back to your native program.


Speed Up Your Concept Design Workflow with Kitbash in ZBrush, Powered by NVIDIA

Modeling and texturing a current gen prop by Ognyan Zahariev

OGNYAN ZAHARIEVPRO is a Senior Lighting Artist at Ubisoft from Sofia, Bulgaria. In this post you will see Tutorial – Modeling and texturing a current gen prop by Ognyan Zahariev. A breakdown of modeling and texturing Dumbledore’s desk.

Breakdowns of Slashcorch The Slayer by Tanvir M.N. Islam

TANVIR M.N. ISLAM is a 3d Artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In this post you will see Breakdowns of Slashcorch The Slayer by Tanvir M.N. Islam. Modeling and Texture painting was done using zbrush. For the body, retopo was done using zbrush’s zremesher. Face topology was done in maya and later merged with the body. The whole body was 16 million poly which was not enough to detail the head more. So, split the body based on UV tiles of 4 pieces.


Meet Graham:  a sculptural representation of what a human body would look like if it were properly equipped to withstand a motor vehicle crash. The idea to be taken away is that we obviously are not built to withstand such trauma. Not even close.

The Graham project was developed by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), a road safety organization based in Victoria, Australia. A team of accident investigators, trauma surgeons and sculptors collaborated to design Graham with physical features that may be present if our bodies had evolved to survive intense physical trauma associated with vehicle collisions. The project was designed to open a dialogue about the importance of road safety, highlighting the fact that the odds are against us when it comes to dealing with the physical trauma that can be brought on by a crash. Safety features in our vehicles are not always enough to protect our bodies in a collision, so mindfulness on the road plays the most important role in preventing injury or death by a motor vehicle. The campaign has been a success and has received recognition throughout the advertising world, recently including the Cannes Lions Grand Prix.

ZBrushWorkshops shared Ryan Kingslien‘s video.



  • Flow
  • WordPress
  • 3dsmax
  • Free 3d Model
  • 3d Max


Loved by creative professionals and aspiring artists alike, Procreate is the leading creative application made for iPad.  Offering hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, an advanced layer system, and the lightning fast Valkyrie graphics engine, Procreate gives you everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. Work on the couch, on the train, at the beach, or while waiting in line for coffee. It’s a complete art studio you can take anywhere; packed with these powerful features and more.


Coding in Style:  Adelante Consulting  The art of writing beautiful code in Swift or any other programming language.

An interesting article in iiNet’s eNewsletter September 2015





MEL Scripting for Maya Animators by Mark R Wilkins and Chris Kazmier



Compiled versions of numpy for the different versions of python in both 32 and 64 bit. So download the one that matches your install of python.  The files are python wheel files which pythons form of distribution package. To install these you need Pip which you may have already depending on which version of Python you have. To find out more about pip and installing wheels.


Realsoft 3D is a modeling and raytracing application created by Realsoft Graphics Oy. Originally called Real 3D, it was developed for the Amiga computer and later also for Linux, Irix, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

It was initially written in 1983 on Commodore 64 by two Finnish brothers Juha and Vesa Meskanen. The development of Real 3D was really started in 1985, as Juha Meskanen started his studies at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Juha’s brother Vesa joined the development and jumped out from his university career to start the Realsoft company in 1989.


YOUTUBE CHANNEL  Tutorials, Tipps & Tricks and inspiration from projects that were already rendered at RebusFarm.


The Apple Renew program lets you recycle any Apple device at any Apple Store and online.

The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre

Close the Loop is an Australian owned resource recovery and  recycling company. We have established a global reputation for providing creative end of life product management services.

Erase the e-waste  great article from iiNet

E-Waste Fact Sheet   Electronic waste can come in many forms including computers, photocopiers, printers, faxes, monitors, batteries and mobile phones.

Frank Green  We’re on a mission to change the way people think about reusable products. We are achieving this by creating innovative, stylish and functional products that ‘do the right thing’ by the planet.  Reducing our footprint and being sustainable is at the core of the frank green culture and community. It’s the right thing to do – and it mutually benefits the community and planet Earth.

Handheld gaming device

Mobile Muster

MobileMuster is the Australian mobile phone industry’s official product stewardship program. It’s a free not for profit mobile phone recycling program that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories. It is the mobile phone industry’s way of ensuring old mobile phone products don’t end up in landfill – but instead are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way.  MobileMuster is managed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) on behalf of our members.

Mobile phone used as security camera

Mobile Consumer survey 2016

Microsoft end-of-life management for our products

Waste The term ‘ewaste’ encompasses all old electrical appliances either in a state of disrepair or simply obsolete. This includes everything from fridges and microwaves to mobile phones and computers. The correct disposal of ewaste is of vital importance to being able to achieve a sustainable future.

War on Waste  ABC


MAGIC BULLET COLORISTA IV  Professional color correction for filmmakers.  A plugin that puts streamlined professional color correction tools directly on your editing timeline. No need to leave your host app to grade your footage. Colorista IV is more integrated with Adobe applications than ever before. Get true real time color correction with Adobe’s Mercury playback engine. Transform Premiere Pro and After Effects into a professional color grading environment with the new Colorista panel. Create multi-layered masked corrections with Adobe’s masking and tracking features.

TRAPCODE 3D STROKE   is a motion graphics artist’s secret weapon for creating animated logos and sophisticated write-on effects. With this plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro, lines can glow, taper and flow through 3D space, using simple paths, made beautifully complex.


Information at Rendering and Lighting Post and Rendering Process Diary


10 tips to get your client to use Review and Approval services

While Review and Approval services are a big step up from Dropbox and Vimeo links some people still don’t like to use them.  Scott Simmons on ProVideo Coalition looks at online video Review and Approval services which offer a number of advantages as alternatives to Vimeo/YouTube/Dropbox links and gives 10 tips to get clients to use them.


Brian Escribano

Michael Comet, a modeling/rigging artistic/technical director at Pixar Animation Studios and the original creator of Maya Muscle, has bottled these tools’ functionalities to take them a step further. He offers an easy-to-use script called cometRename that can handle all of your renaming needs.


LATEST BLOG POSTS  Link to some of the latest blog posts from The Rookies. Go on, take a break.

From Concept To Render: How To Create A Realistic Sci-fi Environment

Build a 3D interior scene based on a concept

How To Create A Hyper-Realistic CG Camera In 7 Days

5 Crucial Steps to Building a Visual Effects Environment

The Importance of having a Back Story for Character Creation

The Evolution of Rebel Fighter

Making your Animation Dance like Micheal Jackson


The world of digital video/photography and computer technology is evolving at a tremendously rapid pace. With this in mind, we have invested heavily into building our studio infrastructure with the latest state of the art equipments. Currently, we have computer workstations with Intel and Alpha technology in combination with the latest Window NT server that can provide Computer Generated Images (CGI), non-linear editing systems and off-line editing capabilities. SEJAYA constant investment in the latest technology is in line with its pledge to provide state of the art work at a reasonable price with our customer satisfaction firmly in mind.

DEEP PAINT 3D  Right Hemisphere


On January 1, 2019, Shade3D Co., Ltd. was merged into FORUM8 Co., Ltd.   Shade 3D Professional is the ultimate tool for 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Shade 3D Professional contains all the features included in Shade 3D Standard plus many more.  Shade 3D is a 3D modeling, rendering, animation, 3D printing computer program was developed by e frontier Japan and published by Mirye Software. From 2013 October, Shade 3D development team formed a new company called Shade3D Co.,Ltd. and continue to develop and market the program. After terminated the sales agreement with e frontier Japan and Mirye Software by the end of December 2014, Shade3D company is now developing and marketing Shade 3D products in Japan and worldwide exclusively.











HOUDINI | Official Tutorials


HOUDINI  | Side Effects Tutorials 

HOUDINI | 3D buzz



What’s New in HEXs and HIVEs

We launched HEX in February as a monthly video series, to provide a platform for Houdini artists, developers and other community members to share knowledge and experiences. We’ve now produced three episodes – see content outlines below…

Houdini HIVES are one or more days of long-form presentations – often in conjunction with industry events. We’ve just finished the Mardini HIVE – featuring top artists from last month’s daily art challenge. On May 4 and 6 we’ll be hosting HIVEs with the FMX and OFFF Conferences. More info below…